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Thermometers for infants – Buying guide & Comparison


If you are searching for the best kids thermometer for sale but you simply don’t have time to waste, this short introduction should tell you just what you need to now.  As our research has indicated, the Little Martin’s Infrared is the best option out there. FDA approved, this thermometer is fast and accurate in its readings so that you always get a correct assessment of your child’s condition. Moreover, the device allows for five different measurement methods, offering you a wide range of possibilities. Although the model was designed with infants and younger children in mind, it works equally well with adults. So, after your baby grows up, you’ll still be able to use it. If the Little Martin’s Infrared is unavailable, we suggest you try the TOWABO Forehead Digital as it is a great alternative that is worth taking into account.


Finding the best thermometer for infants is not an easy task. Given that the market is currently overflowing with different models, having to pick one is a very complicated process parents have to go through. Because we know how difficult it is we have put together this buying guide as a way of lending you a helping hand. So, read carefully and make your purchase in accordance with the information showcased below.


Number of measuring methods allowed

When deciding what type of thermometer to buy, one of the first features you should look for is the number of measurement methods the device allows for. Let’s be honest, when it comes to dealing with babies that are not feeling well, there are moments when they are a handful.

By opting for a model that is capable of measuring his/her temperature in more than one way, you will be able to get your reading without having to produce additional discomfort.

Moreover, as studies have shown, a baby’s temperature has to be measured differently according to their age. For instance, infants’ temperature is best taken with the use of a rectal unit. Therefore, settling for a multi-featured model means you won’t have to buy different models that are suitable to each and every growing stage. You’ll have everything you need in a single device.



While it is sure that measuring a baby’s temperature involves a period of waiting, you should not settle for a product that requires you to wait more than 10 seconds. To avoid any distress you cause your baby during these types of procedures, our advice to you is to buy an accurate device capable of evaluating the infant’s condition fast. Keep in mind that there are models that can offer a precise reading in less than 2 seconds.



As any best thermometer for infants reviews are sure to point out, safety is a number one priority all parents should have in mind when shopping for medical appliances for children. Therefore, our suggestion is to purchase a product that has been deemed FDA approved. By doing so, you can rest assured that your baby receives the best treatment possible and that any foreseeable risks are considerably reduced.

Moreover, our suggestion is to make sure that the product you end up buying can be easily sanitized, especially the rectal ones, and that it is mercury free.

Additional safety features include special signals emitted by built-in indicators that warn you when your baby has a fever. Even more, some models have the capacity to store previously collected data that can help you judge whether or not the baby’s condition is ameliorating.

Display options

One of the most important features that an item in this category should have in order to be called the best infant thermometer is an accessible, uncomplicated display. Given the fact that most models come with numerous options, it might sometimes feel a bit difficult using such a device, especially if you don’t particularly enjoy going through the instruction manual every time you want to use the item.

However, this does not mean one should not read the additional guiding manuals this kind of devices come shipped with, as it is very important you know how to operate these models. The safety of your child is always a priority.

To avoid any unnecessary complications, our suggestion for you is to purchase a model that is easy to use. To find out this kind of information, the best thing one can do is to read the feedback provided by current users. By doing so, you will be able to get an honest review of the product and information about how infants generally respond to it.



Top infant thermometer reviews in 2018


To make it easier for you to make a decision, below we have showcased what we believe to be the best items on the market at current time. In the making of our selection we took into considerations everything from feedback to overall brand quality.  So, read ahead and make your choice.



Little Martin’s Infrared


One of the best ranked kid friendly thermometers on the market, this model is both reliable and easy to use. Because it has five different methods of determining a person’s temperature: forehead, ear, oral, rectal, and armpit this device is able to provide readings for all age groups.

As users pointed it out, this model can quickly evaluate if your child has a fever. So, if you, for example, use the infrared method, the device can indicate if the temperature is normal, elevated, or if your baby has a fever in just one second. Additionally, the model comes equipped with inbuilt sensors that signal the presence of temperature.

Because the product has an ergonomic, easy to use design, current users deemed it effortless to use with babies. Of course, the fact that the product is shipped with a selection of cute animal stickers helps to make the device more nice-looking and not so scary for your baby.



This product is mercury free, safe and very important, hygienic.

Although it was built with infants in mind, it can also be used with youngsters and adults. As a result, once you invest in this device, you will be able to use it for years in a row, without having to buy additional gadgets; your baby is covered for at least his entire childhood!

The model has a memory recall function that enables parents to view up to 20 previous readings.

It can be switched between Fahrenheit and Celsius display modes, making it really to read.



A current customer complained about the forehead part being harder to use. However, the model had one of the best ratings online at the time we carried out our research.

Some feedback providers pointed out that the product is a little pricier than the alternatives on the market.


Buy from for ($35.99)





TOWABO Forehead Digital


If you prefer a non-contact device, chances are the TOWABO Forehead Digital model is what you are looking for. With great overall ratings, the device is said to be reliable and easy to use. So, if you are experiencing difficulties when taking your baby’s temperature due to the fact that he/she is constantly moving, this contact-free item should come in handy.

As user feedback shows, the model is easy to use. To ease your way into understanding how to use the device, the item comes with a step by step instruction manual and additional batteries. For a body temperature reading, just point it at the forehead of the person you want to measure the temperature of, press and press the center button; as soon as you hear a beep, the device has the reading. If not used, the model shuts itself down in order to preserve its battery.

However, the gadget can be used or other various readings beside body temperature such as room temperature, food and liquid temperatures and other objects. Therefore, if you settle for this product, you will be able to use it for many other purposes also such as checking the temperature of the bathing water before giving your baby a bath. Moreover, the device is able to recall the last the last 32 groups of measurement data.



The product can be used regardless of the room temperature, so you don’t have to worry whether or not the reading is compromised.

The device offers an accurate reading in only a second, a feature that makes it very quick.  

The option of switching between Fahrenheit and Celsius is also included.

The instruction manual is easy to follow.



A small number of users have complained about the device depicting different temperatures after two consecutive measuring.

Some customers had difficulties understanding how to use the device.


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PREVE Non-Contact Infrared


Another contact free alternative is the PREVE Non-Contact Infrared. With a great price to value ratio, this model is said to work great especially if you have to take the temperature when your kids are sick and uncooperative.

According to the manufacturer, the model contains a high-quality infrared sensor that was built using German technology, a feature that makes it quite reliable and accurate. Moreover, the product was tested in order to ensure that no mishaps were to occur when used to measure a person’s temperature.

Although mainly designed as a medical thermometer, this device has three measurement modes: the body measurement mode (with a measuring range of 89.6 to 109.2F), the surface temperature mode (it can be used to determine the surface temperature in baby’s bottle), and the room temperature mode. As a result, you can use it safely in order to make sure your all your baby’s needs are fitted.

Moreover, the product can be used in silent mode, a feature that cancels out any sounds that may wake up the baby. Similarly to other products in the same category, this model is also capable of recalling previous measurements, making it easy for you to efficiently track any temperature variations.



The model is easy to use because the display is organized according to a color code: green for no fever, orange for slight temperature and red for high fever.

The silent mode is ideal when the model is used with infants.

The three measuring methods make it very versatile.

The non-contact feature ensures that no bacteria or viruses are transmitted.



Some models are said not  to show the correct temperature. However, the number of such cases is small.

One customer pointed out that the product always reads a fever after it has been sitting in the car.


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Gear District Clinical Digital


In case you don’t want to make a big investment but you still want a device that was built using digital technology, you should give the Clinical Digital a good look. FDA, CA and ISO approved, this model is one of the fastest devices among digital thermometers and is able to make a reading in approximately 10 seconds.

Easy to use and store, the product comes with a very handy storage case, great to use during travels. This device is suited for those looking to enjoy a rapid reading while still not having to bother using more complicated models. With just a single button and an easy to read display, the Clinical Digital can be used for oral, rectal, basal and axillary measurements. As a plus, the flexible tip is soft and gentle enough to use on infants.

One of the features that recommend the model as a great purchase is the fact that it is waterproof, an essential aspect given the fact that it is used around children. Moreover, the device makes an alert beep as a way of drawing the parents’ attention in case of fever. Memory recall is another helpful feature that the product comes with. Thanks to it, the model will always indicate the last taken temperature.



The large LCD display allows users to see the results without difficulty.

In case the device is not used when opened, the model is automatically able to shut itself off in order to protect remaining battery life.

It can show the measured temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

The flexible tip makes it convenient to use with babies.



There have been complainings about the small font size of the direction sheets.

The display has no light so that you can read it in the dark.


Buy from for ($31.99)





Metene Digital Infrared 


We couldn’t have ended this list without mentioning the Metene Digital Infrared model. Not just another non-contact device, this product is considered by users a great addition to home medical devices.

According to users, this model is simple and does his job well; it provides a hospital-like accurate reading in the comfort of your home. Just point the device toward the baby and the LCD display will show you the temperature on the spot. Thanks to its luminous screen, this choice can be used even in the dark, without disturbing the baby.

Ideal for babies and adults equally, this non-contact product can scan and determine your body temperature in one second. As a non-contact, the device was created to suit both doctors and personal use in order to avoid the unpleasant contact between the older models and the patient’s skin. As a result, the product is sanitized and reduces any chances of unwillingly transmitting diseases from one person to another.

Even more, this is one of the models able to extend their measuring methods to rightfully assess the temperature of different objects that are used around babies, such as bottle temperature. As a way to make sure nothing infers with the device’s ability to measure, the manufacturer suggests you wait for at least 30 minutes after the unit is moved into the measurement environment.



The device comes shipped with a storage bag, two additional batteries and an instruction manual that clarifies any misunderstanding about its use.

When needed, the user can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit with just the press of one button.

The product works well with both infants and adults.

The model is easy to use and gives almost instant readings.



The model has been described as a pricey.

Some users said it was a little larger than they expected. However, this aspect does not interfere with the product’s accuracy.


Buy from for ($68.99)




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