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Best magnifying travel mirror

Last Updated: 21.02.20


Magnifying travel mirrors – Buying guide & Comparison


We all know the perfect way of choosing the best magnifying travel mirror is to do thorough research before setting off to actually purchase an item. Luckily for you, if you don’t have the time or the patience to go about browsing through countless magnifying mirror reviews, we’ve put together all the information we could find in this easy-to-read buying guide. Our findings show that the first product that you should take into consideration is the Terresa Travel Mirror, due to its very useful features. First of all, in order to offer you optimal lighting conditions, this device features a LED light ring around the edge. It’s light enough to be easy to travel with and what’s more, it magnifies seven times in order to offer maximum accuracy. Should this model be unavailable, we advise you to try the Magnifying Makeup Mirror as a great second alternative.



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Finding the best magnifying mirror is complicated if you’re not accustomed to the market. You can get tricked by certain manufacturers if you don’t know what to expect from a product, and you can accidentally pay much more than it’s actually worth. In order to avoid these unpleasant situations, we’ve put together a buying guide to give you all the information you need.


When talking about magnifying mirrors, it’s essential to mention the fact that you’re probably going to need them when you’re away from home more than you would otherwise. Of course, anyone has a mirror at home, that they use to apply their makeup in the morning, but it’s usually a large wall mirror.

Instead of doing your makeup under neon lights, without the comfort of seating down at your vanity table and perhaps having to wear glasses to see things clearer, why don’t you try a magnifying mirror that will allow you to see everything in close detail, work on the areas that require your attention and, what’s more, it’s small enough to pack up and take it with you, in order to make sure that you look flawless during the day, just as you did when you walked out the door in the morning?

Most magnifying mirrors are small enough to be easily transported. There are a few models that can be mounted on a table and are slightly larger, but if you want to travel with those you need to make sure they can be folded down to take up minimum storage space. Look for a mirror that has a compact design and a small diameter, and if you want to protect it from damage, make sure the manufacturer also includes a padded carrying pouch.


Lighting and magnification

Make sure the magnification power of the mirror that you choose is exactly what you need. If you can’t test it beforehand, at least try to compare it with other products you’ve used before and to make the required adjustments. It would be best to keep an eye out for a model that has two sides, one that magnifies as much as possible, in order to allow you to work on details and fix any imperfections, and one that reflects true view, in order to allow you to check if everything looks alright after you’ve finished applying your makeup.

We all know makeup is best applied in natural light. If you can’t have that at all times, it would be helpful to get a mirror that tries to offer you light that closely resembles sunlight. There are a few models that have a LED light ring around the edge, and that’s as close you can get to the perfect lighting conditions.

For comfort reasons, make sure the built-in light is battery-operated since no one wants to travel with cables and cords. Needless to say, they’re not only a pain to store and pack up, but they also prevent you from moving freely and thus hinder your sight.



Make sure the item you end up buying is user-friendly. Some manufacturers protect their products with warranties. If you’re not sure of how much you will enjoy the mirror you wish to buy, it might be helpful to remember that you can get your money back after a trial period offered by the producer.

Try to find the item that can be adjusted according to your requirements, because that’s the easiest way of making sure you’ll be satisfied with the results. Make sure you can move freely and see any angle of your face. Some products rotate up to 360 degrees in order to offer you full view.

All in all, it’s important to know what to expect and to always understand exactly what you should be getting for the money you’ve invested. Although magnifying mirrors are not a particularly expensive item, it’s always good to know that you’re getting your money’s worth.


5 Best Magnifying Travel Mirrors (Reviews) in 2020


Finding a good magnifying travel mirror among the countless alternatives available for sale nowadays surely is a challenging task, but not an impossible one, especially if you guide your search according to the tips in our buying guide. In order to help you make a well-researched decision, we’ve also showcased a few of our favorite products below.


1. Terresa Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror


We all know how important it is to have natural light when you’re applying your makeup, in order to get everything just right. This product offers you a reasonable alternative, using the LED light ring that closely resembles sunlight and allows you to touch upon the slightest details. Also, the mirror magnifies seven times, enough to prevent any imperfection from going unnoticed.

It’s great for travel, given its light weight and small diameter. It can ft the insides of your purse, if you wish to have it handy everyday, or a suitcase in case you want to travel with it. The cordless feature allows you to move this product as you wish without stumbling into annoying cables.

The battery that operates the light goes on for up to 50 000 hours, so there’s no need to worry about changing it too often, or ever, for that matter. This item would make a nice gift for anyone who’s passionate about makeup and it shouldn’t be missing from any woman’s handbag.

Besides offering an aura of elegance, this product has a 7x magnification for closer detail touch-ups. The other side has 1x magnification, and it is ideal for general, cosmetic needs, especially in low-light conditions. This way, you can always be ready to look your best and to impress those around you.


This product is cleverly made to satisfy all the needs of those who want to stay beautiful while traveling. It provides a clear reflection, and the bright, soft ring LED lights incorporated in its compact body simulate natural sunlight so you can apply makeup like a pro.

The stylish option is perfect for mobile uses since it has a folding design and a reduced footprint, which means it won\'t take up a lot of space in your bags.

But that\'s not all. The model has a 7x magnifying capability for touch-ups, and an HD mirror, which ideal for general cosmetic needs while on the go.


As previously mentioned, the model is light. However, one buyer suggested that this lightness is not evenly distributed and that one side is heavier than the other.

Another past customer wished the locking mechanism wasn\'t so safe, as it takes some time to open the mirror.

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2. Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror Warm LED


The natural light that glows from this LED lighted mirror will help you do your makeup flawlessly every day from the day you purchase it. A padded travel bag is offered for free to any customer, in order to keep the product safe while travelling.

In order for you to get the perfect angle, the mirror can rotate up to 36 degrees and can be adjusted to almost any position. This way, you’ll be able to use it for things that require a great level of attention to detail, such as tweezing. You’ll no longer need to waste money by going to the beauty parlour, since you’ll be able to do all this at home using the Makeup Mirror.

The mirror folds down on the suction cup in order to take up minimum space in your suitcase, making it a perfect item for long travels. Also, it’s battery powered, meaning you won’t have to worry about transporting cables and cords.

And let’s not forget that the piece is highly durable and that its surface is resistant to minor scratches, which is impressive at this price point. We also love that it is easy to use and that it doesn’t have any useless features to get in the way when you least expect them to.


The light the mirror provides will make sure that your makeup will look flawless all the time. Its strongest selling points are the tap-light LEDs, which can provide a natural and warm light so that you can avoid all imperfections.

The seller also included a padded neoprene bag where you can keep the product. It even has a zippered compartment where you can store the batteries while traveling, which is a nifty addition that is appreciated by most travelers.

Moreover, the unit has a flexible arm that can rotate up to 360° for adjustable angles. This will allow you to position the mirror however you want.


One of the issues that popped up often is the fact that the locking suction mechanism is impressive, but not perfect. It will sometimes fail unexpectedly.

Other buyers wished there were more colors to choose from so they can match the mirror to their attire or bag.

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3. Magnifying Compact Mirror for Purses with 10X Magnification


This is a more affordable alternative that’s excellent for travelling with, given it’s 4 inch diameter and compact design. It quickly folds and can be transported or stored according to your will. It would also make an excellent gift for women with an active lifestyle, who need to look flawless at all times.

With 10x magnification power, this model will allow you to touch upon even the slightest detail, in order to avoid letting any imperfection go unnoticed. One side of the mirror only reflects without magnifying and is ideal for checking if everything looks alright after you’ve finished working on the details.

In order to make sure that their clients are satisfied, the brand offers you the possibility of a trial period, after which you can decide to return the product if you feel you’re not completely satisfied with what it offers.

The clean and high-end design of this two-sided mirror is what makes it stand out. You won’t feel embarrassed to take it out in public, and it will become more than a simple mirror – but rather a fashion statement that you won’t leave behind anywhere you might go.


The manufacturer was generous when it created this model. It is a clean and compact piece, without any gimmicks. The mirror opens to a full 180 degrees, and it can be positioned in many ways.

It is the ideal choice for all sexes, and its weight is barely noticeable. The model offers versatility as well - you can use it for plucking, tweezing, or it can help you apply makeup perfectly or in case you are visually impaired.

Furthermore, it can magnify up to ten times, and its slim profile means that you\'ll always have a place where to hide it while running from one place to another.


Although the brand says it can show you your entire face at once, some buyers notice that only one of the sides can do that.

Another recurrent issue is the fact that there\'s some unflattering distortion going on around the edges of the magnifying sides.

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4. Magnifying Travel Lighted Makeup Mirror


If you’re tired of having to wear glasses when applying your makeup or you wish you could enjoy natural light at any time during the day, than you should definitely try this mirror with LED lighting. The light ring around the edge offers constant bright light, enough to closely resemble sunlight and allow you to get every detail just right.

It’s easy to store after you’ve finished with it, because of its size and the fact that it can rotate 360 degrees to make sure you get the perfect angle, both for when you’re applying your makeup and for when you need to store it and make sure it takes up as little space as possible.

It magnifies ten times and thus allows you to see the areas of your face that you want to work on in close detail and apply everything flawlessly, the result being a healthy, glowing skin that makes you feel pretty and confident.

We’ve noticed that a lot of buyers use it for traveling purposes, which tells us a lot about its versatility. It will help you get the look you want without too much of an effort, and it is highly durable so that you can put it to the test every day.


Using this mirror means you no longer have to put makeup on your face in the train or bus like you are blind. Its light is also the ideal solution to poorly lit bathrooms, so you can look your best wherever you are.

As expected from this brand, it has a minimal footprint, and it can easily be folded for storage purposes. It also has a nice texture, and it is light, even with the batteries inside it.

The maximum level of magnification is 10x, and it has almost no distortion or blur. The mirror is also impressively sturdy and resistant to scratches.


We cannot avoid saying that this model drains the batteries quite fast in order to achieve that beautiful light, which is not ideal.

Also, note that the plastic on the top and the bottom is a bit bendable, and if you apply lots of pressure, it might break.

Buy from for ($27.95)





5. Best Compact 10X Magnifying MakeUp Mirror


One of the most affordable products in our collection, this model is compact enough to fit almost anywhere, with a four inch diameter and ⅜” thickness. It will fit any size of handbag and it’s always a good idea to have a magnifying mirror on hand, to make sure you always look flawless throughout the day.

The mirror has two sides, one that reflects the true view without magnifying, and that is great for lightly touching up and checking to see if everything looks alright after you’ve finished applying your makeup, and one that magnifies ten times and is excellent for working on isolated areas of the skin.

In order to make sure that you’re satisfied with this product, the brand offers you a ninety-day trial period, after which, if you’re not content with what you’ve received, you can return the item and get your money back.

The feminine alternative can be the perfect tool for retouching your makeup or for checking your teeth after a heavy meal. It is super compact, and it has a smooth surface that is easy to clean – which is appreciated by those who want to keep their makeup kit bacteria-free.


This option comes from a well-known brand, which is a stamp of quality. Due to its small size, it can fit in any back pocket or handbag so that you can take it with you to the office or at a party for quick fixes.

It features two sides - one is normal, and the other offers a 10X magnification, which can be used to transform your face into a work of art.

Buyers also seem to appreciate it sleek and minimalist design. It is easy to open, and it has a soft finish that is pleasant to the touch.


As a setback, we think that the most prevalent issue is the hinge. Although it is sturdy, it sometimes makes an irritating sound upon opening the mirror.

And lastly, the mirror gets foggy very fast, especially if you breathe close to its surface, as most people will.

Buy from for ($9.99)




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