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Last Updated: 14.12.19


Top Rated Thermometers – Buying guide & Comparison


Based on the research made by our team of experts, the Etekcity Lasergrip 1080 is a great choice of thermometer because it features a versatile design, meaning you can use it for cooking or barbecuing, as well as a useful tool for doing home repairs and car troubleshooting. Moreover, it comes with a user-friendly LCD screen and an auto-off function that enables the battery to drain. If what you need is a thermometer for medical use, we recommend the Kinsa QuickCare. The unit is waterproof and safe to use thanks to the mercury-free feature. In addition, the thermometer comes with a flexible and elastic tip that ensures the process of testing the temperature is comfortable even for babies and pets.


How to choose the best thermometers


A useful device to measure the temperature of liquid, gaseous or solid matter, the thermometer is used in a variety of activities such as industry, medical and scientific research, and health care. Moreover, there are items that do a fantastic job at offering important details in the process of cooking food. As far as healthcare goes, thermometers are an important tool that gives measurements regarding the temperature of the human body. If you want to know how to choose the proper unit that comes in handy in many situations, read these features mentioned below and see how easy you can pick up a few tips.


Budget limitations

Depending on your budget, you can choose from a variety of thermometers available on the market. Before attempting to make any purchase, establish how much money you are willing to spend on a device like this and how often do you plan to use it.

It’s quite important to invest in products that come with different useful features and accessories because they are more practical and easy to use. Although you might be tempted to think that all thermometers do the same thing, not all of them are accurate and may even present faults in their measurement process.

Therefore, choose a unit that is made from reliable materials and offers a user-friendly menu so you can get details regarding the temperature in a timely fashion.


Purpose and needs

According to the purpose and area, you are planning to use the thermometer, you can choose from several categories.

For instance, if you need to measure the temperature of a human body you will use the same type of thermometer used in hospitals such as digital and infrared ones that can be placed inside the ear, rectally or forehead. You can test the temperature by placing the thermometer underneath the armpit, but the result is not quite accurate, compared with the ear or forehead areas.

Digital thermometers can be used not only axillary but also for measuring the temperature in the rectum or the mouth. Rectal readings are most accurate but can be a hassle for babies because they can’t stand still during the process. The device can be used orally just make sure not to use the same thermometer as the inserted in the rectum.

Even though ear thermometers are suitable even for infants above six months, you should be careful not to use them for newborns.  Simply make sure to place the unit inside the ear in the right way in order to get correct results.

Temporal artery thermometers use an infrared scanner that measures the temperature of the temporal artery in the forehead. Appropriate for adults and infants older than three months, these thermometers are a good alternative to the rectal ones.

When speaking about the thermometer normal temperature, you should know that although the average taken orally is 98.6 F degrees, it can change by as much as 1 F degree more or above this throughout the day. Moreover, a rectal or ear temperature reading will always be a little higher than the one measured orally. The most accurate way to measure a body’s temperature is to take a rectal reading.

Another use of a device like this is to measure the room’s temperature with the help of the best room thermometer. This is a useful tool especially if you have a baby and need to be able to determine the perfect temperature inside the nursery. These thermometers can also feature a clock or a hygrometer to measure the humidity level inside the room.

In your search for the best refrigerator thermometer, you should know that it is an extremely useful accessory especially if you fridge comes with only a dial thermostat. Indispensable during power failures, these come in handy when you want to know if the inside temperature is safe and the food can still be eaten without exposing your body to health issues.

Safety issues

Under no circumstances get a thermometer that doesn’t have proper instructions or comes with several system failures. These devices are extremely important so make sure you only purchase products that offer accuracy and efficiency. In the case of body temperature readings, stay away from mercury glass thermometers that can break easily and release mercury which is extremely toxic.


Food thermometers

Cooking foods gets way easier if you decide to use a device that reads the temperature during the process. A good choice of thermometer used in cooking is the thermocouple reader with thermocouple probes. This allows you to use wired probes to measure two temperatures at the same time, such as the inside and the surface of the meat. Another option is to get the best non contact thermometer that is useful for measuring the temperature of a sauce or grilling meat by simply pointing the device at the food.




10 Best Thermometers (Reviews) in 2019


Thermometers are great tools that allow you to measure the temperature in a variety of situations and for multiple purposes. If you or your little one have a fever, you need a digital or an infrared thermometer that will tell if there are any reasons to worry. The same principle applies to the ones used for reading the temperature inside a room or while cooking the food. Basically, you choose one according to your needs and personal preferences. The best way to check the body’s temperature is to use a digital thermometer orally or inserted in the ear or rectal area.

Adults can use both digital and infrared thermometers that read the temperature in the forehead. Babies, on the other hand, especially those under three months old, should be tested using a rectal thermometer.

Another purpose of digital thermometers is for the home use. They come in handy when you want to know what temperature you have in each room of your house.

Infrared thermometers that come with a laser technology are suitable for pets in addition to humans. Besides, there are models that work the same and use the laser science in order to help you cook the meals faster and better.



Best infrared thermometer


A great way to measure the temperature quickly and from a far distance is to use an infrared thermometer. Moreover, there’s no need to touch the object or the surface you are doing the testing on.

Quite useful and easy to use, they do an excellent job in the kitchen if you need to cook the meat evenly and in a fast amount of time.

In addition to reading the temperatures during the cooking process, these thermometers are also used for finding faulty terminations in high power electrical circuits or for identifying problems in the electrical switch gear. Just keep in mind that they measure only the surface and not the internal temperature of the object.



1. Etekcity Lasergrip 1080 Non-Contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer


Easy to operate and outfitted with a versatile design, this non-contact infrared temperature gun from Etekcity is extremely useful for cooking, barbecuing, doing auto maintenance, and other repairs inside the house.

Thanks to the laser technology, the unit is able to measure the temperature of small areas even from a far distance.

Moreover, the thermometer comes with an LCD backlit screen that is user-friendly and allows the user to view the readings accurately in either Celsius or Fahrenheit scale.

The best part is that product can be operated without difficulties. Simply press the trigger, and a laser light will aim. After 15 seconds, a temperature reading will appear on the screen. In order to benefit from an extended battery life, this infrared thermometer features an auto on-off function that prevents the battery from draining.

Built with a durable exterior surface, the temperature gun has a UV paint coating that prevents any possible scratches and damages.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($18.99)





2. Kinsa Smart Thermometer for Fever Digital Medical Baby


This Bluetooth thermometer is one of Kinsa’s latest technologies, featuring a wireless connection to your smartphone so you can keep track of your medical condition and recommended treatment at all times.

It provides a fast solution to any mild health issues you or any member of the family might be de, and it works in under 8 seconds. Pediatricians have recommended it as an accurate rectal baby thermometer, as well as an underarm thermometer for adults of any age.

After you purchase the thermometer, you can download the app from the app store for free. It will walk you through clear instructions on what to do in a specific situation and what medicine to administrate to soothe the fever.

You can personalize the recommendations according to age and specific symptoms, and you’ll get results from tested sources. When needed, the app will advise you to call a doctor.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($13.99)





3. Medical Digital Thermometer 10 Sec Quick Read with Fever Indicator


Outfitted with a waterproof feature, this thermometer from Friendly 18 can be used by infants, adults, and pets to determine an accurate temperature reading.

Suitable for testing areas such as the mouth, the armpit, and the rectum, the unit provides a quick read within 30 seconds thanks to the user-friendly LCD digital screen. Once the device is ready to be released, or the temperature is too high, it will notify the user with a buzzer alarm. The notification will beep more rapidly if the temperature reaches more than 100 F degrees. You can change the setting between F and C degrees by pressing the On/Off button for about 5 seconds when the device is turned off.

Thanks to the ultra-sensitive flexible pointed tip and the superior microchip technology, this digital thermometer is safe to use even for little children because it has no mercury in its design, which is known for its potential to cause harm.

The thermometer can be used by anyone because it only has one button to operate and it is specially built so that the battery life is substantially extended. Once the temperature reading is done, simply clean the tip with alcohol and water and store it for the next usage.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($8.99)





Best thermometer for home use


The human body needs a proper room temperature in order to benefit from the comfort and fresh air day and night. Just like we measure our body’s temperature to see if we have a fever or not, we should do some readings to check if we have an optimum temperature inside our house, as well.

Therefore, you should aim for a device that offers accuracy both inside your house and outside. Many models available for sale come with useful features that you can come in handy. For instance, you can get a thermometer for home use that offers information about the level of humidity inside and even a weather forecast thanks to their built-in barometer.  


4. ThermoPro TP55 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Humidity Gauge


An excellent tool for measuring the temperature inside the bedroom, the baby nursery, the greenhouse and even in the warehouse, this indoor thermometer comes with a humidity monitor that offers you precious information regarding the air condition.

Quite simple to use, the unit features a 4 inch large LCD display with large numbers and a low battery indicator. Moreover, the thermometer ensures the possibility of rapidly switching from Fahrenheit to Celsius degrees thanks to its user-friendly touch screen enhancement.

Even in conditions of bad lighting, you can still read what’s written on the display due to the backlight function that makes the screen bright. There’s no need to worry about battery life because the thermometer turns off after 15 seconds if you’re not operating it anymore.

Versatile and practical, the product can be mounted on the wall or attached to the fridge with the provided magnetic system. Also, you can use the thermometer in a table top position and benefit from a display of humidity and temperature current trends.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($14.99)





Top digital thermometer for adults


Given the fact that the medical community no longer recommends using glass thermometers to measure the body’s temperature, digital ones are a great choice because they are versatile and easy to use, by adults and children alike.

Digital thermometers can be used orally, rectally, and under the arm. It is recommended, though, to use separate ones for rectal readings. The majority of adults like to test their temperature orally, although rectally is a tad more accurate.

Simple to use, these digital temperature devices use electronic heat sensors to measure. Moreover, you get the result in less than one minute.

In addition, there are temporal artery thermometers that use the infrared technology to measure the temperature across the front and side of the forehead. Non-invasive and completely safe, it takes only a few seconds for a precise reading.



5. Metene Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer for Fever Non-Contact


This thermometer from Metene is specially designed to measure the temperature inside the ear and on the forehead area.

Thanks to the infrared rays emitted by the device, you benefit from accurate and fast readings anytime you use it.

Easy to use, all you have to do is to install the forehead probe and press the scan button. You can switch to the ear simply by removing the cap and the thermometer is ready to test the temperature in the desired body location.

Thanks to the backlight function, the device allows you to view the readings even in dark spaces or at night.

Featuring an interesting flashlight, there’s no need to turn on the lights in order to proceed to the temperature measuring process.

Moreover, the product offers a two-color Led indicator that notifies you when the body temperature is too high. The green LED light turns on when the level goes up to 99.5 F degrees, while the red one alerts you as soon as the temperature goes above 99.6 F degrees.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($25.99)





Top thermometer for infants


One essential first-aid tool for all parents is undoubtedly a reliable and accurate thermometer. Every time you feel your little one’s forehead a tad warm you will need to make sure it’s not the case to panic so having a good tool to measure the body temperature comes more than handy.

A good way to do the reading is to use a rectal thermometer. Although parents tend to get nervous, they give correct measurements and don’t harm the baby. One main advantage is that most digital thermometers are versatile and can be used not only rectally, but also orally and under the armpit. Another alternative is the ear thermometers that measure the temperature inside the ear and the forehead devices that are swiped across the temporal artery area. These are the safest way to measure the baby’s temperature because they are non-invasive and provide a fast reading.



6. Metene Digital Infrared Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer


This forehead thermometer from Metene is an excellent choice for parents that want test their baby’s body temperature without too much effort.

A non-invasive device, this unit benefits from an infra-red technology and chip design that enable fast and accurate readings.

Suitable for infants and children of all ages, this thermometer is quite easy to use. Once the button is touched, the tympanic scanning process starts, and the device does its job without making any noises. There’s an option to toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit degree scales.

Not only parents can monitor their baby’s temperature, but they can also make sure the bottle is ready and has a proper temperature to feed the little one. Versatile and practical, the unit is outfitted with a user-friendly LCD screen that offers a useful backlit in order to make the readings available even in darker light conditions or at night. Moreover, the unit is totally approved by the FDA and European CE authorities.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($16.99)





Best dog thermometer


From time to time, your silent partner gets sick and needs a good thermometer reading. There’s no need to worry because the way you check your dog’s temperature is almost the same one used for humans.

It’s important to have a device that provides accurate readings because dogs can’t speak for themselves whenever they’re in pain or have signs of fever.

Dog owners should be aware that a pet’s normal temperature is not the same as that of a human. Generally, a normal body temperature of a dog varies between 101 and 102.5 Fahrenheit. Once he reaches the level of 103 degrees, you can consider the pet feverish.



7. Digital Infrared Thermometer For Baby,Toddler And Adults


A digital thermometer that can measure the temperature on adults, children, and pets, this useful tool from Intey is specially designed for ear and forehead use.

Due to the infrared technology, the unit is entirely non-invasive and comfortable to use even for babies or dogs. This is possible because the thermometer ensures a fast switch between Body and Animal mode.

When setting the product to work in the Body function, the digital thermometer uses the intelligent LCD display backlight to alert you if there’s a case of fever. While the green color ensures the body’s temperature is normal, the orange alerts you for a slight fever and the red for high fever. The device can be used for testing the baby’s bottle before feeding.

There’s no need to worry about the battery draining because this item provides an auto-off setting is it has been idle for more than 7 seconds. Moreover, it can store up to 99 previous readings which are great for keeping track of the fever.


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Top ear thermometer


Perfect for measuring the body temperature, the ear thermometers are suitable for young children thanks to their accuracy and fast reading process.

The reason why ear thermometers provide correct measurements is related to the fact that the eardrum shares the same blood supply as the brain. Therefore, it is the perfect place to check the temperature. Plus, the results are returned in a matter of seconds.

Unlike other types of thermometers, ear devices are extremely hygienic since there’s no need to sterilize the plastic because they use plastic filters on the nozzle. After each temperature reading, you can easily dispose of the used one which enables the risk of spreading infections or diseases.



8. Clinical Ear Thermometer with Forehead Function – Upgraded Medical Quality


A medical thermometer that will accurately measure your body temperature, this iProven alternative has been clinically tested, and FDA approved, so there’s no doubt concerning the results it delivers.

It features intelligent technology that warns you when the fever is too high, and medication needs to be administered. The color of the display will change from green to orange to red, according to the message it intends to transmit and, naturally, the temperature measured.

This is a no-contact thermometer that measures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius and can be used for the ears just as easily as for the forehead. It’s adjustable to any member of the family, from young babies to adults of any age.

The design is easy to use and holds no mysteries, even for the ones less acquainted with this sort of technology. It comes in a pouch that protects it from dust.


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Top meat thermometer


Cooking meat is a process that requires lots of attention to details in order to get a proper meal. Therefore, you should invest in a good meat thermometer that allows you to substantially improve the quality of the food you prepare.

Although small tools, these kitchen thermometers are efficient and accurate and remove the stress of not knowing when the meat is cooked to perfection.

Digital thermometers that have infrared technology are great units that measure the temperature of the meat by sticking the probes inside. The best part is that you can easily clean the probes after each usage. Furthermore, most of these devices are versatile and are suitable for cooking more dishes not only meat.



9. Habor 192 Meat Thermometer Upgraded Waterproof 3s Instant Read Digital Cooking


Every cooking addict knows that getting that moist and juicy piece of meat is the dream. This can be possible to achieve thanks to the Habor meat thermometer that can provide an accurate reading in less than 6 seconds.

Specially designed with a sensor chip, the unit is reliable and ensures the meat won’t get burned or undercooked.

This thermometer is quite easy to use thanks to the useful meat temperature chart provided on the backside. Each time you want to grill or barbeque you can simply place the long probes inside the meat and push the button until the desired temperature.

Furthermore, the thermometer is suitable for cooking meat, baking desserts and barbecuing. Just make sure not to use the unit in closed oven.

With a 5 second instant response, the product offers foldable probes that ensure an easy storage and portability. After each usage, you can clean the probes with a damp cloth but make sure not to submerge the thermometer into the water because it is not waterproof.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($39.99)





Best laser thermometer


Laser thermometers have gained lots of popularity over the past years thanks to their ability to measure the temperature of different objects without the necessity of having no contact with the targeted surface.

Basically, these tools are outfitted with an optical system, a detector, and a processing unit. Due to the infrared energy emitted by the object, the thermometer gathers information with the help of the optical system and then passes them to the detector that transforms the energy into electrical signals.

Also known as non-contact thermometers, they come in handy for a variety of purposes where there’s no possibility to touch the source of the heat.



10. Temperature Gun by EnnoLogic – Dual Laser Non-Contact


The eT650D dual laser thermometer from ennoLogic is an excellent measuring tool that provides fast and accurate information without having to come in contact with the surface of the object the reading is done for.

Versatile and practical to use, the unit is suitable for taking measurements of food, pizza stones, oven walls, frying pans, refrigerators, and freezer. In addition, you can scan your home in order to see whether there are insulation leaks or the temperature of the air conditioning and heating vents.

Due to the fact that readings are taken instantly, you can scan the object multiple times to check if everything is in order.

With a measuring accuracy of no more than one degree plus or minus, the thermometer features a user-friendly display and an audible user-selectable alarm notification.

Besides, you can adjust the emissivity that ensures correct readings even when testing shiny surfaces. The best part is that the unit comes with two built-in laser pointers that ensure the target is identified easily.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($57.75)




Best thermometer brands


With three major offices all around the Globe, Etekcity is a rapidly expanding e-commerce retailer whose purpose is to provide top-notch quality products for all the customers. Specialized in areas such as home improvement, consumer electronics, kitchen appliances, and outdoor gear, the company is focused on delivering unique and innovative items that simplify the life of the users and ensure a healthy and active lifestyle. Affordable and user-friendly, each item aims to deliver an improved experience thanks to the fourth major categories Etekcity has to offer: Healthy Living, Smart Living, Active Living, and Practical Living. All products are crafted from durable materials that ensure a long term usage.


One of the world’s leading manufacturers in the field of electronic tools and software, Fluke has helped with the defining and growth of the technology market for more than 70 years.

With a strong reputation for portability, safety, and ease of use, Fluke has managed to offer their products to many customers that operate in the medical-service, engineering, and computer network fields.

All of this company’s items are aimed to ensure benefits for electronic installation and maintenance, measuring the temperature, ensuring a proper indoor air quality and calibrating different tools used for electrical industry. Fluke’s complete array of measuring and testing units includes digital multimeters, thermal imagers, infrared and contact thermometers.


Innovo Medical is a private company whose business operations are run in Stafford, TX. The main products manufactured by this retailer are related to the medical sectors and healthcare. Striving to succeed among many companies that put success and money over customer’s being,  Innovo Medical has managed to come up with several products that feature high-quality designs and innovative ideas. The firm relies solely on the safety and durability of its items and offers useful tools such as thermometers for both adults and children, pulse oximeters, back massagers, and baby nasal and ear aspirators.


Specialized in skincare, hair trimming, and healthcare appliances, Braun has been known for decades as a company that offers outstanding quality products that aim to please a large target of the population.

Customers can purchase different products that satisfy their needs and personal preference. Each of these items is made of durable and sturdy materials that are continuously adapted with innovative improvements. The list of units manufactured by Braun includes shaving and grooming tools for men, oral care devices, hair care and epilation items for ladies, thermometers, blood pressure monitors, coffee makers, toasters, blenders, juicers, clocks, and irons.


iProven is a company specialized in manufacturing useful and convenient tools for measuring the temperature of the human body. With a strong passion and commitment to offering products that are easy to use, this retailer has managed to provide the customers some of the best health care units carefully crafted from high-quality materials.

All of the products are selected, developed, and improved with innovative technologies in order to meet the clinical standards in terms of quality, durability, and consistency.

Thanks to its large research and development department, this retailer strikes to offer unique thermometers that offer reliable and accurate temperature readings. Moreover, many models are safe to use even by babies.


Metene is a company that manufactures several types of thermometers used by medical professionals and regular household consumers. Thanks to their special ergonomic design and innovative technology, the company has managed to gain popularity among many people that want fast and accurate temperature readings.

All products released on the market ensure faster testing thanks to their superior microchips and highly sensitive sensors. Moreover, there’s no need to have any kind of contact with the surface. Lightweight and versatile, the Metene thermometers are ideal for parents that need a safe tool to measure the baby’s temperature and check for any signs of fever.


A company with an important tradition in producing outdoor grills and accessories, Weber has been on the market for more than one century.

Nowadays, the company delivers charcoal, gas, and electric grills all over the world. Thanks to their originality and innovative thinking, they’ve managed to create products that please the customers need for a tasty piece of barbecue.

All items are sold through a network of local and international dealers but also online stores. Therefore, you can rest assured that you’ll benefit from products of great quality. In addition to electric grills and smokers, the company manufactures cooking thermometers, pans, kettles, gloves, grilling apps, and cookbooks.



Kinsa is a health company that is specialized in manufacturing smart thermometers that can be connected to a free mobile app in order to provide the user details regarding their temperature history, symptoms, and data diagnostics. The main purpose of this firm is to create the first real-time map of human health.

Thanks to their vision and mission, Kinsa was able to develop and test medical thermometers that feature smartphone connected sensors. Once the data is collected, the app provides precious information about their symptoms, medical doses, and possible diagnosis. Furthermore, the special app uses local groups and message boards in order to alert the customers which illnesses are going around in their schools and communities.



A company with a history of over a century, Vicks is currently owned by Procter & Gamble. This American brand provides over-the-counter medications such as cough medicines, cough drops and inhaled breathing treatments. Besides, this retailer offers customers great thermometers that come in a range of models in order to help them read the body’s temperature fast and accurate. All products are specially designed to be safe for adults, babies, and children and the variety of items ensures a proper treatment for colds, flu or allergies. Each thermometer comes with clear instructions and is suitable even for infants and young children.


Generation Guard

Generation Guard is a company that provides high-quality and effective products that ensure proper healthcare for the entire family. Specialized in medical products, the firm strives to offer customers products that ensure a great deal of comfort and safety with each use. All products comply with the clinical standards and are suitable for measuring temperature or blood pressure for adults and children alike. Customers can choose between arm and wrist blood pressure monitors, clinical basal and digital thermometers, as well as ear and forehead measuring devices. Generation Guard offers items that are fast, accurate, waterproof, and shockproof.



Founded in 1960, Pyle is a leading manufacturer of high-quality advanced woofers. Once the company started to grow, it started to produce different products that cover areas such as musical instruments, outdoor gear, home appliances, and medical and healthcare items. Due to their award-winning technologies and special design, the thermometers produced by this retailer are extremely durable and easy to use. Customers can choose any type of thermometers according to their needs and preferences. Among their options, they’ll find units that measure the body’s temperature, products for home use and even cooking devices that allow the user to benefit from a perfectly cooked meal.



Accumed is a company that delivers advanced high-quality health products that ensure great benefits for each customer. All of their products are carefully selected and developed according to all clinical safety standards. Users can choose from a large array of items available for online sale such as pregnancy and fertility tests, pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors, electrotherapy muscle stimulators, infrared thermometers and many other accessories that come in handy for medical emergencies and treatments. Most of these items come with affordable prices, and the quality isn’t neglected, either. In addition, all units are thoroughly tested and vetted to ensure safety for all people.



TempIR is a company that offers a wide array of medical equipment and healthcare products for people of all ages. From non-contact thermometers, oximeters, baby monitors, dual-purpose ear thermometers to electric toothbrushes and blood pressure monitors, customers benefit from items that are carefully crafted to meet all the imposed quality standards. Using the latest technology, TempIR manages to deliver products in various countries that aren’t too pricey and are made of durable materials. Because each unit is manufactured under close supervision, users can rest assured that any purchase will bring them safety and accuracy.




Frequently asked questions about thermometers


Q: Which thermometer is used for animals?

Just like humans, animals need to have their body temperature tested in order to check whether they have a fever or not. There are three ways to do the readings, and those are rectal, axillary, and in the ear.

While the rectal thermometer is considered the most accurate device for measuring the internal core body temperature of pets, the other two are correct as well. For the rectum and the under the armpit area it is advisable to use a digital thermometer. As for the ear, you should use an infrared tool that is safe and doesn’t require much time to determine a correct temperature reading.  


Q: Which thermometer is most accurate for babies?

Choosing the perfect thermometers for babies is quite an important things, as most parents are probably aware. Not all of these measuring tools are safe for babies so make sure that the age of the baby corresponds.

For instance, the best way to get an accurate reading for an infant, especially those who have less than three months, is to use a rectal digital thermometer. Once the baby gets past 6 months, you can easily start to check the body’s temperature with an ear thermometer.As far as forehead infrared thermometers, they are a good way to see if the baby has a fever when he or she reaches three months old.   


Q: Who invented the thermometer?

Before the invention of the thermometer, there was a device called thermoscope that showed only the differences in temperatures. Galileo Galilei was the one that crafted this idea. At the beginning of the 17th century, an Italian Inventor called Santorio Santorio made the first baby steps to what we use today. He was able to put a numeric scale on his thermoscope. But none of these inventions were precise tools to check the temperature until Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit made a discovery and came up with the mercury thermometer which was used until recent years. The standard temperature scale was named after him and used the principle of dividing the freezing and the boiling points of water into degrees.


Q: What thermometer do doctors use?

Depending on the age of the patient, doctors use the same type of thermometers that are recommended for common use for adults and babies alike. While for infants it is preferred to measure the body temperature using a rectal thermometer, for toddlers and adults doctors use digital thermometers placed orally or axillary.

Given the fact that forehead infrared thermometers are non-invasive and don’t require any contact with the patient, many specialists recommend them for everyday use. Some models that are found in the medical and health service are multi use, meaning that they are suitable for reading the temperature in more than one area of the body.


Q: Are mercury thermometers dangerous?

Thermometers that work with mercury have a small silvery ball inside that can cause a lot of harm if the glass breaks. Once the mercury is released, it will evaporate and contaminate the surroundings. It is toxic not only to nature and fish but for humans as well. Moreover, it is a potential threat especially for pregnant women and young children.

Each thermometer contains about 1.5 grams of mercury, more or less. You should be aware that in order to contaminate 20 acres of lake, you need only 1 gram of this toxic substance. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid this type of thermometers and opt for safer ones, such as digital or laser.


Q: Where does a meat thermometer go in a chicken or turkey?

Meat and poultry need to be cooked at a certain temperature to become juicy. Otherwise, you’ll end up serving a try and tough food if you cook it too much. You can avoid this issue if you opt for a meat thermometer that allows you to get the poultry done in a perfect manner.

A good advice is to use the thermometer at the end of the cooking time and ensure the probes remain in the meat for only 15 seconds, at a depth of 2 inches or to the indicator mark featured on the device. If you want to serve a delicious whole poultry, make sure to insert the unit into the inner thigh area near the breast, without touching the bone.

Q: Which thermometer measures the temperature of the air?

In order to measure the air temperature, we can use four different types of thermometers. The first one is the liquid-in-glass thermometer or bulb that are made of a glass tube with a round chamber at one of its ends. When the temperature changes, the volume of liquid either expands or contracts. The second device is the bimetallic or spring thermometer that you can mount on a house, barn or backyard. Thermoelectric thermometers are digital tools that use an electronic sensor to generate electric voltage. As the electric current travels and the electrical resistance changes so does the temperature. Last, the infrared ones can measure the temperature from distance thanks to the infrared laser technology.  


Q: What thermometer should you use for ovulation?

Women that want to conceive a baby must take their basal body temperature over the course of their menstrual cycle. To get accurate readings, they should use a basal digital thermometer that detects the temperature shift before ovulation and offers interpretations of their measuring data for accurate fertility predictions. Most of these devices are easy to use and come with Bluetooth functions so women can sync them with their smartphones. This way, they have all the important information stored in one place. Moreover, basal thermometers feature reminder alarms that ensure there’s a consistent timing of the temperature readings and automatic display of the cycle days.


Q: Why are some thermometers made of glass?

The reason why some thermometers are made of glass has to do with the low coefficient of thermal expansion. Because thermometers are exposed to large arrays of temperatures, it needs a material that doesn’t change its dimension in order to provide accurate readings. If it weren’t for glass, the thermometer would expand unevenly and cause irregularities and faulty readings.

Also, given the light bulbs, the glass transparency is more suitable for temperature measurements. Moreover, the glass can be easily cleaned thanks to its waterproof features. The material is able to withstand a high level of temperature without being broken.


Q: When should a thermometer be calibrated?

Digital thermometers require calibration if you want to be sure that the temperature readings are correct. Whether you use the device for cooking, for measuring the body’s temperature or for atmospheric purposes, you should calibrate it from time to time.

Before you attempt to use a new tool, it is advisable to proceed to a calibration in order to check if the thermometer works as it supposed to. If you accidentally drop the thermometer, you should know that another calibration is mandatory. When exposed to extreme temperatures, these devices tend to be affected, and the readings are faulty. Calibrating the thermometer is imposed if you use it on a daily basis.  


Q: Are temporal thermometers accurate?

Temporal thermometers or forehead thermometers are accurate devices to measure the temperature of the body if used correctly. They’ve managed to gain popularity because they are fast, accurate, and non-invasive. Especially for babies, these devices can be used for readings on infants from age three months and up.

Easy to use, all you need to do is to push a button and swipe the thermometer across the forehead. The release the button and in just a couple of seconds you’ll get a temperature check. Just make sure to purchase a unit that has been clinically approved and one that has a detailed instruction manual.



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