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If you are short on time and you just want to find the best microscope kit available for sale these days, this short paragraph should help you get just the right model you need. According to our findings, the AmScope 40X-1000X Dual Light is the best as it is affordable and does precisely what a product in this line should do. The magnification capabilities of this microscope are rather decent, in spite of the fact that it cannot be utilized for looking at specimens in great depth. However, this model is a terrific choice for students and children who want to learn how to operate a microscope. Besides, using the AmScope in class is an excellent idea considering that it is equipped with an all-metal frame that helps it withstand the test of time. What’s more, several slide-preparation tools, as well as a bundle of introductory materials are provided in the pack. The operating instructions offered by the manufacturing brand are straightforward and fun, thus giving children the chance to exercise their abilities. If the AmScope 40X-1000X Dual Light is unavailable, your second option should be the OMAX 40X-2000X Lab.



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Purchasing the best microscope science kit may be quite a daunting task these days, as the market seems to be overflowing with alternatives. That’s why we have decided to give you a hand and put together a comprehensive guide about some of the most important factors you ought to give a thought to before making your final choice. Remember, your needs and preferences are often more important than the cutting-edge abilities of your chosen microscope.

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A microscope kit usually doesn’t raise that many technical difficulties to users as a full-size professional unit would. Nonetheless, one must consider the purpose one is trying to achieve by purchasing and using such a kit. The magnifying capabilities of products out there are different from one model to the next. Therefore, you’ll have to ask yourself if you’re searching for the best children’s microscope kit or would perhaps benefit from selecting one of the many microscope kits for students that can be found online. Some tend to believe that the best microscope starter kit is composed of very few parts, and the major one is a pseudo-microscope that’s in actuality a magnifying glass. Learn to make the difference between a toy and a real microscope as there are several limitations and price differences between the two.



In most cases, you’ll find that these products are either compound or stereo microscopes. You don’t have to look for overly complicated options because there are none to speak of. What makes the difference between these two types of microscopes is their magnifying capabilities. A stereo microscope is typically capable of magnifying specimens or items of any nature up to 300X. By contrast, a compound microscope should traditionally be able to magnify objects of interest up to 1,000X and more. There is no right and wrong when it comes to buying the perfect model because you’ll simply have to think ahead of things and realize what your typical specimen will be. If you’re interested in looking at items such as coins, pieces of jewelry, whole bugs, and other somewhat larger specimens, there’s nothing stopping you from choosing a light microscope. On the other hand, a compound alternative can be customized in such a way so that you’re able to look at parts of coins and larger items just as well as you can have a peek at a bacterial slide or any other lab-related specimen.


Quality of build

In spite of the fact that this factor doesn’t look like the first that would cross your mind when deciding on one model over the next, the fact of the matter is that the construction of a microscope has a significant role in the entire user experience. The body or the arm of the microscope should be constructed out of sturdy metal if you plan to use the same product for a decent number of years. Inside the microscope, the components are even more critical as they can determine the quality of the images you’ll be able to look at. The rule of thumb, in this case, is that lenses made of glass will always be better and more efficient at doing their job compared to their plastic counterparts. Glass can offer you clearer pictures.

It is important to underline that microscopes that have parts made of better materials tend to cost more. That’s why you need to estimate your budget and decide whether you’re planning to purchase the best beginner microscope kit as it might cost a pretty penny. That would also be the case if you’re looking to find the best trinocular microscope.


Light source

Although microscopes that rely on an external light source are slowly becoming obsolete, there are some models that are still available. The neat thing about them is that they are often cheaper than microscopes that come with a bulb of some kind. In many cases, the magnification capabilities of such a model are more than satisfactory as they can even be used for examining the structure of tissues, provided that you’re in the proximity of a window.

Models that feature light sources have become more and more popular over the years mostly because they are convenient and easy to use. While there are several differences among them, the most common light bulb that might be built in a microscope these days is a LED. Other types include tungsten, halogen, and fluorescent. In spite of the fact that a fluorescent bulb is expensive, it is brighter and heats up less compared to a tungsten bulb.



A kit isn’t a kit if it doesn’t come with at least several extras. Chances are you are trying to get the best value out of the set, so be sure to check if it comes with slides, a slide cover, a microscope cover, and even stains and dyes, particularly if you want to get a unit intended for children. What’s more, some kits also come with booklets that are fun to read and manage to be straightforward enough so that they accurately explain to the kid or student how the microscope should be used correctly. For example, if the student studies biology, a dissecting microscope would do well to come with a comprehensive manual for such delicate operations.



Top microscope kit reviews in 2019


The best microscope kits are showcased below. Based on the owner feedback, sales figures, and value these models offer for the price, we have put together a short product selection composed of some of the most critically acclaimed units out there.



AmScope 40X-1000X Dual Light


1.AmScope AWARDED BEST STUDENT MICROSCOPEAmScope has been a leading manufacturing brand in the industry of developing high-quality microscopes for a very long time. The company is well-known for its excellently designed products, and this model is not an exception.

The microscope is capable of offering a magnification capability ranging from 40X to 1000X which can be customized depending on the specimen you might be trying to examine. This is an optical glass lens student microscope that’s worth its weight in gold, especially as it costs under ninety dollars. In other words, if you aren’t looking for a way to break your piggy bank, perhaps you ought to give this model a thought.

This AmScope unit comes with a transmitted LED illumination system which means that you’ll be able to benefit from top and bottom lights so that you can see crisp and clear images.

The fact that the lens is made of glass and the frame has been constructed out of metal give a pointer as to whether this product will withstand the test of time or not. In spite of the fact that the AmScope might have several limitations, such as the lack of a camera, it is a good choice for beginners particularly since it comes with a plethora of accessories.



The Dual Light has decent quality glass optics. Using two eyepieces (10x and 25x) it is capable of offering magnifications that go from 40x to 1000x.

It has coarse and fine tuning that works smoothly and steadily even when they’re employed at maximum magnification. It’s

The microscope offers great versatility for the price. It’s fit for homeschooling, labs, various tests or simply as a gift for beginners.

It has both top and bottom LED lighting. That gives viewers the advantage of studying both very small translucent objects like cells and opaque items like insects or stamps.

Both sources of light are adjustable. Controlling the level of brightness is essential for obtaining a clear image of the subject.  



The microscope doesn’t have a mechanical stage. That would make a nice improvement but it would also raise the price.

The top light gets blocked when the higher magnification is in use.


Buy from for ($109.6)





OMAX 40X-2000X Lab


2.Promotion Set OMAX 40X-2000X Lab LED BinocularThis kit is composed of several extras and a compound microscope that’s rather hard to say no to. If you’re not fixated on the idea of purchasing a model intended for the use of kids or young students, perhaps you ought to have a look at the specs of this OMAX kit as it comes with excellent magnification capabilities and does exactly what it has been built to do.

The compound biological microscope can be used in laboratories and practices as well as in classrooms.

As is the case with the previously showcased option, this one features a LED transmitted illumination system, but the neat thing about the OMAX is that the brightness of the bulb can be customized. This makes it possible for the person using the microscope to adjust the light intensity in complete accordance with the nature of the specimen the user is trying to see the structure of.

Unfortunately, neither the previously described AmScope unit nor this OMAX one comes with a camera. What this means for the end-user is that he or she will not be able to benefit from the advantage of saving the images on his or her computer.



It has 8 possible magnifications. With 2 widefield eyepieces and 4 achromatic objectives, this compound microscope provides the user with magnified images that range from 40x to 2000x.

You can rely on a steady and accurate examination. The unit has a stain resistant double layer mechanical stage with scale. Maneuvering the slides will be much easier when using this model.

The Omax 40X-2000X Lab microscope has great versatility. Thanks to the complexity and high-quality optics this can be used for homeschool and teaching, clinical examinations, science laboratories and advanced applications.

The metal frame is a guarantee of sturdiness and durability. While many of the products on the market are designed for lightweight, this one is made for long term usage.

It has LED light and dimmer. LED lights are preferable because they run cold and you don’t risk killing the cells on the slide by overheating them.



The mechanical design seems to be imperfect and it reflects in the difficult focus adjustment.


Buy from for ($270.87)





AmScope B120C-E1


1-2-amscope-b120c-e1Compared to the models we’ve described earlier on, the AmScope B120C-E1 is considerably less affordable. However, the price really doesn’t matter in this case as this model is by far one of the best in its line.

It has a plethora of attractive and useful features, ranging from an Abbe condenser to a 1.3 MP camera and compatibility with virtually any type of operating system you might have on your computer or laptop.

What’s more, the AmScope B120C-E1 takes the cake with regard to magnifying certain areas on your specimens or slides considering that its maximum magnification is 2500X. As is the case with other options we’ve seen, this one features LED illumination. However, the B120C-E1 comes with just one LED bulb which is located at the top of the unit.

Therefore, this compound microscope has few limitations mainly that you won’t be able to use it as a dissecting unit. Even so, the Amscope B120C-E1 is well worth every penny as it can take the cake when it comes to convenience, efficiency, and performance. Plus, the software is part of the deal with this model, which means that you won’t have to spend any extra money on purchasing it separately.



Buying this microscope gives you access to a magnification power that is less common among similar models. The optical capabilities can go up to 2500x image enhancement, enough to analyze even DNA samples.

This product provides a clear focus. Where other microscopes show signs of weakness, the AmScope B120C-E1 makes a powerful impression with clear blur-free edge-to-edge vision.  

Adjustable light is satisfying feature as it keeps the eyes rested and improves the quality of the image.  

People are pleased to deal with easy setup and effortless learning. If you’re about to purchase this microscope, you’ll be ready for work in just minutes.

The unit has several professional gear pieces that add to its value. Using a condenser, iris diaphragm and color filter you’ll have a similar experience to that of a lab researcher.



The camera to be mounted on the scope is not strong enough for the instrument’s capacity.

It would be useful to have more detailed explanations especially about mounting the USB camera.


Buy from for ($274.99)





My First Lab MFL-06


4.My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope - MFL-06The My First Lab MFL-06 appears to be a reasonable choice for people who are only starting to use a microscope for the first time. While the design and operation of the product might raise certain technical difficulties to kids, this model is just the right alternative for students and even for several professionals, depending on the domain they work in.

The microscope is rather limited when it comes to its magnification capabilities, as owners can select just 40X, 100X, or 400X to look at specimens. Nevertheless, since it entirely capable of performing its tasks, the model has garnered an immense degree of appreciation coming from parents and amateurs.

Aside from the actual microscope, if you choose this set you will also be getting a plastic dropper, coverslips, five blank microscope slides, four prepared slides, blank slide labels, a pack of lens paper, a forceps, two stains that are not toxic, a Petri dish, a test tube, and a teasing needle.

It’s easy to see that the number of extras provided for the price is downright impressive, especially as the unit costs less than seventy dollars. It’s also worth noting that the product weighs in at just three pounds, which means that it’s portable enough to take from one place to the next.



The starter kit provides you with everything you need to start your work. It has blank slides, cover slides, and slide labels, some prepared slides, a double well slide for liquid, carrying cases. Besides the recipient, there are accessories like forceps and lens paper.

It has a great user’s manual, which is essential for beginners. It contains detailed explanations and pictures as well as plenty of ideas for observation.

The microscope has quality components. The lenses, objectives and eyepiece tubes are made of metal or glass, while the frame is made of an impact-resistant sturdy plastic.

The controls on this unit are simple so that all beginners can use it without any problems.

Making this purchase will ensure you optimum portability. The microscope’s LED lights are powered by 3 AA batteries, so your moves aren’t restricted by a cord and the plastic frame is lightweight.



The slides are fragile and sharp so you should keep them away from the kids.


Buy from for ($69.99)




AmScope M30-ABS-KT2-W


1-1-amscope-kids-m30-abs-kt2-wIt would have been close to impossible to avoid including this model in our selection as it is so affordable that it can be bought for less than forty dollars. It goes without saying that getting a professional microscope kit is impossible for this kind of money, which is why this unit is strictly intended for the use of children or complete beginners.

Regardless of its rather unprofessional design and limited capabilities, the microscope manages to offer a maximum magnification of 1200X, which is actually superior compared to other units that cost more.

Besides, this AmScope product comes with LED illumination but lacks an integrated camera. You won’t have any luck connecting this model to a laptop or computer, but that shouldn’t stop you from seeing clear pictures as the mechanism works fine. Since the pack contains 52 accessories as well as a hard-sided plastic case, this option might even be a good choice for pathologists who need an easy way of carrying a simple microscope to the crime scene.

Given the fact that it has gathered over three hundred favorable Amazon reviews, the AmScope Kids M30-ABS-KT2-W might be worth taking into account if you still haven’t made up your mind on a different model.



The scope manages to provide high magnification. The 20x to the 1200x range is wider than that offered by many other starter microscopes.

The viewing head has LED and mirror illumination. For clear view and better identification of the samples, the manufacturer added a built-in color-filter.

It gives users the opportunity to use coaxial coarse focus as well as rack and pinion fine focus adjustment.

The plain stage is garnished with clips and that is important for securing the slides. There are various advanced models that don’t include this feature yet.

The kit is great for the kids. Beside the microscope, it has a varied range of accessories than facilitate applications for the first timers. The total of 52 pieces includes brine shrimp eggs and hatchery, petri dish, prepared and blank slides and others.



The instrument is almost entirely made of plastic, so it might give you a flimsy feel.

The package doesn’t contain an instructions manual.


Buy from for ($39.99)




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