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Meat thermometers for smoking – Buying Guide & Comparison


If you’re looking to buy a good meat thermometer for smoking and you don’t have the time to go through thousands of meat thermometer reviews, you should be able to make up your mind quickly, solely based on this paragraph. Based on our detailed market analysis, the best consumer choice is the KitchenBros Digital Food Thermometer. The main reasons why this is a superior product compared to its competitors are the fact that it’s oven, grill and smoker safe, easy to use and it comes with 8 pre-programmed meat types, which ensures a positive user experience, along with a fine accuracy and two high-quality stainless steel probes. The KitchenBros Digital Food Thermometer offers a lifetime warranty, which is a further indicator of its superior quality. However, should this product be out of stock at your time of purchase, you can opt for the ThermoPro TP10, which is a very feasible second choice in terms of quality.


Safety comes first

It goes without saying that a thermometer for cooking should, first of all, be accurate. There are various reasons for this, the most important of which is health. Given the plethora of bacteria that can be found in meat, it is highly important to make sure that your acquisition will provide you with accurate readings. This way, you can always know if your meat is being cooked at a high enough temperature to guarantee that no bacteria could have survived.

Whether the probe is produced respecting certain rigors should be another indicator of how safe your meat thermometer actually is. In order to check this from the list, you will want to purchase a thermometer for smoking that has a lifetime warranty, at least for the probe (or probes, in case it comes with two).

Another good indicator of your thermometer’s safety is whether it is approved by the FDA. Although a thermometer that is not approved by the FDA isn’t necessarily a bad one, a device that has the approval of this organization is certainly a high-quality pick.

Regardless of the type of food that you’re cooking, a good thermometer should be able to provide you with a safe procedure of using it in oven, grilling and smoker environments. A good meat thermometer should be able to work flawlessly for all three cooking procedures. It is both healthy and easy to prepare food in various ways, which is why a meat thermometer for smoking should work for grilling and ovens as well.

You can calculate the safety of a meat thermometer through the probe’s design. If the probe has a step-down system, it means it is designed with durability and accuracy in mind, which recommends it for personal use. An exception for this type of design, which also provides good quality, is the Bluetooth-based thermometer, where the probe comes separately and, therefore, its good care is in the hands of its owner.


Ease of use

Usability is important, as it allows the users to have a positive cooking experience, not just delicious meals. From this point of view, everything from the thermometer’s design to the quality of the materials it is made of should be taken into account.


Pre-programmed for good food

Accuracy plays a very important role in this feature, as well as for safety. Whether the meat thermometer reads the temperature with a higher degree of precision or not can impact its taste and doneness, so you would like to purchase a meat thermometer with a higher degree of reading accuracy, no less than 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degree Celsius).

In addition to its being accurate, the grilling thermometer should be pre-programmed for the main types of meat that you may be cooking. The most popular meat pre-programs include beef, pork, chicken, lamb, fish, turkey, veal, and ham. However, most of the high-quality thermometers also have indicators for the doneness of the meat, with the most popular features being: rare, medium rare, medium and well.

You can assess how optimal a meat thermometer is for cooking delicious food by looking at the temperature range. Most of the high-quality thermometers out there will be able to cover a spectrum from 32 to 482 degrees Fahrenheit (0 to 250 degrees Celsius).



Top meat thermometers for smoking reviews in 2018


While these characteristics alone provide a good mark for recognizing a high-quality meat thermometer, it is important to know that you take into account the company producing the device, as well as its type. Because we want you to make an informed decision, we’ve curated the most popular searches for meat thermometers and we’ve analyzed the most important aspects of the top five products we’ve found.



KitchenBros Digital Food Thermometer


Out of all the products for sale, this thermometer, in particular, has the most important functionalities for a normal user, and it is the consumer choice for many reasons. One of its most important qualities is the reliability of the two probes, which are specially designed to resist in different cooking conditions and environments.

Another great perk of this device is that it has a large LCD display of 2″H × 2″L (5cm x 5cm). This quality allows it to be used in the kitchen without needing to pay extra attention to the temperatures you’re reading. Additionally, the product has a number of 8 pre-programmed types of meat, and the four standard types of doneness level, which allows you to cook the delicious meals that you’ve been dreaming of.

The device has a standard temperature range, which goes from 32 to 482 degrees Fahrenheit (0 to 250 degrees Celsius). Last, but not least, the KitchenBros Digital Food Thermometer has a lifetime warranty, which is a strong indicator of its high quality.



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ThermoPro TP10 


The ThermoPro TP10 offers a lifetime probe warranty, and it is a digital meat thermometer, designed with a  smart LCD backlit screen. The screen has three different colors, each for a type of doneness of the meat you’re preparing.

A nice design touch of this device is the button which allows users to interchange temperature readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit, which is a perfect choice for people who experiment with recipes outside their cultural space.

Additionally, the device has a number of 9 pre-programmed types of meat, as well as various doneness levels, recommended by the USDA.

The thermometer probe is 6.5” and it is made from stainless steel, which ensures long-term functionality, and the device comes with a built-in countup and countdown timer, perfect for trying out new recipes. Additionally, the thermometer screen has three different colors, each one pre-programmed to suggest how far along the doneness level of your meat is by comparison to the temperature you set.   



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GrillEye Smart


This thermometer is a high-end, elegant solution for people who are actively passionate about grilling. The device is a professional solution, with a Bluetooth system that enables users to monitor the grilling temperatures from up to 300 feet away.

The thermometer can be used in restaurants as well, as it comes with 6 different probe ports.This feature allows cooking up to 6 different types of meals at the same time, without having to wait until a dish is ready in order to prepare another one.

Additionally, the LED indicators display, at the same time, the current temperature of the meat you are grilling and the target temperature that you set. The GrillEye Smart thermometer has a very robust structure, which allows it to withstand even difficult environmental condition, making it a safe choice for professionals. The device also has a rotating aluminum stand, which allows users to place it vertically for easier monitoring.



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ET733 Wireless 


The ET733 Wireless BBQ Meat Thermometer has an integrated Bluetooth system, created to ensure a pleasant experience of temperature monitoring from afar, and it works from up to 300 feet away.

Additionally, the device has temperature alerts, which go on whenever your meals go above or below the temperatures you set. In order to make the cooking experience easier for its users, the thermometer has 15 different preset temperatures for distinct types of meat.

This thermometer is the third version of the product, and the wireless receiver can be clipped to the belt or pocket, to create a superior cooking experience for its users.

The device has two different probes, and it can monitor two different types of food being cooked at once. The thermometer comes with a free smoking guide magnet, with info about the best and most recommended ways to cook different types of meat.



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iDevices iGrill2 IGR0009P5


The iDevices iGrill2 IGR0009P5 is a Bluetooth thermometer which comes with four different probe slots, making it easier to cook multiple types of food all at once.

The product is ideal for cooking more than just one type of meat, and it allows the users to opt for a preset or a personal choice in terms of temperature alarms. Whenever the meat is done, you will be notified.

The device has a 150-feet range, and its battery life is approximately 200 hours. As the name suggests, the thermometer is compatible with iOS devices, which allows users to read the temperatures directly from their phones.

Additionally, the device is also compatible with Android phones, provided they run 4.3 and above. The thermometer measures the range from minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit to 573 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 30 to 300 degrees Celsius). Additionally, users can pair more than just one smoking device to their phones.



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