Best UV baby bottle sterilizer – 2018 Reviews & comparison

Best UV baby bottle sterilizer – 2018 Reviews & comparison

Last Updated: 21.07.18

Top UV Baby Bottle Sterilizer Reviewed & Buying Guide

Using sterile bottles and accessories is one of the most efficient ways of keeping your baby healthy. Given the number of models available for purchase, it is hard to choose the best UV baby bottle sterilizer, especially if you have little to no time on your hands. Our team has analyzed some of the most appreciated products and, taking customer feedback and official reviews into consideration we have come to the conclusion that the first option that you should consider is the Cuddle Baby Portable. This modern device uses UV light to destroy almost all germs, providing a quick and clean operation which eliminates stress, reducing the time needed to prepare the bottles. Furthermore, it is very safe to use, and the portable design allows you to take it with you when you travel. Since it might be quickly sold out, another alternative you can keep in mind is the Wabi Baby Touch model.

Finding the right product is no easy task, considering the number of different features included in some machines, and the variety of products available for sale. However, to give you a hand, we have analyzed some factors influencing the quality of the product and, before you start analyzing the market, read our short buying guide to understand what to look for in a device.


One very important feature that distinguishes UV sterilizers from normal models is that they do not use steam at a high temperature to eliminate the germs and bacteria, but instead they rely on UV light.

The radiation efficiently eliminates most germs and bacteria that might contaminate the bottles or pacifiers, and all this, without using a single drop of water or chemicals.

This means that, besides baby bottles, pacifiers, and others, you can place a lot of other items in the machine to disinfect them. In certain devices, even electronics such as mobile phones, MP4 players, and others can be safely left, because without any water to damage them, there is no harm that might befall them.

However, there are certain sanitizers that work like dryers too, using a relatively high temperature that might be too much for some electronics. If the producer specifies that the drying function can be turned off and the only process taking place is sterilization, then it should be safe to leave other items in the compartment.

Usually, this is specified in the instructions manual. Apart from pacifiers and baby bottles, a good UV baby bottle sterilizer should also be usable on toys and cutlery. These can also get dirty or contaminated by harmful pathogen agents, and, as a consequence, it is recommended to disinfect them every once in a while.

Make sure that such objects can be safely sterilized, without risking their integrity or the release of chemicals found in them. If this task is also fulfilled, you will make greater use of the machine and it will increase its value.

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Design and materials

Having a versatile, top of the line product is nothing if it breaks down or it is not reliable. The best UV sterilizer for baby bottles should be there to work for you whenever you need it. This is why you should pay attention to its construction and design, making sure that it will last long in time.

A solid body is less likely to break down in the unfortunate eventuality of an impact, and it will protect the electronic components of the machine, as well as its UV light bulbs against shocks and other damage. Without loose parts, the device will also be more portable and easier to maintain on a daily basis.

Usually, the materials used when manufacturing these gadgets are high-quality ones. Most models available feature BPA-free PP plastics, usually certified. These are used to prevent the accidental exposure to chemicals, which might damage your health as well as that of your baby.

For this reason, most companies delivering sterilizers abide by the strictest standards imposed by authorities. However, it is usually a good idea to check that the materials are adequate, just to be sure that the machine is safe to use.

Other features and budget

Apart from the features mentioned above, extra options are available. When talking about UV sterilizers, a popular choice is to buy easy to operate, touch panel models. These require almost no attention from the user, as they are integrally automated.

Once the button is pressed, the UV bulbs will emit radiation and eliminate the germs and bacteria, while the infrared light will dry out the items inside the compartment.

Speaking of which, it is recommended to opt for a sterilizer which incorporates a drying function because open air-drying leaves the freshly sterilized bottles exposed to other germs.

Another popular function allows the sterilizer to act as a storage space too. This feature will automatically turn on the UV bulb for a short amount of time, once every couple of hours, maintaining the bottles inside it sterile for as long as 24 hours. It requires no human intervention in this process.

When discussing the budget, some cheap items can be found in the $50 price range. These are capable of good performance, too, since they must meet certain standards in order to be sold legally but they usually lack any other feature or versatility.

Better devices are in the $150-$250 price range, with the latter including many extra functions, increased portability or even stronger, more solid designs.

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Our 2018 list: Find the right UV baby bottle sterilizer for your needs

We cannot pick an item that is most suitable for you, so, in order to give you a helping hand, our team has written a list of UV baby bottle sterilizers reviews which take into consideration customer feedback and product specifications too. The devices featured below seem to be some of the most popular and in-demand items available these days.

Cuddle Baby Portable

Using modern technology to eradicate as many harmful pathogens as possible, the Joy Baby sterilizer is one of the most appreciated designs of its kind.

Efficient in sterilizing baby accessories, bottle nipples, pacifiers and sippy cups, it is also available at an affordable price and has many other unique features that make it a great alternative.

Easy to use, the machine can be operated by following three simple steps: locate the pacifier, place it inside the sterilizer and then press and hold the top button.

Eliminating microorganisms with efficiency, it uses UV-C light to eradicate most pathogen agents; the method is applied in hospitals too, sometimes replacing the sterilizer once used.

The quick and mess-free operation is one of the most important advantages that this product has to offer. Since it only uses radiation, no water is required, and it also makes the machine low-maintenance. The FDA listed device is clinically tested and proven to be safe. The portable design is appreciated by traveling parents.

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Wabi Baby UV Touch

One of the products that came up most often as we were doing our research is this UV sterilizer produced by Wabi Baby. A very versatile item, it incorporates many features and different functions, making it suitable for a variety of tasks.

It uses radiation to eliminate most harmful bacteria, and even though it is pricier it sure is worth the money.

Since it relies on radiation and not heated steam to sterilize and clean baby bottles and accessories, it can be used for electronics, jewelry, and sunglasses too. The machine also works as a dryer, allowing one to also dry freshly washed bottles.

Automatically drying and sterilizing takes 30 minutes, and it can be operated with a single touch of the panel. Made from BPA free PP plastic, it features a high-quality construction that makes it safe to operate and efficient.

Optional storage settings activate an automatic UV sterilization for one minute every two hours, keeping the bottles sanitized for the entire day.

Buy from for ($279.99)

UPAN Ultraviolet Sterilizer

Another good product is this UV baby bottle sterilizer, which offers performance and a good, solid design. The many features it includes make it versatile, while the rugged construction makes it reliable and safe to use. It is available in 3 different colors and can be used for many tasks involving sterilizing.

The dual UV lamp is certified to eliminate 99.9% of all harmful germs and bacteria, and it is designed to meet the standards. Therefore, it provides easy, quick and clean sanitization, without requiring water to operate. The low-temperature drying with infrared rays turns it into a dryer as well.

Versatile, it can be used for bottles, toothbrushes, mobile phones and more without damaging the electronics placed in it. Registered as an FDA medical device, it will surely meet your expectations.

Operating it is easy and requires no preliminary preparations, so you will quickly have a bottle at your disposal when you need it. The machine comes with a stainless steel shelf and basket.

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Aian Triple Effect

One of the pricier items on this list, the Aian sterilizer is fast, efficient and simple to use, incorporating many features and serving for more than one task. The machine is FDA registered and FCC, CE certified, meaning that it meets the most exigent standards imposed on such products.

Featuring a solid construction with a durable body, it incorporates a ventilation system that allows it to bring fresh air inside the unit without compromising the sterile bottles inside it.

The large capacity makes it efficient, using both UV and infrared light to disinfect and dry the items inside it. Further enhanced by a hexagonal mirroring system, the dual lights offer 99.9% bacteria removal.

The fast and easy operation is another key feature of this machine. It takes only 20 minutes to automatically sterilize and dry the items inside it, and everything is already pre-set so all you need to do is press the button on the top. This combination of factors makes this unit a desirable product.

Buy from for ($279)

Sienna Lux UV Machine

A cheaper option, the Sienna Lux sanitizer offers a large capacity and can be used for a variety of baby bottles, items, and toys. Keeping everyday baby products sanitized, the machine uses UV light to eliminate germs which might be harmful. It incorporates modern technology which has been proven to be effective.

The compartment can fit many toys, bottles and other accessories used by babies. Sanitizing without using any chemicals or water, it can be used for other devices too. The continuous UV-C light technology is efficient, filling the entire compartment and penetrating the crevices, thoroughly sanitizing an item.

Versatility is a key feature describing this machine. Apart from it, the device is easy to use, being entirely automated. After pressing the button, it can be left aside to do its job, turning the light off as soon as 30 minutes of continuous exposure has passed.

This allows you to perform other tasks, saving you precious time. Without sacrificing performance, the sanitizer is appreciated by customers for its good value for the money.

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