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If you’re here for the best USB endoscope camera and you have a hard time finding what you need, this short paragraph will make things simpler for you. The many reviews written by buyers and the opinions expressed by experts point out that the Depstech 2 in 1 85S-5M is the most popular model due to its outstanding features. You can convert the unit to both USB and micro USB connectivity, which gives you a lot of freedom in regards to what kind of device you can link it to. The 30fps capable chip allows you to record and transmit videos at a superior quality. The waterproof camera has an IP67 rating, so it is safe to use in humid environments without a problem. Should the Depstech 2 in 1 85S-5M be out of stock, the next recommendation in line is the Depstech HD Boroscope.




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There are a few interesting aspects to consider when you are shopping for a USB endoscope camera. We want to help you by identifying all the essential features that should be included. For various kinds of inspection work, you will need your camera to perform as intended, and that is why the following buying guide will help you.

Image quality counts

A camera should be able to render crystal clear image on its screen, or on the screen, the information captured is displayed. In the case of this type of camera, the screen is not important, because the unit feeds your phone or tablet with images and videos.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you should pay less attention to what kind of image quality can be obtained. It does not all depend on the clarity of your phone screen since the source is the vital part here. Image quality depends on a few important things, as it will be shown right away.

A good USB endoscope will offer the possibility to pick between different resolutions. Depending on whether you want the recorded pictures and videos to have better quality, or occupy less memory, you can choose the resolution you want.</p>

The chip used plays a significant role, too. How many frames per second can your camera capture when transmitting and recording videos? This is an important question to find an answer for before reaching for your wallet. Another thing to keep in mind is proper illumination; better quality cameras offer the possibility to adjust illumination, as they come equipped with LED lights.


What kind of compatibility is present?

An aspect that you must be aware of is what kind of compatibility the USB camera offers. It is important to know if your phone or another mobile device you might want to use is compatible with the USB endoscope camera you intend to purchase.

Manufacturers usually display such information in the specs offered, so make sure to consult the available list before buying a certain model. You will be able to tell right away if your Android phone or iPhone will support connectivity with the camera.

The better compatibility a model can offer, the higher chances for you to find something you like. Also, you will be able to use the camera with different phones, and you will not be stuck to using the same equipment every time. In case you want to borrow the camera to a friend, that will also be possible.


A few things about the cable

Another thing that is often mentioned by the USB endoscope camera reviews is the type of cable used. Imagine that you need to inspect some pipes and that is extremely tricky. A flexible cable will help with following the convoluted path to the problem.

Some users prefer a semi-rigid cable because it is more reliable regarding durability. It all boils down to what kind of inspection work you are going to carry out, and how you can use the USB camera. Choose from a plethora of options the one that fits your style.



Top USB endoscope cameras reviews in 2019


With so many different products on the market, there is no wonder that making a choice seems very difficult. However, you can trust what other customers have to say. The following list of recommendations is based on the positive feedback these models have gathered so far.



Depstech 2 in 1 85S-5M

The Depstech 2 in 1 85S-5M is a USB endoscope for sale that complies with all the requirements for such a product. Because it can work with both USB and micro USB connections, it is head and shoulder above the competition. The more flexibility you have at your disposal, the better.

This unit will help you conduct difficult inspection work, due to its excellent features. The maximum resolution allowed is 1600×1200, which is superior to most similar models on the market. The ability to illuminate the image in low light conditions is another plus to consider.

The cameras currently available on the market usually produce 10fps videos, and that is considered acceptable unless you are looking for something better. The 30fps rate offered by the Depstech 2 in 1 85S-5M may be enough reason to pick this unit over others. And, if you are still not convinced, the waterproof capability of this camera should finally tip the balance in its favor.

Buy from for ($19.98)




Depstech HD Boroscope

You can hook up this camera with any other device you may like. Do you prefer using your smartphone when running inspection work? There’s no problem if you pick the Depstech HD Boroscope. If you want to use your laptop, and even your PC, this camera works like a charm with all these devices.

Image clarity is paramount when you pick this type of camera. The chances are that you will end up examining pipes and cramped places that are not properly illuminated. The better the quality your camera can deliver, the more details you will be able to examine, so such things are not to be taken lightly.

This model has a maximum image resolution of 1600×1200, superior to the vast majority of similar products on the market. The adjustable LED lights definitely help with acquiring ideal conditions for taking pictures and videos. The probe is waterproof and helps you with inspecting more challenging environments.

Buy from for ($19.99)




KinCam 3 in 1 Semi-Rigid 


Outfitted with a semi-rigid cable that you can bend to explore challenging areas, this model is an excellent example of what a USB endoscope camera should look like. The cable is 16.5 feet long, so there is plenty of exploration you can run with its help. Because of the small camera lens diameter, the device can reach really cramped places.

It is essential to note that the camera has an IP67 waterproof rating, which means that you can successfully use it for plumbing work and maintenance. The camera comes with 6 LED lights that are powerful enough to illuminate dark areas.

For performance, it is enough to mention that the camera has an excellent resolution which can be adjusted, and the focal distance of 3-6cm is ideal for proper brightness and crispness of the image. Connecting this device with your phone, tablet, or computer is easy.

Buy from for ($25.99)




3-in-1 SnakeCam

The unit works with Windows devices, as well as Macbook, and Android phones. The manufacturer includes a comprehensive list of compatible devices, so make sure to check it first to see if it is a good idea to purchase this particular camera or not. But this is not the only reason why the 3-in-1 SnakeCam has garnered so much attention.

A few aspects are more important than others when you use an endoscope camera. For instance, good illumination is paramount for the camera to transmit a clear enough image to the screen on which the feed is displayed. The presence of 6 LED lights that can be adjusted as you see fit definitely helps.

The flexible cable is an important feature, too. It can rotate 360 degrees, so you don’t have to worry about dead angles. Everything you need to see on your screen will be made available to you by this versatile camera.

Buy from for ($40)




Amicool 2 in 1 KUS-10588-N

Are you interested in getting a camera capable of reaching difficult areas? Have the Amicool 2 in 1 KUS-10588-N be your hands and eyes where you cannot go. The 7mm camera is small enough to inspect every nook and cranny of an area you need to examine.

You may also like the sleep, stylish appearance of this particular model. Performance meets looks in this unit, and you won’t be disappointed. There is a broad range of features placed at your disposal. For instance, the IP67 waterproof rating guarantees that you will be able to take this camera underwater.

There are all sorts of challenging areas you can examine with the help of this camera. Various installations, underwater pipes, assemblies, and other equipment will be much easier to inspect if you have the right tool. For lab work, or repairing tasks, this model will prove indispensable.

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Depstech USB Endoscope

The model has its own micro USB to USB adapter, something that comes in handy when you want to connect this unit to another device. Since different connectivity options can be available on various devices, mobile or not, this kind of feature definitely comes in handy. This model works with Windows, Macbook OS, and Android, but make sure to check the manufacturer’s specs before buying.

It serves that the camera probe has a waterproof rating of IP67, as it allows you to examine areas that would otherwise be extremely difficult to inspect. Vent pipes, underwater pipes, and so on, can be inspected this way.

The semi-rigid cable is another great plus. Thin enough to reach cramped places, it also bends and adjusts so that you can easily carry on your work. The image feed on your phone, laptop, or computer, will also be clear enough to warrant a solid recommendation.




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