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Supposing you’re looking to buy the best non-contact thermometer and you don’t have the necessary time to go through thousands of infrared thermometer reviews and buying guides, this paragraph alone should give you a consistent idea of what to look for in such a device, as well as what product would make a great purchase. If you’re looking for the best infrared thermometer out there, there are some very important criteria to be taken into consideration. According to our detailed market analysis, the consumer choice is the 1byone Medical Forehead & Ear Thermometer, because its strong suit is accuracy, while at the same time it is easy to use, and the temperature reading can be done in no more than a second. Additionally, the product is kid-friendly, but it can also be used by adults, and it comes with an in-ear possibility of usage. Supposing this product is out of stock at the time of your purchase, a good thermometer for home would also be the TOWABO Forehead Digital, a safe second choice for home use.



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Whenever you are looking through non-contact thermometer reviews, you may be inclined to believe that most of the options available on the market are somewhat equally good. However, if you do know what to look for, you’ll find that there are some essential features that a good thermometer should have. We’ve put together the most important factors to be taken into consideration when looking for such a device.

Accuracy beats everything

From all the reviews, the first criterion that makes the difference between a decent thermometer, a poor one and a very good one is accuracy. While it is somewhat logical that any thermometer should be accurate in order to function properly and to make a safe choice for your home, it matters, even more, when it comes to a room thermometer.

The most important reason why accuracy trumps everything else is that most of the consumers who opt for such a device have a child. When it comes to monitoring a kid’s health, it is crucial to have an accurate instrument, as it will both save you useless trips to the hospital and it will also alert you whenever the child has the slightest symptom of fever.

Concerning the measurement, a good thermometer should be able to give you a temperature reading within 0.2 degrees Celsius. Additionally, a high sensitivity thermometer should make a safe choice, as it ensures the users a higher degree of accuracy.

Whether you’re using the thermometer to measure the food temperature when feeding your child or to measure the room temperature, you should count on a safe reading. The problem with a thermometer that is not accurate enough is that, as you are most likely using it on a daily or regular basis, the misreadings can affect the baby’s quality of life and nutrition, which is highly important especially when you have a baby.

The best way to know if your thermometer is accurate enough is to see whether it has been clinically approved or not. While many companies can guarantee their products’ quality and safety, it is best to opt for a device that has the approval of a specialized institution.


Easy to use

Besides being accurate, a superior room thermometer should also be simple and intuitive when it comes to usage. An intuitive design of a room thermometer for sale should guarantee more than just one way of using the device. That is why most of the high-quality non-contact thermometers can, in fact, be used for in-ear readings as well.

Another indicator of the product’s quality in this respect is whether it can offer both  Celsius and Fahrenheit readings. The reason for this is not the possibility to switch between these two per se, but the fact that this type of feature is a good indicator of the company’s interest for intuitive use. Chances are that a room thermometer offering readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit was created to please the customer to the slightest detail, and the product comes with other accessibility perks as well.  

Additionally, some of the products offer the possibility of measuring different types of temperature and have separate probes for people and objects. These types of thermometers are better for home use because the dedicated probes offer a better and more accurate reading in less time.


Kid Friendliness

As we’ve established that this kind of thermometer is for family use, we should further consider children being a part of the family. As children tend to be impatient, especially when they feel sick, it is highly recommended for the temperature readings to be fast, before anything else.

Most of the good products deliver a safe and accurate read in a matter of seconds, precisely because a person who is not willing to wait for two minutes with a thermometer in their mouth will most probably not stay still for a non-contact thermometer to measure their temperature either.



Top non-contact thermometers reviews in 2019


Buying guides are essential when it comes to a purchase because they present to the customers the most important criteria to look for before making a decision. However, they are not exhaustive, as another important part is knowing what products to look for. Because our primary purpose is helping our readers make a perfect choice, we are offering a selection of the most popular and qualitative products on the market, to help you choose between different brands and models.



1byone Medical Forehead & Ear Thermometer 


The 1byone Medical Forehead & Ear Thermometer is one of the products offering the fastest temperature readings out there, having a one-second span.

The device has been clinically tested for accuracy, which means that the reading is not only very prompt, but also very accurate.

Additionally, the device offers the possibility to switch between a Celsius and a Fahrenheit read. While the thermometer is primarily non-contact, it comes with the possibility to read the temperature in-ear as well, making it easier to use for adults.

Furthermore, the unit has an LCD that will turn red and alert 7 short beeps whenever there is a potential for fever. In order for users to track health improvements, the device saves the last 20 measurements. The thermometer is created to be eco-friendly and save energy, which is why it will shut off automatically when it is not being used.



The model is one of those units that can supply its users with almost instant temperature results. In other words, the model takes less than a second to present you with the correct reading.

Before it was released on the market, the device was clinically tested in order to make sure that it only produced accurate readings.

The LCD screen of the model is said to let the user know whenever the risk of fever is present.

This unit was designed to save energy. Therefore, the model shuts itself off automatically, whenever you are not using it.



According to some previous buyers, the model does not come with clear instructions on how to calibrate the unit.

When defective, the product gives inconsistent readings to its users. Therefore, if the unit is not consistent in its results, it might be a good idea to have it examined and perhaps replaced.


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TOWABO Forehead Digital 


This thermometer is specially designed for babies who love to move and do not have the patience to be taken their temperatures, which is why its readings are fast and accurate.

The design of this device is intuitive and makes it easy to use. The thermometer comes with a hand grip shape, making it easier to handle and improving the overall user experience.

The device comes in a safe packaging that prevents its damaging due to transport, which means it is safe to purchase it online. The thermometer can measure human body, indoor and object temperatures within no more than 1 second, and the ambient temperature measurement goes from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius (32 to 140 Fahrenheit).

Moreover, the device is accurate within 0.2 degrees Celsius. The product is made from environmentally-friendly materials, which makes it a safe choice for the users who believe we should protect nature.



The device can be efficiently used with those babies that do not like having their temperature taken, as this is a non-contact model.

Because the unit does not have to touch the patient, the risks of passing on bacteria and diseases from one baby to another is greatly reduced.

Apart from being used as a baby thermometer, this device can also be utilized to measure the temperature of objects as well as the indoor temperature.

The product shuts itself off after seven seconds. The model is powered by two 1.5V AAA batteries that are not included in the price.



Some users have complained that the unit does not provide its buyers with consistent readings. Still, this might have something to do with how one uses it.

There have been buyers that were unhappy with the device because it arrived defective. Still, in such cases, it is best that one contacts the seller.


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Baby Forehead 


This thermometer offers rapid and accurate temperature readings, and it is approved by the FDA, which ensures the product’s superior quality.

The device can measure the temperatures of people regardless of their age, and it can also measure ambient and object temperatures as well, offering a nice touch in terms of versatility.

Additionally, the device can be used in silent mode, in case the person who is being taken their temperature is asleep, or to prevent waking up someone else in the room. The device comes with a hand-handle design, and it is created to be perfectly hygienic and safe to use for more than just one family member at a time.

The passive infrared technology is radiation-free, and the product comes with a large screen, which makes temperatures easy to read. The LCD screen is backlit, which makes reading temperatures easy even in the dark.



This device has been certified by the FDA and, thus it is considered safe to be utilized with babies and toddlers. The unit is also suitable to be used with kids and adults.

The biggest advantage of the product is the fact that it allows one to use it in silent mode. Consequently, you can take someone’s temperature in their sleep without him/her being awakened by the sounds emitted by the unit.

The product has a very much hygienic design, and it can be operated with a single hand.

The model was not developed utilizing radiation technology. Because of this, you should not worry that it will, in any way, affect the health of your baby.



A former buyer of the model has pointed out that the unit might not be user-friendly. However, this might be linked to the fact that that particular client did not read the instructions supplied by the user.

Also, the device might arrive defective.


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Fendlee Non-Contact Instant Read Infrared


The device is extensively tested by specialists in the medical community, and it is approved by the FDA. The Fendlee alternative is calibrated to ensure safe and reliable readings within no more than 1 second, and it is specially designed for children use.

The device accuracy in body mode is 0.2 degrees Celsius (0.4 degrees Fahrenheit) and 1 degree Celsius (1.8 Fahrenheit) in surface mode.

The non-contact design of this product prevents contamination, and it has a memory recall of the last 20 measurements, to help to track health progress. The device uses no Mercury or any other type of material that may affect the health of the users, such as breaking glass.

In addition to this, the device has an LCD backlit display which ensures readings even in the dark. The product has a multi-usage mode, which allows it to be used to measure the temperatures of people, objects, and rooms with high accuracy.



The model is warmly recommended by the medical community because it provides its buyers with quick and correct readings.

The device is known for its constant readings. In fact, the manufacturer claims that this unit has an accuracy rating of ± 0.2℃ (0.4℉) in body mode, and of ± 1.0℃ (1.8℉) in surface mode.

This is a non-contact thermometer. Therefore, you can utilize it with your baby without having to interrupt him or her from sleeping.

The device recalls the last 20 readings. Hence, you’ll get a pretty good idea of how the baby’s condition is evolving and you’ll be able to make informed decisions.



A handful of prior users were unhappy with the fact that the model was not as accurate as they had hoped it would be.

On top of that, according to some buyers, the unit could be considered a bit expensive when compared to other similar products.


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iProven DMT-489 


The device is clinically calibrated for medical use, and it comes with two different buttons: head and ear, which ensure its reliable and easy use.

The product works for all types of age, and the head button allows a temperature reading in no more than 3 seconds. The backlit screen makes reading temperature easy even during the night when the kids are asleep.

The product is recommended by pediatricians, and it has been tested to ensure safe and reliable use among infants and youngsters. The product can be returned within 100 days, with the company guaranteeing money back and no questions asked.

Also, the device records the last 20 measurements, making health tracking easy for all family members. The in-ear measurement offers an instant temperature reading, making it easier for adults to measure their temperatures as well. The thermometer comes with a fever alarm, which allows users to act instantly when one of the family members is having feverish symptoms.



The model was specially calibrated so that it is fit to be utilized by medical professionals such as pediatricians. Consequently, investing in it means getting top results in the comfort of your home.

This is a dual thermometer. In other words, you can utilize it to take your baby’s ear or forehead temperature.

The device has a very easy-to-utilize interface, as it only includes two buttons, one for selecting ear mode and the other for opting for forehead reading. So, you won’t find it challenging to operate it.

The product is covered by a 100 days warranty that guarantees that you’ll get your money back if you are not satisfied with what you have received.



Some users noted that the product might start giving away signs of unreliability after three months.

What is more, the model might not meet your standards, as sometimes it can supply you with not-that-accurate results.


Buy from for ($44.99)




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