Best weighing machine – Guide & Reviews

Best weighing machine – Guide & Reviews

Last Updated: 15.10.18

Top weighing machines reviewed - Buying guide & Comparison for 2018

Are you looking for the best weighing machine, but you’re in a real hurry, so you cannot read all the research offered by our team? In this short paragraph, you will learn about the product that you should spend money on. Based on our research, the EatSmart Precision is the model you should purchase. Equipped with 4 high-precision sensors, this weighing machine will help you learn your weight quickly, and with maximum accuracy. Your safety is paramount for this manufacturer, so don’t be surprised to see that even the smallest details are paid attention to, such as the platform being made from non-slip glass. The unit is self-calibrated, so you don’t have to do anything but start measuring your body weight. Is the EatSmart Precision no longer available? Pick the Etekcity Digital instead; it offers almost the same performance, and it is much appreciated by buyers.

There are so many various weighing machines on the market that it can be quite difficult to tell which ones are the best. By reading many of the reviews of weighing machines left by consumers and put together by experts, we managed to extract the essential characteristics such a unit should have. Read further, and you will be able to pick a high-quality model with zero headaches.


You will not be able to purchase a top-notch model if you don’t pay attention to the capacity of the machine first. Finding out more about the capacity of the unit you intend to purchase is easy, as all the manufacturers offer information on how much weight their products can handle.

It is essential that you get a machine capable of measuring higher values than what the heaviest person living in your home weighs. Unless you purchase the weighing machine only for your personal use, you should bear such aspects in mind. It is always a safe bet to go over the top a little, since you will be able to measure larger weights with a more generous machine, than with one that comes with a low maximum capacity.

While we’re talking about the maximum capacity of the unit, let’s not forget that increments matter, too. A unit would not be too precise if it were to measure weights using too large increments. You should aim for a unit that uses increments of 0.2 pounds; anything higher than that may not give you an accurate reading.

A weighing machine is designed to help you measure your body weight. People who follow diets, or other programs for losing weight, need to be able to track their progress with ease. By using a weighing machine with a maximum capacity that well exceeds your body weight, and also enables you to measure it small increments, you will be able to keep an eye on your evolution without a problem.

A large, easy to read display

Many people neglect this simple aspect, and that can lead to unnecessary inconveniences at a later date. Since most weighing machines are digital nowadays, you must pay attention to the type of display installed on the unit.

Check the manufacturer’s specifications to see if the display is backlit because this makes reading it easily. Also, you should aim for one that is quite large, especially if you have seniors in your home who will use the unit, and need to be able to read the results without too much trouble.

Even in dim lighting, you should be able to read the information displayed on the weighing machine. While it may not seem like much, the truth is that many people overlook using their weighing scale, because of small inconveniences, such as not being able to read the display.

A few things about the platform

When you go shopping for a top quality weighing machine, check the manufacturer’s description, to learn a few things about the platform used. This should be made of high-quality tempered glass so that it can sustain higher weights, without the risk of breaking. Also, it should be scratch resistant so that it can maintain its good looks for a long time.

Another thing to bear in mind is opting for a machine with a decently sized platform. You don’t want to just squeeze on the platform so that you can measure your weight. The surface should be non-slip, as well, to avoid any accidents. You will be able to tell the overall quality of such a unit, by the platform quality.

Our 2018 list: Find the right weighing machine for your needs

It may feel difficult to make a choice when there are so many weighing machines for sale on the market. That is why we decided to put together a list of the most popular products at the moment.

EatSmart Precision

You will need a reliable weighing machine to keep track of all the changes in your weight, and this is where the EatSmart model delivers. Designed for precision and ease of use, it is the type of unit that you will end up frequently using because it is just so convenient.

The maximum capacity of the unit is 400 pounds, and you will be able to tell even the slightest change in your weight, when you follow a weight loss program, as the weighing machine works with 0.2-pound increments. The precision sensors built in the unit are responsible for these accurate readings.

One thing you will definitely like about this model is the really bright display. The 3.5 inch LCD screen displays all the readouts with maximum efficiency, and even people who wear glasses won’t have a problem with seeing the information displayed. The manufacturer uses the Accubright technology to ensure that you can easily read the results.

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Etekcity Digital

A weighing machine should be easy to use, or, otherwise, the person who bought it will not feel highly motivated to use it frequently. The more convenient a product, the more likely it is to be used, and that is true for weighing machines, just as for anything else. The step and read technology used for this model makes it stand out.

It must be mentioned that German technology is invested in this unit that comes with 4 precision sensors that will quickly register your weight, allowing it to be displayed on the large screen installed on top of the platform.

This is a multi-functional model, which means that you will take great advantage of everything it has to offer. The auto-zero and auto shut-off functions come in handy, and the unit will also announce when the battery runs low, or it is overloaded and it cannot offer a good reading.

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Geryon Digital

If you have been shopping around for a new weighing machine, and you are certain you want one that is both reliable and precise, you should try the Geryon Digital. Besides its high maximum capacity of 400 pounds, this unit will measure any weight from 11 pounds, with excellent precision. The maximum error allowed is 0.1 pounds, which is more than what you can normally see in other units on the market.

You will appreciate the large LCD display with backlighting, that makes reading the results so easy. The unit works with batteries, but it also has power saving functions, as it automatically turns off when not in use.

Your safety is paramount for this manufacturer and that shows in how this unit is built. The top surface is non-slip, to avoid accidents and the padded feet do not allow the unit to skid over any kind of floor.

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Famili 271B

With a measurement range that goes from 11 pounds to 400 pounds, the Famili 271B is a reliable machine that you will use for all the members of the family. Many customers consider it a good weighing machine, due to its versatility, sturdiness, and usability.

The model comes with an automatic function that makes it turn on the moment you step on the platform. It must be said that it comes auto-calibrated, so that you don’t have to do anything to get accurate readings. When you step off the platform, the unit will just switch off on its own.

The rubber feet ensure that the weighing machine will not skid on the floor. The platform is made from durable plastic, not glass, and that may be something you would like to bear in mind for the next time you go shopping for such an item.

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Greater Goods 0390

A weighing machine should not bog you down with too many features, as its ultimate goal is to help you track your weight loss progress and fitness goals. The Greater Goods 0390 is built with simplicity in mind, so you can just focus on what is important.

The glass top is resistant to shocks and scratches, and it has a minimalistic design that complements well any space. The tempered glass can sustain heavy weights without a problem, and overall this unit is very sturdy and reliable. The large display will show you your body weight quickly.

The scale calibrates on its own and once you step on it, it will deliver the reading, without any other requirements on your part. The minimum weight you can measure with this unit is 11 pounds. The batteries needed for the weighing machine to work are included with your purchase.

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