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When choosing the best room thermometer, there are a few things to take into consideration. However, if you do not have the time to go through all the materials that would ensure an informed choice, this paragraph alone should give you a generic idea of what to look for and what product to choose. After going through countless room thermometer and hygrometer reviews and buying guides, our team of analysis has come to the conclusion that the most popular buyer choice is the ThermoPro TP55. The device has a touchscreen interface and a humidity monitor, which allows safe readings with a pleasant tech experience. The product has multiple mounting options, which makes it easy to use. Assuming this product is not in stock at the moment of your purchase, a good thermometer for home that would make a safe second choice is the AcuRite 00613 Humidity.


Supposing you’ve already gone through a few room thermometer reviews, you probably believe that most of the options out there are viable products for sale. However, it takes research to fully understand the most important criteria that you should take into account when buying a room thermometer, so our specialists have put together a buying guide with the necessary criteria you should consider before making the purchase.


Reading accuracy

A good thermometer for home should, most of all, be accurate. The first thing that you should be looking for is how often the temperature is updated, as you wouldn’t want a misreading in your home temperature. Supposing you’re fixing your thermostat and want to reach the desired temperature easier, it is vital to have a device that can update the readings in a matter of seconds.


Visual display and mounting options

Once accuracy is established, the following criterion is the way the temperature is displayed. Assuming you’re looking for a good product that you may want to use for an extended period of time, you may be interested in investing in a quality product, one that displays the temperature in a manner that is easy to read.

From the quality of the display (whether it is LED or LCD) and indicators such as the display dimension, all the details that may seem unimportant at first could become annoying after a while.

Additionally, a good home device should make it possible to dim lights, which ensures a non-disturbing reading during the night. Supposing you’re placing the thermometer in your bedroom, you wouldn’t want to go to sleep every night with a powerful blue light illuminating the entire room. Most of the quality products offer users the possibility to use night mode, and some of the top-quality products go into night mode automatically, depending on what time it is.

Because of this functionality, most of the high-quality devices come with an incorporated clock and calendar, to make transitioning to night and day more accurate. Furthermore, some room devices automatically update their readings to Daylight Saving Time.

Although it may not seem so at first, mounting options are paramount when it comes to a room thermometer. Imagine having to move or just needing to adjust the position of your product depending on where you sit most.

This is where mounting options come in. Even assuming you are not the type of person who moves objects from one part of the room to another very often, you may want to wall-mount your thermometer at some point, given that a vertical position can be more comfortable, especially when you’ve got an active interest in monitoring the room temperature.


Humidity measurements

Measuring humidity is not something that every room product does, but it is clearly a reading you would like to have. Most of the premium products have readings of your indoor humidity level, which are generally classified into dry, comfortable and wet.

Depending on where you live or whether someone close has respiratory issues (such as asthma, which is very common), you should be able to tell whether your indoor humidity level is appropriate or not. One of the reasons why this type of reading is relevant is that prolonged exposure to very humid or dry ambients can cause acute respiratory problems.



Top room thermometers reviews in 2018


While these criteria are highly important when it comes to room thermometers, they are not the only indicators you should take into consideration before making a purchase. Because the options on the market are very diverse, it is necessary to take a look at the most sold room devices. Brands and models matter as well as quality criteria, which is why we are offering a selection of the top buyer choices.



ThermoPro TP55 


This indoor device offers a five-year replacement guarantee, and it comes with an integrated humidity meter, important for skin, allergen and the respiratory system.

The LCD display is a touchscreen 4” with a backlight option, which makes it easy to go through settings without unmounting the unit.

The air conditions are indicated as dry, comfortable and wet, and the temperatures get automatic updates every 10 seconds. The device can be placed on a table, wall or magnet surface, and switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit is one of its main functionalities. The device also offers trend readings, which represent the tendencies in humidity and temperature for the past 24 hours.

These readings allow users to react ahead of time, and adjust thermostats and humidifiers in advance, based on the temperature and humidity trends provided by the device. The backlight is blue and allows easy reading, as it shuts off automatically after 15 seconds during night time.



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AcuRite 00613 Humidity


An excellent indoor thermometer, this AcuRite alternative displays temperature as well as humidity, to give you a full perspective on the quality of the environment you’re living in. Temperature is measured both in Fahrenheit degrees as well as in Celsius.

The range goes from 32 to 122 for the Fahrenheit scale and from 0 to 50 for the Celsius scale, which should be more than enough to cover any potential circumstance. This humidity meter can be installed on a table using the fold-out clip, but it also has a magnet that you can mount on a vertical surface.

Aside from tracking the daily shifts in temperature and humidity in your home, this device also records the highs and the lows, to allow you to get a full understanding of the level of comfort that your environment is providing for you and make the necessary adjustments if you’re not satisfied.



Buy from for ($11.98)





BENGOO Indoor Monitor


This choice can be used in various environments, from indoors at home, at the office, in greenhouse or warehouse, to outdoors.

The hygrometer monitor constantly displays highs and lows for both temperature and humidity, which makes it easy to monitor the evolution of these two indicators, regardless of whether you are at home or traveling.

Assuming you are on holiday, the trends of temperatures and humidity help users anticipate weather conditions.  

Additionally, the model has only two buttons on the back: clear and on/off, which makes it easy to use. The humidity readings offer three different degrees of humidity: dry, comfortable and wet, which makes adjusting the humidifier simple. The device functions based on batteries, which makes it perfect for carrying around in your travels. At the same time, the dimension of the device is small, as it is created for functionality. The device can be mounted wherever the user sees fit, as it comes with a fold-out stand.



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AcuRite 01083 Pro 


This device measures indoor temperature ranging -20 to 70 degrees Celsius (-4 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit), and its accuracy is within 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

The AcuRite 01083 Pro measures air conditions automatically every 10 seconds, and it can be placed on a table, wall or fridge, due to its wall-mounting, magnet-based and tabletop design.

The product has a calibration feature used to improve readings, which can be set according to personal preferences, and it also comes with a humidity indicator. The indicator has three readings: low, OK, and high, and it is displayed with large and bold numbers so that users can easily monitor humidity conditions.

Due to these readings, adjusting the temperature and environmental conditions inside your home is really easy. Humidity levels are important, as they are responsible for a series of conditions, such as nosebleed, static electricity or respiratory problems.



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AcuRite 00751WB


This glass Galileo device is made of thick mouth-blown glass, and it is different in readings and design compared to most of the market options. Its function is doubled by the decorative feature.

The lowest hanging bulb is the one indicating temperature, and its small dimension makes it easy to fit in any home (13″ height, 1.75″ diameter, 3″ base).

This choice is a perfect gift, due to the unusual design. The thermometer works on Galileo’s principle that liquids change density once temperature changes and the color glass spheres inside the device have been calibrated to respond to temperature change with high accuracy.

When the temperatures rise, the liquids become less dense and the spheres sink towards the bottom, and then the temperatures drop the opposite process takes place. This product comes with one-year warranty. The spheres inside the device are colored differently, which makes differentiating temperature from humidity very easy even for kids.



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