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If you just want to find what the best monocular for hunting is, this short paragraph should be able to help you get the product you need. After some extensive analysis, we have concluded that the Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 191142 is the best because of its quality and numerous features. You will be glad to know that this model offers some of the best images you can get with the help of the quality optics that provide a breathtaking HD clarity to help you see even the tiniest object. The 10x magnification is ideal for using when hunting as it allows you to see better without affecting your peripheral view, which means that it will be easy to keep track of what you are observing. As a plus, this option also comes in a sturdy body which is built to last. If the Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 191142 is unavailable, we recommend the Gosky Titan as your second option.


Finding a good monocular for hunting is no easy task, you have to be aware of the features you require and that can need some research. Add to that the fact that the market has a lot of options available for sale for you to choose from and you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed. You can take a look at our comprehensive buying guide, and see if our information won’t save you some precious time.  


The right magnification matters quite a bit

When looking to buy a monocular for hunting, choosing the proper magnification of your device is crucial. It can help you be more efficient and catch more game, whereas a bad purchase can have the opposite effect. This is why you mustn’t let yourself influenced by the idea that the bigger magnification equals to a better device.

You do want a good magnification, but you don’t have to go to extremes and pick a 50x magnification device. We have found that a 20x magnification is pretty much the limit of what a good product should have, while most customers are satisfied with a magnification strength of 10x.

The reason why we don’t recommend going for an alternative that can offer big magnification levels is that when hunting you need to be aware of your surroundings. A lower magnification can get you a closer look without affecting your peripheral vision. If you go from a 50x magnification and back to normal viewing, you will find it difficult to locate the exact spot you were observing.

Because when hunting time is the most important factor that can make the difference between catching and losing your prey. A lower magnification can make you more aware of your surroundings, leaving you more alert and ready to strike the killing blow.


Durability and features

Consider the fact that hunting is no easy activity; it may take you on diverse terrains and varied weather conditions. You need a product that is able to face these challenges without showing any signs of giving up. Durability is a fundamental factor that needs proper care because you don’t want a product that can easily break and isn’t able to keep up with you.

Depending on your needs, you have to choose an option that can adapt to different terrains and weather conditions. The one feature that you should be sure that your product has is shock resistance. Make sure that your choice has a durable and shockproof body.

Another feature to consider is waterproofness. When using a product in the wild, you should expect it to get in contact with a bit of water, be it rain or just a puddle. Similarly, a fogproof design can guarantee that you will always get the best view, without your scope getting fogged.


Optics quality

Last, but definitely not the least, make sure that your option can provide you with a quality experience that will help you notice every detail. You must make sure that the product uses good optics that are made of high-quality glass.

You won’t have to fear that going for a cheap hunting monocular will automatically mean that you will get a bad viewing experience. While a more expensive option will certainly make for a better experience, affordable options that deliver great quality can also be found.

If possible, you should test your product before committing to purchase it. This is the best way of choosing between two or more products that have similar specifications.



Top hunting monoculars reviews in 2018


To make it easier for you to decide, we have compiled a list of some of the best monocular for hunting below. Besides sifting through some of the most popular monocular for hunting reviews and consumer ratings, we have also considered the reliability, features and overall quality of the products. Give it a look if you find the time.



Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 191142


If quality is what you seek, then the Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 191142 will make sure that you have one of the best devices on the market. The optics of this device are built to provide a quality experience that will help you observe objects in beautiful HD clarity.

The 10x magnification offers a good ratio that will help you see things closer without affecting your peripheral vision in any way. When using the device, you either do it by using your hand or if you require greater stability, you can mount it on a tripod.

With a fully waterproof and fogproof construction, you get a product that will be able to withstand a variety of challenges successfully.

It’s not just these nifty features that add to the durability of this option, but also the quality materials that have been tested extensively in order to give you a monocular that is built to last.



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Gosky Titan


The Gosky Titan is a versatile product that combines technology with usability in a masterful and straightforward way. It comes with a high power magnification of 12x that together with the 50mm objective can give stunningly clear images of your outdoor adventures.

It also comes equipped with the Gosky newest quick alignment smartphone adapter. This adapter is compatible with the most popular smartphones on the market and is designed to allow you to capture pictures and videos.

Seen something worth sharing? With this product, it will be easier than ever to let your friends and family experience a part of your adventure.

The large BAK-4 Prism and the fully multi-coated lens will guarantee that you will get the best light transmission and brightness, making your view crisp and rich in details. The build of the product is rock-solid as well, the Gosky Titan has a design that is waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof.



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SVBONY Compact


If you’re looking for a device that has a truly compact design and that is easy to carry with you at all times, the SVBONY Compact Monocular is the choice for you.

It offers a magnification of 8x that is augmented by the 32mm objective in order to provide you with bright and clear images that do not suffer from distortions.

The body of the product is lightweight, weighing just 13.6 ounces, a feature that makes it extremely easy to carry and use. The outside of the device also features a non-slip design that is covered with high-grade rubber which makes it impossible for the device to slip your grip while remaining comfortable to the touch.

The IPX7 waterproof rating adds durability to your product. This feature combines with the fogproof design that makes it convenient to use the device in the outdoors without any change of moisture getting inside the product or on the lenses.  



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Bushnell Equinox Z 260140


Do you want more from your device and don’t mind spending a little more cash for those useful features?

You won’t be disappointed by the Bushnell Equinox Z 260140 as this alternative features a digital night vision monocular that is a must for the most skillful of hunters. It features a magnification of 4.5 as well as a digital zoom of up to 3x.

The built-in infrared illuminator can make the night come to life, the night vision will allow you to view objects in the night up to a distance of 750 ft. Of course, you can use the Bushnell Equinox Z 260140 during the day just as well without suffering any drawbacks when it comes to quality.

To make things even better, this gadget comes with video and image capture capability built-in. In order to record or take pictures, you are going to have to buy a Micro-SD Card to store the files on, if you don’t have one already.



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Miluo Tech LYSB01IQXH3FC


For people that don’t want to spend a lot of money on their product but still want a quality monocular, the Miluo Tech LYSB01IQXH3FC offers an alternative worth considering.

It comes with multi coated optics that guarantee great light and brightness transmission, as well as clear and sharp images.

The 16x magnification is aided by the 52mm objective which means that you will be able to see distant objects without sacrificing clarity. The Miluo Tech LYSB01IQXH3FC is a powerful yet extremely lightweight product that can be easily operated using a single hand.

Storing it is also no problem, in fact, you will be able to carry it in your backpack constantly as it won’t take a lot of space, nor add a lot of weight for you to worry about. Don’t let its small size and lightweight design fool you, this device is rubber armored which makes it perfect to use in the outdoors intensively.



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