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If you just want to find what the best thermal monocular for the money is, this short paragraph should be able to give you the information you need to get the model you require. After a careful analysis, we have come to the conclusion that the ATN OTS HD TIMNOH381A is the best due to how it can offer premium features at a lower price than the competition. It comes with a powerful thermal sensor that will allow you to capture heat signatures and see clearly even in absolute darkness. For a better viewing experience, the built-in 3D gyroscope will add image stabilization even when your hands are shaking. You can also share your adventure with your friends and family with the help of the 1080p video recording capabilities of this option. If the ATN OTS HD TIMNOH381A is unavailable, the FLIR Systems Scout 431-0008-31-00 is a good second alternative.



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A good thermal monocular is not that hard to find once you have done your research. Finding the time to sift through all the options available for sale can be hard, but this why we have taken the time to compile the buying guide below for you. We have all the information you need to help narrow down your options and make it easier to find the perfect product for you.

Quality of the thermal sensor

Without a high-quality thermal sensor, the experience that you will be getting from your purchase could be unsatisfying, and this is why you need to be careful when you decide on your product. Be sure that your device can not only identify properly objects that are close to your position, but also more distant targets.

A device that you can use to observe far away objects can be extremely useful when hunting, and even when doing some surveillance. If this feature is important for you, make sure that your option is equipped with some magnification lenses or at least some zoom capabilities.

Then there’s the quality of the thermal sensor that you need to consider carefully. Even the best night vision monocular won’t be able to give you the clarity that a good thermal sensor can give. An accurate thermal sensor will be able to help you discern warm objects such as an animal or other people from great distances.

This is what makes a thermal monocular quite an attractive choice when it comes to hunting and surveillance. Warm bodies will be easily distinguishable even in complete darkness. A good sensor will make them stand out so that you are always aware of your surroundings.


Build quality

When spending money on a product, you expect it to last, especially when you have to carry it around with you. Looking for products that you only use in your home is easy, but when it comes to products that can be used in the outdoors, you expect the manufacturer to have durability in mind when designing their device.

You need to analyze the device carefully so that you don’t get one that can easily break. Finding a durable product is easy, you just have to look at their body. A cheap and easily-breakable body is easy to spot, whereas a sturdy device will immediately stand out. Most manufacturers will also advertise if their product is shock resistant.

An easy grip is also the hallmark of a quality design. It will not only make it easier for you to hold the device without your hands getting tired, but it will make it harder for the device to slip out of your handgrip. An ergonomic design will not only give you more comfort but also protect your purchase.


Connectivity and display

With most of the options on the market offering recording capabilities, you need to make sure that you can also easily store and transfer your files. Most file transfers are made with the help of a USB cable, but some alternative can offer you the option of recording and streaming video wirelessly.

This means that you will be able to use your thermal monocular as a thermal surveillance camera. The videos will be streamed seamlessly to your computer or phone. This feature can add usefulness to your purchase, making it you able to make use of it even when you’re not hunting or exploring.



Top thermal monoculars reviews in 2019


To help simplify your decision-making process, we have showcased some of the best thermal imaging monocular models currently available on the market. For this list, we have identified the best-rated thermal monocular reviews while also looking at the performance, image quality and reliability of each option. Give them a look if you have the time.





The thermal sensor in the ATN OTS HD is so powerful that it can give you the ability to observe heat signature of small targets from far away even in total darkness. With the help of the smart rangefinder feature, you will be able to measure accurately how far away from you the subject you are observing is.

Equipped with a 3D gyroscope, you will love the image stabilization that this option offers. It will reduce natural hand shaking so that you get smooth and clear images.

The E-compass will help you navigate your way so that you never get lost when hunting or just exploring and observing the surrounding wildlife.

Recording and sharing your adventure is easier than ever as you can record videos at a Full HD resolution. Your videos will look sharp and full of details. You can also stream videos via your Wi-Fi network which can make this device a good alternative to a surveillance camera.



This device comes provided with a thermal sensor that has a 384*288 pixel HD resolution that enables users to see clearly in complete darkness.

It also includes a 3D gyroscope as well as an E-compass for image stabilization. This way, any natural hand shaking that might interfere with the quality of the image is reduced.

The model has an e-zoom function that makes the user of the device able to focus on various distant objects.

You can use this product to record videos and you can take pictures with it. Additionally, later on, you can share them with your friends and family.



One former buyer pointed out that a firmware update might not be available for update. This was the only user who noted the problem.

Although the manufacturer does provide owners with customer services, there might take a while for them to get in contact with you.

Buy from for ($1517.79)





FLIR Systems Scout 431-0008-31-00


If you want a portable alternative that can be your companion on your many outdoor adventures, then the FLIR Systems Scout 431-0008-31-00 is ready to assist you. It offers enhanced performance with 30Hz or 60Hz imaging which adds lifelike quality to each detail due to the advanced image processing.

The FLIR Systems Scout 431-0008-31-00 displays the heat signature emitted by animals, humans and even objects that can capture heat.

It can be used both in the day and night, being especially useful in the night as it will make you observe a new world. You can use it while camping to observe the local wildlife and even for surveillance purposes.

It can detect heat signatures from up to 1200 yards away so that you can always be in control and aware of your surroundings. It is also extremely easy to use as it only requires a few pushes of a button to operate it. To make things even better, with the IP-67 rating, you can submerge it in water.



This alternative comes supplied with a clear 640×480 display screen that can depict crisp, bright images. It is well-liked by most of its owners.

Because of its small design and lightweight, you can hold it in with just one hand. So, it is practical to have it with you while hunting.

This device includes buttons that are easy to use. Also, the way that they are positioned does not interfere with the performance of the unit.

It can detect the heat signatures of animals and people that are up to 1200 yards away. Given this feature, it can also be utilized for surveillance.



Considering all the features that this model includes, its price is kind of high. Therefore, not many interested hunters can afford it.

Even though most owners are beyond happy with its overall performance, one of them added that a zoom option would have also been helpful.

Click to see the price on Amazon!





Pulsar Quantum PL77319


With a 50-hertz frame rate, the Pulsar Quantum PL77319 can deliver crisp and clear images even of fast-moving objects which makes it perfect as a hunting tool.

All the gorgeous images will be displayed on the rich 640×480 LCD display so that you don’t miss any detail. This option also offers a magnification of 2x that is complemented by an additional 2x and 4x digital zoom.

The range of detection is also impressive as it can help you spot a human size target from a distance as far as 1000 yards. You can choose between the white-hot and black-hot viewing mode so that you can customize your viewing experience.

Due to the different array of modes available, you can use the Pulsar Quantum PL77319 for various applications. These include hunting, search and rescue, surveillance and even military operations. It includes a tripod mount for those moments when you need the best stability.



This thermal monocular supplies its users with two options, the black-hot and the white-hot viewing modes, a feature that not many other counterparts include.

When considering its 50Hz refresh rate, it becomes clear that this model is one of the top-notch units that one can purchase online.

A digital zoom feature is also included in its design. This way, you can get a better, up-close image of the target that you are observing.

The LCD display that the model incorporates is practical and it makes using this device easy and comfortable.



Before you take a closer look at this device and you fall in love with it, keep in mind that it is quite pricey when compared to other monoculars.

Given its high price, not many hunters can actually afford it. However, those who have invested in it say that it is worth the extra hundreds dollars that it costs.

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Pulsar Quantum PL77333


With a great performance, the Pulsar Quantum PL77333 is a versatile product that can be used on many occasions and in many environments. It comes with a sensor that has a resolution 384×288 that will allow you to spot any heat signature with precision from a distance of up to 1970 yards.

To view all the great details that the thermal sensor can capture, you will use the onboard 640×480 OLED display. Unlike an LCD display, the OLED alternative will give you great colors and contrast which will aid you in spotting small targets that would otherwise be hard to make out.

When it comes to magnification, the Pulsar Quantum is the best alternative for you as it comes with a whopping 16.4 magnification strength.  

If you want to be able to observe far away objects, there’s really no best option for you. For added durability, the IPX4 weather-resistant coating will ensure that you get a lasting device.



This device has a 384×288 resolution and an impressive 50hz refresh rate that few other similar models can equal.

It only takes 2 seconds for this product to start and function. So, it is the ideal choice for hunters and for professionals who mainly do surveillance work.

The Quantum PL77333 also includes various color viewing modes. This way, you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

A static metric range finder is also incorporated into its design. This feature comes in handy, especially for experienced hunters.



As expected, given the numerous top-notch features that this device comes with, this model is quite pricey. However, if you invest in it you will most certainly not regret doing so.

This monocular comes in a silver tone that some buyers might not like. Yet, this is one minor aspect that does not take anything away from the quality of its performance.

Click to see the price on Amazon!





Armasight Prometheus TAT163MN4PROM21


Detect small variations in temperature with the help of the Armasight Prometheus alternative, which features a state of the art thermal sensor.

You can detect heat signatures in both daylight situation as well as in the dead of night. To get the best viewing experience, the 800×600 OLED display will give you some of the best colors and a breathtaking contrast.

The rugged body that uses fiberglass-reinforced construction will ensure that the Armasight Prometheus can not only withstand the test of time but also stand up to daily abuse and usage in extreme conditions. It is also compact and lightweight enough to allow for easy transport and storing.

You won’t have to fear that using the device will give you trouble as it only requires you to operate a 3-button control system. There you can easily access the digital zoom, customize the settings and even record videos and take pictures.



This unit is lightweight and it has a compact construction that makes it practical and effortless to carry around while hunting.

It can provide its buyers with high-resolution thermal images as it incorporates a FLIR thermal imaging camera.

The product is covered by a three-year warranty policy and by a ten-year policy that independently covers the FLIR detector.

It has a rugged construction and the body of the model was fiberglass-reinforced for increased durability. It can successfully stand the daily abuse. 



This device can only be acquired by people who live in the USA. Buyers are also prohibited from exporting it outside the country.

Once again, just like the other products that we have talked about, the item tends to be rather expensive and it might not be easily accessible to many hunters out there. The majority of its buyers are happy with it and are content with the investment that they have made.

Buy from for ($3995)





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