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Baby temporal thermometers  – Buying guide & Comparison


It is a common fact that babies are prone to fever. If you want to get the best temporal thermometer for baby and don’t feel sure about where to start your research, read this short paragraph and you might learn a few tips. According to our findings, the Withings Thermo – Smart is an excellent choice because it is outfitted with a HotSpot sensor technology that enables accurate and fast results in just 2 seconds. Besides, there’s no need to touch the skin in order to measure the body temperature and the special app allows you full access to your fever history and symptoms. If the Withings Thermo – Smart is not available, make sure to check the Dreaminex Forehead Infrared, another great option.


With such a plethora of models for sale, it’s no wonder you’re experiencing difficulties in finding a good temporal thermometer for baby. There are certain aspects you must consider so we’ve gathered the existent information and made this useful buying guide that teaches you about the most important features you should keep an on.



The most important feature on your checklist must be the accuracy. Taking the body temperature of your baby is the main reason you invest in a good temporal thermometer. If you decide on a certain model it has to provide correct readings.

New forehead thermometers are known for their unique features and designs that make any parent feel safe and sure that they have under the control the fever situations. Although many devices boast similar characteristics, there are brands that come with modern specs that differ from the other forehead thermometers available in the marketplace.

It’s a tough job trying to read the temperature of a small baby. All parents are aware of the fact that toddlers are sensitive to any type of foreign objects and have a tendency of becoming skittish all of the sudden. Therefore, temporal thermometers are a safe alternative because it is completely non-invasive and doesn’t take forever to do a correct temperature reading.

The majority of the temporal thermometer reviews ensure us that this type of units is extremely accurate and suitable even for small babies. There’s one motive why forehead tools have gained so much popularity among parents and that is the simple handling and the fast results. If you suspect your baby coming down with a fever, simply swipe the device onwards and backward of the little one’s temple. After a few seconds, the thermometer calculates and then alerts you when the reading is done.



It’s important to understand the safety procedures regarding the use of temporal thermometers. When in the market for these tools, you need to be careful and avoid thermometers that feature spare parts that can be easily taken off by a toddler or baby. Also, make sure the one you opt for comes with a protective case so that your child won’t get the opportunity to play with it.



According to several baby thermometer reviews, you’ll understand how important it is to own a device that doesn’t require much technical knowledge. Plus, it’s better to have one that you clean easily in order to remove germs and bacteria spread. If you don’t clean it well, you risk deteriorating the thermometer as well as causing infections and even to your child.

Being a parent is not an easy task, so the last thing you need is a unit that takes forever to provide an accurate reading. If you compare laser thermometers that are manufactured nowadays, you’ll find a plethora of models that give results in a matter of seconds. Some of them don’t need more than 1 second.

Among other interesting features that forehead thermometers for babies should possess is the ergonomic grip. When your child is sick, you’ll feel a tad emotional, and your hands might start to get shaky. Having a strong and comfortable grip is important if you want consistent and correct temperature readings.

In addition, a good forehead thermometer shouldn’t have lots of buttons to operate. If you want the entire process to go smoothly, you should choose thermometers with no more than two or three buttons.

Imagine having to check your precious one temperature in the middle of the night. You can’t go into the nursery room and turn on the lights because that will wake him or her up. Therefore, an LCD display that is outfitted with a cool backlit comes in handy. Make sure the display is wide enough to see the numbers.



Top baby temporal thermometer reviews in 2018


After checking the reviews written by previous customers and experts, we’ve come up with a list of products you might want to take into consideration.



Withings Thermo – Smart 


This smart thermometer is battery powered and safe to use because it doesn’t require more than a sweeping of the infrared scanner across your forehead in order to measure the heat over your temporal artery that carries the blood from the heart.

The product features a sleek and durable plastic design that has only one button. When activated, there’s a matrix style display that you can read even in low light conditions, if you don’t want to wake up your baby.

At the end of the device, there’s a green silicone cap that protects the sensor when the thermometer is not in use.

Since this is a smart digital unit, the product features a special mobile app that you can download on your smartphone. This app allows you to track all of your readings from any family member. Furthermore, it provides information regarding illnesses, medicine, and other personal notes.

Because the batteries are covered by a magnet, you can easily remove them when they need to be replaced.



Buy from for ($99.99)





Dreaminex Forehead Infrared


If you want a device that offers temperature readings fast and has an extra large display, then you can’t overlook this forehead thermometer.

The product is suitable for checking body temperature as well as that of any room and various types of liquids.

There’s no need to worry about waking your baby in the middle of the night because the thermometer is fully illuminated for maximum readability. Also, the extra large display allows you to clearly see the numbers and the light comes in three colors, so you’ll know whether your child is coming down with a fever or not.

The device is quite lightweight and features an ergonomic grip and soft-touch buttons. Built for regular use, in just one second your receive an accurate reading.

The best part is that the product comes with a free Ebook that is packed with details and tips regarding the health of babies.



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Exergen Temporal Scan Tat-2000c


Used by many doctors and known for its accuracy and consistency, this temporal thermometer benefits from an innovative technology that enables this device to take 1,000 readings per second.

One of the most important features worth mentioning in regards to this product is represented by its unique software that has the ability to offer arterial heat balance. To put it simply, this tool is able to determine the body temperature by making measurements of the balance between the heat of the tissue from the arterial blood and the cooling or the warming of the tissue caused by the temperature level of the environment.

Moreover, the thermometer features red LED lights and beeping alerts when the reading is done.

Due to the infrared technology, you can check your baby for fever without any touch. Simply swipe the tool across the forehead and in one second you’ll know if there’s a need to be alarmed or not.



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Santamedical Professional Clinical


This professional clinical temporal thermometer is a non-invasive tool that is perfect to take temperature readings for your baby from a distance. Plus, you can use it for your entire family without having to worry about germs and other bacteria.

The product boasts an ergonomic design thanks to its large size and comfortable handle. This way, you can be certain the results are accurate since there’s no risk of having your hands shake or slip.

Also, the unit operates with 2 AA batteries that are included in the package. As far as the storage part, there’s a bonus velvet carry pouch where you can place the thermometer when you’re not using it.

In order to get a reading, you just have to place the device at a small distance from the forehead and wait for a couple of seconds. You’ll be able to see the results on the large LCD screen that features a useful backlight so you can see them even in the dark.



Buy from for ($32.98)





ANIKUV Forehead Digital


Having a forehead thermometer that can be used for all of your family members and even pets is quite important. Instead of purchasing several tools, you buy one that is reliable and accurate.

The product is easy to use and the body temperature can be detected from a distance of 2 inches. You can use for checking your baby’s fever without having to wake him or her up.

Moreover, the unit is specially designed to take measurements from the forehead and ear temp area as well as other types of surfaces and objects. Simply switch the device to Surface or Animal mode and you can instantly get a temperature reading.

If the thermometer detects a temperature above the normal range which is 100.4 Fahrenheit degrees, it will make a warning sound.

When in Body mode, this digital thermometer can go from a green light to a red, according to the level of fever.



Buy from for ($30.99)




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