Best spotting scopes for shooting – 2018 Reviews & comparison

Best spotting scopes for shooting – 2018 Reviews & comparison

Last Updated: 20.10.18

Top Spotting Scopes For Shooting Reviewed & Buying Guide

If finding the best spotting scope for shooting is a problem for you, then consider checking out our buying guide and product reviews, since the information that we deliver can be extremely useful. We’ve done our research and read dozens of reviews of spotting scopes for shooting in order to put together our suggestions. Our findings show that the first product to take into consideration is the Zeiss Optical Conquest 3-15x42 due to its many useful features. For example, its HD lens system features a T coating to enhance the image quality. By using a Rapid-Z ballistic reticle it provides the user with numbered holdover lines. Also, it has a sleek design and is a good looking piece of gear. Should this model be unavailable, we suggest you check out the Nikon Monarch 4-20x50 instead, as it would make for a great second choice.

Comparison table

As far as finding shooting scopes goes, you need to have all the information you can find on hand if you want to make sure you make the best decision. However, finding a good spotting scope for shooting is no easy task, but we’re up to the challenge and have put all our useful advice in the following buying guide.

Optical system preferences

One of the most important factors you need to consider and definitely the one that most heavily influences the outcome in the shape of the image that you perceive, is the optical system used by the shooting scope. In order to have a top quality image, with brightness and contrast levels as high as possible, you need to pay close attention to the type of lenses used in the optical system of your device.

You can always opt for alternatives such as HD technology lenses or extra-low dispersion glass, both of which manage to offer crystal-clear images. The ED glass, in particular, uses a protective layer to prevent the reflection of light from interfering and lowering the quality of the vision.

Since this is the factor that influences the price of the device, we recommend that you carefully assess your priorities and requirements so you can make a purchase accordingly. Buying a model that uses fully multi-coated lenses might spare you from other troubles since this is the regular option that provides good image quality.

Magnification power is still relevant, especially when it comes to range shooting. You need to make sure that you choose the item which can magnify as much as you need to aim with precision, and that allows you to observe your target at a great level of detail. Otherwise, the other qualities of the image output are irrelevant.

Construction and protection

If you want to make sure that your purchase is long lasting, you need to find a good shooting scope. The best way of doing so is to choose the one with a strong construction, manufactured using a durable material, such as metal. Aluminum, for example, is a great alternative, because it’s both strong and light enough to prevent the product from becoming too heavy.

A strong outer case is the best way of making sure that the optical system that’s sheltered inside doesn’t get damaged during transportation or isn’t affected by the mechanical impact. If the lenses on the interior are damaged, there’s not much that can be done to fix them, unless your item is still in its warranty period of course.

Another exterior factor that you need to protect your optical system from is the weather. Given the fact that the weather can be unpredictable, whenever you’re planning outdoor activities you need to consider the possibility of rain. You can protect the scope by choosing lenses that are coated in layers that prevent water from infiltrating or that prevent fogging since it could hinder your sight.

Other details to consider

Matters of the budget are also important to discuss since you need to make sure that the device that you purchase fits your financial possibilities. Although, if you’re not new to this subject, you already understand that this is an investment and if you take your hobbies seriously you surely don't want your money to go to waste.

A good way of saving money would be to keep an eye out for manufacturers that include extra accessories in their packagings, such as protective plastic eye caps or storage cases. This way you save the money you would have spent by buying them separately and no doubt they'll come in handy at some point.

All in all, make sure you carefully examine and compare shooting scopes before reaching your final conclusion, just so you know you’ve considered all your options.

Find the right spotting scope for shooting for your needs

Finding the best shooting scope is always a difficult task, especially considering the vast number of alternatives available for sale these days, but it’s always important to do your research properly before setting off to buy a product. If you don’t have enough time to document yourself, we bring forward a few reviews of our top favorite items, in order to get you some inspiration.

Zeiss Optical Conquest 3-15x42

A German made product, this Zeiss Optical shooting scope is reasonably priced and offers quality worthy of its tag. First of all, the HD lens system that it features manages to enhance image quality and offer a brighter, sharper final rendering. This will allow you to observe the sights in a greater level of detail than by using other devices.

By using a Rapid-Z 800 ballistic reticle, it provides the user with numbered holdover lines for long-range shooting, and it can help you aim to up to 800 yards, which can be especially helpful for professional hunters. It is protected by a five year no-fault policy and a lifetime warranty, so there’s no need to worry about what damage might ensue.

To top all the other useful features, this model also has a sleek, smart-looking, and attractive design, which may not be very important to most users but for those who value esthetics it might truly make a difference.

Buy from for ($699.99)

Nikon Monarch 4-20x50

This significantly more affordable model of Nikon shooting scope can be a great alternative, especially if you’re looking for a product that uses extra-low dispersion glass for its optical system. This way it manages to offer superior optical performance and significantly enhance the quality of the image the user perceives.

A highly versatile zoom function means you can quickly adjust it in order to catch targets on the move and observe them in a great level of detail. The 1-inch tube keeps dimensions neat and makes sure this piece of gear will fit your backpack the next time you visit the outdoors.

Only bright and clear images are offered by this highly performing optical device, due to its fully multi-coated lenses, treated against negative effects that might affect the user’s vision. An instant zero-reset function allows you to return to your basic settings in a matter of seconds.

Buy from for ($624.75)

Zeiss Optical Conquest 2-10x42

Try this Zeiss scope if you want an item that can offer you enhanced image quality. You’ll get the brightest, sharpest images due to the HD lens system that it uses. The lenses are coated in protective layers that manage to repel negative effects and clear the vision.

This model isn’t much different from the other alternative from Zeiss also showcased in our collection, but it has its own assets. For example, it has one of the most advanced super zoom systems available at the moment on the market, meaning you can now observe your target in a much greater level of detail.

The sleek design and attractive look of this model is just another feature, not necessarily one that’s very valuable but it definitely can be the factor that makes you change your mind when you've got everything narrowed down to a few similar items.

Buy from for ($744.44)

Vortex Optics Viper 6.5-20x50

This is one of the affordable alternatives that still manages to offer top quality, and it does so through many useful functions. For example, by using a mil-dot reticle, it can help the user estimate the range, windage, and bullet holdover and thus aim with much more precision.

As far as Vortex Optics shooting scopes go, this is one of the models that are both waterproof and fog proof, the lenses are covered in a protective layer that ensures good functioning even in unfortunate weather conditions. Its capped reset turrets allow a quick re-indexing so that you can return to your initial settings in no time.

A single piece 30 millimeters tube, this product improves your accuracy by maximizing alignment and manages to optimize the visual performance and ensure durability. The zoom lens mechanism uses special components to allow smooth magnification changes, so that you don’t lose vision while adjusting your focus.

Buy from for ($469)

Vortex Optics 3.5-10x50mm

By far one of the alternatives in our list that has the lowest price tag, this model from Vortex Optics uses a lens system with fully multi-coated lenses that are protected by anti-reflective layers in order to prevent light from interfering and affecting the quality of the final image.

They are also protected from water infiltrations and fogging, due to the argon gas purging and o-ring seals that guarantee complete safety in any type of environment or weather conditions. The durability of the material ensures shock resistance, given the fact that the outer case can withstand both recoil and impact shock.

Another thing worth mentioning is the aluminum alloy construction, that not only looks attractive and stylish but it also offers a good grip and a durable protective case for the interior optical system. The one-inch diameter main tube has a black finish, making it easy to spot amongst other pieces of gear.

Buy from for ($189.99)
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