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Best microcentrifuge

Last Updated: 31.03.20


Microcentrifuges – Buying guide & Comparison


If you’re short on time and you just want to find the best microcentrifuge available for sale these days, this short paragraph should help you get just the right model you need. According to our findings, the Scilogex 9110511 is the best because it is compact, easy to use, and comes with all the features of a well-built microcentrifuge that gets the job done under the vast majority of circumstances. The minimum rotational speed of this product is 200 RPM, and the maximum one is 15,000 RPM. Also, the Scilogex 9110511 is fairly quiet to operate and doesn’t make a lot of noise which might bother you while you might be performing other tasks in the lab. It’s also worth noting that this model can be used continuously or set so that it runs anything between 30 seconds to 99 minutes, depending on your preferences. If the Scilogex 9110511 is unavailable, your second option should be the Eppendorf 022620498.



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Whether you’re looking for the best refrigerated microcentrifuge or a benchtop microcentrifuge, you’re in the right place. We have taken the time to perform an extensive research on the topic so that we create a comprehensive guide that can hopefully assist you when it comes to making the right call. If you’re still trying to find the answer to the question “How does a microcentrifuge work?”, all you have to do is keep on reading.

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Tube type

Microcentrifuge specifications are different from the ones you’d find in product descriptions belonging to standard versions. Full-size alternatives can spin tubes of which the volume ranges from 1.5 to 2 milliliters although there are several adapters that can be utilized in order to modify this type of tube capacity. Typically, microcentrifuges are capable of spinning small tubes with a capacity ranging from 0.2 to 0.5 milliliters. As is the case with standard products, these kinds of centrifuges also require certain adapters if you want to use larger or smaller test tubes.

Many lab grade microcentrifuges have their limitations, in that they can be used strictly for certain purposes. While a myriad of models have interchangeable rotors that allow them to be rather versatile when compared to their counterparts, there are still units out there that should be employed strictly for particular tubes such as cryotubes, PCR strips, or microtiter plates. Therefore, this is by far the first thing to look for when deciding on one microcentrifuge over the next mainly because the prospective buyer should consider his or her purpose and correlate it to the tube type and capacity.



Aside from the sample volume, you will also have to look at the capacity of the product. Just how many of these tubes can you use at a time? Is the unit compatible with different adapters or even with another rotor? They say bigger is better, and we are not here to disagree because in this case, getting a larger rotor with 48 places for tubes, for instance, will allow you to use the same rotor for 24 samples.



The speed of a microcentrifuge, expressed as the RPM, is also rather important depending on the nature of the samples you will be using. Rotors have their limitations in that they are programmed to avoid going over a certain speed so that they don’t become damaged. A 48-place rotor might be rated differently when compared to a 24 one. As for the actual RPM, the limits should be as broad as possible. If you have the budget to choose a unit of which the minimum rotational speed is 100 and the maximum one is 15,000 RPM, it’s probably the best choice to spend your money on.



5 Best Microcentrifuges (Reviews) in 2020


The best microcentrifuges are showcased below. All of these models have garnered the appreciation of many buyers which is why we felt compelled to include them in our product selection. These units are highly recommended for multiple purposes, thus proving that they are versatile and convenient.



1. Scilogex 91101511 D2012 Personal Micro-Centrifuge with Timer


1.Scilogex 91101511 D2012 Personal MicroThe Scilogex model seems to be one of the most popular alternatives we have stumbled upon while completing our research. For one, it costs less than eight hundred dollars which definitely counts to something seeing how centrifuges are anything but cheap.

Nonetheless, a low price cannot be correlated with low quality, at least in this case. The microcentrifuge comes with a series of features that make it rather hard to say no to. Plus, it even features a timer which allows owners to select the number of minutes they’d need in order to get their samples prepared for examination. The timer can be set between 30 seconds and 99 minutes, depending on the user’s preferences and requirements but the product can also be set on a continuous mode.

The maximum speed that can be reached by the Scilogex 91101511 is 15000 RPM which is impressive for a product with this price point.

Based on the info that we have gathered by reading user reviews, it looks as if the unit is relatively easy to work with and does not a good deal of time spent learning its basics. Besides, it weighs in at just 13.2 pounds which means that you can even use it in different labs if you want to carry it around.


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2. Eppendorf 5424 24-Place Microcentrifuge Tubes


2.Eppendorf 022620498 5424 MicrocentrifugeThere are not too many differences between this Eppendorf microcentrifuge and the Scilogex one we have showcased earlier on.

However, word has it that Eppendorf is one of the leading brands in the industry of manufacturing products in this line. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that this unit has been equipped with several handy features. This is a 24-place microcentrifuge that seems to be a great fit for tubes of which the capacity is 1.5 to 2 milliliters.

The neat thing about the Eppendorf model is that it has been designed in a unique way that allows it to be compatible with several different rotors. As such, you won’t have to purchase several microcentrifuges for various purposes given the fact that this unit allows you to utilize the same base.

Although it might not look like it in the beginning, the Eppendorf 022620498 is a rather versatile and flexible model that speaks to the ever-growing needs of scientists and lab workers who have no time messing with low-quality centrifuges.


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3. Scilogex 92201513 D3024R High Speed Refrigerated Micro-Centrifuge


3.Scilogex 92201513 D3024R High SpeedIf you work in a lab where there’s a high chance your samples shouldn’t be kept at room temperatures because they may be spoiled, perhaps it’s the right time you checked out the specs of the Scilogex 92201513. This model is a refrigerated centrifuge that makes it possible for users to customize the right temperature they require as long as they stick between the -16 to 40 degrees Celsius limits.

The rotational speed of the product is just as good as the one offered by many of its competitors mainly because it ranges from 200 RPM to 15,000 RPM.

As is the case with other units we have seen, the Scilogex offers all the advantages of a 24-place rotor that can be used for samples of which the capacity is up to 0.2-ml. Part of the reason why you might find this microcentrifuge a tad more expensive than others is that it is compatible with two other types of rotors, a 36-place one and a 4-PCR8 kit.

It is worth noting that the Scilogex 92201513 makes it possible for the samples to be protected at all times, given that when it is used at the maximum speed, the product automatically maintains a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius.


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4. Labnet Prism R Refrigerated Microcentrifuge


4.Labnet Prism R Refrigerated MicrocentrifugeThe Labnet Prism R is a model to bear in mind if you’re focused on quality instead of getting the cheapest microcentrifuge out there. The unit has been developed by an all-American company based in Burlington, Carolina, which has been in the industry ever since the 1920s.

In short, the Labnet Prism R is a fully functional yet quiet microcentrifuge that gets the job done in a timely fashion and offers perfect results. Besides, it is capable of attaining 4 degrees Celsius in as little as eight minutes. The temperature set by the user can be maintained all throughout the process.

As is the case with the formerly mentioned Scilogex unit, this one makes it possible for the samples never to be damaged by higher temperatures because it maintains the 4-degree temperature when it is being used at maximum speed.

The centrifuge features an aluminum rotor that’s said to be durable and sturdy but lightweight enough to be removed and autoclaved. The Labnet Prism R is covered by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, and so you have nothing to worry about with regard to returns and refunds. Also, the manufacturing company offers tremendous customer support which might be something to consider especially if you have little to no experience when it comes to using the product for the first time.


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5. Oxford Small Digital Micro Centrifuge Capacity


A great choice for basic lab quick-spin work, Oxford Benchmate’s C8 model has a compact design that makes it ideal for a variety of workstations. This device comes with a multitude of features, including an interchangeable 8-position rotor for eight 1.5 or 2.0Ml microcentrifuge tubes and eight 0.2Ml PCR tubes.

Silent yet effective, the C8 Microcentrifuge has a noise level below 55 dB and a fixed speed of 6000 rpm, while the heat generation is maintained at low levels. This makes it ideal for any quick spin centrifuge applications that you might need to carry out in the lab.

The model also includes a Safety Drain for easily draining any liquid that might get spilled in the unit, carbon dust insulation, and a digital display that allows you to monitor the speed at all times. Moreover, the item is delivered with adapters for individual PCR tubes and PCR tube strips.



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