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Best weight balances – 2018 Reviews & Comparison

Best weight balances – 2018 Reviews & Comparison

Last Updated: 21.10.18

Top weight balances reviewed & Buying Guide

If you are exploring the market in order to find the best weight balance money can get you, but you just lack the time to do the necessary research on the topic, this paragraph should clue you in. After going through numerous reviews of weight balances, we have determined that the Etekcity Digital Body Weight is the product that you should invest in. This model supplies its users with what the manufacturer calls reliable readings, and it has a total capacity of 400 lbs. (or 180 kg.). What is more, this device has four high precision sensors that deliver results that have an accuracy of a 0.2 lbs. / 3 oz. Moreover, the model was constructed from clear tempered glass, and it is said to be quite resistant. If the Etekcity Digital Body Weight is out of stock, feel free to check out the Greater Goods Digital Body Weight as it is a solid second option that you might also enjoy using.

Selecting a quality weight balance is a task that comes with its difficulties. Because we are well aware of this, we have composed a list of features that you might want to look at before making a decision. So, read ahead and select the model that you like best.

Accuracy and display data

No matter if you are looking for an inexpensive scale or a pricier unit, one of the first aspects that you should pay attention to is the accuracy of the model. According to specialized reviews, the accuracy of a product is its ability to register the correct weight of an object. If you want to get a good grip on the proficiency of a certain product, it is best to read what its previous buyers had to say about it.

What is more, a good weight balance should also come fitted with a large screen that allows you easily read the results supplied by the model. Additionally, it is advisable that you opt for a product that has a screen that is visible both during the day and at night.


If you are determined to find effective weight balances for sale, we suggest that you purchase an item that has controls that are clearly labeled and that are simple to use. Because of this, programming the scale should not be, in any way, challenging.

Just like a typical body weight weighing machine, a scale of this type does not come supplied with a lot of buttons/controls. Therefore, this shouldn’t be an issue for you. Moreover, some units come provided with an additional instruction manual that you are deemed to find practical.

Extra tips and tricks

If you have shopped for an analytical balance scale before, you probably know that there are a few additional features that one should not overlook when looking for items in this line of products. Firstly, before you go ahead and place that order, you should take a look at the total capacity of the model.

Usually, a home weighing scale has a total capacity of 400 pounds. However, this might vary from one model to another. Consequently, we advise that you check to see whether or not your weight exceeds that of the weighing machine that you intend to invest in.

Secondly, because most of the models out there run on batteries, you should also spend some time looking into this feature. Therefore, you should search for info on the average lifespan of a product of this type, and you should see what current users of the unit have to say about this feature.

On top of that, if you want to opt for a more proficient mechanical balance, you should know that there are also units that can offer their users more exact info about their bodies. For instance, some products can indicate the water content in one’s body; they can tell you just how much body muscle you have, they can determine your height and even your heart rate. However, you should know that these more advanced units are significantly pricier than their simpler counterparts.

Last but not least, we believe that it is necessary to remind you that, if you intend to lose weight, it might be a good idea to also invest in a smart nutrition scale, as these units can help you calculate the calories of the food that you eat.

By following these recommendations, we are confident that you will find an appropriate product that is fitting to your needs. So, don’t waste any more time and select the product that you believe it is best suited to your requirements.

Our 2018 list: Find the right weight balance for your needs

Because we are well aware of the fact that finding a product of this kind is not an effortless task, we have decided to lend you a hand. Below, you can read a list of quality products that are worthy of your time and attention.

Etekcity Digital Body Weight

If you are searching for a product that has been vetted by previous buyers, the Etekcity Digital Body Weight is one of those products you should consider. A best seller in this category, the unit is said to provide reliable readings to its users. Moreover, the model has a total capacity of 400 pounds, and it includes four built-in sensors that deliver accurate results.

The LCD included in the design of the product is quite large and effortless to read. As a plus, the product was constructed using high-quality 8mm clear tempered glass, a type of material that is known for its durability and overall stability.

What is more, this model includes plenty of versatile features such as auto-zero, low battery, and overload notifications, as well as the auto-on and off function. The product uses two AAA batteries that are included in the price.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($39.99)

Greater Goods Digital Body Weight

Another product that you should definitely not ignore is the Greater Goods Digital Body Weight. The model was built to last, as it is made of a durable material that can take the abuse of daily use. What is more, the unit also comes supplied with a large backlit LCD screen that makes it easy to understand the readings.

Additionally, you should know that this model can calibrate itself automatically. In order to use it, you just have to step on it and wait for the product to indicate the results. Besides, the model features scrap-resistant, no-slip feet that are said to prevent the scratching of your floors.

Because it aims to provide reliable results, the unit also includes no more than four weighing sensors that ensure a resolution of +/- 0.2 lb/0.1 kg. The product has a maximum capacity of 400 lbs. and it requires a minimum load of 11 lbs.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($19.99)

Etekcity Digital Body Weight

If you are fond of modern looking appliances, be sure to check out the Etekcity Digital Body Weight. If you invest in it, this step-on device is said to provide you with immediate, precise readings. Just like other similar products, the unit has a measurement range that varies from 11 lbs. to 400 lbs.

Besides, the model comes supplied with special high-precision sensors that guarantee the correctness of the readings. Among the other innovations that are included in the price, we should mention the many functions that the device features, such as the auto-zero option, the auto-power-off, low battery, and overload indication. Nevertheless, an easy to read, backlit display is also featured.

The product was developed using 6mm thick tempered glass that is known for providing exceptional sturdiness and reliability. Also, the platform that the user has to step on measures 12" x 12", which is more than enough for one to feel comfortable and secure.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($22.9)

Greater Goods Silicone Digital

Another interesting-looking unit that might stir your interest is this model designed and sold by Greater Goods. The device is known for functioning fast and for being quite stylish. Moreover, the unit uses regular batteries and, thus, it is very convenient.

Differently from similar models, this scale comes fitted with a removable silicone cover (that measures 13”x13”x0.5”) that guarantees that you won’t slip. Additionally, previous users of the unit have said that this cover has a nice texture that makes the product safe and easy to utilize.

What is more, this product includes a tempered glass base that is quite stable and a LED vanishing display that is wide enough for you to have no issues reading it.

Overall, this unit has received plenty of positive reviews from previous buyers. Most of them have appreciated that this model is easy to maneuver and a very functional in the long run.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($49.99)

Greater Goods Digital Body Fat

If you want to purchase a thoughtfully designed model and you are not afraid of investing some extra money, we suggest that you consider buying the Digital Body Fat model developed by Greater Goods.

Differently from the other models that we have included in this list, apart from giving accurate readings about one’s weight, this device also supplies its users with info about one’s BMI, hydration, muscle mass and bone density.

In an attempt to make it easier to use, the manufacturer has constructed this model by using a large backlit screen and an automatically calibrated scale. Even more so, this device is proficient enough to detect the user that it is utilizing the product (the model can do so for up to 8 users). The unit has a tempered glass weighing platform that can support up to 400 lbs. In order to use the model, you have to fit it with four AAA batteries that come included in the deal.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($54.99)
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