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If you are short on time, and you just want to find the best pipettes, this concise paragraph should help you get just the model you need. According to our research, the Glove Scientific 139050 LDPE 100 Pack is worth considering as it can help you with performing multiple tasks both in the lab and at home. Every pipette comes with a capacity of 23 milliliters and has a length of 300mm. What this means is that you won’t have to make an effort to grab the liquid as the size of the product will enable you to do just that without having to come into contact with the substance. Moreover, these pipettes are made of low-density polyethylene, which renders them non-slippery and capable of being frozen in liquid nitrogen. In case the Glove Scientific 139050 LDPE 100 Pack is no longer available, we suggest opting for the next best choice, the SEOH 41121513 Glass Droppers.




What is the best brand of pipettes? Which ones fit the application you have in mind? If you’re having a bit of trouble providing an answer for these two questions but plan to get some of the best laboratory pipettes available for sale out there, we’re here to help you. In order to save you some time that you’d have to spend reading countless articles about selecting the right products, we suggest you check out our simple buying guide. It can assist you when it comes to making an informed decision.



This is one of the first factors you ought to keep an eye on. Just how much liquid can you transfer with the help of the pipette you might want to purchase? Bear in mind that sometimes, bigger is better, and we’re not here to disagree. If you have no idea whether you might require adding more and more liquid to your sample, perhaps you’d benefit from using a sizeable pipette. If, on the other hand, your working protocol requires you to add just one milliliter of liquid per sample, you already know the volume you’re looking for.



Not all of these products are designed the same, and the same rule applies in the case of the applications they might be a great fit for. If the area you work in needs somewhat accurate measurements, what you may be in need of is a graduated pipette. If you can use just your eyes to tell how much liquid you’ve poured into a Petri dish, for example, then you may not need the services offered by a graduated model. There aren’t any significant differences in regard to the price of graduated and non-graduated items, so you needn’t worry about spending too much money on one or the other.



For some, the best ergonomic pipettes are made of glass, whereas others simply prefer the convenience offered by plastic alternatives. Glass has some net advantages over plastic, which are mostly related to the fact that the items constructed of this material can typically be reused. Most glass pipettes can be washed and even sterilized, depending on the durability of the parts in the product. From what we have gathered on the topic, glass models are usually a little more expensive compared to their plastic counterparts, but it really boils down to whether you’re comfortable with using a rubber bulb or one that’s integrated into the body of the item and has been made of a rather flexible type of plastic. The vast majority of these last options cannot be sterilized using a substance or heat, which is why they are traditionally made to be disposed of right after having been used.


Price, recommendations, and manufacturing brands

In most cases, you are likely to see that even the best manual pipettes don’t cost a lot of money. Depending on their capacity, packs of 100 pieces can be found for as little as five dollars or even less. The cost does add up when you’re working in a busy lab where hundreds of samples are processed on a daily basis. That’s why it might pay off to continue your research and go through the best pipette reviews as there are many professionals who might report an issue if they’ve come across any. As for the brand that has manufactured the pipette, we recommend buying a model made by companies that are renowned for the quality of their products. Karter Scientific and SEOH are just two examples.



Top lab pipette reviews in 2018


The best pipettes are showcased below. We’ve taken the time to check the ratings acquired by these models, and we’ve eventually settled on a short selection of the most remarkable ones. All of the following suggestions are praised for being convenient, easy to use, and entirely capable of doing their job.




Glove Scientific 139050 LDPE 100 Pack


Having been made from low-density polyethylene, these pipettes are easy to use, convenient, and above all, versatile. Their length and capacity render them capable of being just the right instrument for performing a broad array of tasks both at the lab and at home.

The pack contains a number of 100 items, so you’ll be getting your money’s worth. Despite being somewhat affordable particularly when compared to other choices available for purchase these days, this alternative consists of a kit of non-sterile user-friendly pipets that you can utilize for transferring biological fluids, as well as acids.

Something worth noting about this choice is that it can be frozen in liquid nitrogen, which is an aspect that cannot be said about many other products in this line. The polyethylene renders the pipets non-slippery, so you will be able to grab them even when using gloves, and you won’t have to worry about dropping them by accident.


Buy from for ($15.4)





SEOH Glass Droppers


best-pipettes-1500-2As we were mentioning in the buying guide, sometimes it pays off to use glass pipettes instead of plastic one. When handling sensitive liquids that may or may not be affected by the compounds released by plastic if the transfer substance is hot, it’s safe to say that the services offered by a glass product can be much appreciated.

As is the case with many other options constructed of the same material, these pipettes come with bulbs made of rubber.

While it is difficult to estimate the capacity of these droppers as there is no information available regarding the volume, the items measure 4 inches, and once the bulb has been removed, the glass part is about 3.5 inches long.

In spite of the fact that the pack comes with just 12 items, it’s safe to say that this option is worth considering mainly because it can be reused.


Buy from for ($7.99)





Karter Scientific 206H2


3-karter-scientific-206h2Karter Scientific is one of the most well-known brands in the industry of manufacturing high-quality lab equipment, including pipettes and pipettors.

That’s why it was to be expected that this pack is one of the top recommended ones we’ve come across. First of all, the volume of these pipettes is significantly higher when compared to the items we’ve showcased prior to the 206H2. As such, every item in the pack containing 500 can be used to transfer up to 7 ml.

What’s more, the graduations that you will find conveniently placed on the sides of the pipettes make it possible for you to measure the liquid in intervals of 0.5 ml.

Because they have been constructed out of low-density polyethylene, these items should be disposed of right after use as they are non sterile and cannot be utilized time and time again. Owners recommend them for measuring medicine for pets and other home applications, as well.


Buy from for ($12.99)





Karter Scientific 206I2


4-karter-scientific-206i2As is the case with the previously mentioned suggestion, this one is also manufactured by Karter Scientific, a US-based manufacturer with an excellent reputation. If you’re in need of many pipettes, maybe you ought to give a chance to this pack as it contains five hundred items.

Every one of the pieces that can be found in the box can be utilized for transferring up to 1 ml of liquid and the 0.25 ml graduation intervals may come in handy, at some point or the other.

Due to the excellent construction and functionality of this model, it doesn’t come as a surprise that its quality has been praised by many satisfied owners.

We’ve noticed that over one hundred individuals took the time to write detailed favorable reviews about the performance and build of these pipettes. While some employ them for chemistry, others transfer oils or liquor with their help.


Buy from for ($9.98)





Karter Scientific 206H3


5-karter-scientific-a-203a4Just like with one of the models we’ve showcased earlier on, the 206H3 can be used for transferring up to seven milliliters of liquid.

The main difference between the unit we’ve described above and this one consists of the fact that this pack is composed of just one hundred pipettes, which means that it addresses users who don’t require that many items. Also, it is important to note that the bulb draw of these pipettes is 3.2 ml.

Having been constructed out of low-density polyethylene, these pipettes can be utilized with a wide array of substances ranging from acids and biological fluids of which the temperature can be anywhere in the span of -50 degrees Celsius and 90 degrees Celsius.

In order to preserve samples, the company recommends sealing the pipettes with the help of heat or the use of liquid nitrogen. Over time, the 206H3 pack has garnered over 200 positive Amazon reviews.


Buy from for ($5.49)




Unavailable products


DMtse Plastic Transfer Pipettes


1-greenhealth-kj611_100The DMtse pack is composed of one hundred items with a capacity of 3 milliliters each. All of the products have been manufactured out of plastic, and it should be underlined that they cannot be reused as they are non sterile and can’t be cleaned using any method currently being used in laboratories all over the world.

The neat thing about this suggestion is that it consists of graduated pipettes, and although the entire volume is 3 ml, one can make use of the graduations so that he or she releases 0.5 ml or more.

The owner feedback regarding the services offered by the DMtse pack is mostly favorable, as we have noticed that many buyers use them for purposes other than lab applications, as well. For instance, there have been people who reported that they used them successfully for adding shots to their cupcakes, whereas others employ the pipettes for transferring essential oils to vials.



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