Best UV sterilizers for reef tank – 2019 Reviews & comparison

Best UV sterilizers for reef tank – 2019 Reviews & comparison

Last Updated: 21.05.19

Top UV Sterilizers for Reef Tank Reviewed & Buying Guide

Do you want to purchase the best UV sterilizer for reef tank, but you’re in a hurry? Fret not; we have here all the information you need. According to the customer reviews, sales figures, and social media activity, there is a model that sits above all the others. This product is called the Sunsun CUV-118, and it can offer you everything you need for keeping your reef tank clean and clear. Depending on where you need to use it, this model is a good fit for ponds holding up to 2,000 gallons of water or 75-gallon aquariums. The unit comes equipped with high-efficiency light bulbs that will not require replacement for at least one year, so you can rest assured that you are getting a good deal. The maximum flow rate is 600 gallons per hour, enough to keep the water in your reef tank fresh. Should the Sunsun CUV-118 no longer be available, the second model in line we want to recommend is the Sunsun CUV-136.

The best reef tank UV sterilizer may not be that easy to find, and that is why you need to pay attention to a few recommendations, first. Of course, you may feel tempted to just go for the model that is the least expensive, but that is not always a good idea. Just as is the case when you shop for a USB borescope, price isn’t everything.

How effective can the sterilizer be?

There seems to be so many different specs available for a sterilizer for a reef tank, that you may feel tempted just to skip them altogether. If you don’t want to get bored with technical details right off the bat, you can start by checking the manufacturer’s description and see if it says something about what kind of setups you can use it for.

This is the first thing you need to do to ensure that you buy the right thing and you are not just throwing money off the window. If a model is advertised as being an excellent choice for a reef tank, you should read further. You will notice that the manufacturer will say what the maximum capacity is that is supported by the sterilizer.

The best piece of advice you can get is to purchase the model that is a good fit for your reef tank at home. A model that is too weak to cycle the water in your tank and purify it would be a poor investment. You may end up spending little on it, but you will have to replace it at some point, and that will amount to extra expenses.

Always buy the unit that is suitable for your reef tank. Just as you don’t purchase an autoclave sterilizer for other purposes than the one it is designed for, you should not throw money out the window, by getting a UV sterilizer that is not a good fit for what you have at home.

What is flow rate?

The good news is you don’t need a flowmeter to calculate how much water is pumped by the unit you purchase. However, this does not mean that the flow rate should not interest you at all. This is an important aspect that can tell you something about how reliable the sterilizer can be in the long run.

A sterilizer does more than just purify the water inside the reef tank. It also comes equipped with a pump, and that serves for cycling the water and maintaining it fresh. It is preferable to go for a model that offers superior cycling power. A sterilizing light can only do so much, and you should count on a good quality pump, too.

You can use a pH meter to determine if the water inside your reef tank is suitable for your fish. But you cannot do much if the water is crowded with bacteria and algae. That is why you need a sterilizer, and preferably one that can cycle a lot of water.

No more green water, no more bacteria

The sterilizer you are going to buy will come equipped with a UV light bulb. If your reef tank is small, you should consider smaller wattage, but don’t go too low. You still want the UV light to be capable of really purifying the water.

A dependable UV light will help you get rid of all the green water in the tank, and it will also interrupt the growth of bacteria, creating a healthy environment.

Our 2019 list: Find the right UV sterilizer for reef tanks for your needs

There are plenty of UV sterilizers for reef tanks available for sale, but this doesn’t mean that your choice will be easy. See the following products that have so far managed to garner a lot of positive attention from buyers.

Sunsun CUV-118

The Sunsun CUV-118 is your go-to solution if you want to get rid of all the green water in your reef tank. It can be used for different setups, and it offers more than just a simple means to eliminate the algae in your tank or pond. It serves to know that its 18-watt light bulb is effective against bacteria, too.

If you want a good reef tank sterilizer, you will not experience any disappointment, should you decide to go for this one. Its maximum flow rate is 600 gallons per hour, which is quite impressive, if you compare it to other similar models on the market.

A pond of up to 2,000 gallons or a 75-gallon aquarium will be maintained in excellent working order by this sterilizer. Everything needed for keeping the water in your tank clear and healthy, you will find in this particular model.

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Sunsun CUV-136

Sometimes, you need a more powerful UV light for your reef tank, just like you need a binocular case when you plan a trip to the great outdoors. The Sunsun CUV-136 satisfies the needs of even the most pretentious buyers, as its 36-watt UV light will make sure to eliminate all the critters from the water in your tank.

The superior capacity of this model places it in a league of its own. If you own a 4,000-gallon pond, this device will work wonders. The same thing goes for 180-gallon aquariums. If you have such a large setup, you should consider the Sunsun CUV-136 as the most suitable solution.

The light bulb is guaranteed to work for one year. You will find many easy replacements for the bulb, when the time comes, and it is good to know that the installation process is fairly easy, too.

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Perfect New 36 Watt

The reviews of reef tank UV sterilizer you can read online can tell you that a model that works with a 36-watt light bulb is more than recommended if you have a large reef tank. You cannot provide your setup with the most suitable purifier if you don’t invest a little, but the good news is that this model is priced decently, too.

The ultraviolet filter will eliminate all the unwanted creatures living in the water that can dirty the tank and cause your fish to become ill. There is nothing more beautiful than a reef tank with clear water, and this is exactly what this model will help you to achieve.

An important advantage that this model will bring is that it is efficient at eliminating odors, too. The device is built with durability in mind, so you can rest assured that you are making a sound investment when you pick this particular model.

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iMeshbean 36W

Reef tanks can greatly benefit from UV sterilizers that come equipped with a high-efficiency bulb. Bear in mind that the device will work continuously, and that means that you should invest in a durable item. The iMeshbean 36W should be on your shortlist, as it offers all the advantages of a high-quality item.

All the unpleasant smells will be eliminated with the utmost efficiency, and all the waterborne pathogens will be obliterated, as well, to create a healthy environment. The quartz glass chamber looks very nice, so you can rest assured that the device will not detract from the beauty of your reef tank.

When the chamber opens, the power will be immediately turned off by the safety switch installed on the model. You can use the window to monitor how dirty the item is. You can use the mounting brackets provided for easy installation.

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Sun 13w

Not everybody needs a model that is as powerful as the ones mentioned earlier. If you have a small reef tank and you see no point in investing in a device that is way too powerful for your setup, here is a solution that is as budget-friendly as you desire. The Sun 13w is highly appreciated by buyers who chose it for its excellent performance.

You might not expect such an item to be extremely efficient when dealing with larger quantities of water, but there are users who claim that even their 300-gallon ponds are easy to keep clean with the help of this device.

They also praise the ease of installation. It must be noted that this is a quiet model, so you will not be disturbed by its continuous operation. You can monitor it just by looking at it, and it is highly efficient for various setups.

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