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Best submersible UV sterilizers – 2019 Reviews & comparison | Optics and Lab Equipment

Best submersible UV sterilizers – 2019 Reviews & comparison

Last Updated: 14.11.19


Top Submersible UV Sterilizers Reviewed & Buying Guide


If you are in need of a submersible UV sterilizer, you might realize that it is pretty difficult finding the perfect item for your needs, given the number of different products available on the market. In order to help you make up your mind, we have analyzed some of the top-rated devices and taken professional opinions and product specifications into account. We have come to the conclusion that the SUN Microsystems 9Watt is the product you should consider. This is a high wattage version, with an output of 9 Watts, so it is more efficient and productive. The integrated UV lamp ballast and single power cord design make it easy to use and compact as well, while the fluorescent lamp encapsulated in the quartz sleeve allows a 99% transmission rate to neutralize pathogens. Available at a very attractive price, the machine might be quickly sold out. In this situation, you might want to consider New Unbrand Pump Filter.


Finding the best submersible UV sterilizer implies knowing some important features they should have, before starting the actual search. Understanding how these aspects influence performance is important, and therefore knowing them will make it easier for you to decide. Learn what to look after by reading our comprehensive buying guide. And while we’re on this topic, you might also want to consider taking a look at our information on a reliable lab glassware washing machine or a high-quality ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.

Maximum capacity

Submersible UV sterilizers are devices that use ultraviolet radiation to eliminate germs and potentially harmful pathogens which might contaminate aquarium water or small garden ponds. These are highly effective in eliminating microorganisms such as algae too and are particularly useful if the fish you own have a weaker immune system.

Usually, they are characterized by the maximum capacity of the tank they can efficiently keep clean and sterile. Buying a product meant for a very large aquarium but using it inside a small tank will occupy precious space and will raise the water level, while, on the other hand, having a low-power UV sterilizer and using it for large quantities will reduce its efficiency.

There are products available for sale for all types of aquariums, no matter how large, professional items which can treat large quantities of water and disinfect it with great efficiency. These are recommended for big tanks, such as those found in biology museums or professional breeders. Pricier than the average household variants, these are rather bulky and might even be too large to fit your aquarium.

Usually, products for the everyday capacities belong to two categories: 75 gallons and 150 gallons. Both are pretty much similar in price, the main difference between them is how much water they can treat per hour. It is common to find 13-watt lamps in the larger and more powerful variants, while those for small tanks only use a 9-watt lamp. However, both are equally effective for their category.

You might also want to find out more about some tools that would allow you to take samples of water from the tank and have them analyzed, things such as small and accurate pipettes, reliable dropping pipettes or a versatile multichannel pipettor.


What is included in the sterilizer?

The sterilizer is only responsible for eliminating the pathogen agents from the water. It does this by using UV light, which effectively destroys them. In order to obtain an efficient sanitization, you have to recirculate the water and to also provide enough exposure to make disinfection powerful enough.

For this, you need a water pump and the subsequent tubing. Furthermore, to eliminate the debris that might reduce exposure, a mechanical pre-filter for trapping them should be installed to purify and clear the water before passing through the UV area. This would imply extra tubing and quite a headache.

This is why a modern good submersible UV sterilizer includes all these elements in the same product. Water is absorbed through the lower part, and the bars prevent debris from being sucked into the system. It is then circulated through a mechanical filter which traps larger particles, and only then does it pass through the front of the UV lamp, which sterilizes it.

Once the process is over, the water is pumped back into the tank, entering it through the nozzle. Adjustable flow sterilizers are a good choice too because they allow you to efficiently specify the amount of water to be processed in one hour.


Other features and budget

Other features which might be included with some products are suction cups to help you install them inside the aquarium, spare parts, and some tubing if it is required. Sometimes, spare lamps are included – these should be changed yearly, in most cases

Lock-on clips for easy filter removal and change, as well as for surface cleaning, are also provided sometimes. These make maintenance easier but do not influence the overall performance of the machine, as long as regular cleaning is done.

Professional sterilizers, however, used for large aquariums, can cost a lot more but these also include a lot of extras which might be useful in certain scenarios. It is recommended that you buy the product most suitable for your needs, in accordance with the capacity of your fish tank.



5 Best Submersible UV Sterilizers (Reviews) in 2019


It is impossible for us to pick up an item that will satisfy all your expectations and needs. In order to give you a helping hand, we have compiled a list of products, and wrote some reviews of submersible UV sterilizers which take into account customer feedback as well as product specifications. As objective as possible, these treat important aspects of these devices.



1. Sun UV Sterilizer Adjustable Pump Filter 


One of the products that came up most often while we were compiling our list is this useful and efficient water filter and sterilizer for larger aquariums of up to 150 gallons. It is compact and comes with an adjustable water flow regulating nozzle, making it pretty versatile too. It is a popular product amongst aquarium owners who want to have clear and sanitized water.

Suitable both for freshwater and saltwater, this device is fitted with an 8 Watt water pump and a 13 Watt UV light which sterilizes the water and eliminates most pathogens causing diseases. No additional tubing or circulation pump is therefore required, meaning that it can also be used in a small garden pond.

Controlling microorganisms and free-floating algae, it provides clear and sterile water which improves the health condition of your fish. It includes UV ballast and suction cup mounting brackets used to attach it to the interior walls of your aquarium. Installation can be done in a vertical or horizontal position.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($40.98)





2. SunSun JUP-01 UV Sterilizer Submersible Filter Pump


Simple and effective control of harmful pathogens that might be found in the water inside your aquarium and of free-floating algae and other microorganisms can be achieved with the Sun Sterilizer. It includes everything you need to start operating it straight away, and it is affordable too.

The compact design of this unit is a feature which makes it attractive to most customers, being easy to install and fit inside a tank. Furthermore, it requires no additional tubing or circulation pump since everything you need is included in the product.

It features a large mechanical filter sponge which captures debris to increase exposure to UV radiation. The pump directs the water towards the lamp for clean and pathogen-free aquarium water. It can be installed in a vertical or horizontal position inside the aquarium and is suitable for freshwater and saltwater too. Suction cup mounting brackets are included too, so you can install it straight after unboxing.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($39.27)





3. Generic Polar Aurora 3310


A more powerful device for larger aquariums or garden ponds is the Polar Aurora UV Sterilizer with a submersible filter. Great for aquariums of up to 150 gallons, it will provide and maintain clear and sterile water, free of any harmful microorganisms or algae which might cause health problems for your fish.

The built-in mechanical pre-filter traps all debris and makes sure that the water entering the UV lamp area is clear of any residual matter that might reduce exposure to the radiation. The water pump recirculates it and no additional tubing is required. Once it has bypassed the lamp section, many germs are killed by the radiation, and you will obtain clear and sterile water inside your aquarium.

Included are suction cup brackets for an easy installation inside the fish tank, either in a horizontal or vertical position. The flow can be adjusted, diverting it to a direction of your choice. Customers appreciated its reliability and the low maintenance required which makes it a good choice for someone with little time on his or her hands.


Click to see the price on Amazon!





4. Polarbear’s Pet Shop New Aquarium Submersible Fish Pump Tank UV Sterilizer


This newer design is great for preserving the water inside an aquarium clean and sterile. Available at an affordable price, it is appreciated by customers not only for its reliability and functionality, but also for having great value for the money. Featuring an adjustable flow rate, it allows the user to make the settings, controlling how much water is treated in a period of time, maximizing the effect.

A pre-filter is included, to remove dust and debris and increase the level of exposure to UV radiation. The device is fitted with a 9-watt UV lamp and an 8-watt water pump, ensuring a maximum flow of 211 gallons per hour.

Meant for aquariums with capacities of up to 75 gallons, it is a compact design for the everyday household fish tank. Included in the package is a UVC light bulb, suction cup mounting brackets and air tubing, to make sure that it is ready for operation and installation right after you unbox it.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($45.17)  



5. Sun Microsystems 


Definitely one of the customers’ favorites, this compact and efficient sterilizer is a great option for someone who does not need excessive power and is not willing to spend a fortune on a great, high-quality item. It is also available for a great price, which overall gives it a good value for the money spent.

In order to sterilize the water, it uses a compact UV fluorescent lamp built in a quartz sleeve which is airtight, allowing a very high transmission rate. It helps greatly in eliminating disease-causing germs or bacteria. The integrated pump and mechanical pre-filtering sponge are useful in eliminating small particles such as sand or dust, making the water look clear.

After the water has been circulated through the particle filter to trap debris, it is directed towards the UV without any bypass. The sterilizer features a quick-release cap mechanism which provides easy access to sponge replacements and regular cleaning schedules. Removing organic matter that might build up on the quartz sleeve is also simple and fast.




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