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If time is of the essence, but you would still want to find the best pH meter for soil, this short paragraph should provide the exact information you need to make an educated buying decision. We have evaluated some of the market’s popular products and based on value and quality, we have concluded that the Bluelab Combo METCOM is a good choice because of its simple push-button calibration, which makes it suitable for both commercial and residential applications. Portable and lightweight, this device has a large, easy-to-read display as well to ensure that users can do repeatable readings and multiple ones with less effort. If all you need to measure are temperature and conductivity levels, you will love how the unit doesn’t require calibration for them. Due to the high likelihood that the Bluelab Combo METCOM would run out of stock quickly, we advise you to check out the market’s second best option, the Gain Express ZD-06.



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Searching for a dependable pH meter for soil applications is not a very easy task. With so many options to choose from, consumers will be up to their heads in different products before a suitable one is found. Through this simple buying guide, let us point you toward a unit for sale that will best serve your needs.



Ease of use

People use a soil pH meter to ensure a healthy garden and lawn or a quality hydroponics system. Property owners who are tired of seeing their plants with yellow leaves instead of green ones read the soil pH meter reviews to find a tool that can tell them what is wrong with the quality of the soil. This will enable lawn keepers and gardeners to take steps that can change the situation, so plants do not have to suffer from stunted growth.

A reliable pH meter will tell you if each critical parameter is within the range that will encourage the healthy growth of plants. That said, the calibration and measurement should not be as complicated as rocket science.

While many models run on batteries, there are some that don’t. Battery-operated units offer convenience but sensor-bearing, self-powered ones will provide a reading anytime. They also do not really suffer from accuracy issues due to low power.

Calibration should be done easily with push-button efficiency. The reading should be easy to obtain. Regardless whether the unit runs on batteries or not, soil pH meters typically have one or two probes inserted into the ground. A few minutes is all it takes to get a reading. The probe should be long enough to give access to the soil right next to the roots of the plant or even deeper.

Battery-fed units have an LCD digital display, but the numbers should still be easy to read at a glance. Some models have, as a special feature, a color-coded system that indicates either over-range or under-range, so you will know what to do about the soil nutrient solution. It will let you make the proper adjustments that will get the plants back on track.

Operations should be a simple plug-and-read task. Plenty of models offer single-button use. The instructions should be easy to understand and follow.

Some quality units that run on batteries even come with an automatic shut-off function to conserve battery life.


Accuracy and dependable performance

A good pH meter ensures that measurements are accurate every time. There are digital models in which the calibration indicators disappear after a certain period, so you are aware that it’s time to re-calibrate the tool for consistent reading precision. They have indicators for successful pH calibration on display, which guide you toward making reliable and accurate readings as well.

The unit should be safe to use. It should have a durable construction and provide lasting functionality. Naturally, the probe should be waterproof as well. Readings should be delivered quickly, which is critical if you have to measure different locations in a single day. The device itself should have passed any safety and quality standards for this kind of equipment.


Versatile functionality and rugged construction

The best soil pH meter is not just useful for studying soil pH since the pH is not the only component that contributes to the healthy growth of plants. Check out models that measure temperature, moisture, and conductivity levels as well so you would not have to get separate instruments for assessing those values.

The tool should enable use for a variety of applications, whether commercial or residential. You should be able to use it for lawn maintenance, orchards, vineyards, gardens, field production, planters, hydroponics systems, and water reservoirs.



Top soil pH meters reviews in 2019


To help you decide on a suitable soil pH meter to buy, we have showcased some top selling products on Amazon below. Our choices here were based on ratings and reviews in consumer reports and the product feedback submitted by users.



Bluelab Combo METCOM 


The Bluelab Combo METCOM is not touted as ‘The Cadillac of Meters’ for nothing. This portable device offers a versatile functionality thanks to its ability to measure pH along with temperature and conductivity within a solution. This feature will help you assess the quality of the soil so you can ensure healthy crop growth.

The device also comes with a number of neat features. With the successful pH calibration indicator, you are assured that measurements are reliable and accurate. The pH calibration can be carried out with simple push-button efficiency. For the temperature and conductivity values, there’s no need to perform calibration.

Moreover, the large display enables the easy viewing of readings at a glance. The package comes with a replaceable double-junction pH probe for even more accuracy. The over-range and under-range indicators enable you to make the proper adjustments to the soil nutrient composition for a successful plant growth.

Thanks to the low-battery indicator, you can replace worn-out batteries quickly for sustained operations.



Buy from for ($187.38)





Gain Express ZD-06


With its soil pH measuring range from 3 to 8, this tool helps you ensure that your plants have optimal growth. It comes with an accuracy of ± 0.2 pH, so readings are exceptionally accurate every time. This self-powered implement allows you to check the soil moisture level as well, which helps you make any required adjustments to the soil composition accordingly.

Because the instrument needs no batteries, you can use it anytime and anywhere. Thanks to the 295mm metal probe, there is enough length to put into the soil for a deep penetration so you can measure beyond the root zone.

Ideal for commercial and residential applications, the device can be used in orchards, vineyards, field production, lawn maintenance, planters, and gardens. The waterproof metal probe or electrode guarantees long tool life and is suitable for use even under wet soil conditions. Get fast pH and moisture readings via the dial-type display.



Buy from for ($59.9)





Soilster 3 in 1 Tester


Maintaining a good soil composition is the secret to growing healthy fruits, vegetables, and flowers. The Soilster helps you toward that end. This simple handheld device lets you perform regular testing of the soil so you can ensure your crops stay healthy all the time. It guarantees accurate readings of moisture and sunlight levels along with the alkalinity and acidity of the soil.

It helps you understand the effects of underwatering or overwatering your plants so you can easily make the right adjustments. A self-powered unit, this pH meter needs no batteries to perform its task. Just insert the probe into the soil and wait a few minutes to get an instant reading on the dial-type display. The 8-inch dual probe provides enough length to gain access right next to the plant roots.

Readings can be viewed easily due to the white text against a black background. The color-coded system alerts you when readings are too low or extremely high, so you’ll know how to handle the soil quality problem correctly.



Buy from for ($8.99)





Kelway PHD


A conveniently portable tool that fits easily in hand, the Kelway PHD is your partner in ensuring that your crops grow healthy and properly nourished. It needs no chemicals to do its job or to calibrate, so it offers a simple plug-and-read functionality. You will also appreciate that it requires no power source to run nor distilled water to clean off dirt from the probe and prevent contamination. Just wipe it clean after use and the pH meter is ready to go again.

Easy to operate, this handy gardening instrument helps ensure your garden and lawn stay healthy and productive. Full instructions are included in the package, which eliminates the troublesome guesswork. This model is suitable for lawn care and nursery use, as well as greenhouses and gardens.

It offers accurate readings so you can make the proper adjustments to the acidity or alkalinity of the soil, as needed. The broad pH range of 0 to 14 helps you assess the soil quality more realistically.



Buy from for ($89.95)







Offering professional-level soil testing, the XLUX T20B three-in-one soil meter helps you determine how to grow indoor and outdoor plants in optimal conditions. Suitable for grass lawns and gardens, it helps you assess the quality of the soil and whether it is conducive to healthy plant growth.

With this helpful gardening tool, you can prevent overwatering and under-watering your crops. It also helps you know whether the nutrients in the soil are at adequate levels for the plants.

Easy to use, the device has a cone-shaped, pointed probe that easily inserts into the soil down to the roots of the plant, with the metallic surface completely embedded in the soil. The probe is easy to clean as well, so maintenance is painless.

Readings can be obtained after around 10 minutes, with both the pH and moisture levels viewed easily on the dial. Just press the button to toggle between the two values. The probe wipes clean easily, so it is ready for another reading again.



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