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Best moisture analyzer

Last Updated: 17.11.19


Moisture analyzers – Buying guide & Comparison


If you’re short on time and you just want to find the best moisture analyzer, this short paragraph should help you get exactly the model you need. According to our findings/research, the Ohaus MB25 is the best because of its halogen heating element that dries samples quickly, saving you time on moisture analysis comparison procedures using a standard oven. Made by one of the trusted moisture analyzer manufacturers in the world, this model delivers precise moisture content determination with values provided in easy-to-read format on the backlit LCD display. The easy one-button setup and menu navigation ensures simple use and makes the device extremely user-friendly. The integrity of your samples is consistently ensured thanks to how easy this moisture balance is to clean, while equipped with a compact design that ensures hassle-free placement on your workplace countertop along with problem-free storage when not in use. If the Ohaus MB25 is unavailable, your second option should be the Ohaus MB23.



Any R&D lab or quality control department would be incomplete without one of the best moisture analyzers as part of its equipment collection. What is a moisture analyzer? When developing new criteria or meeting new ones for established manufacturing, a moisture analyzer provides information on correct moisture content to help ensure that this factor is in accordance to established standards by regulatory authorities and industry trade associations. Now what sets apart a premium quality moisture analyzer from a mediocre one?


A suitable heating profile for your needs

When examining which of the products among those featured in the best moisture analyzer reviews is perfect for your lab, remember that in a moisture analyzer, different substances react variously to heat. Some moisture analyzers come with a fixed heating rate while others allow you to choose the heating profile that determines how heat is delivered to the sample. The heating profiles are generally set through trial and error but once this is done, can be stored in memory on the device and then recalled accordingly when performing analyses.

With standard drying, the sample is heated rapidly to the set temperature. This is a commonly used process thanks to its general suitability for most substances. Gentle or soft drying is designed for substances that don’t work under fast temperature increases or that have a tendency for crust or skin formation, which limits the drying process. You can adjust the rate at which the device reaches the set temperature.

With fast heating, sample testing can be accelerated especially with substances that have a moisture content between 5 and 15 percent. The temperature increase is achieved extremely quickly and can exceed the set drying temperature briefly, after which the temperature can be regulated down to what has been set before. Substances such as gypsum, that let free moisture go at one temperature and release bound moisture at a higher level,are perfect for the step drying process. With this system, the sample gets heated to the first selected temperature and held there for a specific amount of time, after which it is then heated to the second selected temperature. With step frying, you can select the individual heating increments. This heating profile is suitable for samples with at least 15 percent content.


Ease of use

How does a moisture analyzer work? The answer lies in how easy the device is to use. A moisture analyzer provides precise and accurate determination of a sample’s moisture content. Basically, you have to check the unit’s readout, also known as its readability or resolution. This refers to the smallest unit that can be viewed on the control panel and is presented in percent moisture and grams. On the other hand, the ability of the device to present the same result after the sample has undergone repeated testing is referred to as the repeatability. Expressed as a standard deviation, this value ensures the reliability of the device.

Once the moisture analyzer has been correctly assembled, you should be able to work comfortably when doing moisture analysis. Make sure the machine is level using built-in foot height adjustment screws and checking out the leveling bubble. Operation should involve at only a few simple steps. After turning the machine on and allowing it to warm up, you simply insert the empty sample pan and press the tare button. Then, load the sample and press a button to engage moisture analysis functionality. Some models have the rest of the moisture test, including the moisture test analysis recording and shutdown done automatically. Ideally, once the device gets to the operating temperature, it should be able to go into standby mode when not in use so you won’t have to warm it up every single use.

Erroneous readings can be avoided if the machine is easily calibrated by following instructions in the user manual. Some models need a separately bought calibration weight for this purpose. Recalibration is needed when the instrument is transferred to another location. It is also sensible to perform regular calibration tests.

Helpful features

The sample pan and heating chamber should be easy to load and clean up. If possible, the device should allow you to link it with a computer for convenient recording of results. Models with an RS232 bidirectional interface provide the solution for this requirement. Because accurate calculation of moisture content is vital both for ensuring quality control and the development of new products, the device should provide accurate readings that can be viewed on a convenient backlit LCD screen. Go for machines with a tough die-cast metal and ABS plastic housing that ensure durability for lasting use. You want the machine to be light enough for easy transportability and compact enough for problem-free countertop placement and storage. Some models come with different measurement programs to allow you to choose from manual, automatic, standard, timer and quick drying processes.



5 Best Moisture Analyzers (Reviews) in 2019


There is a wide variety of products available on the market for moisture analyzers. Although this can complicate the entire buying process, we urge you to check out the tips in the guide above to help you make an easier decision. The best products have also been showcased below for more shopping assistance to the consumer.



1. Demo Unit- Ohaus MB25 Moisture Analyzer


1-demo-unit-ohaus-mb25-moisture-analyzerDelivering precise moisture content determination at an affordable value, the Ohaus MB25 lets you read measured values easily on its large backlit LCD display.

This model easily links with your computer or printer thanks to its built-in RS232 interface. Equipped with a halogen heating element, this device provides moisture analysis for any budget. Samples are dried quickly, saving you time on performing moisture analysis procedures using a standard oven.

The backlit LCD is supplemented by the easy one-button setup and effortless menu navigation. This tool is extremely user friendly and easy to clean so the integrity of your samples is ensured . the compact design ensures easy countertop placement, portability and storage.

This device proves to be indispensable for percent moisture and percent solid determination as well as weighing. The supplied power cord enables out-of-the-box use.

Constructed with an ABS housing and metal pan support and handler, this device also preserves your sample with the in-use cover. Shut off can be manual, timed or automatic so you can opt for the most convenient process for your needs.



It comes with a user-friendly design and a digital LCD screen to easily read moisture level values on it.

The product can be easily connected to your computer or printer thanks to its built-in RS232 surface.

It comes with a halogen heating element so that samples are quickly dried, saving you time as opposed to using a standard oven.

It is also equipped with a supplied power cord so that you can use it safely out-of-the-box.

The item offers a high quality and is also suitable for weighing.



Although portable, the Ohaus MB25 cannot be rated as a cheap product. If you have a couple thousand dollars to spare we suggest opting for this moisture analyzer. Most of the customers who purchased the product were very pleased with its quality so, again, if money is not a problem, we suggest giving this item a try.


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2. Ohaus MB Moisture Analyzer 110g Capacity Readability


2-ohaus-mb-moisture-analyzerPerfect for use in a laboratory, contract laboratory, wastewater treatment plant of for food processing and preparation settings, the Ohaus MB23 employs a metallic sheathed glass-free infrared heating element to deliver Percent Moisture Determination, Percent Solid Determination, and sample weighing.

This state-of-the-art device dries samples quickly with its heating element to ensure precise moisture content analysis.

Measured values are easy to read on the large backlit LCD display. Linking the device with your printer or computer for recording of results is easy thanks to the built-in RS232 port. The instrument comes with a power cord for out-of-the-box functionality.

The metal pan support and metal pan holder ensure integrity of your samples because they are easy to load and clean.

Constructed with an ABS housing, this instrument is sure to give you years of service. The in-use cover protects your samples from contamination from external elements. This moisture analyzer shuts off automatically and through timed and manual settings.



This product works great both as a moisture analyzer as well as a weighing unit, being able to weigh up to 110 grams.

It works great and is precise and quick with all moisture contents in samples.

The backlit LCD displays weight and moisture readings so you can easily make your measurements and analyze them in real time.

The item is made out of die-cast metal and an ABS plastic housing for increased durability in time. Purchase this item and you will enjoy its performance for many years to come.



This item will definitely not come cheap but its great performance will pay off in time. You can purchase it for over two thousand dollars, depending on the distributor, but you will definitely acknowledge its high speed and performance.

Most of the customers who purchased the product were pleased with what they received, but they did note that it takes around 25 minutes to run a test cycle of cereal samples.


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3. Radwag PMC 50/NH Moisture Analyzer Balance 


3-radwag-pmc-50-nh-moisture-analyzer-balanceEquipped with a capacity of 50 grams and a readability of 1 mg, the Radwag PMC 50/NH facilitates percent moisture determination and weighing in any quality control laboratory to ensure compliance to product standards.

It can accommodate a sample 20mm high on its 90 mm aluminum sample platform, which is resistant to corrosion and chipping. The strong metal and plastic material used in the construction of this device ensures years of use.

Its drying temperature range is up to 160 degrees centigrade to ensure accuracy in readings. The device offers four drying modes: standard; quick; step; and mild, giving you a variety of options to perform moisture content analysis and evaluation.

It also proves to be a reliable device for testing the permeability of water vapor through samples of different substances. Lightweight at just 8 pounds, this instrument has a sleek and compact profile measuring 10 by 12 by 10 inches (HxLxW) to ensure effortless placement on the counter and hassle-free storage and portability.



For what it offers, the product comes with a highly affordable price, so we suggest you give this one a try.

It is made out of plastic and metal, materials strong enough to last plenty of years from now on. The product also features an aluminum weighing pan with dimensions of 90mm in diameter, large enough to place small samples.

The moisturizing content is measured with accuracy 0.01% with this tool, making it more than reliable for almost all lab samples.

The product offers four different drying models – standard, quick, step, and mild.



The maximum sample weight cannot exceed 50 grams, which makes it suitable only for small batches and samples. While the weight is enough to run tests in small labs, high-performance ones will require more powerful tools.

First-time users might find it hard for them to wrap their mind around how they are supposed to utilize the device.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($1210)





4. A&D ML-50 mL Series Moisture Analyzer 


4-nevada-weighingtm-ad-ml-50-moisture-analyzerEasy to use in food processing plants and other lab applications, the Nevada Weighing™ A&D ML-50NW offers extremely quick cycle times and consistently accurate readings.

Easy to calibrate and quick to set up, this moisture analyzer does the job it is designed to do using the halogen heating element that delivers fast sample drying. It also comes with built-in RS232C interface to enable effortless linking with a printer or PC so you can easily record results for thorough review, comparison and analysis.

This model comes with a Self Check Function and Quick Reference Card to ensure that it delivers consistent and repeatable results every time. It is equipped with five measurement programs that include Standard, Automatic, Manual, Timer and Quick, to suit the application and required procedures. The Super Hybrid Sensor technology ensures that all moisture is removed prior to measurements for high levels of accuracy.

Engineered to conform to GLP, GMP, GCP and ISO standards, this instrument provides the time/date, ID, calibration data and check record outputs, making it perfect for food, chemical and pharmaceutical processing or any moisture analysis application.



This choice is suitable for food processing plants as well as other lab applications and makes the perfect addition when you are on a tight budget.  

It comes with a Super Hybrid Sensor technology which ensures that all of the moisture is removed from the sample prior to measurements in order to have an accurate measurement. This way you can make sure all your results are as close to 100% precise as possible.

You can easily link this product to your PC or printer and receive all data required directly on the screen of your computer.

Given its reliable and sturdy construction, you will not have any issues with the durability of this alternative as it will allow you to utilize it for as many times as possible.



While some argue that this moisture analyzer is budget-friendly, others might find its cost to be downright off-putting. Therefore, it depends on what you’re prepared to spend on such a device.


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5. Nevada Weighing’s Radwag PMC 50 NH Solids


5-nevada-weighings-radwag-pmc-50-nhDelivering European-precision solid and moisture balance analysis, the European-made Nevada Weighing’s Radwag PMC 50 has a capacity of 50 grams and is perfect for testing solids in wastewater.

Lightweight at 12 pounds, the PMC 50 operates at a temperature range between 50 and 160 degrees centigrade for accurate results every time. The backlit LCD display makes it easy to read results even when lighting is poor.

This instrument comes with four drying profiles including Standard, Mild, Step, and Rapid to suit your specific application using a halogen heating element. Shut off is done automatically, manually or set to time defined parameters.

The 90mm sample pan size provides accurate weighing of samples while being easy to clean. This instrument delivers GLP/GMP printouts and reports. Moisture display can be as low as 0.01% for totally reliable accuracy in the lab. The two-year warranty ensures premium quality craftsmanship and materials for reliable performance through the years.



The maximum storage capacity for samples is 50 grams, similar to other products reviewed.

The product is very lightweight, weighing only 12 pounds as opposed to 14 – 16 pounds of other items from the same price range.

It includes a backlit LCD display to help reading results easier in all light conditions, especially when lighting is poor.

Similar to other products of its range, the Radwag PMC 50 also comes with four drying profiles – standard, mild, step, and rapid.

The shutdown is done both automatically or manually, depending on your preferences and needs.

Last, but not least, it’s worth adding that the item is made in Europe, vouching for its quality and high-performance.



The PMC series from Nevada doesn’t come with USB support, meaning you won’t be able to export your data to your computer or print it out. If your job requires this, we suggest opting for other products within the same price range.


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