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Rectal thermometers prove their worth under a variety of circumstances and are still widely used across the world, despite other less intrusive models having been developed. If you don’t have the time to see which option is the most sought after, we believe we can help. Based on our research, it seems that the product you should consider is the FRIENDLY MT-4320 as it appears to have gathered some of the best rectal thermometer reviews. It is easy to utilize, it comes with a flexible tip, and has been designed to be waterproof. The buzzing sounds let out by this device can let you know if the temperature measured is too high or too low. It takes just ten to thirty seconds for this product to do its job, so you won’t waste any time. If the FRIENDLY MT-4320 is no longer available, perhaps you should give some thought to considering the next best alternative, the iProven DT-R1221B.

Gone are the days when thermometers used to come with a component containing mercury that made usage highly unsafe. Fortunately, most models available for sale these days are digital, whether they are rectal, oral, or infrared. Even if you have gone through the best thermometer reviews, you might not have decided on a particular model.

If you can spare several minutes, we suggest taking the time to read our straightforward guide. It can help you learn what you need to look for in a new device in this line so that you’re able to get your money’s worth and a product that you can use conveniently and efficiently.


Consider your purpose and the way that the thermometer has to be used

There are two circumstances in which you might need to use a rectal thermometer. One of them involves babies, and the other includes pets like dogs and cats. If you are a veterinarian, chances are you’ve used such a device in the past and have no trouble utilizing it.

If you’re a parent, though, things might be a bit complicated. Believe it or not, there is a classification of babies according to their age and the types of thermometers you can use. For babies and toddlers, you need to utilize a rectal device because it can provide accurate information.

Of course, using the product is anything but pleasant for both parties, but you need to be aware of the fact that The American Academy of Pediatrics frowns upon using an armpit thermometer for children with ages up to 3 because it is less accurate. Even if the child is older than 3, it might be less of a good idea to measure oral temperature instead of ear temperature, for example.


Convenience and comfort

As we were saying, using the best digital thermometer for rectal use isn’t synonymous with anything remotely fun. Nonetheless, some models are both easier to utilize and less uncomfortable compared to use.

Above all, we recommend getting a product that comes with a soft and flexible tip that can be bent efficiently. The last thing you’d want to do is traumatize your child or pet, so use the device appropriately, but also make sure it comes with a user-friendly design.


Safety matters quite a bit

Luckily for us, mercury thermometers are slowly but inevitably becoming obsolete. There are few to no models available on the market today, and that’s great because you wouldn’t want to worry about hurting a person each time you want to measure his or her temperature.

Keep in mind that many such devices come with covers, cases, or other accessories that might be extremely attractive as they provide means for storing the product in the long run. However, these same extras can pose a choking hazard for kids, and even more so for pets.


Response time and fever alerts

It stands to reason that you wouldn’t want to keep the thermometer in that place where the sun doesn’t shine for too long. So, a quick response time is required in order for everyone to start feeling relaxed again. Some models can provide readouts in thirty to eighty seconds, but other choices can offer you the data in an even more timely fashion, such as ten seconds.

Fever alerts come in handy for two reasons. You can’t expect all people to know if the temperature of a human being is too high because we’re not all trained to be nurses and physicians. Look for models that can emit a beep each time they determine a higher temperature than 99.5 degrees F.



Top rectal thermometers reviews in 2018


To save you a bit of time, we have created a short list of the most popular models that you might come across these days. From what we have gathered by going through the ratings acquired by these choices, they are user-friendly and convenient. Give them a shot if you haven’t decided just yet.





Even though it doesn’t break the bank, this product is user-friendly, versatile, and convenient. It comes with all the right features that can help you utilize it comfortably and get rid of some of the unpleasant thoughts that are typically correlated with the use of a rectal device.

It takes only ten to thirty seconds to get a reading with this alternative, and that’s one of the reasons it is so popular with parents. In addition to this, the model has been outfitted with a fever alarm that can let you know when the temperature reaches one hundred degrees Fahrenheit so that you can take the guess work out of figuring out if you have to be worried.

The tip is elastic and flexible, which means that measuring the temperature of your body, the one of your baby, or that of your pet won’t be too uncomfortable.



Readouts are available in as little as ten to thirty seconds with this choice, so you won’t waste too much time using it.

The fever alarm can let you know when you can start worrying as it will notify you whether the temperature measurement has reached 100 degrees F or even gone above.

The tip of this choice is flexible and elastic, which means that the entire process won’t necessarily have to be uncomfortable.

As with other digital options out there, this one contains no mercury and is entirely safe to utilize.

It’s also worth noting that the FRIENDLY model is significantly more affordable than others we have come across.



Some users have complained about the fact that they got delivered faulty units that did not come with the fever alarm, and this feature is one of the crucial selling points of the product.


Buy from for ($6.59)





iProven DT-R1221B 


If you’d much rather go for an even faster choice, you ought to consider this one as it can offer you readouts in as little as ten seconds. The product is rather straightforward and can be used both as an oral and as a rectal thermometer, although we feel compelled to point out that disinfecting the entire unit or just the tip is necessary if you’ve used it rectally.

The sensitive tip that the model has been outfitted with is a convenient feature in itself, as is the fact that the unit can tell you whether the temperature detected is good, high, or too high.

As is the case with other models, this one boasts a flexible tip that has been designed to be waterproof. What this means for you is that you will be able to use it time and again without having to worry about whether it will be damaged or not.



Marketed as a baby-friendly choice, this model can be used to measure out the temperature of children and adults either orally and rectally. You can also employ it in the armpit, although it’s recommended to do so once the baby has reached the age of 3.

It takes only ten seconds for this device to provide the data you are looking to find out.

The audible feature made available by this choice is in no way bothersome as the product emits a soft sound once it has done its job.

The fever indicator is a nice addition as it can tell you when the temperature is normal, high, or too high.



As some buyers have noted, there is no backlight to the digital display so you can’t expect to consult the readouts in the darkness.

The tip isn’t flexible at all, so the entire process might be less comfortable in the end.


Buy from for ($14.3)





iProven DT-R1221A


Time is always of the essence when it comes to measuring the temperature of your baby or your pet rectally. That’s why the iProven choice can let you know in as little as ten seconds just what is happening and if it’s time for you to start panicking about the health status of your loved one.

The tip of the model is flexible so as to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that measuring the temperature of the patient is less distressing. The unit also comes with fever indication, which is to say that you will instantly see whether the temperature indicated is good, high, or too high.

There is an audible alarm available for times when you need to make sure that the temperature of the person has to go down somehow. You can clean the tip once you have used the thermometer rectally using water and soap, as well as alcohol.



Above all, this device is easy to utilize, especially as is equipped with a flexible tip.

The data is made available in a timely fashion, allowing you both to save some time and alleviate some of the discomfort felt by the patient.

From what we have gathered by performing various comparisons, this model is significantly more budget-friendly than others.

The accuracy of this device cannot be denied as it is one of those choices that can provide correct readings by 1/10 degrees.

Having garnered the appreciation of over seven hundred buyers, it goes without saying that this product is one of the most popular choices on the market today.



Various owners report that there are no instructions provided in the package. So, if you are a first-time user, you might have a bit of a hard time telling how long you’re supposed to wait for a temperature reading or just how to use the thermometer, in general.


Buy from for ($19.2)





Purple Safety Digital


What seems to set this product aside from the rest is the fact that it has been tested and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the CE. Given that it has managed to score well in all standards and has been named one of the most accurate and safest alternatives out there, you may have to consider this choice.

The tip is flexible and soft, as well as waterproof. The product is easy to clean and utilize and doesn’t raise any technical difficulties to less tech-savvy users. The fever alarm is turned on automatically once the temperature detected reaches 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Something that has to be added in relation to this product is that it has a readout time of thirty seconds, so you’ll have to wait more compared to what you’d have to when using other options. It does have a unique feature, however, as it memorizes the last measured temperature so you can keep track of everything.



The flexible tip is waterproof and can be cleaned conveniently either using alcohol or just good old water and soap.

The readouts are available in a matter of thirty seconds, so it is destined for people who have nothing against waiting for a bit.

Every ten minutes after the device has been used, it shuts itself off, which means that it prolongs the life of the battery that it has been equipped with.

It’s one of the few thermometers that have been approved by the FDA.

A beeper is available for times when the thermometer is ready and for when it has wrapped up its task.



Some owners have complained about the lack of customer support. If you run into any issue, you might as well wait for it to be solved on its own or proactively resolve it, because you might not get an answer from the brand’s customer service.


Buy from for ($32.95)





White Coat Fast Reading


It would have been unjust to leave out this choice especially as it is one of the most cost-effective ones and does almost the same thing as those we have showcased already. It can provide readouts in as little as ten to thirty seconds so it is a quite fast alternative. It’s also been approved by the FDA, and that’s always worth mentioning.

The flexible tip makes operation less uncomfortable, and the fact that there’s a fever alarm is reassuring for parents who don’t want to waste any more time telling whether their babies are feverish or not.

There’s a case included with every purchase, so you needn’t worry about inadequately storing the device and accidentally damaging it in the process. Besides, the model is covered by a 1-year warranty, which might be less important for some people but it actually matters for others.



It shouldn’t take you a Ph.D. in neuroscience to tell how this thermometer has to be used. It’s convenient and versatile, and you can use it either orally or rectally.

The product comes with a fever alarm that can take the guesswork out of telling whether the temperature detected is too high.

The tip is flexible and waterproof, thus allowing you to clean it properly following every use.

You can utilize this device for measuring the temperature of babies, adults, and also pets.

You’ll find that the box also contains a storage case that you can use to protect the device in the long run and prolong its life.  



Various buyers say that the construction of this product seems quite flimsy, in that it might not last as long as other higher priced alternatives.

There have been people who have reported that the tip is so flexible that it actually might hinder the entire operation.


Buy from for ($10)




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