Main technical features


If you wish to get right to the good stuff, we’ll let you know this borescope for iPhones comes equipped with a 2MP HD camera, excellent low-light performance, wireless connectivity, and a flexible body that will be immensely satisfying to use. Its 600mah battery capacity is also a highlight, as it allows the tool to be autonomous and ideal for emergencies. Furthermore, it works with a myriad of operating systems and phone brands. You will learn more about that by reading this Bluefire endoscope review in its entirety.


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In-depth information


Android, iOS, etc

Finding a borescope that is compatible with more than one product, a proper phone endoscope review will teach you, can be quite challenging. This is mainly because most brands focus on just one operating system. The ultra-versatility makes this product a standout since it can connect to phones, tablets, PC and laptops, no matter if we’re talking about Android or iOS. Regardless of the phone’s brand, you’ll still be able to use the product without any issues and without it crashing every five minutes. Another cool thing is that the manufacturer also provides constant updates, which makes the quality endoscope a future-proof piece that can keep up with the times.

Lights, camera, action

The piece comes with a built-in lithium battery, so it won’t have to rely on any external power source. This is ideal for emergency situations, when there’s a blackout, and you need to fix things around the house. The little helper comes complete with HD resolution, powered by the 2 megapixels CMOS camera so you can get as close as possible to your target, without losing quality, even if the lighting conditions are poor. Moreover, you can take fast snapshots, so you can catch any surprising moment as it happens. And it also allows you to capture images in the JPG format, and video in the AVI format while choosing between the three adjustable resolutions.



Since it is easy to set up, seniors will love it. All you have to do is scan the QR code from the manual, which will let you download the brand’s app. You’ll then connect your smart device to Wi-Fi, open the app and consequently turn on the endoscope to enjoy the live video on your phone’s screen. The snake camera is waterproof and can be used to find lost things, inspect pipes and tight holes, or if you’re crafty, it can be used to check motors and fuel tanks.


Known Issues

BlueFire 2.0 Megapixels is a product that has impressed many buyers ever since it was launched. Although it is a premium option, you should keep in mind that its camera can lose clarity when it gets closer than one or two inches to the object you want to inspect. This is something that happens to all low-end chips and even smartphone users can experience this with their phone cameras.


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