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Pediatric thermometers – Buying guide & Comparison


If you need to find the best pediatric thermometer but don’t know where to start your search, read this short paragraph and learn a few tips that come in handy for every parent. According to our findings, the Kinsa Digital Smart Ear KET-001 is an excellent option because the device is compatible with the majority of smartphones and used a Bluetooth technology to enable access to your family history of illnesses. You only need 1 second to do a proper temperature reading and the thermometer provides information regarding fever, symptoms, and medication. Moreover, the battery can be used for up to 1000 temperature measurements. If the Kinsa Digital Smart Ear KET-001 is out of stock, make sure to check the Braun IRT6500US.


There’s no need to worry if you’re not sure which model fits your needs best. With so many items for sale, it can be a tad difficult for everyone to choose a thermometer that provides fast and easy readings. So we’ve looked around and gathered all the information in this buying guide that you can find showcased below.



While there is a whole range of important features you need to take into account when in the market for the best baby thermometer, the accuracy and the consistency are quite mandatory.

When your baby has a temperature the last thing you need is a unit that has all sorts of modern features but doesn’t offer you accurate readings. The same principle applies to the consistency factor. If a thermometer takes a perfectly accurate temperature every ten tries you can call it completely useless.

Most doctors recommend doing the measurement at certain time intervals in order to get a clear view of the symptoms. So you’ll need a proper tool that works every time. Otherwise, you risk causing a misdiagnose for your baby.

Once you’ve found a pediatric thermometer that is both accurate and consistent in its temperature readings, then you can check other extra features that come in handy when having a little one to care about.


Ease of use and maintenance

The majority of the pediatric thermometer reviews advise parents to get a unit that is able to check the temperature of the infant in just a few seconds. Parents already have a lot of chores to do and they can’t spend more than a few minutes preparing the baby for the temperature readings. Try to get a product that has detailed instructions and fewer buttons so you can rely on it even if you’re on the go and don’t have much time to spend.

Besides being easy to handle, the thermometer should be made of a special material that allows you to do the cleaning process fast and effortlessly. Since this type of product comes in contact with your baby’s body, you need to make sure there’s no risk of bacteria spread and infections. Therefore, you should avoid items that feature ridges that can hide the germs.


Important features to consider

According to many baby thermometer reviews, you must choose a baby thermometer that is suitable for a specific situation. For example, you can’t purchase a rectal thermometer if your baby tends to suffer from severe cases of diaper rash.

On the market, you’ll find devices that use infrared technologies so you can use them for measuring the ambient temperature besides the baby. Most ear units enable an accurate reading in terms of seconds.

There are many different types of thermometers available so you need to choose the one that is more suitable for your baby’s needs.

Another feature you need to be aware of is the time required for the temperature reading. Models that are outfitted with probes deliver the result in less than 60 seconds and many of them are equipped with high-quality technology that reduces the time to 10 seconds.

Also, there are items that wait until it reaches a stable temperature and then emits a beeping sound. Others use a predictive method such as taking a partial reading and calculating the final temperature based on a special mathematical formula. This you can rest assured that the reading is accurate.

Infrared ear and forehead thermometers offer a fast reading in less than 3 seconds so you can use them even if your child has a restless behavior.

Thanks to the modern discoveries, where are addicted to our smartphones. Everything we use needs to have a special app that we sync it with our phone. Thermometers that have Bluetooth specs allow you to keep track of your baby’s temperature uses the same model as a fitness tracker and offers you tips about different illnesses and symptoms.



Top pediatric thermometers reviews in 2018


Below you’ll find a selection of products that have gained major points according to the customer and expert feedback, and social media activity.



Kinsa Digital Smart Ear KET-001


Because having a baby means your free time is practically inexistent, this pediatric thermometer ensures you have an accurate temperature reading in 1 second.

This smart device is extremely easy to use thanks to the Bluetooth synchronization with any type of smartphone, iOS or Android. The best part is that it keeps a record of your readings in the free app that you install on your phone. This way, you can show your doctor the how the baby has been feeling thanks to the history available on your mobile phone.

You can use this unit not only for your child but also for checking the fever for adults, as well. The special app comes in handy because it offers personalized guidance in regards to illnesses, symptoms, and medication. It keeps a track of your medical history and allows you to see the details regarding the health of other family members.

This baby thermometer is BPA and latex free and can be easily cleaned using a soft cloth made of cotton swabbed with alcohol.



Buy from for ($28)





Braun Ear Thermometer IRT6500US


Recommended by most experts in the field, this thermometer benefits from some many important features that make the temperature readings a total bliss.

Due to the ExacTemp Technology, the device comes with a pre-warmed tip that ensures accuracy during the process and provides a special guidance that enables correct results. Because the product is equipped with infrared technology, you’ll know the temperature of your child in just a few seconds.

It is a known fact that the eardrum is the best place to take temperature readings since it shares the same blood supply with the temperature control center located in the brain.

Compared to other baby thermometers on the market, this unit features a patented pre-warmed tip that minimizes the cooling effect on the ear canal so the readings are as accurate as possible.

The product comes with lens filter that you can exchange before every reading in order to prevent the spread of germs.



Buy from for ($31.95)





Pyle Digital Body Thermometer PHTM20BTGR


This device for checking the temperature is suitable for adults, children, and babies and can be powered on with just a press of a button.

You can easily toggle between ear and forehead and if you download the free app on your smartphone you can have the results on your mobile phone instantly. Because the unit uses the Bluetooth technology you can send the data to any type of device.

The special app provides you precious information regarding the past temperature readings and an integrated calendar system where you can keep everything super organized. The best part is that you can share the readings with your family, friends, or your doctor.

Besides the information related to your temperature, the mobile app enables you to connect to other products that provide you useful health data such as blood pressure, weight, blood glucose, and cholesterol. If the thermometer is not used for 60 seconds it will automatically shut down.



Buy from for ($19.99)





Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520


One great option for checking your baby for fever is this special thermometer that uses a unique pre-warmed technology that ensures the probe tip is cool when inserted. This means that the readings are accurate no matter how often you take them.

Thanks to the ExacTemp Positioning design you can rest assured the device will offer a correct position of the tips in order to avoid causing harm to the eardrum.

Plus, there’s a feature called Age Precision that interprets your child’s temperature based on their age. The memory function keeps the last 9 temperature readings and offers you continuous accuracy.

Moreover, there’s a color-coded display that shows you the results and their interpretation in an easy manner.

The unit is easy to use and there’s no need for complicated instructions. Simply turn on the thermometer by pressing the start button, select the age and place the end of the tool into the ear, after you’ve checked whether a lens filter in on top. As far as the age factor does, there are three options, babies under 3 months, babies from 3 to 36 months, and children over 36 months.



Buy from for ($48.81)





VALLENN Digital Infrared


This clinically approved thermometer is suitable for adults and babies and is intended for forehead temperature readings. The device is approved and can be used for home and workplace purposes.

Quite easy to use and to handle, this item boasts a superior microchip and a highly-sensitive sensor that enable this infrared thermometer to measure temperature in only one second.

One aspect worth mentioning is the functionality of the product. If you press the mode button M, you can choose between two modes, body mode and surface mode. Basically, you can check the temperature of your baby or see how warm the milk is or if the level of the ambient temperature is suitable for the baby’s needs.

The LCD display is outfitted with backlights so you can see the readings even in low light conditions. There’s no need to worry about waking up the baby because the quiet mode prevents any beeping sounds.



Buy from





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