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This short paragraph should have all the information you need to find the best soil pH meter without reading our buying guide and product suggestions below. After comparing some of the market’s popular products in this sector, we have concluded that the BYFST 3-in-1 makes a logical choice for consumers because of its convenient three-in-one functionality. With this model, you can get a pretty good idea not just of the soil’s pH levels but also its light and moisture content levels. It is quite useful for gardeners and crop growers who need results fast and with reliable accuracy so they can monitor the condition of the soil for growing plants. The sensitive probe is engineered to detect changes in the soil quality and let you view the details on the dial. Should the supplies of the eco-friendly  BYFST 3-in-1 run short, you can still check out a good second option, the Bluelab Combo Meter.



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If you would want to find the best pH meter for soil to help you with your crop growing needs, there will be quite some research to do. There are plentiful options to choose from, and this complicates the decision-making process. Through this buying guide, we have laid out the critical aspects to look at in this type of tool.

Effortless use

The secret to healthy lawns and gardens lies in the quality of the soil, and whether it provides the exact nutrients that the plants need to grow healthy and strong. Productive gardens, plantations, orchards, and vineyard do not happen overnight. With all the hard work you need to put in, a good pH meter should serve as a dependable partner toward a productive plant growing endeavor.

If you see more of your property turning yellow instead of a healthy, verdant hue, a pH meter designed for soil quality testing allows you to see what is wrong with the quality of the soil. This will enable you to do what is needed to enrich it once more so it can support the healthy growth of plants.

As the topsoil recedes, so do the nutrients underground. The pH meter should enable you to insert its probes or electrodes at an adequate level beneath the surface, right next to the roots or even deeper. Hydroponics systems also need a dependable pH meter to test the water solution and ensure a balanced pH for the crops to thrive.

If the tool needs calibration at the onset or repeatedly, the process should be easy to do and not overly complicated. Calibration and usage steps should be easy to carry out with the least amount of gear involved.

You can find digital models, but they are more suitable for liquid testing. Soil pH meters are self-powered, with a sensitive pH sensor that should be able to obtain the value quickly.

Some models feature a color-coded system to indicate if the soil needs more attention, such as if it is dry or extremely wet. The ease of operations should be of plug-and-read simplicity, preferably at the push of a button.

The probes should be easy to clean after use.


Reliable accuracy and functionality

When going through the various soil pH meter reviews, look for models that guarantee consistent accuracy with every use. The probes should be truly sensitive to detect any slight variations, especially if the soil is planted to pH-sensitive crops.  You wouldn’t want to risk wasting an entire crop of vegetables, for instance, because the soil was slightly more acidic than needed.

Safety is also a vital factor in use since you wouldn’t want a tool that can endanger you in any way. The probes should not be sharp as a knife although the tips should easily slide deep into the soil. Whenever possible, choose a model that has undergone quality and safety testing for the welfare of consumers.

Durable design is also necessary. You should be able to obtain readings quickly so you can measure different locations when needed.


Tough construction

Any soil pH meter for sale can be used to study the level of acidity or alkalinity of the spoil, but there are models that also measure the moisture levels in the soil. Plants that have too much water will not grow healthy, literally ‘drowning,’  just as those living on a dry soil will end up parched and brittle.

It is best to buy a tester that also measures the conductivity levels, moisture, and temperature of the soil to ensure that your plants can grow with enough nutrients taken in through the roots in an efficient manner.

The device should enable use in residential and commercial applications, which include orchards, vineyards, hydroponics systems, planters, gardens, greenhouses, field plantations, or even water reservoirs.



Top soil pH meters reviews in 2019


We are not experts in crop growing, nor are we agriculturists. That said, we are sure the products featured below will serve the needs of landkeepers, gardening enthusiasts, and professional crop growers.



BYFST 3-in-1


The BYFST 3-in-1 provides a convenient, mess-free means of finding the level of pH of your soil to determine if it can support the proper and healthy growth of plants.

You will appreciate how this simple, handheld tool provides the needed information to help you enjoy a beautiful garden or productive crop seasons.

Designed not just for soil pH testing, this option also measures light levels and conveniently serves as a moisture meter as well.

You will know with just this single tool if the plants need less or more watering care. Light levels are also assessed so you can determine if your crops are receiving enough sunlight of not. There is no need to bring along other tools for those purposes.

Since the electrodes are self-powered and serve as the sensors, the device needs no batteries to operate. The probes are sensitive enough to detect changes in the soil and show you the details on the dial display, for visible data.


Buy from for ($24.73)





Bluelab Combo Meter


This portable meter can take accurate measurements of the pH, temperature, and conductivity within a solution.

Since these three factors are critical for healthy growth of your plants, getting this model will guarantee that yellow leaves or slow stunted growth will be a thing of the past.

The product is lightweight and portable so that you can have it with you at all times since it is very easy to store in a backpack or bag. It has a large backlit display which is very easy to read even in direct sunlight or during the night.

The meter has two probes, one designed exclusively to measure the pH levels of the soils, while the other will register the conductivity and temperature.

The former is permanently fitted to the meter while the pH probe can be replaced since it has a limited life and its accuracy degrades through normal use.


Buy from for ($187.38)





iPower Soil pH Meter


If you are in the market for an affordable purchase, but you don’t want to sacrifice too much in terms of performance and durability, we believe that the iPower alternative is well-worth considering.

It has a 3-in-1 design and will allow you to measure the pH, moisture, and light level and make the needed adjustments to increase the quality of life of your plants.

This way, you will know if you need to water the soil, amend its pH levels, or adjust the lighting so that your garden or lawn gets the best treatment.

Using it is as easy as it gets since all you will need to do is stick it in the soil and watch the measurements.

Do keep in mind that you will need to water the soil with pH neutral water before taking a measurement. 

The device is ready to use out of the box and it does not require batteries or any additional equipment.


Buy from for ($6.93)





Covery 3 in 1


This multifunctional gardening implement enables gardeners to gauge the suitability of the soil for planting. Designed for soil testing, the Covery 3 in 1 measures pH balance as well as the moisture content and relative light of the soil. When you know those values, you are more able to alter or maintain the composition of the soil to ensure enough support for the crops.

Since this model offers a simple plug-and-read functionality, there are no test strips and the waiting time is brief. This makes it easy to use.

Just wait ten minutes after insertion to get a clear reading. You can be sure you know whether the soil is in a healthy range. Geared for scientific accuracy, this option has probes that only need to be inserted deep enough depending on your purpose.

The probes are long and slim enough to be inserted next to the roots of the plant, so you will know if your crops are getting enough nutrients or need enrichment.

This model can be used for both outdoor and indoor plants. It has a durable design that provides lasting use.


Click to see the price on Amazon!







If you need professional-grade testing to determine the pH balance of your garden or lawn soil, the XLUX T20B should provide the help you need.

This model is a three-in-one tester that measures the levels acidity and alkalinity as well as the relative light and moisture levels of your soil. This aspect will help you determine what your plants need to thrive.

Growing plants indoors and outdoors can be equally difficult. This device takes some of the load away by telling you whether the soil has enough levels to support healthy plant growth.

You can assess the quality of the soil so you can take the proper steps if any components are missing or should be reduced to a healthier level.

This way, you can restore the soil if it lacks anything such as lessening the frequency of the watering, for instance. You will also know if the area is getting enough sunlight for your plants to grow healthy.


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Unavailable products


Elenest 3-in-1 GT-110


Helping you ensure that your soil enables your plants to thrive, the Elenest 3-in-1 GT-110 provides a convenient and simple way of determining the suitability of your soil for planting.

Since this is a three-in-one device, you need not take along different devices to measure the relative light range and moisture levels of the soil along with its pH levels.

Gardeners will find this model useful, and it doesn’t even need batteries to do its job. That means no issues with any instability of readings when the battery runs low.

You wouldn’t have to do replacements either because this model is self-powered. Its probes just need to be inserted into the ground, and the electrode measures the values.

The readings are delivered fast and you can see the data on the convenient dial. Switching from one value to another is easy. Just shift the indicator to the desired parameter and the device goes on to deliver the reading for that specific value.





Amado 3 in 1


Tested and proven for its reliable performance and functionality, the Amado 3 in 1 is the busy gardener’s tool and partner in ensuring healthy crop growth and plant health. It supports the productivity of your soil so that robust and strong plants can grow.

The device is made sturdy with its high-quality plastic and alloy construction for lasting durability and functionality. You can do deep soil testing because the probe on this model is long enough to insert down at 21 cm long.

The bright green color makes the device easy to see among the plants, so you can view the readings fast and at a glance.

The scale indicator is also easy to read. This model does not require batteries to operate while being engineered to be scientifically accurate.

Offering multiple uses, it can determine not just soil pH, but also the relative light and moisture, so you have data on the critical parameters and whether your soil has good levels of them.




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