Top USB Borescopes Reviewed & Buying Guide


If you are interested in purchasing the best USB borescope for the money, but you are short on time and cannot do the necessary research, we can help. After analyzing what the experts and current owners of specific models had to say on the topic, we have concluded that the Teslong Industrial Endoscope is the unit that you should invest in. This choice has a compact design, and it features a progressive scanning camera probe that measures 0.21 inches in diameter and that includes six adjustable LEDs. Also, this borescope has a 3.5-inch QVGA color LCD screen that can be effortlessly operated with just one hand. Besides, the semi-rigid cable that it includes is waterproof, and it can easily fit into small spaces. If this product is unavailable, check out the Depstech USB 2 in 1 as it might also stir your interest as it can be connected to your personal smartphone.


If you need to choose an USB borescope that will help you in your activity, there are a few features you should get acquainted with before making your decision. This relatively new kind of endoscope has both common features with the rest of the borescopes and distinctive traits that you have to pay attention to.


USB and micro-USB

Using USB made the setup much easier, almost close to non-existent. Also, it allows users to carry the borescopes around as they have become easy to carry and travel ready.

USB basically means you can use the same gadget on any device that can host it by simply connecting the Universal Serial Bus (USB). So the borescope is universal now too, by extension.

It’s almost universal because some people use various devices, usually smaller, by employing a connector called micro-USB (a miniUSB by the looks). And you can also use USB 1.1 or USB 3.0, just to confuse people. The standard USB 2.0 is what people usually refer to when simply saying USB.

To be able to connect to other devices that have micro-USB, you have to use an adapter. But borescopes found a way to include the micro-USB in a regular USB, transforming it into a hidden micro-USB.



That still doesn’t solve all the problems, because connecting your borescope to a device may not be enough. System incompatibility could render USB and micro-USB useless.

In other words, depending on the device you use, you should pay attention to the USB connector the endoscope utilizes and the system compatibility between the two. Choosing the USB borescope software could be equally important to selecting the borescope.

When you’re searching for the USB borescope, read more about the USB borescope app, as many users complain about the poor choice. There are plenty of borescopes for sale, but if the app is not good enough, then the product itself becomes unusable.



There is no more worry for the LCD screen or the bulky handle or the AA batteries, so you must choose the best USB borescope camera.

The megapixels are important, as is the HD feature. Unfortunately, ever since the best USB borescope reviews showed how important it could be to have better resolution images and clear photos, most of the market is overwhelmed with HD cameras with a large resolution.

You should read the specifications first, to find out the details from the producer. The diameter should be there and possibly the viewing angle. The larger that angle is, the better since that number defines the capacity of a probe to take a look around and stand aside from its own axis.

You’ll also want to find out what the field of view is so that you can estimate how much you can actually see from a certain area that you need to investigate. It’s important to make sure the depth of field is big enough to allow a good forward look.

Focal distance will be just as important as the megapixels and the HD feature because ignoring it will bring you back blurry pictures.


Choose the type of cable that is actually helpful for what you do. A longer cable isn’t necessarily a better one. Not only it could hinder you, but its flexibility and rigidity could unbalance. A long soft cable is usually an advantage for inspecting long pipes, but only as long as they don’t go upwards.

A more rigid cable will be fit for overcoming obstacles and making a turn. If you need to fix the kitchen plumbing, that is probably what you need.



Our 2018 List: Find the right USB borescope for your needs


Now that you’ve acquired more helpful information, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t form an opinion on particular cases. You could take a closer look at the best USB borescopes that we’ve showcased below.  



Teslong Industrial Endoscope 


This model comes provided with a 3.5-inch color LCD screen that has a resolution of 320×240 pixels. On top of that, it can capture 640×480 pixels images and video recordings. This endoscope is portable and multi-functional.

The choice comes fitted with no less than six very bright LEDs that are adjustable and a scanning camera probe that only measures 0.21 inches. Furthermore, the item has a built-in lithium-ion battery that can supply the user with up to six hours of continuous operation.

According to the seller, this model is also fitted with a traditional high-quality metal gooseneck cable that is very flexible and capable of retaining its shape better than other alternatives. When shipped, this device comes provided with a monitor, a 5.5mm-3m semi-rigid probe, a USB cable, a toolbox as well as an 8GB TF card. Those that have purchased it so far are happy with its performance and thus, warmly recommend it.


Buy from for ($129.99)




Depstech USB 2-in-1


This Depstech model using high-quality materials and improved technology made significant progress towards supporting several operating systems. It is compatible with Android smartphone, Macbook, PC computers (Windows XP/7/8/10).

It is easy to setup and easy to use by simply downloading an app and installing it. The next step is plugging in the USB to start working with it.

The 2-in-1 design is a great convenience since you don’t have to use an adapter anymore. Pushing up the USB connector provides you access to the micro-USB.

The model can be used in multiple ways, from scientific research to industrial usage.

The camera on the cable has an 8.5 mm diameter and a focal distance of 3-6 cm. It delivers images in four different  resolutions: 1600×1200, 1280×1024, 1280×720 and 640×480. To get the job done, the borescope features a semi-rigid arm and 6 LED lights on the tip.



The product is innovative and convenient as it has a 2–in-1 convertible USB to micro USB design. This way the need for an extra adapter has been eliminated and the endoscope can easily be plugged into a device. Using an app is all it takes to get started.

The Depstech USB Borescope has all the compatibility you need. You can use it on   Windows, Macbook or OTG Android devices and UVC compatible Android.

Its visual system is meant for high-performance. With Super Hi-Vision camera sensor that captures clear images at a close range for valuable information. The improved quality noticeable in high resolution that goes up to 1600 x1200.

The endoscope has integrated Blue LED technology and thanks to the 6 adjustable LED lights on the tip the inspection has better potential for success.



The focal distance could be a bit too small and it doesn’t allow an exceptional video or images.


Buy from for ($25.99)




BlueFire Wireless Endoscope 


This alternative stands out because it has a design that is compatible with both Android phones and the iPhone’s IOS system. The semi-rigid cable that it incorporates allows for plenty of control, and it can help the owner inspect small, difficult-to-reach spaces.

The unit features a 2-megapixel CMOS HD camera that has three adjustable resolutions and six LEDs that can help you record HD videos and high-quality snapshots. Another feature that makes it worth your attention is that it has its own WiFi signal and that it incorporates a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. As a result, you no longer have to use an external cable and an electrical outlet in order to operate it.

To use it, the buyer just has to scan the QR code in the manual and download and install the WIFI VIEW app onto the smartphone and connect it to the device through the WiFi connection. For safety reasons, the seller does not recommend that one resets the WiFi password by himself/herself as that might render the device useless.  


Buy from for ($39.99)




Blueskysea Endoscope 


This borescope features an 11.5ft cable and an 8.2mm diameter IP67 waterproof camera that allows the user to inspect hard-to-reach areas such as engines or water pipes. As a plus, this alternative is compatible with both Android smartphones and devices that run on the iPhone IOS system.

The high-resolution camera that the item includes can provide one with clear images and high-quality recordings at three adjustable resolutions. The article also features six adjustable LEDs that can improve the brightness and the clarity of the pictures that you are taking, including in low-light conditions.

As a power source, this choice uses an 800mAh built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery. Those that decide to invest in it will receive a micro USB cable, a hard-shell case, a hook, a magnet, and a very practical side mirror. As expected, a very helpful user manual is also provided. Previous users have appreciated its portability and versatility.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Depstech USB


The Depstech USB Borescope gives you more freedom by as it allows more compatibility for your personal devices.

You can use it with your computer or laptop (Windows XP/7/8/10, MacBook OS) and the USB and micro-USB adapter make it available for OTG and UVC Android smartphone (4.4+) as well as Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4.

For more performance in your inspection, the Super Hi-Vision 2MP CMOS sensor camera captures close range videos and images with high resolutions reaching up to 1600×1200.

Capable of performing inspection work in hard-to-reach places, the bendable semi-rigid cable uses its properties to hold its shape and positions the camera at the right angle.

The Blue LED lights provide brightness in low-light or dark environments so that the waterproof probe can collect clear images.

The package also contains a hook, mirror, and magnet you can use as attachments.



This Depstech model was designed to offer better support for the operating systems. Although some versions were left aside, it can be used on Windows XP/7/8/10, Macbook OS, Android 4.4+.

Easy installation is always an advantage. For this endoscope, setup consists of installing the app and plugging the device into the USB port of the computer, or micro-USB of the phone.

The camera offers enhanced image resolution and noise control, which contributes to clear images and videos. The 6 adjustable Blue LED lights have a consistent input in this matter.

The Super Hi-Vision 2MP CMOS sensor camera has an amplified resolution for close range image captures that goes up to 1600×1200.

Users can point the camera and position it for various angles due to the semi-rigid cable that provides better control and stability.



The attachments buyers receive are not of high quality.

Some of the compatibilities don’t always apply.


Buy from for ($27.99)




Unavailable products



Awesome USB


The Awesome USB Endoscope has good features and materials and can come in handy for plenty of inspection and repair operations.

Since it supports several operating systems like Windows 7/8/10 and Vista, Android and OTG Android phones, UVG functions, and HTC. it works with Samsung Galaxy and LG as well. The device is versatile enough to be used on several devices, according to your needs.

The borescope has a waterproof 2 MP HD camera that can take videos and snapshot images and capture them on five different resolutions, from 640×480 and up to 1600×1200.

Using a 5 meters long cable the endoscope can meet inspection tasks in hard-to-reach places, supported by the camera and the 6 LED lights. These can be adjusted by using a knob, to increase or weaken light intensity.

The range of uses for this product is pretty large, starting from sewer and pipeline inspection and ending with constructions and search and rescue.



The inspection camera has good compatibility, as it’s able to support both Android operating system and HTC. The OTG and UVC functions are supported and it is also accessible on Windows 7/8/10 and Vista.

The endoscope has a 5 m long flexible cable that acts as an extension for the inspection of hard-to-reach areas. The great length is a useful feature for those who need to work on pipes and plumbing.

It has a handle knob that can adjust brightness in the 6 LED lights when the borescope is navigating dark areas.

It has an 8 mm IP67 waterproof 2MP HD camera. It can capture snapshot images or videos with 640×480 to 1600×1200.

The device is appropriate for pipe works, equipment, and parts assembly as well as constructions or furnishing.



The waterproof feature seems to have been compromised on some products.

The USB connection doesn’t look strong, the design is rather poor.



Crenova iScope 2-in-1


The Crenova iScope 2-in-1 gathers a lot of features that are usually standard for well-known brands on the borescope market.

The 5-meter cable this item uses is made of a special material that is intended to give it more durability and less gravity effect. Maintaining shape is a good feature for any semi-rigid borescope.

It uses powerful features for the camera too, employing a 2.0 MP CMOS with up to 1600×1200 resolution. The camera head is 8.5 mm and has 6 built-in LED lights for better images in dark circumstances.

The Crenova has 3 different USB interfaces. The 2-in-1 cable has a USB 2.0 and a micro-USB; also, a type C connector. It can connect to PC, laptop, Mac and Android.

The product has a full kit of accessories with magnet head, tiny mirror, small hook and a storage bag.



Features than people would have wanted in other applications as well are brought into practice by the Crenova iScope 2-in-1. Such as the 2-in-1 USB cable that is combined with a regular USB 2.0 and micro-USB.

The borescope has a good camera for consistent performance during the inspections.  The HD capability is always a leverage when cracks or pinches are hard to notice. Waterproof, with 2MP, the camera can do a great job in a variety of environments.

The item can be connected for use on PC, Mac, laptop or Android. This versatility is welcome when more than one type of operating system is at hand.

The product can be used successfully in a large number of applications, from underwater exploration to air condition or pipe cleaning.



The cord isn’t durable, it gives users a flimsy feeling.

The endoscope heats up during its use.



GIWOX Borescope


If you need an efficient, simple piece of equipment to do your work at home or on the field, picking this product might just be enough.

The main advantage it offers is system compatibility. The model can be used with any of the Windows editions (starting with XP) but can be put to work by using Android devices that have OGT capability.

It has good camera view and adjustable LED lights that are attached to a 5 m inspection cable. Reaching small areas in narrow spaces can be done by guiding this endoscope.  

Unless the job requires more than 1024×768 or 1289×720 resolution, you could keep this in mind. The focal distance that offers the best results in capturing images and videos is in the 6 to 10 centimeters range.

To brighten the way and send back reliable information, the 2 MP video camera has 6 LED lights that you can adjust by simply turning a wheel.



If you decide to do your work with the help of a Windows device or an Android, the GIWOX Borescope can be used for any of them.

This borescope is quite easy to setup. You can do it fast without any help or using additional adapters. The setup actually consists in plugging the USB cable into the computer.

The device has good adaptability. This model has a 2 MP CMOS camera that works fine and manages to retrieve useful images by relying on a 60 degrees view angle. While many of the cameras are limited to 45 degrees, this one provides a wider look.

This instrument is fit for any kind of inspection work that requires the 5 meters long cable and a focal distance that isn’t below 5 cm.



Before starting your work, you may have to take a look at the default settings, because they might not be as suitable for your purpose.




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