Top Monoculars for Surveillance Reviewed – Buying guide & Comparison for 2019


If you are interested in getting the best monocular for surveillance, but you do not have the time to spare in order to do a thorough analysis of the market, we are here to help. After reading what the specialists and previous buyers had to say on the subject, we have determined that the Wingspan Optics Explorer 12×50 is the model that you should think about getting. This choice has a magnification ratio of 12x and an objective size that measures 50mm. On top of that, it comes provided with a durable external armor that can supply the users with a non-slip grip. Because of its ergonomic design, this device is simple to operate, and you can focus on your target by using one hand. If this option is out of stock, go ahead and consider investing in the Gosky 12×55 High Definition as it has also received great feedback comments.



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Finding the best surveillance monocular is a task that comes with many challenges. If you are new to shopping for a device of this kind, we can help. To do so, we have prepared a list of aspects that should not be ignored when shopping in this line of products.


Power and lens size

According to surveillance monocular reviews, the first aspect that you should have in mind before making a purchase is the power of the model. In other words, you have to decide on a magnification ratio. From this point of view, the specialists recommend that you pick a model with a power that ranges from 8 to 12x.

As a rule of thumb, you should know that the higher the magnification, the more detail you will be able to see, and the narrower your field of view will be. Apart from its power, the lens size of the choice also matters, as it determines the width of the view, as products that have sizeable lenses usually feature a wide FOV.

The one downside that you should know about the items that have large lenses is that they are also quite heavy.


Lens coatings and durability

If you need cheap monoculars for surveillance that can provide you with clear and bright images, it is best that you select models that have lenses that have been fully multi-coated. The most significant advantage of items of this kind is that they also reduce the glare. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy unobstructed views at all times.

When it comes to the durability of a monocular, it is crucial that you take a good look at whether or not that product that you like has a rugged construction. By purchasing a model that has a sturdy body, you can rest assured knowing that it will pass the test of time.

Furthermore, before you buy that choice that you’ve found for sale, we recommend that you also spend some time analyzing whether or not the model is waterproof and fog and dust resistant. If the answer is positive, you will be able to utilize your new acquisition no matter the meteorological conditions.


Additional tips and tricks

If you are determined to end up with quality monoculars, there are a few further aspects that you should also keep in mind. First things first, if you happen to wear glasses, it is advisable that you select a model that has adjustable eyecups. Also, if you also intend to use it when you go camping or hiking, you should make sure that the product that you purchase is light in weight.

For best results, the specialists also advise interested buyers to invest in a model that has a relatively wide FOV. This way, the device that you have acquired will be effortless to use for surveillance.

If you also want to record videos or to snap photos of the area that you are surveilling, it might be a good idea for you to get a device that also comes provided with an adaptor for your phone. What is more, you should know that there are numerous models of this kind that come shipped with such adaptors. So, you might not have to pay extra for an accessory of this kind.

Those that intend to use their new monocular during the night should purchase a choice that was made using thermal or infrared technology. Also, it might be suitable that they pick a model that has a large lens so that they are supplied with clearer images in low light situations.  

If you are a novice when it comes to this line of products, we recommend that you also spend some time reading this article that we have prepared for you on how to select a monocular for bird watching. Even more so, this buying guide on how to get a quality monocular for hunting might also be of help.



Our 2019 list: Find the right monocular for surveillance for your needs


Purchasing a good surveillance monocular is a difficult task. To help you make a decision, we have composed a list of products that have received positive reviews from current owners.



Wingspan Optics Explorer 12×50


If you are interested in handheld monoculars, this choice might be just what you’ve been looking for. The unit has a magnification ratio of 12x and a large objective lens that measures 50mm. As a plus, this item can pass the test of time as it has a sturdy external armor that can provide you with a non-slip grip.

Because it is fog proof and waterproof, this monocular can actively prevent water, dust, and debris from entering inside it and, thus, obstruct your vision.

Plus, this option is said to inhibit internal fogging. As a result, you can use this model in any type of weather and in basically any environment.

Another aspect that makes this unit stand out is its focus system that allows its users to focus on various objects easily by using a single hand. If you decide to invest in this product, you will also receive a nylon mesh carrying case, a lens protector as well as a microfiber cleaning cloth.


Buy from for ($249)




Gosky 12×55 High Definition


Another fun travel monocular that you should check out before making up your mind is the Gosky 12×55 High Definition. This item is quite powerful as it has a magnification ratio of 12x and an objective lens of 55mm. On top of that, this item is considered a great fit for those that enjoy outdoor activities, as the unit can deliver bright images.

If you happen to wear glasses, you will be happy to find out that this item comes provided with a long eye relief and with twist-up eyecups.

To cater to all the needs of its users, the manufacturer also provides its buyers with a smartphone adapter that allows them to take photographs and to record videos of the area that they are surveilling.

Technically-speaking, this choice comes fitted with a large BAK-4 prism and with a multi-coated, green-film objective lens that can deliver bright and crisp images. The solid framework and the rubber armor that this item feature make it suitable to be used in a wide array of circumstances.


Buy from for ($78.99)




Gosky Titan 12X50


Another budget monocular that might interest you is the Gosky Titan 12X50. This pack consists of a monocular and a practical smartphone mount, and it is currently regarded as a safe investment for those that are looking for a device that is perfect for surveillance.

The BAK-4 prism that it incorporates, and the fully multi-coated lens coating that the item features make it quite functional and likely to supply you with quality images.

Plus, the rubber armor of the model is shock-absorbing and quite durable according to previous buyers. Additionally, the rubber straps that are fitted on the armor are said to provide the user with the needed grip when handling the device.

As expected, this model is waterproof and it has a nitrogen-filled interior. Also, thanks to the O-sealed optics, this monocular can be used no matter the weather. A tripod mount is also incorporated on its bottom.



Buy from for ($59.99)




Solomark Night Vision


If you want to invest in a sturdy product, and you don’t mind spending some extra dollars in order to do so, this next item is just what you need.

This gadget comes provided with numerous features, and it is said to be suitable to be used when observing targets in almost complete darkness. Therefore, the unit can be used when hunting at dusk or when exploring the wildlife in caves.

Furthermore, this monocular has a multi-coated glass objective and a high-sensitivity sensor that is considered rather practical by previous users.

Even more so, the model has an integrated color LCD screen, as well as a 7-level IR LED illuminator that can help its owners see in the dark up to 328ft or 100m.

Differently from most products out there, this item also enables the users to take photos and videos of the area that they are observing without using an additional device. The recorded content can be easily transferred to one’s computer.


Buy from for ($129.99)




Solomark Camera & Camcorder


If you are looking for one of those lightweight monoculars that are multi-functional, this Solomark alternative might fit your needs.

This nighttime device has a 500 feet/150m night vision range, and it comes supplied with a color LCD screen and with a 73-level IR LED illuminator that can help you observe different targets in complete darkness.

Because of the many features that it has, this choice can be used for hunting, navigation, and security surveillance.

On top of that, this item allows its owners to take photos and videos of their surroundings, as it also incorporates an 8GB SD card.  For extra convenience, this device is also compatible with a 64GB card. The choice runs on 4 AA rechargeable batteries that are not included in the deal.

Additionally, a mini USB cable, an AV cable, a carrying case, and a neck strap are also provided by the seller.



Buy from for ($169.99)




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