Best magnifying mirror with light

Best magnifying mirror with light

Last Updated: 19.10.18

Magnifying mirrors with light - Buying guide & Comparison

If you want to get the best magnifying mirror with light but are unsure which of the plethora of models available to choose, then you’re in the right place. We’ve looked at countless models so you don’t have to spend hours of your precious time to narrow down the selection to the best magnifiers. We’ve looked at features, build quality, and cost, and have chosen the products that offer the best value for the price. After carefully comparing some of the most popular units, we’ve decided to recommend the Brightech Lightview Pro. This is a versatile magnifying lamp that comes with a solid body and a 3-joint arm for easy positioning, a large lens that can magnify up to 225 percent, and an efficient LED illumination system for long study hours even in poor light. If you find that this product is no longer available, you may also want to try the Carson DeskBrite200 LED.

Comparison table

When searching for the best lighted magnifier, you might not know exactly which features to go for, especially considering the vast number of alternatives available on the market. Here are a few things you might want to consider which should help you choose the right magnifier for your needs.

Magnification, mobility, and stability

Magnification is an important aspect you should look at when searching for a good lighted magnifier. Anything from 2x to 3x would be a good all-around optical device suited to reading small text, studying coins, jewels, and other small objects. Many models also come with spot magnifiers with 5x or 10x magnification for specialized needs such as thorough inspections.

You might also want to consider a magnifier that comes with a mobile arm that can be repositioned effortlessly. Some magnifiers have arms with multiple joints that can be easily set in various positions which can come quite in handy, especially for professional work. These will also provide you with a hands-free magnification for extra comfort and productivity.

A stable platform is also desired. Some magnifying lamps have a solid and heavy base for increased stability, while other models feature strong clamps that can attach to various surfaces. You surely want to pick one that’s stable enough so you don’t risk accidents or damage to your projects.

Build materials and optical quality

When searching for magnifiers for sale, you also want to look at the build materials. The rim of the lens, as well as the support, should be made of either lightweight yet strong plastics, or from aluminum alloys for a good strength-to-weight ratio and long-term performance.

You also get to choose between acrylic and glass lenses. Each material comes with its own pros and cons. Glass is thought to provide higher-quality images with fewer distortions, yet it makes magnifiers quite heavy, especially when coupled with metal bodies. Glass is susceptible to cracks and dents, although it is quite sturdy under normal use.

Acrylic lenses are lighter than their glass counterparts, and they are usually cheaper as well. Although they are more prone to scratching, they hardly break. Thanks to advancements in thermoplastic molding technologies, acrylic lenses offer a good optical performance with little to no visible artifacts or distortions.

About lighting systems

If you’re planning to use the magnifier in any kind of conditions, then you should opt for one that comes with a powerful lighting system. Doing so will ensure that you can continue to work and perform comprehensive examinations and studies even when there’s no other light source available.

Most modern magnifiers come with LED systems that emit more or less white light that’s around 6000 Kelvin. This kind of light is not too bluish and so it does not fatigue the eyes even after hours of use. Some magnifiers have one or two large LEDs, while others feature multiple LEDs, usually arranged in a circle, for an evenly spread light that uses less power.

You should make sure to check the power options of these lamps. Some work with 2 or 3 AAA batteries, others require larger format batteries, while some magnifiers can be powered with AC adapters.

Top magnifying mirrors with light reviews in 2018

Whether you want a small office magnifying lamp or a versatile optical unit for professional use, getting the best product for your needs can be pretty daunting. The good news is that we’ve looked at some of the most popular consumer choices and showcased the top magnifying mirror reviews so you get to save time and choose the right model.

Brightech Lightview Pro

The Lightview Pro is a versatile magnifying lamp that comes with a 5-inch lens which can enlarge images by up to 225 percent. The lens has a 9-inch focal length which provides crisp and clear images every time so you don’t have to strain your eyes.

You get to enjoy easy focusing thanks to the 3-joint arm that can swivel 360 degrees so you can adjust it into just about any position. This clamp lamp is easy to attach to a working desk or other types of furniture. Besides an effortless and secure attachment, the sturdy aluminum clamp won’t damage your furniture.

You also get an efficient LED lighting system that doesn’t produce any glare. The illumination system has an output of 650 lumens so you can work even in dim environments. The balanced 6,000K light won’t tire your eyes even after prolonged use. With the 9-watt LED, you also get to save on energy bills.

Buy from for ($64.99)

Carson DeskBrite200 LED

If you’re looking for an affordable desk magnifying lamp, then the DeskBrite200 from Carson is just what you need. This unit comes with a 2x magnification lens and a 5x spot magnifier which will bring the world a bit closer and help you in a wide range of activities, from precision activities such as sewing and soldering to reading.

This optical device comes with a large 4-inch lens that is capable of offering highly detailed magnified views. The flexible neck makes adjusting this lamp a breeze, as you can set it in any position so you can comfortably work without constantly re-adjusting it.

You also get to work even when the light levels are low, thanks to the 2 powerful LEDs. This will ensure bright and clear images every time, and the best part is that you can power these with both batteries and an AC adapter so you never run out of light.

Buy from for ($29.63)

Carson DeskBrite Mini 3X

The DeskBrite Mini is a compact desk magnifying lamp that comes with a durable design and a quality lens that can provide a 3x magnification for all sorts of observations. The 2.25-inch lens is made of strong acrylic glass that’s lightweight and resistant to dents or breaking.

With the 3 powerful LEDs, you can use this lamp in any kind of light. These LEDs emit an even and balanced light that illuminates the entire surface covered by the lens. Thanks to the extended neck, you can easily adjust the position for an optimal focal length as well as a hands-free approach to your favorite hobby or profession.

The fully collapsible design allows you to easily fold this lamp into a compact form so you can store it safely or carry it around with you when you need it on the field. The LED system is powered by 3 AAA batteries which should last for a long time.

Buy from for ($12.99)

Omano Magnifying Lamp

Whether you’re a professional inspector or a hobbyist, getting the Omano Magnifying Lamp can help you gain crystal-clear views every time, in any kind of environment. Made of strong and durable materials, this industrial inspection optical device is perfect for all sorts of applications.

With this model, you get a large 4-inch lens with a 2x magnification, as well as a 12-diopter small lens insert capable of 5x magnification, ideal for precise examinations of extremely small features. The lens is made of perfectly-ground glass that can offer sharp and clear images free of distortions. The ground glass has a near-zero light refraction.

You get a circular illumination system that contains 35 LEDs that can brighten details even the dimmest of rooms while also being economical on energy. The metal arm is spring-powered and easy to adjust into any position, and it can also be extended 13 inches in height, as well as 12 inches in the horizontal plane.

Buy from for ($69)

V-Light Full Spectrum

The V-Light Full Spectrum is a balanced magnifying lamp that comes with a durable build and quality optical elements. This device comes with a powerful 3-diopter lens that can magnify objects by 175 percent. The lens is made of finely ground glass for clear visuals every time.

This product comes with a 12-watt full-spectrum bulb that emits a balanced light that won’t fatigue your eyes even after prolonged use. You get a powerful illumination system to lighten your study objects as well as a light source that resembles natural daylight that’s free of glare.

The compact stand measures 19 inches that you can extend or adjust to your desired position with a minimum of fuss with the 3 joints. The heavy base will keep the entire assembly stable while you work on the most pressing tasks. You also get a grip clamp that you can use to attach the lamp to various surfaces.

Buy from for ($29.99)
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