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pH meters for water – Buying guide & Comparison


If you’d like nothing more than to find the best pH meter for water and not waste time on anything else, we hope you give us a chance to help you make an intelligent buying decision through this short paragraph. We analyzed some of the popular products on the market based on quality and performance and found the VANTAKOOL Digital a wise option. Offering wide use, this model is suitable for both laboratory and household water testing applications. It can be used to test the pH balance of drinking water, as well as the water solution in aquariums, pools, Reverse Osmosis water systems, hydroponics systems, spas, and a variety of other purposes. Engineered to deliver results fast, this model guarantees accurate results, even with variability in water temperature. This is thanks to the Automatic Temperature Compensation feature. If the VANTAKOOL Digital is constantly out of stock, you can give the Feramox Digital a try as it makes a good second option.



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Being able to find the best water pH meter is not going to be an easy task. With so many brands and models that you have to scrutinize and research about, making a purchasing decision will not be a simple thing. We have outlined in our buying guide the exact points of consideration when making this kind of investment.


Easy use

It won’t do to simply settle for any product in the many water pH meter reviews. You will need to know how easy the digital device will be to use. The instructions in the user manual will help if they are clear and to the point. However, much depends on how the instrument itself is designed to be easy to use.

A large, easy-to read LCD screen facilitates viewing of the measured values. Ideally, you should be able to read the values regardless of the viewing angle. If the device has a data-hold function, it will make reading and recording easier, especially when you are testing for monitoring purposes.

Since plenty of digital pH meters measure not just the acidity and alkalinity of water, toggling from one parameter to another should be easy to do.

You should be able to obtain a reading in minutes, with some high-quality models providing one in just seconds.

A lightweight device will be easy to operate with one hand. Compare that to using conventional test strips and a color chart, and you would quickly shift to digital models too. You should be able to operate the device with just one hand. Just immerse the probe or electrode into the solution or water then wait for the reading to stabilize. It’s that simple!

A backlit LCD screen allows you to do testing even when lighting conditions are not ideal. For easy portability and storage, a carrying case offers convenience.


Reliability of results

A good pH meter ensures repeatable, consistent accuracy. If you can, find a model that has a slim margin of error or accuracy range, such as ±0.01 to ±0.02. This will ensure reduced erroneous values, which is critical especially when the solution is really pH sensitive.

Oftentimes, any slight variances in pH affect the quality of the liquid being tested. It could influence the taste, usability for making mixtures, and even safety for drinking. That is why the margin of error should be very narrow.

You will want a wide measuring range despite a limited accuracy range. This aspect will enable you to ensure that readings are not limited to a low value. It will also ensure greater measuring potential for various liquids.

Check out units offering Automatic Temperature Compensation. This detail ensures the tool can read values effectively even when the temperature of the test liquid is not constant or standard. The feature enables the tool to compensate for any temperature change and proceed to deliver a precise reading. This point ensures stability.

You might even find devices that remind you when it’s due for re-calibration. This is vital since you wouldn’t want to be getting errors in values.

The tool should also operate on batteries for extended periods, giving you countless hours of use.


Versatility and functionality

Any pH meter for sale should be ready to do its job right out of the package. While many models need to be calibrated at the onset, the process is usually easy. After that, it’s ready to go before the next re-calibration. A lot of ph meters measure not only the acidity and alkalinity of liquids but also their temperature, electrical conductivity (EC), and even total dispersed solids (TDS), which is essential for testing purity or concentration.

You should be able to switch from one mode to another with push-button simplicity. Some units are equipped with an auto calibration feature with buffer recognition. Calibration solutions simplify the initialization process.

You would want the device to enable you to use it for a variety of applications.



5 Best Water pH Meters (Reviews) in 2020


Finding a good-quality pH meter can be tedious. Faced with countless options on the market, the buyer will have to do their own research and evaluation of which would be a suitable product to address their needs. We have featured what we believe are top notch performers in the field.



1. Digital pH Meter Vantakool 0.01 pH High Accuracy Pocket Size


The VANTAKOOL Digital can be used for both laboratory and household purposes. It is suitable for testing the pH balance of the water in pools, aquariums, spas, Reverse Osmosis (RO) water systems, hydroponics, and in the drinking supply. Versatile enough for a wide variety of applications, this model helps ensure that water quality is of consistent levels regardless of its purpose.

Able to read values and deliver them quickly, this pH meter also offers consistent accuracy. It is equipped with a revolutionary Automatic Temperature Compensation feature.

This component makes it possible for the pH meter to counterbalance automatically any change in temperature when performing readings. This means stability in values.

Another thing to love about this model is how it eliminates the need to use litmus strips and color charts. In the first place, comparing a dipped test strip to a color chart is prone to errors and can often be subjective. Thanks to this pH meter, you have a safe and convenient yet effective way of determining the water quality.



This pH meter offers superior results and great accuracy, which means that no matter where you need to use it, you will be able to ensure that the water quality is consistent. 

Thanks to the Automatic Temperature Condensation, which is a revolutionary technology in this category, the unit delivers fast and stable readings. 

You won’t need to use any color charts or litmus strips if you decide to give this model a go, which means there is little chance of wrong readings on the user’s side. 

The meter can be used to test the pH balance in aquariums, pools, spas, or drinking water, so it’s not a unit that should be missing from any household. 



The instructions it comes with could be clearer, so if you have any trouble understanding what you should do next, the seller’s customer service can help. 

The display is somewhat difficult to read because there’s no backlight.

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2. Digital pH Meter with pH Solution Buffer Powder Mini pH Tester


The Feramox Digital comes with all you need to get started on the task of monitoring the quality of water sources. It ships with a pH solution buffer powder to facilitate the calibration process. This will ensure that the device is able to read values accurately.

Suitable for testing the water quality in aquariums, hydroponics, swimming pools, and more, this model helps ensure your family’s safety. It can be used in winemaking, brewery, drinking water monitoring, fish tanks and aquariums, pools, and spas.

For the industrial sector, this model also serves for testing raw and finished products in the manufacture of cosmetics and food, as well as in the processing of industrial wastewater, among others. It is also a widely used instrument in the laboratory.

This portable, pocket-sized pH meter also comes with an Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) feature, which enables it to offset automatically any temperature variation in the solution being tested.



This unit comes with everything you need to start monitoring the water in your home, including a pH solution buffer powder that ensures an easier calibration process. 

You can use the meter for a wide range of water sources, including aquariums, swimming pools, and hydroponics, this way ensuring your family’s safety and health. 

The unit is accurate enough to be used in the industrial sector as well, so if you need to test food or cosmetics you can safely give it a try. 

Thanks to the Automatic Temperature Compensation feature this unit includes, any temperature variation is offset while testing the water, for more accurate readings. 



The display is rather small, so it might be a bit difficult to read for some users. 

The unit is very easy to use, but the instructions might not be very clear, so if you have any questions, you can contact the customer representatives.

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3. Digital pH Meter Pocket Size Tester for Drinking Water


If you need a pocket-sized tester to check the quality of water in any residential or commercial setting, the Plantz Shoppe Digital provides the solution.

Its diminutive size enables on-the-go convenient testing of drinking water as well as the water solution in swimming pools, aquariums, spas, Reverse Osmosis (RO) water systems, water tank and reservoirs, and hydroponics systems, just to name a few.

With its broad measuring range of 0 to 14, this model is able to handle more demanding applications. The large, backlit display makes it easy to read measured values in difficult conditions. The provided pH buffer powder enables calibration to keep the meter working as it should. This handheld device beats using test strips and color charts that are quite messy and prone to errors.

The auto calibration button provides a hassle-free way of ensuring the meter provides consistently accurate readings via simple calibration with the three free pH buffer sets.



The unit features an auto-calibration button that ensures each reading is accurate, and it can be used for both commercial and residential settings. 

Thanks to its handy design, you won’t have to deal with unwanted chemicals or pH testing strips as you are trying to determine the water’s quality around your home. 

The backlit display is quite large and easy to read, featuring extra-large numbers, so anyone can use it without any trouble. 

The package includes a carrying case to protect the meter, as well as buffer powders for calibration. 



For optimal results, you should calibrate the unit in distilled water, which means that if you don’t have any at home you are going to need to buy some. 

In rare cases, the unit seemed to have been used before and, even though this might be due to tests performed by the manufacturer, you can still call customer service if necessary. 

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4. HealthyWiser Digital 


Providing a pocket-sized means of testing the quality of water in homes and commercial establishments, the HealthyWiser Digital carries a convenient pen style that enables the user to insert it in the pocket for on-the-scene checking. It offers a wide measuring range of 0 to 14, which enables it to accommodate more demanding testing conditions.

This model provides results instantly without compromising on the much-needed accuracy. It even boasts an Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) feature. This functionality serves to ensure that the tool automatically factors in any changes in the temperature of the liquid solution being tested when measuring the pH.

With this implement, the need for messy testing with litmus strips and confusing color charts is eliminated, so there’s less guesswork involved.

As a bonus, buyers of this kit are emailed a PDF of an alkaline food chart and 21 alkaline recipes, which are helpful for those observing a healthy lifestyle. This tool offers a hassle-free way of ensuring health in the home.



This pocket meter works great if you need to check the pH levels in different locations, and it offers a testing range between 0 and 14 for more demanding settings. 

The unit features the Automatic Temperature Compensation technology that allows it to provide reliable readings even during changing water temperatures. 

Given that you won’t need to use any color charts or testing strips, there’s a lower chance of inaccurate readings. 

If you decide to buy this product, you’ll also be emailed a PDF document featuring an alkaline food chart and alkaline recipes, which can help you attain a healthier lifestyle. 



Some users said that the instructions could be clearer, so this is something you should be aware of in case you encounter any difficulties using the meter. 

In rare situations, the device didn’t work properly at first, but the seller can provide the necessary assistance right away.

Buy from





5. Dr. Lyn Digital pH Pen Water Quality Tester Meter


Your convenient, portable partner in ensuring the safety of pH levels in liquid solutions, the Dr. Lyn Premium WB-003 is helpful in both commercial and household applications.

The handheld meter ships with four batteries that deliver up to 1,000 hours of continued use. The batteries provide enough life to handle countless testing processes.

A carry case also comes in the kit, which enables you to store the device and prevent damage to it during transport. Free packets of buffer powder are also in the kit to enable the user to do the initial calibration and periodic recalibration. This will ensure that the device delivers accurate results consistently.

The buyer will not have to do troublesome guesswork on how to enjoy optimal use of the device because it ships with instructions in the provided user manual. Re-calibration is not a complicated process at all using the supplied borax and phosphate that serve as standard buffers.



The WB-003 model is very easy to use, as all you need to do is simply push a button, similar to when you are operating a thermometer. 

The total pH scale range goes from 0 to 14, which makes it suitable even for more demanding readings, so you’ll be able to use it in all kinds of settings. 

This unit’s versatility and reliability are what make it an item that should not be missing from your home, especially if you want to ensure a healthier lifestyle for your family. 

The calibration procedure is not that complicated, so you can do it anytime you feel that it’s necessary. 



You should be aware that this is a water tester, so if you’re looking for a soil tester, other models might be better suited. 

The display turns off quite rapidly and this is somewhat of an inconvenience of some users. 

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