Best rated spotting scope for hunting – Guide & reviews

Best rated spotting scope for hunting – Guide & reviews

Last Updated: 17.07.19

Top Spotting Scopes for Hunting Reviewed - Buying guide & Comparison for 2019

Are you shopping around for the best spotting scope for hunting, but with little to no luck so far? We are to help anyone who is pressed for time and wants to make an excellent purchasing decision. According to the research put together by our team, the number one item you should put down on your shortlist is the Bushnell Trophy Xtreme. Its waterproof condition makes it an excellent companion for all weather conditions you might face. The excellent optics is another reason why you should consider this model, as the multiple coatings applied to the lenses will help render a bright, crisp image. Extras such as a tripod, and two cases, one hard, one soft, for easy transportation, complete the picture of this excellent product. If you cannot find the Bushnell Trophy Xtreme anymore, we highly recommend the Celestron Ultima 65, as it is almost just as good.

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When you are searching for the best hunting scope, there are certain aspects that you must bear in mind. Seeing that many hunting destinations can be located in areas with harsh weather conditions, depending on the season, you will need a rugged, ready for action spotting scope. This is not the only thing you should search for, though. Find next what aspects you should focus on.

The overall optics quality

Whether you want to purchase a monocular for hunting or you are settling for a spotting scope, instead, the quality of the optical elements should be the first thing on your order of things. If the optics are not on par with what you need for following your prey from a distance, the respective product is not worth the money. So, let’s get a little deeper into this and explain why optics are important.

The lenses the scope you use comes equipped with should be made of good quality glass, or, otherwise, you will have to deal with distorted images, chromatic aberrations, and other mishaps. Porro prism lenses are good enough, and there are several variations you can find. Next, you should check to see if the lenses are multi-coated.

Multiple coatings applied to the surface of the glass play an important role. They can transmit more light, allowing you to see a brighter picture, something essential in low light conditions. The image is also crisper, letting you observe various details, something crucial for hunters who need to gauge their prey’s slightest movement.

To make sure that you get a spotting scope that is worth the money, look at the diameter of the lens, too. If it is too narrow, that will not give you a good panoramic view, while broader models will give you a larger field of view so that you can examine the wild animals you intend to hunt from afar.

The compromise between total weight and performance

You want to purchase a spotting scope for hunting because you need to enhance your vision while chasing down your prey. That means that your ideal spotting scope for hunting should be reasonably lightweight, or, otherwise, you will not be able to move around with ease. However, you cannot focus on the total weight of the scope alone.

A cheap spotting scope for hunting may be lightweight, but this does not necessarily mean that it offers superior performance. That is why you will have to make a compromise between the two. If your scope has a superior magnification power, and its lens is also large enough to provide an excellent field of view, expect it to be heavier and more difficult to move around than others.

There are ways to solve these shortcomings. For starters, it is not a bad idea to get a case for your spotting scope, for easy transportation. Also, it never hurts to have a tripod so that you can mount your spotting scope and observe your surroundings without having to worry about straining your hands.

Extras you might not want to live without

Some people may tell you that spending money on accessories is not a good idea if you’re on a budget, which is why it is recommended to get a model that comes with a few nice extras included, such as a carrying case.

You might also want to have a scope cover, to protect the lens from dust and damage when it is not in use. Some manufacturers may throw in extras such as a tripod which, again, can turn a decent deal into an excellent one.

Our 2019 list: Find the right spotting scope for hunting for your needs

With so many spotting scopes for sale, it can be a daunting task to find the right one that you need for your hunting expeditions. With our help, you will discover the model that is the most suitable for the task. Here are the most popular models at the moment.

Bushnell Trophy Xtreme

The optics on this model is the number one reason why so many hunters prefer this particular spotting scope to others. Equipped with Porro prism optics that are also fully multi-coated, the Bushnell Trophy Xtreme will provide the user with a sharp, crisp image that will allow hunters to observe their prey without fail.

It must be said that this particular model is ideal for all weather conditions. The exterior is coated with a rubber layer that will not allow one drop of rain to get inside. 100% waterproof, this model from Bushnell is guaranteed to help you while facing harsh weather without a glitch.

This Bushnell spotting scope comes with a few nice accessories. The tripod will come in handy when you need to stay in one place for a long time, and stalk your prey. You will also receive a hard-side case, along with a soft-side case, for transporting your spotting scope in excellent conditions.

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Celestron Ultima 65

If you want a good spotting scope for hunting, you will find this model just up your alley. You can count on the spotting scope to deliver a clear view, due to the multi-coated optics the Celestron device comes equipped with. The maximum magnification you can get on this model is 55x, which is great, as you will be able to spot your prey from impressive distances.

The angled view is comfortable, and you will not have to strain your neck and back to watch closely what is happening around you. One of the extra features that make this particular model stand out is the sight tube that allows you to target your prey quickly.

One good thing that you will discover about this model is its versatility. You can use it successfully for hunting, but you can use it just for observing nature, or when you engage in outdoor activities, such as hiking. A soft carrying case is provided with your purchase.

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BARSKA Colorado

You have many reasons to appreciate this Barska spotting scope. First of all, its objective lens is large, compared to other similar models on the market. The 60mm lens guarantees a wide field of view, something that hunters highly appreciate as they can observe more of their surroundings this way.

The generous eye relief is another excellent reason for finding this spotting scope to be a good deal. If you’re wearing glasses, you will have no troubles with using this particular model. The quick focusing capabilities qualify this model as a superior spotting scope for hunting, because you will be able to follow targets on the move.

The spotting scope is both waterproof and fog proof so hunting in inclement weather will not pose any problems. You can use it for a broad variety of activities, from hunting and targeting, to marine observation and astronomy. The maximum 60x magnification guarantees that you will be able to do all these.

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Barska Blackhawk

Everything you wish for in a spotting scope for hunting, you will be able to find in this particular model. The unit is resistant to water and fog and will allow you to hunt to the best of your abilities, regardless of weather conditions.

All the hunting scopes reviews can tell you that superior magnification power is crucial for any optics device used for this type of activity. The magnification on this model can be adjusted from 20x to 60x, which says everything about its superior capabilities. The green lenses ensure superior performance in low light conditions, too.

Looking at the extras offered with your purchase, you will notice that you are getting a pretty good deal. There are two cases included, one hard-sided and one soft-sided, for easy carrying. The sunshade offered will prevent glare, and the tripod included will let you set up your observation spot with great ease.

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Redfield 114651Rampage

This kit is considered by many an excellent choice if you want to get a model that is durable and offers more than decent performance at the same price as more expensive models. The high-performance mechanisms inside are protected by a tough rubber armored housing that will keep away water and will resist shocks.

At 80mm, the objective lens will provide you with an excellent field of view, regardless of where you stand. Made in the US, this model is manufactured according to high standards of quality and you can count on its durability, as well.

With an adjustable zoom of 20-60x, it is ideal for observing wildlife from a safe distance. The lens shade is retractable and comes in handy when you need to combat glare as you hunt in bright light conditions. A compact tripod is supplied with your purchase. The beautiful black finish makes this model very attractive for hunters and not only.

Buy from for ($285.49)
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