Best long range shooting scopes in 2019 – Comparison & Reviews

Best long range shooting scopes in 2019 – Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 16.07.19

Top Long Range Shooting Scopes This Year - Guide & Comparative Analysis

Should you ever need some help in finding the best long range shooting scope, make sure to check our list of suggestions to arrive at the best conclusion. Our carefully documented research included reading dozens of reviews of long range shooting scopes in order to deliver accurate information. Our findings show that the first product you should take into consideration is the Bushnell Tactical, due to its many useful functions. For example, the materials used to manufacture it are tested extensively, managing to extend its lifespan through their durability. Then, the 24x magnification and 50 millimeters objective lens will allow you to observe in a greater level of detail. Last but not least, the RainGuard HD keeps the lens crystal clear regardless of weather conditions. Should this product be unavailable, make sure you try the Athlon Optics Riflescope instead, as a great second alternative.

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We all understand it can be difficult to find appropriate gear, especially if you don't have much time to waste seemingly unimportant things such as keeping track of the offers available for sale on the market. However, if you want to find a good long range shooting scope, the best thing you can do is to carefully read our buying guide and follow our suggestions.

Optical system

This may be a problem for experienced users, but it becomes crucial in choosing the right product, mainly because it’s the one thing that can directly influence the price and the characteristics of the final image that you get, which is after all the result you’re looking for.

It’s essential to assess your options but most of all to carefully consider the activities for which you’re going to be using your new acquisition. The optical system should be well protected in any case, and you can choose between two types of reticles, either FFP or SFP. The turret is also an important detail that needs to be taken into consideration, and it can be set up either for MRAD or MOA.

The optical system influences the magnification power. According to the type of activity you practice more often, you should try and choose an item that can give you the level of detail that you desire to observe. Magnification can heavily affect a device’s price tag, so pay close attention in this area.

Other details such as the length of the tube, the eye relief, the field of view and much more are also important and they can be read on the product description file. Instead of going straight for the model that seems to have every feature, you’d better think about what you need and keep from wasting your money on useless functions.

Materials and overall quality

One of the main things when it comes to spotting scopes is their durability, as well as looks and other design hacks. As we’ve said before, the optical system has to be protected from mechanical shock, otherwise, the lenses might be damaged and your item is useless already.

In order to protect the insides, the outer shell has to be manufactured using a strong metallic material. Aluminum is an ideal option since it’s both durable and light enough to not add much weight to the overall product. Its metallic finish is good looking and also offers a safe grip.

The type of glass used to manufacture the lenses is another technical detail that heavily influences the final outcome. This factor can determine the brightness, sharpness or clearness of the final image and can affect the details you actually get to see.

Protection and other details

In order to protect the insides, just having a strong metal case might not be enough. Your optical system needs to be safe from harm even in unpleasant weather conditions when water can infiltrate and ruin the device. If you want to make sure you’re protected, you should pick one that has fully multi-coated lenses treated against water infiltrations or fogging, which can also affect your vision.

Other ways of protecting your scope are by transporting it with great care. Some manufacturers consider this aspect and deliver certain useful accessories alongside with the main item, such as plastic eye caps that protect the lenses while the model is stored or padded carrying cases to make sure no accidents happen while you’re on the move.

Last but not least, it’s important to remember to stick to your budget when making this type of decision. The best item is first of all the one that you can afford, and second, the one that can fulfill all your expectations. There’s no doubt there is a device out there that fits these requirements, you just have to look for it.

Our 2019 list: Find the right long range shooting scope for your needs

If you feel like you need a little more information in order to make a satisfying choice when it comes to picking out the best scope for long range shooting, then you can rely on the advice we deliver in our list of reviews. We’ve picked our favorite items and presented them in order to give you a clue about which features to look for in the device that you end up buying.

Bushnell Tactical

If you’re looking for a product that will allow you to observe your surroundings in a greater level of detail, then you may have found it in the form of the Bushnell long range shooting scope. The materials used to manufacture this product are of extremely high quality and tested extensively to ensure its long lifespan.

Should you need more arguments besides its flawless design, you should know that the adjustable power and tactical target scope with up to 24x magnification allow you to catch every small detail of the target. The illuminated Mil-Dot reticle only adds to the useful features that this item has. Its black finish is not only stylish but also helps with concealment.

In order for the light transmission to be as good as possible, the ultra-wide band coating works together with the fully coated optics to deliver great results. This device is protected by RainGuard HD and anti-fog technologies to keep the lenses crystal-clear regardless of the difficult weather conditions you may encounter.

Buy from for ($664.44)

Athlon Optics Riflescope

A similarly priced alternative could be the Athlon Optics long range shooting scope, given the fact that its HD glass lenses give you a sense of utmost contrast, delivering some of the brightest and clearest images you’ve seen through an optical device. Its system allows you to lock down a position and dial back to it whenever you need to do so without wasting time on finding the coordinate again.

The first focal plane reticle can work regardless of the power setting that you choose, helping you use the special reticle that shrinks or grows simultaneously when you zoom in or zoom out, a feature that provides better image quality. The negative effect of reflected light is reduced by using advanced fully multi-coated lenses.

A high precision erector system provides you with accurate power settings and allows you to smoothly change between magnification settings, without missing any detail in between scales.

Buy from for ($693.49)

Millett LRS-1 Illuminated

By far one of the most affordable options available to customers, this Millett long range shooting scope is nothing short of professional. First of all, its huge objective lens fits a wider field of view easily, allowing you to track a target on the move without missing any moment. A brighter image is also offered by the lens’ coating.

The performance is significantly improved by the strong 35mm tube which also improves the item’s reliability through its massive construction. Windage and elevation can be easily controlled by using the positive ¼ MOA click and they can be quickly adjusted to your desired settings to enhance your overall experience.

They’re arranged in a come-up scale, so it’s easy for any type of user to figure out how they should be adjusting their product’s settings and reach their ideal coordinates. An exclusive Mil-DotBar reticle completes the useful features of this item and contributes to its overall quality.

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Sightron SIII Long Range

This model of Sightron long range shooting scope is a great alternative for any type of user or outdoor activity, but it’s even better when used for long range hunting, as other customers have stated. It features a magnification power of 6 to 24x, meaning you can track a target on the move and observe any close detail.

A large eye relief means it can be used by eyeglass wearers and non-eyeglass wearers alike. The object diameter is pretty much the standard size, 50 millimeters, while the tube diameter is 30 millimeters. The lenses are fully multi-coated in order to offer you much brighter and clearer images and to prevent certain negative effects from affecting the final rendering.

This model is light enough not to be a burden when packing, and it also comes with a set of lens covers to help you store it properly while traveling in order to avoid accidents from damaging the lens. The matte black finish gives it a nice look and also helps increase the grip of the user, so that it doesn't accidentally slip out of your hand.

Buy from for ($879.99)

Vortex Optics Viper HS

This reasonably priced alternative is a good choice if you’re looking for an item that features an optical system advanced enough to offer a 4x zoom range which greatly increases its versatility. The body is made entirely of aluminum, being both fine looking, with a nice finish, and resistant to mechanical shock, succeeding in protecting the lenses.

The model of Vortex Optics long range shooting scope is basically an aluminum tube fit for increased windage and elevation travel. It can eliminate the guesswork when it comes to holdover and windage corrections due to its customized hashmark design.

An extra feature that you might find useful is the customizable rotational stop, because of the help it offers in returning to the zero position after dialing temporary elevation correction. It works on a second focal plane reticle, and its scale manages to maintain the appearance within this seemingly ideal size.

Buy from for ($599)
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