Best rated monocular pocket scope – Guide & reviews

Best rated monocular pocket scope – Guide & reviews

Last Updated: 19.01.19

Top Monocular Pocket Scopes Reviewed - Buying guide & Comparison for 2019​

If you’re trying to find the best monocular pocket scope but aren’t confident that you can navigate the overcrowded market, then you’ve landed in the perfect spot. We can help you choose the right monocular while saving you the time and effort of doing extensive research on your own. We’ve looked at some of the most appreciated monoculars on the market and picked the ones we thought offered the most features and highest optical quality for the price. Our comparisons have lead us to conclude that the product you should consider is the ROXANT High-Definition Mini. This scope comes with a compact and lightweight body that’s easy to carry, it has quality optics for clear images, and you also get a 7x magnification power to bring objects closer. In case this item is no longer available, you might want to take a look at the Gosky Titan 12X50 as well.

Are you after the best pocket scope but have limited knowledge regarding this type of device? Then the following guide can give you all the essential information you need to pick the right monocular. Here are some top features you should take into consideration when browsing the market.

Magnification and field of view

While looking for a good monocular scope, you might want to decide how much magnification you want. You can obtain a decent magnification with a small model offering a 6 or 7x magnifying power or go for one of the 12x scopes. There are some zoom monoculars offering up to 27x magnification, although you can expect to pay considerably more for one.

The high number might also be misleading since the highest effective magnification would still be around 12x or so, considering the limited light-gathering capabilities of the glass lenses as well as the geometric distortions and chromatic aberrations.

When picking a high-quality monocular for hiking, you also want to consider how wide the field of view should be. You can opt for a wider field of view and a lower magnification for landscape observations, or a narrower field of view which would come with a high magnification power. There are other alternatives as well, just check the specifications.

Construction considerations

Just because you’re opting for a good monocular pocket scope that’s small doesn’t mean you’re supposed to skimp on quality. You should choose a model that has a solid design so that you could use it in all sorts of locations without worrying about damage.

Fortunately, there are quite a few scopes that feature a rubber or plastic armor that’s resistant to mechanical damage. Choosing something like a rugged monocular for hunting which is weatherproof and anti-fog is yet another logical choice, especially if you’re usually traveling through humid environments.

Optical quality and portability

A reliable scope for sale should also come with some quality glass elements. A good choice would be to get a scope that’s built with ED glass. This extra-low dispersion glass prevents chromatic aberrations which could otherwise spoil the natural colors you’re supposed to see as well as blur fine details.

Some monoculars also come with optical elements that benefit from special coatings. These can help improve light transmission which means that you could get brighter and more detailed images even at higher magnifications.

Since you’re after a pocket scope, portability is an essential feature you need to pay close attention to. Depending on your travel style and particular needs, you may want a small scope that weighs only a few ounces or a bit heavier model that’s still able to fit into a larger pocket or a backpack.

For smaller units, you can expect a magnification of 6 or 7x, which should be enough for general purpose observations, but a bit on the low end for wildlife and especially bird watching. If you do get a larger model with a higher magnifying power, you need to take into account that you’ll also have to carry extra stabilization since you need a tripod or monopod as well.

Our 2019 list: Find the right monocular pocket scope for your needs

If you’re scouring the market to find a decent monocular but have little time to spend on reading reviews of pocket scopes, you might find the following list helpful. We’ve gathered the products that received the highest scores and which have the most useful features so you get to choose one that offers the most bang for the buck.

ROXANT High-Definition Mini

The ROXANT Pocket Scope is a reliable compact monocular that comes with a solid body and quality optics that should help you enjoy outdoor activities, sporting events, or even hunting sessions. This device comes with a 7x magnification which is enough to view distant objects as well as easy to handle, especially when tracking fast animals or vehicles.

Thanks to its miniature size, this monocular can fit inside any pocket so you can take it with you anywhere and ensure you have it at hand every time. Its small size and relatively low magnifying power means that you can use it without having to carry a heavy tripod.

All optical elements are multi-coated to increase light transmission and to offer clear and bright images. These also reduce or eliminate optical defects such as chromatic aberrations. The textured exterior offers a comfortable grip so you can hold it properly without the risk of dropping it. This product comes with a carrying pouch, a neck strap, and a cleaning cloth.

Buy from for ($24.95)

Gosky Titan 12X50

If you’re looking for an excellent monocular for bird watching that doesn’t break the bank, then the Gosky Titan is just what you need. This model comes with a 12x magnification power which should allow you to see up close even distant animals or objects. While a high-power monocular is trickier to handhold, you can always take a stable tripod with you.

The large 50mm objective lens can collect a lot of light and this results in brighter images with a higher resolution, so you get to enjoy that rare bird sighting or your favorite football team’s performance in high detail. You can use this unit as it is or attach the smartphone alignment adapter which should provide you with clear and crisp images on our favorite mobile device.

This monocular has a solid body that benefits from a rubber armor which will protect it from mechanical damage or extreme weather events. The rubber stripes also give you an improved grip so you can use this device worry-free.

Buy from for ($128)

ROXANT Grip Scope

The Roxand wide-view monocular is the perfect instrument to bring along wherever you go outside, whether it is a visit to the local stadium, a walk through the forest, or a week-long trip. This unit comes with a 6 x 30 optical configuration which ensures a decent magnification and wide field of view so you can admire both wildlife forms and landscapes.

This monocular comes with a quality BaK4 prism that eliminates many geometric distortions. All glass elements benefit from special coatings which improve light transmission and image clarity so you enjoy crisp and bright images on all your outdoor adventures.

With the retractable eyecup, you can use this device in great comfort for hours on end whether you’re wearing eyeglasses or not. The exterior features a rubber armor that will protect the instrument from harm while also offering a good grip for precise observations free of accidents.

Buy from for ($49.95)

BRUNTON EchoAr Pocket

The IBRUNTON EchoAr Pocket is a small monocular that offers a good performance for its size and low price. You get a 7x magnification power which should suffice for most activities, whether you’re using it on your day-long hikes or for urban observations. This optical device can focus at distances of 13 inches and up.

This compact monocular has a 181-foot field of view at a distance of 1000 yards. The eye relief is soft and comfortable so you can use it without tiring your eyes. You can use this model with or without glasses.

The EchoAr comes with a polymer frame which is strong and lightweight. It also offers a good grip so you can use just one hand for observations without the risk of slippage. This product is sold along with a lanyard so you can keep it around your wrist and make sure you don’t miss a rare sighting. You also get a case for convenient transportation.

Buy from for ($24)

Celestron Hummingbird 9-27x56mm

The Hummingbird 9-27x56mm is a high-end monocular that can be used for a wide range of activities. This amazing Celestron spotting scope can fit in the palm of your hand, yet it offers an impressive performance. With the variable 9-27x magnification power, you can surely admire even small birds or far-away objects in vivid colors and high details.

Optical elements feature ED or Extra Low Dispersion Glass which improves color quality while eliminating defects such as chromatic aberrations. The lenses also benefit from multiple coatings that improve light transmission which in turn translates into brighter and sharper images. Close focus is at 10 feet, with the focus ring being easy to adjust.

This device can be mounted onto tripods, monopods or other stable platforms. This spotting scope is waterproof as well as Nitrogen-filled, the latter having an anti-fogging effect which should be helpful in cold and humid environments. This device is lightweight and compact and can be carried in a pocket or a backpack.

Buy from for ($298.49)
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Robert. Treml
Robert. Treml

I am looking for a optical stacking night scope. Pocket size preferably.
To view the moon and stars etc.
Can you help?

The Team

Hi Robert,

Maybe our post on monoculars for stargazing might be of use to you. Check it out here. Night vision devices aren’t really that good for viewing celestial objects – they’re better suited for surveillance and hunting purposes, so terrestrial applications.

Have a great day!

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