Best snowmobile goggles in 2018 – comparison & reviews

Best snowmobile goggles in 2018 – comparison & reviews

Last Updated: 19.10.18

Top Snowmobile Goggles This Year - Guide & Comparative Analysis

If you are in the market for the best snowmobile goggles money can get you, but you lack time to do research on this topic, we are here to help. After reading plenty of reviews, we have concluded that the JULI Ski Winter is the model that you should consider investing into. In fact, this unit stands out because it features a detachable lens system that makes it effortless for you to change between lenses with little to no effort. Besides, the unit was designed to reduce fogging so that its users can drive safely while wearing these goggles. Furthermore, the model is said to provide a smooth air-flow system that supplies you with fresh air. As a consequence, moisture won’t interfere with your ability to drive. As a plus, the unit also includes a long elastic strap that is compatible with all helmets available online. If this item is unavailable, check out the Zionor XA Ski as you might also like it.

If you are determined to acquire the best goggles for winter sports but don’t know what models you should consider, this paragraph can help you out as it contains all the info that you need in order to make the best decision.

Padding and good frames matter

If you want to end up with good snowmobile goggles, the specialists recommend that you purchase a device that can provide you with sufficient padding. This aspect is crucial because it is directly related to the degree of comfort that you will feel while wearing the goggles.

Moreover, if you don’t mind investing some extra money, you should get a product that includes a flexible frame, as well as a 3-layer foam padding. These devices are worth your time because they can provide you with the necessary softness and contouring that you need.

Furthermore, similarly to taking care of ski goggles under 50, it is recommendable that one does not keep his/her glasses out in the sunlight when he/she is not wearing them. This is not advisable because the sunlight is known for speeding up the process that leads to the degradation of the foam and the frames of goggles.

On top of that, snowmobile goggles reviews suggest that, when it comes to frames, one should only purchase flexible models, as stiff goggles are challenging to handle. Besides, if you want to acquire a model that allows you to interchange lenses, you should pay attention to the attachments that the frame comes outfitted with.

However, if you are still not sure that you have found the best unit up for sale, you should consider reading what the previous buyers had to say about a specific product.

Straps and lenses

Another feature that you should pay attention to before you settle for the first pair of cheap snowmobile goggles available is the quality of the straps that the model comes supplied with. The first aspect that you should not ignore is whether or not the model that you have chosen can fit around your helmet.

If the manufacturer of a specific device does not provide you with this piece of info, it might be a good idea to contact it and to ask for further information. Likewise, it could be a good idea to ask fellow buyers for the measurements of the product.

Even more so, when it comes to assessing the lenses of a device, you should look at whether or not the selected product comes supplied with photochromic or polarized lenses. Polarized lenses are worth your consideration because they can actually reduce glare, which is a reason why they are also used when developing motorbike goggles. However, it is important to point out that these products tend to cost a pretty penny.

Moreover, photochromic lenses can change their color to different shades, in accordance with the intensity of the light. However, these lenses are not considered a must-have because they are known for not changing the darkness fast enough while being on the move in a snowmobile.


Just like when shopping for goggles for swimmers, it is crucial that you also pay attention to the types of coatings that were used to treat the lens of a given product. For instance, while it is nearly impossible to acquire a model that can provide you with 100% UV protection, you should buy a unit that can shield you against this kind of rays.

Furthermore, no matter if you are buying goggles for toddlers or goggles for adults, you should opt for a unit that has anti-fogging features so that the clash between cold and warm air won’t interfere with the clarity of your sight.

Last but not least, if you are interested in this category of products, you should also take a good look at this buying guide on this article about how to pick night vision goggles.

Our 2018 list: Find the right snowmobile goggles for your needs

If you are still not sure what model to purchase, we are here to lend you a hand. In an attempt to make this process effortless for you, we have composed a list of high-quality units that are worthy of your attention.

JULI Ski Winter

If you like goggles that feature a detachable lens system, the JULI Ski Winter might be the product for you. This device comes supplied with spare lenses that you can switch between so that you are protected at all times, no matter the lighting conditions that you have to drive in.

Moreover, this product was created in such a way so that it reduces fogging, and it optimizes the flowing of the air. Consequently, you will be able to enjoy fresh air without having to deal with exhaust moisture. As a plus, the big, spherically shaped lenses included in the design of the model can supply you with a bright, unobstructed view.

Furthermore, the model is compatible with most helmets, and it is said to come outfitted with an extra-long strap that you will undoubtedly find practical. Additionally, according to the seller, this unit can be worn by men, women as well as by children (youth).

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Zionor XA Ski

Another product that you might also like is the Zionor XA Ski. This unisex model is said to be made out of high-quality materials that can stand the test of time. What is more, the unit was specially designed to be worn by teenagers as well as by adults. The product includes Italian lenses, a high-quality sponge and a durable TPU frame that won’t let you down.

Besides, the lenses that were included in the design of the item are dual-layered, and they have anti-fogging and anti-glare coatings, which is a reason why many recommend this item to other interested buyers.

On top of that, this device also protects its users against the harmful UV rays that might make it difficult for one to see clearly while driving. Furthermore, this unit is said to perform well when used while snowboarding as well.  The model is covered by a one-year warranty.

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Oakley O-Frame MX

If you are a fan of classic-looking units, the Oakley O-Frame MX might also stir your interest. This product stands out because it was built from a scratch-resistant material called Lexand and because it features a triple-layer face foam that can actually wick away your sweat.

Furthermore, this unit includes a non-slip silicone treated strap that is highly comfortable, as well as a mounting interface that you are prone to like. Even more so, because of its urethane frame construction, this item is said to be highly flexible, even when used in highly cold temperatures.

Additionally, thanks to the interior surface texturing that the unit incorporates, this device can actively minimize the reflective glare. Also, this product features a 2-pin attachment system that prevents tear-offs. When worn, this model stays secure in its place. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about losing your goggles. According to previous buyers, this unit is a good investment.

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AKASO Snowboard

Another product that is worthy of your attention is the AKASO Snowboard. This item comes supplied with an extra-large lens that is packed with features that you are likely to enjoy. For instance, because of its construction, this model is said to offer peripheral vision as well as distortion-free clarity.

Also, this product has a double-layer lens design that is quite durable. Moreover, the item features a hydrophobic coating on the inside of the lens. As a result, there are little to no chances of having to deal with fogging while wearing these goggles.

The strap that was included in the design of the model has anti-slip proprieties, and it is said to be compatible with most helmets. The lens of the device is both scratch and impact-resistant. The most significant advantage of the unit is the fact that, because of its size, this model can also be used by those that wear glasses.

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SPY Optic Getaway Snow

Another model that should make it to your shortlist is the SPY Optic Getaway Snow. This budget-friendly device is worthy of your attention as it comes supplied with many features that you will most likely enjoy. For instance, the model has fog-proof lenses that have also been covered in a scratch-resistant substance.

Additionally, the model can protect its users against UV rays, and it can deliver all-day comfort. Furthermore, this product was made from flexible polyurethane, which is a material that is said to behave well during the cold season.

As expected, this item also contains a patented ventilation system that increases airflow so that its users feel comfortable when wearing the item. On top of that, these goggles also include face foam, and they are covered in moisture-wicking fleece.

According to the manufacturer, this product is suitable for all those that have a mid-sized face, and they work well with most of the available helmets.

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