Best prescription goggles – 2018 Reviews & comparison

Best prescription goggles – 2018 Reviews & comparison

Last Updated: 19.10.18

Top Prescription Goggles Reviewed & Buying Guide

When the time comes to research about the best prescription goggles, people often find that they do not have the time available for this undertaking. This short paragraph contains all the information you need to make a good purchase. After reading dozens of prescription goggles reviews, consumer reports, and other similar resources, we’ve concluded that the model you should consider is the TYR Corrective Optical. This unit features wide angle, optical-grade, polycarbonate lenses that are built to provide the wearer with a crystal clear vision. The easy-to-use and efficient nature of this model makes it an excellent alternative to contact lenses since customers praised the comfort this unit provides. The Thermal Plastic Rubber used for the gasket ensures leak-proof protection. If by any unfortunate event you are unable to find this unit available for sale, we recommend you consider the Speedo Vanquisher Optical instead.

We know just how difficult it can be to compare the many available options and to identify the cheap prescription goggles that are worth your time and money. This is why we have compiled the following buying guide with the sole purpose of simplifying your entire buying process. Take a look below if you want to learn more.

The types of goggles available

Many new or aspiring swimmers are put off from even trying this great sport because stepping into the pool when you can barely see properly is a scary and dangerous experience. Wearing glasses or contact lenses is out of the question since contacts in particular in the pool risk eye infection.

This is where prescription goggles come into play, and they can improve your experience and let you enjoy the same level of performance and skill as other athletes that don’t wear glasses. Before you make your purchase, you should try and familiarize yourself with the types of goggles available today.

Before we go into prescription goggles, we feel that you should also be aware of the other types you might be tempted of purchasing. First, you have the competition goggles that are low-profile and designed for competitions. They fit close to the eye socket, and unfortunately, they do not accommodate prescription lenses as the surface area is not large enough.

You could get recreational goggles if you only swim for short durations. This option tends to be more affordable with fixed power prescription lenses, but it does have a downside. They usually only cater for simple and single vision correction. This could cause eyestrain and headaches with frequent or/and prolonged use.

Where do you intend to swim?

The place where you plan to swim is an important factor that should impact your decision. Will you swim mostly in an indoor pool, an outside one, or do you like to venture into the open water? These are all questions that need answers if you want to get the best possible product.

If you are a frequent ocean or open water swimmer, we recommend you get darker color tinted lenses and mirror-coated lenses designed to reduce glare. These are all features that are also present in premium optical instruments such as high-end hunting binoculars.

On the other hand, if you swim in the pool, you should go for either clear lenses or light color lens tintings such as amber and yellow. These colors help deliver a sharper focus against the pool lights, as it filters the blue light they give off.

Other features

Your goggles should be able to deliver a clear view no matter the present conditions. This is why we recommend you go for quality anti-fog goggles that can prevent vapors from accumulating inside the lens. UV protection is also a must.

If you plan on getting comfortable child goggles, you should also ensure that they are durable enough for the task. Children are known for not being careful with their belongings so unless you get one capable of handling a few drops, you risk having to pay more for repairs or a replacement unit.

When cleaning the unit, you should only use specialized solutions or rinse the goggles gently with fresh water after every use. You should never, under any circumstances, use strong disinfectant cleaners as these substances can end up ruining the lenses.

Our 2018 list: Find the right prescription goggles for your needs

Even after doing your research, it is still possible to find yourself at a loss and unable to identify the good prescription goggles you were looking for. To aid you in that respect, we have selected some of the popular and quality options out there.

TYR Corrective Optical

If affordability is on your mind, but you don’t want to settle for anything but the highest-quality model, the TYR Corrective Optical is an alternative we think you’re going to be more than satisfied with. It features a universal eye socket frame design that will conform to any face.

It offers wide angle, optical grade, polycarbonate lenses in corrective diopters that range from -2.0 through -8.0. The LGOPT provides the wearer with a crystal clear vision and it is an excellent alternative to contact lenses. The TYR model is also incredibly comfortable and can be used even if you plan to swim for hours.

In terms of durability, the Thermal Plastic Rubber gaskets offer a leak-proof protection combined with the strong, split, TPR head strap that will ensure a secure fit. The adjustable snap-lock side clips are easy to use and make finding your ideal size an effortless task.

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Speedo Vanquisher Optical

Want a model that can give you the same features as the standard swim goggles? The Speedo Vanquisher Optical is designed to offer a little help for swimmers that suffer from poor eyesight without sacrificing on the features that make their other models so popular and reliable.

This unit, in particular, offers the same performance as a quality pair of reading glasses - you only have to select your required diopter level, and you’ll be able to enjoy improved clarity underwater. It also features lenses made from polycarbonate, a material you’ll find even in premium digital microscopes due to the increased durability it provides.

The soft, hypoallergenic silicone seal is comfortable and completely watertight. The ultra-low profile design reduces drag which makes this unit ideal for both training and competition. The panoramic lenses offer maximum peripheral vision of up to 25% more than other available units, while the four nose pieces give a custom fit.

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Aguaphile Prescription Swim

The Aguaphile alternative offers the same quality of custom prescription goggles but without the high price those manufacturers demand. It is also made with the same quality craftsmanship. For people that are on a strict budget, this is an awesome choice and the countless positive reviews help to prove this even further.

They are built to feel great when they’re on the head and that’s mostly because of the use of very robust and high-quality silicone that makes the eyecups extremely comfortable and good for sensitive skin. The three size adjustable nose bridges and the adjustable strap allow the goggles to fit any face and head properly.

Another thing that had us impressed, and clearly shows just how confident the brand is with the product, is the unconditional lifetime refund or replacement. If you ever encounter a problem or you simply want a refund or replacement, Aguaphile promises to solve all inquiries.

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IST RX Prescription

If you’re looking for an easy way to get the corrective lenses that best meet your individual needs, the IST RX is a highly customizable model. You get an impressive amount of choices for pretty much any eye and vision conditions and it is not hard to navigate through the available diopter sizes.

The detachable lenses can be switched out and re-attached to the frame easily so that swimmers who have different prescriptions for each eye can customize their experience down to the very last detail. Even if your prescription changes, you won’t have to buy a new pair of goggles.

All the IST lenses are shatterproof and impact-resistant which makes them durable and safe to use. The split silicone strap allows for a snug fit and it prevents painful squeezing. You will also not have to worry about fitting since this model uses one-size-fits-all design with the help of the adjustable strap.

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Wave Prescription Unisex

The first thing you’ll notice about this model is the absolutely eye-catching design that is created with the help of the mirror coating on the streamlined lenses. The widened angle maximizes vision underwater. These corrective goggles are ideal for both competition and training purposes.

The mirror-coated lens comes with both anti-fog layers and UV protection. This will help keep the lenses both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Nothing will ever interfere with your field of view ever again so that you can focus on what lies ahead. The no leakage design and the silicon eye gaskets guarantee maximum durability and comfort.

The ergonomic design helps keep the pressure on your face low and the allergy-free materials that are applied on both the eye gaskets and the head strap will help keep your sensitive skin protected. Similarly, the manufacturing process is environmental-friendly and utilizes toxic-free materials so that you can feel safe while using Wave products.

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