Best steam sterilizers for baby bottles – 2018 Reviews & comparison

Best steam sterilizers for baby bottles – 2018 Reviews & comparison

Last Updated: 21.08.18

Top Steam Sterilizers for Baby Bottles Reviewed & Buying Guide

We know that finding the best steam sterilizer for baby bottles can be quite difficult, given the variety of products available on the market. Having the best product matters a lot, as it has a certain role in maintaining the baby safe and healthy, by eliminating the germs that might remain after washing the baby bottle. Taking customer feedback and product specifications into account, our team has come to the conclusion that the Philips AVENT Microwave is the one to consider. This product is extremely compact, being designed to fit inside a microwave oven, is very lightweight and has no electrical components. In order to use it, you will need a functional microwave and some water, so it is low maintenance and requires little to work. It is available at a low price and might quickly be sold out. In this case, another excellent option is the Tommee Tippee Electric.

Obtaining the best results with your sterilizer can only be done if you make the right purchase, and buy the item that fits your needs. Finding a reliable steam sterilizer for baby bottles can be difficult, so we offer to help you by quickly listing some important aspects that you should take into consideration before buying one. Read our short guide to understand what to look for

Working principle

It is important to understand how the machine works because this influences not only its efficiency but also how versatile and useful it will prove to be. There are some basic working principles specific to each category and manufacturer but mostly rely on steam to disinfect and thoroughly clean the baby bottles.

The cheapest products are also the lightest, most compact and easiest to use. These are, more or less, like a round box that can be placed in the microwave. Inside this chamber, the bottles or accessories are placed, together with some water (either tap water or purified water).

Once the microwave starts functioning, the liquid turns into steam and, heated at a high temperature, sterilizes the bottles, disinfecting them. However, this type of design cannot be used for baby cutlery or other soft plastics. Another very popular type of product is the electric sanitizer, which works in a different way.

It heats up usually purified water until it turns into steam, which is overheated and reaches temperatures far higher than those of a dishwasher. Usually, such an item has a modular design, being capable of also drying up the objects placed inside it.

A more expensive but more versatile category of products uses ultraviolet radiation to kill all germs and bacteria. Less common, these can be used on a wide variety of items; most have a drying function as well, using low-temperature heat and efficient ventilation to fulfill this task.


A good baby bottle steam sterilizer should be portable too since it might be useful in a trip where luggage space is limited and you cannot afford to carry too many individual sterilized bottles. Being able to carry it around is an excellent feature because it limits the number of baby accessories you have to take with you.

Furthermore, if you want to use it in another room, you can simply unplug it and move it near a power source, if it is not a microwave sterilizer. Occupying a low amount of space when stored is a great extra, and compact designs are far more popular than bulky, hard to deposit items.

Since sanitizing only takes a short amount of time, the machine will mostly be unused throughout the day, moments when you surely do not want to have it occupying precious space in the kitchen or bedroom. Modular designs are great at this because the chamber holding the bottles can be removed and so the height is reduced significantly.

Furthermore, since these devices use high-temperature steam, the best baby bottle steam sterilizer usually has a protection mechanism that blocks the lid when in operation.

Extra features and budget

All sanitizers have to be certified, guaranteeing that they respect the standards imposed by the authorities for this category of devices. Quality usually refers to what features they include, how reliable they are and how fast and easy their operation is. Once the demands are higher, you should consider spending a little bit more.

Electrically powered steam cleaners are extremely efficient, and the only maintenance they require is descaling. Even if the bottles have been carefully washed before, this phenomenon might still appear and prevent the device from working in an efficient manner. Most have to be hand cleaned, following the instructions provided, but some have a built-in function that does that.

These will require no maintenance at all, but are costlier. Extra functions might include deodorizers, which use negative ions to keep the bottles clean and smelling fresh. These add to the final cost, but not significantly, sometimes only adding up 10% of the original price.

Smart, one-touch operation is also provided with some devices, as well as certain other features that are more or less necessary, depending on your behavior and way of life. These might include memory controls, storage spaces, and some filters, offering not only higher standards of cleaning but also easier operation.

If you found this buying guide useful, you might want to learn more about other similar products, such as accurate digital thermometer for babies or easy-to-use pediatric thermometer models, while we’re on the subject of infants. If that’s not the case with you, perhaps you might be interested in a related subject such as a high-end autoclave sterilizer or a sturdy glass funnel for filtering.

Our 2018 list: Find the right steam sterilizer for baby bottles for your needs

We cannot decide what is best for your needs and what product you should buy, but we want to offer a helping hand and make it easier to make a choice. Our team has analyzed some of the best products available for sale and wrote a list of baby bottle steam sterilizer reviews, taking into account customer feedback and product specifications, to help you understand how different designs operate.

Philips AVENT Microwave

Perhaps one of the cheapest and easiest to use sterilizers for baby bottles is this product, made by Philips AVENT. Operating at very high temperatures, it features a very simple design, and is available for a very affordable price, making it an excellent choice for all families.

The product is designed to be used inside a microwave. Place the bottles inside it, add water and close the lid. The whole process will only take between 2 to 6 minutes, depending on how powerful the microwave oven is. The water will evaporate, turning into steam, which is at a very high temperature, it will then sanitize the baby bottles and other accessories that require sterilization.

Featuring a compact design, it can hold up to 4 baby bottles and other accessories, without occupying too much space. It doubles as a storage unit, preserving the bottles sterilized for up to 24 hours, provided that the lid is not opened.

Buy from for ($16.79)

Tommee Tippee Electric

Fast and efficient, this nature-inspired product uses no chemicals or excess heat to sterilize the baby bottles and other accessories used by babies. Affordable, it meets the highest standards imposed for this type of device and it is also compact and pretty much easy to use.

Using electrically-generated steam, coming out at a very high temperature – higher than that used by dishwashers – the device can deliver 5 bottles at once, and an average cycle lasts for about 5 minutes, turning it into a fast and efficient machine. The chemical-free sterilizer has been tested to make sure it removes 99.9% of all household bacteria and germs.

Featuring a compact and sleek design, this reliable steam sterilizer is easy to store. BPA-free for increased safety, the product is appreciated for the great results it provides, and also for how easy to use it is. Caution must be taken while operating it, as the hot steam coming out from under the lid might harm your skin.

Buy from for ($69.99)

Philips AVENT 3-in-1 Electric

A more versatile product does not have to be more expensive, as this machine proves. The device provides chemical-free sterilization. It is fast and easy to use and has a modular design that takes less space to store, making it versatile. Available for a great price, it has great value for the money too.

Using electricity to generate intense steam, the Philips AVENT sterilizer can handle up to 6 bottles, which are dealt with in about 6 minutes. This means that you will always have a sterile bottle at your disposition, and the operation is quick and easy.

Doubling as a storage unit, the machine will keep the contents sterile for up to 24 hours provided that the lid is not opened. The 3 in 1 modular design allows easy storage when not in use, giving it an adjustable size. The one-button operation makes it simple to use, and its specially designed basket fits both wide and narrow neck bottles.

Buy from for ($55.99)

Papablic Sterilizer and Dryer

One of the most popular choices, this machine produced by Papablic is excellent for families with babies, who want to offer them increased protection against germs and bacteria. Ideal for sterilizing baby bottles and other accessories, it has a modular design that offers quality and easy operation at a low price.

This electric-powered device uses overheated steam to provide sanitization, and also includes a negative ion deodorization, to keep the bottles smelling fresh. A dryer is also included; the function can be selected individually or included in the whole sterilization process.

The product works as a storage unit too. Chemically free cleaning and drying are offered with this design, which has a capacity of up to 10 bottles and accessories in its large basket. Safety is guaranteed by this machine, which has been tested to ensure it meets the highest standards.

Buy from for ($79.98)

Balla Bébé S1 Convenient

Available at an attractive price, this bottle sterilizer is one of the most popular devices of its kind, featuring a high-quality build, a modular 3 in 1 design making it versatile and handy, and a test-proven efficiency. Its popularity is explained by the great quality of this machine, ideal for families with babies.

Using steam and with a capacity of 8 bottles, the gadget offers enough power to quickly sanitize them, meaning that it is hard to run out of spares. It also works as a drier and storage space, and drying can be selected individually with the knob used to operate it. Each task can be performed separately.

This product features a compact design, making it easy to store when not in use. It does not have a descaling function, but if used according to the instructions it should rarely require maintenance, as it operates only with purified water; this implies that no chemicals and leftovers are transferred, once the water has evaporated.

Buy from for ($69.95)
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