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If you don’t have the time and you just want to find the best pocket telescope, this short paragraph should be able to aid you to get precisely the model you need. After considering all the options, we have found that the Wingspan Optics Explorer PE-12501 is the best because of its many features, quality, and versatility. With the help of this device, you get a magnification of 12x that will provide clear and sharp images. The casing is extremely durable, making use of an external armor that is designed to be easy to grip and add further protection against shocks. To make the device usable in almost all conditions, you should be pleased to learn that the build is not only waterproof but also fogproof, which prevents moisture and debris from getting inside the monocular. If the Wingspan Optics Explorer PE-12501 is unavailable, you should also consider the Outnowtech Titan MLA1640.



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It can be quite hard to find a good pocket telescope when you consider the wealth of options available for sale. Narrowing down to just one model can be difficult and require a lot of your free time. We want to help you make a good decision, and this is why we have provided you with a buying guide that we hope will be of use to you.

Size and weight

Unlike proper telescopes where the size and weight do not play a big part in your decision-making process, for a pocket telescope, these are some of the most important factors. While we understand that you don’t have to take the name literally, a pocket telescope should still be compact enough to make transporting it an effortless affair.

Because you will spend a lot of your time carrying the product around with you while bird watching, hiking or camping, you should go for a size that fits your needs and capabilities. Some models come with a retractable design which adds to their mobility, and so they are ideal if you want to go for full portability.

The thing to keep in mind is that unless you have specific requirements that you want your product to meet, most options will be able to satisfy the most basic demands. You should also keep in mind that a smaller device might sacrifice a bit in terms of magnification and quality of the imagery.



As with any purchase, the price should play an important part when choosing a portable telescope. You don’t want to spend a lot of money for features you don’t need, just as you don’t want to pay for a poor quality product that will not be able to meet your requirements. There’s a fine line between the features you need and the money that you are willing to pay.

The good thing is that unless you want to pay for the best of the best, most pocket telescopes are rather affordable. Whether you want an inexpensive device to meet your basic needs, or if you maybe are willing to spend just a little more for features that are well worth the extra money, it is quite easy to find a product in your price range.

The more you pay, the more you will get, that is true when it comes to pocket telescopes, but you don’t have to get discouraged if you go with an affordable option. Sometimes paying less is better.

Make sure you are aware of the features you need such as the magnification, and those that you don’t like perhaps waterproofness. This way you will be able to find the best compact telescope that is perfect for you, both in terms of quality and price.



Depending on how you plan to use the product, you may want to consider durability as a selling-point. If you intend to use the product while hiking or camping, you should consider the environment and the weather you might encounter. Having a device that is waterproof and/or fogproof can make quite the difference.

You don’t want to go for a pocket telescope that cannot meet your demands, because not only will it risk disappointing you and make a bad purchase, but you can also risk breaking it in the process. As such, we recommend you consider carefully how and where you’re going to use the product.

The same thing goes for the sturdiness of the telescope. Some manufacturers add a layer of external armor to help it survive shocks and drops unscathed.



4 Best Pocket Telescopes (Reviews) in 2019


Because we want to make it even easier for you to find the best portable telescope, we have showcased some of the best models below. In order to compile this selection we have gone and carefully examined pocket telescope reviews, surveys, and consumer studies. Take a look if you have the time.



1. Wingspan Optics Explorer High Powered 12X50 


No matter the weather conditions, the Wingspan Optics Explorer PE-12501 has your back. Purposely built for people that are active and want the best and most durable product, this pocket telescope has great viewing range and a build that is waterproof and fogproof.

The 50mm lens of the device allows for a magnification of up to 12x which can offer a clearer and brighter range of view of up to 1000 yards away. This allows for great outdoor experiences, whether you are out camping, bird watching or just wanting to observe the local wildlife. No matter your needs, this compact gadget has you covered.

Because Wingspan Optics is well aware that most customers use their products in diverse and sometimes extreme weather conditions, you can now rest assured. The telescope is coated with an external armor that makes it waterproof and also fogproof. As a plus, you also get a tripod that is ideal for hands-free viewing.



Buy from Amazon.com for ($249)





2. Outnowtech Titan 16×40 High Powered Monocular Telescope


If affordability and complete portability are what you seek, you can now breathe in relief because the Outnowtech Titan MLA1640 is just what you need. At just 5.6 ounces, you will hardly be able to find a more lightweight alternative, and for the low price, you still get quality optics and good viewing in both full daylight and low light.

The powerful monocular will get you a magnification of up to 16x, due to the large aperture of 40mm.The look of the product is also quite interesting, it comes in an extremely portable design. It looks like a flashlight, and it acts like one when it comes to mobility.

The outer shell of the product is made of rubber for added toughness, with a contoured surface for a safe a steady grip. You also get a wrist strap that can be easily replaced. The wrist strap will help prevent any accidental droppings of the device.



Click to see the price on Amazon!





3. PROCHE Retro Pirate Telescope Zoomable 25×30 Pocket


The first thing that will draw your attention to this model will be its attractive design, but its capabilities will convince you that it is ideal as a pocket telescope. The body of the telescope is made from aluminum alloy with gold plated details, while the part where you must hold it has a leather cover for maximum comfort as well as visual impact.

In terms of technical specs, the model has 25x magnification, and a 30mm objective diameter. Because of the blue coating applied to the lens, you will notice that the image you will see through it is quite bright and clear.

Another thing you will like about it is that it collapses, so it will be easy for you to store it anywhere or take it with you. For your maritime explorations, it is quite a good deal, since it is also waterproof. Along with the telescope, you will also receive a lens cloth and a leatherette case.



Buy from Amazon.com for ($18.19)





4. LFFCC Monocular, 40×60 Monocular Telescope Dual Focus Optics


Whether you want to observe a landmark, a bird or find the best place for camping, the ARCHEER Archeer313 is the product for you. With a magnification of 16x, you will be able to see clearly objects and places that would otherwise be impossible to see with the open eye. The multi-coated optics of this device guarantee better brightness and a sharper and more detailed viewing.

If you want to use your telescope in low-lighting conditions, this product has a night-vision built-in design. If you like to fish or bird watch late in the morning or late in the evening, even when the sun has set, you will still get clear and bright images.

People that like to spend a lot of time in nature and don’t want to worry about having their device malfunction because of rain or fog won’t have to worry. The ARCHEER Archeer313 has a waterproof and fogproof design that caters to the needs of nature enthusiasts.



Buy from Amazon.com for ($12.6)





Unavailable products


Gskyer Retro Compact 20*42


If you want an alternative that can offer the most magnification, the Gskyer Retro Compact 20*42 will give you just that, in a retro and eye-catching design. Due to the high-quality optics, with this alternative, you get a staggering magnification of 20x.

All the optical components are made of quality glass with high transmission coatings whose purpose is to enhance the image brightness and clarity. The product is also an ideal choice for use outdoors. You won’t have to worry about the weather conditions as this telescope is waterproof and fogproof.

While looks don’t usually play a big part when it comes to pocket telescopes, it would be a disservice not to praise the design of the Gskyer option. The retractable design and the gold aluminum and leather body will surely attract people that want their gadgets to look good. You also get a beautiful wooden box to store and transport your product.




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