Best rated tactical goggles – Guide & reviews

Best rated tactical goggles – Guide & reviews

Last Updated: 23.09.18

Top Tactical Goggles Reviewed – Buying guide & Comparison for 2018

If you are short on time but you are resolute in finding the best tactical goggles, this short paragraph contains all the information you need to make a good purchasing decision. After looking at the most popular tactical goggles reviews, consumers reports, and other specialized resources, we have come to the conclusion that the model you should get is the Revision Military Desert Locust. This unit stands out from the rest due to the unmatched durability of the frame and lens that can protect the user from any impact that might occur when shooting the gun. You get a wide field of view that enhances your capabilities so that you can notice your target with great ease. Similarly to a quality pair of goggles for skiing, this unit also comes with UV protection to keep your eyes safe from radiation. If you are unable to find our first pick available for sale, we recommend you consider the Rothco Black Comtec.

We know just how difficult it can be to find good tactical goggles nowadays, what with the seemingly endless supply of options that you can choose from. To simplify this entire process for you, we have gone and compiled a buyer’s guide just for you. In it, you will find what the critical factors you need to consider are before making this type of purchase.

Eye protection is a must

While you are out shooting, it is crucial that you try your best to protect your eyes since they are our most fragile and important organs. About 15% of all injuries on the battlefield come from trauma to the eyes alone, so anything that you can do to keep them safe is mandatory.

A good pair of tactical goggles should be able to not only keep gas and powder from the gun from irritating your eyes, but it also has to act as a last line of defense between something like large metal debris hitting your eyes. It may sound like a gruesome picture to paint, but it is important to remember just how crucial quality goggles are.

For this exact reason, you can’t go with your favorite pair of motorbike goggles. No matter how much the manufacturer might try to advertise their durability, they won’t be able to handle the harsh environments of the battlefield. Indeed, when looking to buy this type of product, the amount of protection it can give should be the selling point.

Lens material

The types of shooting accidents that your protective goggles should protect you from fall into two main categories: ballistics and environmental factors. The ballistic protection is the most crucial aspect of what makes tactical goggles so effective and it has to do with the lens’ capability of withstanding high-speed impacts.

The environmental factors, on the other hand, refer to the protection your eyes require from harmful UV radiation or from sun glares. Since this feature is much easier to achieve and is present in almost all options, we recommend that you focus on the ballistic capabilities of your tactical goggles.

While plastic might be the most commonly used lens material, and works perfectly for quality goggles for swimmers or snowboarding, they are unsafe in a tactical environment. Instead, we recommend you consider options made from polycarbonate or Trivex.

While both options offer outstanding performance and durability, Trivex was developed by the US Military as an improvement over polycarbonate, and it is the most durable lens available. What’s more, if you’re looking to make great prescription goggles for shooting, Trivex is the material experts recommend you utilize.

Lens tint

While durability and safety are indeed the cornerstones of a good pair of tactical goggles, you also have to consider the tint of the lens if you want to get the best viewing experience. Knowing what color to choose will help you prepare properly for the action in the field.

Grey lenses provide the truest color and they are ideal for people that are light sensitive, or that want to shoot in bright sunlight conditions. The brown/copper is a great all-around option, as it provides a lot of contrast and works best for medium to bright light conditions.

Yellow blocks out blue light such as what can be found on a cloudy day and it helps create a more detailed line of vision. It is best used for low-light conditions. The Persimmon tint combines the advantages of light copper and yellow lenses. It is ideal for low to medium lighting conditions or for indoor shooting.

Finally, we have the clear lens which is best worn at night, or in poor lighting conditions and indoor shooting ranges. For the best performance, we recommend you get a product that offers the ability to change the lenses easily.

Our 2018 list: Find the right tactical goggles for your needs

If after reading our buyer’s guide you are still finding the idea of prospecting the market a bit daunting, we have you covered. We have identified some of the top-rated models currently available on the market to help you narrow down on your options. Take a look below if you want to learn more.

Revision Military Desert Locust

The Revision Military Kit includes a pair of goggles that feature the use of a durable frame and clear lenses, together with an anti-reflective sleeve. The high-impact protection is achieved with the help of the one-piece, optical grade polycarbonate lens that shields the eye from unexpected fragments.

The use of high-performance OcuMax coating, transforms this unit into a quality pair of anti-fog goggles so that you never have to worry about humidity ever accumulating on the lens. What’s more, the coating also protects the product from scratches. The top and lateral forced air vents provide a constant airflow to the skin.

The air vents come with a filtration media that prevents small particles from entering and harming your eyes. Another standout feature comes from the interchangeable lens system that allows you to change out the lens for additional tints so that you can get the ideal performance for varying light conditions.

Buy from for ($59.99)

Rothco Black Comtec

If you are searching for a pair of cheap tactical goggles, you can’t go wrong with the Rothco alternative. This model has been quality tested to ensure maximum durability and protection on the field. It is designed with only the roughest and toughest users in mind, and it will keep them safe in any condition.

You don’t have to worry about the fit with this unit as the goggles include a ¾ inch adjustable strap that is built to conform to any head. Performance and comfort come hand in hand with the Black Comtec which is why users will be glad to see that this unit features a lightweight padded frame so that you can wear it for prolonged periods.

The polycarbonate lens is shatterproof and it comes with anti-scratch coating, anti-fog design, and UV400 protection. For easy storage, the frame folds in half so that you can keep the unit in the pockets of your pants, backpack, or jacket.

Buy from for ($12.07)

Wiley X Spear

The Wiley X Spear features shatterproof Selenite polycarbonate lenses that meet the latest ballistic standards. It meets high velocity and mass impact standards, and it also has great resistance to high-speed particles. It comes with the performance and quality you need to be sure that you will be safe on the shooting range.

The UVA and UVB protection ensures that you will get a crystal clear view with no distortion to the image quality while the Foil lens coating will prevent the fogging effect to occur. The T-Shell lens coating can resists scratching even in extreme conditions and the sleek design is compatible with your favorite night vision goggles.

The smoke grey tint provides the user with maximum glare reduction without color distortion. What’s more, you also get a clear lens for night, overcast, indoor, and low light conditions. The lenses can be interchanged with great use, a feature that customers love.

Buy from for ($83)

Valken Tactical Tango

The Valken Tactical Tango is a versatile pair of goggles that comes with three interchangeable lenses. You get a clear one perfect for night time shooting, a yellow one that is best suited for low-light conditions, and a smoke lens to be used in bright lighting conditions.

All the lenses feature a quality anti-fog coating that will ensure that you get a clear view no matter the weather outside. The wide adjustable strap is built to ensure a comfortable fit for all the users, no matter their age, gender or the shape of their head. The fully sealed eye protection will keep small debris from getting close to your eyes.

Another great feature comes from the removable prescription eyewear insert. If you wear glasses and need a corrective lens to see correctly, you can now use this insert to get the best possible viewing experience. It also includes a carry bag to transport the goggles and the spare lenses.

Buy from for ($24.73)

Lancer Tactical Airsoft

This particular model, as the name implies, is aimed at offering airsoft players full seal eye protection so that they can have fun without having to worry about their safety. It comes with three interchangeable lenses with different tints: smoke, clear, and yellow.

The adjustable head strap will not only ensure the goggles will fit perfectly to any head, but it also provides a much-needed secure fit so that even when you are rolling on the ground or jumping around, the model will never fall off your face. The frame features foam covered vents that help prevent fogging.

The Lancer alternative is lightweight and built from materials that can take a beating. You also get a protective sleeve to store or transport the goggles easily. The sleeve can also double as a cleaning cloth for trouble-free maintenance. Since they are comfortable to wear, they will not distract you during combat.

Buy from for ($18.08)
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