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Best UV sterilizers for freshwater aquarium in 2019 – Comparison & reviews | Optics and Lab Equipment

Best UV sterilizers for freshwater aquarium in 2019 – Comparison & reviews

Last Updated: 15.12.19


Top UV Sterilizers for Freshwater Aquarium This Year – Guide & Comparative Analysis


If you want the best UV sterilizer for freshwater aquariums, but you have little to no time at your disposal, this paragraph will help you out. We conducted thorough research on the topic while taking into consideration feedback from buyers, expert opinions, and social media comments. The product mentioned most often and praised by users is the New Unbrand 13W, a model that offers excellent performance for a decent price. The good news is that this model works for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The unit is compact and easy to install, two reasons for buyers to consider this above other similar models. The integrated UV light will take care of all the tiny critters living in the water, to keep the aquarium clean and suitable for your fish. If the New Unbrand 13W is no longer available, the second suggestion we have for you is the Sun 9W, a unit that is almost as good.



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Taking care of your fish entails a lot more care than you would put in monitoring the health of other pets. For instance, you can use a pet thermometer to determine if your little friend has a fever, but you cannot do the same thing with all of your fish. The best course of action is to prevent disease, by installing a sterilizer in the tank. We are here to help you figure out which ones are the best choice for you.

The power of the UV light

If you take a close look at what the sterilizers available on the market have to offer, you will notice that they all work with a UV light that has a certain wattage. That is the power of the light bulb. The more power the light has, the better and more efficient the sterilizing work it will carry on.

Of course, this does not mean that you should overspend only because a certain UV sterilizer has superior wattage for its light bulb. You need to find a suitable option for your aquarium at home, and if you only have a small unit, you should pay too much on a sterilizer that is simply too powerful.

Think about what characteristics you bear in mind when you purchase a microscope kit. If you need a powerful model, for extensive research, you should invest more in one. But, if you don’t intend to do more than just school research, spending too much would be a bad idea.

The same principle applies when you look at different sterilizers for aquariums. A small aquarium does not need a very powerful model. The best freshwater tank UV sterilizer is the one that can be used for the exact needs of the aquarium you have. The good news is that you can choose from various products available for sale, and one is surely a good pick for you.


A hang-on unit or an inline sterilizer?

While shopping around for a UV sterilizer for your fish tank, you may notice that some models are advertised as being hang-on units, while others are said to be inline sterilizer. What do these terms mean and why is it important to understand them?

A hang-on unit is a sterilizer that you simply hang over the tank. The unit must not have its UV light in contact with water, and it does its job from above. The inline type of unit can be immersed in water. You will notice that manufacturers will advertise which models are submersible and which are not.

Besides the way of employing the sterilizing light, there are not many differences between the two types. You can opt for one or another, without fearing that you might be sacrificing much. These two types of UV sterilizers are available in all pet stores and online, and you can easily take your pick.


Does the sterilizer kill bacteria, too?

You don’t need a lab cabinet and all the equipment you can put in it to examine the bacteria that might live in the water of your aquarium. The best course of action is to find a model that is capable of killing all the nasty microorganisms that exist there.

Do not settle for a model that just eliminates algae. Remember that the health of your fish depends on the care you invest in them. A reliable UV sterilizer will do a great job against bacteria, too, so that your pet fish can enjoy clean and clear water all the time.



5 Best UV Sterilizers for Freshwater Aquarium (Reviews) in 2019


With so many UV sterilizers available on the market, making a sound investment sounds like a tricky task. We want to help you out by offering you a quick selection of models that have so far proved to be popular among freshwater aquarium owners.



1. Sun UV Sterilizer Adjustable Pump Filter


The New Unbrand 13W is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to have an aquarium with clean and clear water without working hard on maintaining it that way. Ideal for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums, it is reliable and offers superior performance.

For lab equipment, you need items made from neutral glass, but when purchasing a sterilizer for your aquarium, there are other things you need to bear in mind. This model has a 13W light bulb that is capable to sterilize 150 gallons of water without a glitch. You get a water pump with your purchase, and the water flow can be adjusted.

Many buyers consider this a good sterilizer for freshwater aquariums, and for all the right reasons. This model is an excellent method to control the growth of bacteria and algae in your aquarium. It is easy to install, and it works even for garden ponds, with the same efficiency.



The 13-watt bulb is one of the biggest pluses of this model, as it is more powerful than what you can normally find on the market.

You will not have to worry that this model won’t work for your setup, as it is made to work with saltwater and freshwater tanks alike.

Its water pump does a great job and helps circulate the water so that the fish living in your aquarium get not only clean water but also the necessary oxygen to survive and even thrive.

Should you decide to use this model for a garden pond, you will be pleased to discover that it works for such setups, as well.

You won’t encounter any issues with installing it, as the manufacturer provides clear instructions in this respect.


The fact that this model is made from plastic might not make you have a lot of trust in its durability, but, so far, those who bought it seemed reasonably pleased with it.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($40.99)





2. Sun 9W


Another model praised by the reviews of aquarium UV sterilizers, the Sun 9W is an excellent pick, if you need such a device for a tank holding 50 to 150 gallons of water. The maximum water flow is 210 gallons per hour, so you can easily notice that the water in your tank will be cycled and filtered, so that your fish get fresh water all the time.

The model comes with a water pump that keeps the flow going, as well as an UV light. The 9-watt light bulb is responsible for the sterilizing work that will be conducted once you install this sterilizer in your aquarium. Another good thing that can be said about this model is that it is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater tanks.

You can easily install the unit in a vertical or horizontal position. Everything you need for easy installation is provided with your purchase.



Any tank between 50 and 150 gallons will work well with this UV sterilizer that is designed to handle such quantities of water without a problem.

With a water flow that reaches 210 gallons per hour, you will know that the fish in your aquarium will get clean water full of oxygen.

Equipped with a 9-watt bulb, this unit manages to sterilize important quantities of water, to stop the growth of bacteria and algae in your fish tank.

It doesn’t matter if you have fish that live in freshwater or saltwater; this sterilizer works great with both types, and you won’t find much to hold against it.

Installing the unit in a vertical position is easy, but, if you choose, you can mount it in a horizontal position, and it will still do its job.


Some people say that they found the instructions regarding the installation to be confusing and that some guessing work was involved in the process.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($39.8)





3. Odyssea CFS 700 Aquarium Canister Filter UV Bulb


The Odyssea CFS 700 is considered among the must-have items if you have a freshwater tank, a saltwater aquarium or a coral reef in your care. The capacity of pumping 700 gallons of water per hour is outstanding and gives you a clue about how reliable this model is. 

This canister filter can be used, as shown above, in different setups. You will not have to worry a bit about installation. The manufacturer does not only provide all the hardware needed for making it simple, but also all the instructions.

The filter comes along with a 9-watt UV light that will take care of all the microorganisms and algae growing in your fish tank. If you are wondering what is the maximum capacity aquariums it can handle, that would be 125-gallon setups. The silent operation is a big plus, and you will not be disturbed by it when you try to rest in another room.



For aquariums that reach 125 gallons in size, this model is ideal as it manages to deal with important water quantities without an issue.

As a filter, it is great that it can circulate up to 700 gallons per hour, and you won’t ever have to worry that your fish don’t receive the care you want to ensure for them.

Should you decide on different setups, it won’t be an issue, simply because the manufacturer thought in advance about this and ensured that all configurations are possible.

As it is quiet, it is a better choice than many others on the market, and you will not have an issue with installing an aquarium close to areas where people are resting in your home.


Some issues with the hose were mentioned by a user who said that he needed to have the hose replaced with some difficulty.

Click to see the price on Amazon!





4. Odyssea Ultraviolet Sterilizer Lamp Aquarium Filter


For a working fish tank sterilizer, you don’t need a magnetic stirrer, but you need a bulb that works. The good news is that most of the products you see on the market can have their bulbs replaced, and that is even recommended, after a certain period of time. For instance, many fish tank owners prefer to change the light on their sterilizers at least once a year.</p>

<p>This 36-watt UV bulb is an excellent choice when you need to replace the one you have. You don’t have to worry that this bulb will not be a good match for the unit you have at home. It is designed to work with most units available, so it is pretty much an universal model.

However, in case you still don’t want to end up spending money on something you are not going to use, you can always contact the manufacturer and ask about compatibility issues.



Ultraviolet rays are efficient in removing the growth agents for bacteria and algae from your pond, or aquarium, and that’s what this unit delivers efficiently.

This product is a bulb that can be used to replace the one you have on your sterilizer so that you won’t have to buy another sterilizer altogether.

Due to its high power – 36 watts – it is reasonable to think that you will be able to ensure proper sterilization for the water in your fish tank.

Since it is universally compatible with most UV sterilizers, you won’t encounter any issues with it not working with the unit you already have at home.

You will be able to save some cash by purchasing a replacement bulb like this one that could work for more than a year without significant issues.


You might not need such a powerful bulb, especially if your unit runs typically on a bulb that has fewer watts than this one.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($9.95)





5. Odyssea UVC Ultraviolet


This 9-watt bulb is made for the Odyssea UV 9 and the UV Pro 9 models, so do not purchase it, if you do not already own one of these models. As you can see, it is a low wattage model and you should buy it if this is the power capacity you need.

As you may well know, low wattage is recommended for small aquariums, because the UV light used for sterilizing needs to be able to cover a certain area, to offer good performance. That is why you should always make an informed decision, and read first the specs on your unit, to see what kind of bulb is needed.

All the sterilizers on the market need replacements. That is why it doesn’t hurt to purchase a few and have them stored for the times when you need to use them. This good quality bulb is an excellent option, if you already have an Odyssea sterilizer.



If you have an Odyssea UV sterilizer that works with 9-watt bulbs, this replacement is a pretty good deal that will prolong the life of your unit.

Like all the products made by this company, this bulb is of high quality, and you can expect excellent performance from it

Designed to last, it is an excellent purchase if you want to make sure that your UV sterilizer is never out of order.

Seeing how it is decently priced, you may find it a good idea to store a few spares for all the times when your sterilizer needs a replacement, and it helps to have one at hand.

For small aquariums, this low-wattage bulb is all that’s needed, as the UV rays emitted will be powerful enough to stop the growth of bacteria and algae.


It is crucial to notice that this model is only compatible with the UV sterilizers of the same wattage from the same manufacturer, so you might be limited in your choices.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($7.95)




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