Top Monoculars Under 50 Reviewed – Buying guide & Comparison for 2019​


If you don’t have enough time to look through all the reviews of monoculars under 50, this short paragraph will provide you with all the information you need. We did our research and we found out that the Wingspan Optics Outdoorsman 8X42 monocular is the one that you should have a look at first. It has a large lens and that will make for a wide field of view. The manufacturers say that it’s one of the greatest wide-view monoculars out there due to it being so durable against water, fog, dust or debris and due to the protective armor that it has. People wearing glasses are able to use it with no issues because of the adjustable eyecup that provides a large enough eye relief. Just in case you can’t find our first product, maybe you should try and find the Vortex Optics Solo model for sale.



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When you’re trying to get the best monocular under 50 you need to pay attention to a number of capabilities. A monocular should be small enough and able to offer good images and to do that it needs good optics and a sturdy build. Here are some details that we think are important when choosing a monocular.


Magnification power

If you want to know how far you will be able to see something, you will need to check the magnification power of the monocular. A higher number always translates into the ability to see further away. Usually, you will find that a monocular has a magnification power of 5x to 8x.

A model that is capable of offering a higher number is also one that is harder to use. That is because, at large distances, every small movement makes the monocular image shake a lot. You will want to look for a model that offers some stabilizing capabilities.

Experienced users can opt for a monocular with a power of 9x or 10x because those offer the best images if used properly. You should also know that if you have a monocular with a high magnification power, the field of view that you can see with it gets reduced. There is thus a balance that you need to find between how far you want to see and how wide of an area you need to observe.


Lens size

You will see that most monoculars have a description such as 10×25. The first number represents the magnification power, while the second shows the lens size. A wider lens will let you see a wider view and it will also make the image brighter, letting more light come into the monocular.

The objective lens is the one that is further away from the eye, positioned at the front of the monocular. A small lens is simple to use and it is often found on a more compact monocular. Thus, if you’re looking for some lightweight monoculars, you should know that the lens size has a big influence on the model’s weight. If you’re a beginner and you’re purchasing your first monocular you should try different models with different sizes first and see what matches your tastes.


Lens coating

A good monocular should have its lens protected by an anti-glare coating. This is something that adds to the model’s capabilities, enhancing the image and reducing eye strain. A budget monocular may only have the exterior of the lens covered, but others have them fully coated.

The best option is the fully multi-coated one. Lenses like these have all their sides coated in multiple layers of special materials in order to ensure the best view. Models that are not fully-coated should not be used in direct light because sunlight might affect them and the user’s eyes.

Although not an actual indicator of the quality of a monocular, if the lenses are fully multi-coated, that means that the manufacturer has put a great care in the execution of that specific monocular.


Eye relief

This is a particularly important feature for those wearing glasses. The eye relief represents how far away you can keep your eyes from the eyepiece of the monocular and still use it to its full potential. Being measured in millimeters, it affects how far you can see through the monocular. You need at least 14mm of eye relief if you’re wearing glasses.

If you can’t get your eyes close enough to the monocular, the image will not be good. Generally, the higher the magnification power of a monocular, the shorter the eye relief will be.

Hopefully, after you have gone through the process of analyzing the models that you like following these rules, you will be able to find a good monocular under 50 that is suitable for the use you want. Don’t forget to test the device before purchasing and make sure it provides you with the ability to see at long distances without too much effort.



Our 2019 list: Find the right monocular under 50 for your needs


To make it easier for you to choose, we have showcased some of the monoculars under 50 that we consider being a good choice below. We took the time to analyze consumer reports, to check experts’ opinion and the sales figures and that is how we got to the selection that you can find below.



Wingspan Optics Outdoorsman 8X42


The manufacturers say that this monocular can be used at its full potential by both experts and novices. It’s a product made for those that want a monocular for bird watching and wish to observe birds in all their details. It provides a magnification power of 8x, which is enough for distances of up to 1000 yards.

But what it does really well is the fact that it provides a wide field of view. That is due to the sizeable lens that measures 42mm. Although the lens is so big, the device is still compact and highly portable.

People who wear glasses will be pleased to find out that the monocular has an adjustable eyecup, allowing for optimal viewing. You can easily twist it up or down for the most comfort.

When reading this monocular’s description you will see that it’s resistant to a large number of issues. It’s fog proof and waterproof, it’s made to endure being dropped, to keep debris away and to sit well in your hands without slipping.



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Vortex Optics Solo


The first thing that comes into attention when reading this monocular’s capabilities is the fact that it manages to pack a set of fully multi-coated lenses in such a small form.

It’s a device that fits in the palm of your hand but due to the quality lenses, it allows you to view images at a high clarity level. The images that it provides have the brightness needed.

It’s a lightweight model that is covered in a rubber armor. This exterior has indentations that help you hold it in your hand better and it also ensures that in case it’s dropped, it stays protected and undamaged.

Being filled with nitrogen and having the rings well sealed, it’s a monocular that is waterproof and fog proof. The eyecup is adjustable and that offers the possibility to comfortably use it with or without glasses.



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Celestron Nature 10×25


With a magnification power of 10x, this monocular is suitable for any use, from birdwatching to offering a better view at sports events and concerts or as a monocular for hiking.

It’s a small piece of equipment that can do a lot of things. Bright and sharp images are provided by the multi-coated lenses that the model has. This monocular is well protected by a solid layer of rubber that also provides a good grip due to the indentations on it.

The focus can be done using only one hand, as the diopter focus dial is positioned around the monocular. Those that wear glasses can use it without any problems, as the twisting eyecup is comfortable enough.

The eye relief is 14mm, which is just enough to let those wearing glasses have a good experience. The 25mm lens diameter is not that large and that means that the field of view is also limited.



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Wingspan Optics NatureScope 10X42


With a magnification power of 10x, you know that this monocular is capable of letting you see at long distances. It’s a good choice for those that want to observe birds and that is its main purpose.

The lens is 42mm wide and that will provide a clear and wide field of view. Due to these characteristics, the images obtained are bright. The external armor, made of durable rubber, is slip-resistant and will provide a good grip and keep the monocular safe.

Those that have purchased this product say that the eye relief is not that large but it’s enough to let those wearing glasses use the model effectively. The eyecup is also adjustable, to serve this purpose better.

O-ring seals are mounted on the monocular to make sure that the optics work in perfect condition no matter the moisture level or the weather. If you’re interested in other 10×42 monoculars, check our guide on that.



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BARSKA Style 10×25


Fitting into the category of products that are small enough for your pocket, this monocular is both compact and lightweight. And although it’s so small, it still manages to pack some optics that will allow the user to see objects magnified at a rate of 10x.

The optics have been fully coated to ensure the clearest images and to make them as bright as possible.

The field of view is not that large on this model and that is due to the small lens that measures 25mm.

This means that you will be able to see objects at large distances but you will need a good hand to keep them in your sight. Due to its qualities, this model is suitable for outdoor use, travel and it’s a good choice for concerts or watching sports.

The monocular is easy to operate with a single hand due to the focus ring that goes around it.



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