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Laser thermometers – Buying guide & Comparison


If you have no time to go through the best laser thermometer reviews, but you still want to get a more than decent model, we’re here to help you. After having wrapped up a thorough research process, we have reached the conclusion that the model you ought to give some thought to is the ennoLogic Temperature Gun eT650D. You can utilize this choice for a variety of purposes, such as finding out the exact temperature of your pizza stone so that you take the guesswork out of cooking. The design and specifications of this alternative enable it to perform well for other purposes such as home improvement projects, food safety inspections, as well as HVAC work. Besides, the unit is outfitted with a large backlit display that will allow you to get and understand the readings as quickly and efficiently as possible. Is the ennoLogic Temperature Gun eT650D out of stock? Then, perhaps you should go for the next best choice, the Etekcity Lasergrip 774.



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Laser thermometers are excellent if you are a mechanic or chef, for example, and you need to find out the temperature of something or the other without measuring it actively. There are several types of models available for sale, and if you have no experience when it comes to picking the perfect choice, check out our buyer’s guide below.

Temperature range

Needless to say, you’re not getting the best digital thermometer for human or animal use, and so this specification has to differ greatly compared to those models intended for checking on the health status of a patient. The limits that you might feel comfortable with range from -58F to 932F.

There are few models that can measure temperatures above 1,000F, but they do exist. Regardless your final preference, you need to think of your application and the purpose you are trying to achieve. Keep in mind that many models are priced differently depending on this particular spec.


Distance to spot ratio

The accuracy of such a thermometer can be established only if you take into account the fact that the distance from it to the surface it needs to measure the temperature of can be variable. The D/S ratio largely depends on the application for which the unit is designed, in that it might vary considerably if the goal is an industrial or a medical type of application.

The whole size of the target also needs to be given some thought to as it also deals with choosing a device with the right D/S ratio.



Some infrared models come with an adjustable emissivity, while that of others is fixed. Which one do you need? Not all laser thermometers emit energy in the same way and, the fact of the matter is that the amount of energy emitted can vary depending on several factors such as the type of surface, just to name one.

Those units that come with adjustable emissivity are rather convenient as you will be able to approximate and set the right settings in accordance with your momentary needs. It might be worth noting that materials that are dark have a high emissivity value while those that are either polished or shiny have a low one. This is the reason why a model boasting adjustable settings in this sense is considered more convenient.


What are you going to use the device for?

Even if you’ve gone through the best thermometer reviews, you might have failed to find the perfect one for what you have in mind. Why’s that? The simplest answer to this question is that the requirements of users these days differ mainly from one person to the next.

Infrared thermometers can be made for mechanical or industrial purposes, but they also do wonders in medical applications. Most ear thermometers work on the same principle as the human ear drum maintains a temperature that’s closest to the core of the human being. Forehead thermometers do the same, in a way.

As we’ve already mentioned, laser thermometers made for industrial purposes have more generous temperature ranges. It wouldn’t be a good idea to use a temporal alternative for any mechanical task, and that’s because it couldn’t provide any decent data that could be employed.



Top laser thermometers reviews in 2018


Some of the most remarkable models we have come across are showcased below. We’ve taken the time to go through various reviews and have come up with a small selection of the units that are most sought after for their capabilities. Check them out if you haven’t made up your mind just yet.



ennoLogic Temperature Gun eT650D


Although it is not the most pricey alternative out there, this choice is truly one of the critically acclaimed ones ever to have been designed. It has received the appreciation of cooks and mechanics and can be utilized under a variety of circumstances.

What’s more, the temperature range allowed by this product is downright impressive as it can measure anything from -58F to 1202F. The unit is made to serve you for as long as possible, what with its durable construction.

Its accuracy is not a matter of discussion as it has been developed to provide correct readings. Whether you intend to find out the exact temperature of your pizza stone or any surface, you can rest assured that the ennoLogic will be a friend in need. The package includes an instruction manual, a holster, as well as a 9-volt battery so that you are getting your money’s worth.



This model is easy to use and doesn’t raise too many technical difficulties even to rookies who might have never utilized a laser thermometer before.

The 2-degree Fahrenheit accuracy of this product is always a feature to take into account as the device will provide correct readings all of the time.

It’s also worth noting that the temperature range of this product is -58F to 1202F.

Another neat thing about this alternative is that it has been equipped with two built-in laser pointers that can allow you to know where you are aiming the thermometer at.

The emissivity of this product can be adjusted depending on the momentary requirements of the user, and that’s always something to look for in a device in this line.



Some owners note that the plastic that the thermometer is covered in is rather uncomfortable and that it looks and feels a bit cheap.


Buy from for ($56.35)





Etekcity Lasergrip 774


If your budget does not allow you to go for a high-end laser thermometer, perhaps you should consider this one as we have noticed that it is usually priced under fifty dollars. It’s convenient, versatile, and can be used with ease regardless of your prior experience and skills.

The distance to spot ratio of this choice is 12 to 1, which means that the unit is perfectly capable of measuring targets even if they are located at a greater distance. Most models come with D/S ratios of 10 to 1, and that’s only if they are particularly good.

This model can be utilized to perform measurements from -58F to 716F, so it does have its limitations in this sense. The neat thing about it, however, is that it comes with a backlit LCD display, thus allowing you to perform your work even in low-light conditions or even in complete darkness.



The Etekcity Lasergrip 774 is a user-friendly alternative that helps mechanics and other professionals perform their daily tasks conveniently and efficiently.

The target laser that the model has been outfitted with will allow you to know where you are pointing the thermometer at so that your readings are even more precise.

The distance to spot ratio of this choice is 12 to 1, and that’s worth noting because it ca be used with accuracy even if the distance is greater.

The auto-off function that the unit has been equipped with is a nice addition as it allows you to save up on battery life so that you get as many usages on a single charge as possible.

A 9-volt battery is part of the deal with this product, so you won’t have to spend a cent on it separately.



The range of this product is -58F to 716F, and while this might not be an inconvenience for some people, it is worth noting that some models can measure up to 1200F.


Click to see the price on Amazon!





Magicpro Lasergrip Non-Contact 145287


Despite being one of the most affordable devices in this line, the Magicpro alternative genuinely offers good value for the money as it comes with virtually the same features of higher priced options and can do roughly the same things. This is one of those few products that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and that’s always something worth adding.

The LED screen that this choice has been fitted with is backlit, which will allow you to perform measurements in the dark or low-light conditions. The distance ratio is 12 to 1, much like some of the other models that we have mentioned in this selection.

It takes just 500 milliseconds for this product to do its job, and that’s definitely a feature to take into account. Also, the unit is lightweight, as well as portable, which means that you won’t have to go through a lot of trouble to take it with you wherever its services might be needed.



Given that it doesn’t weigh too much and considering the fact that it boasts a user-friendly design, the Magicpro is an easy-to-use and portable alternative.

The response time of this choice is just 500ms, so if you are ever in a rush, you needn’t worry about anything as this device will serve you just as well as always.

The LED screen that the model boasts at the back is backlit, which will enable you to see readings even when the light in a specific environment might not be enough.

Thanks to the low battery indicator, you’ll be able to find out when you should charge your thermometer even before its battery is completely depleted.



The temperature range is -58F to 716F, which might be a drawback for some prospective buyers but a good enough feature for others.

Several owners have complained about the fact that you can’t calibrate this thermometer.


Buy from for ($9.99)







You can use this product under a broad array of circumstances, and that’s the beautiful thing about it. It can be utilized to measure out the temperature of various utensils and foods, to estimate whether the ventilation in your home is up to par, and even give you a pointer as to how your barbecue preparations are coming along.

The model comes with a built-in red laser that will allow you to aim the thermometer precisely at what you are looking to measure the temperature of. The ANGGO unit has a response time of just 500ms, so it is capable of doing its job in a timely fashion.

Also, the product comes with an anti-slip design that will enable you to hold it properly all throughout the operation. It has been approved by a variety of associations, including the FDA, FCC, and CE. Best of all, it doesn’t even require a 9-volt battery to work as it functions with 2 AAA ones.



Since this model works with typal AAA batteries, you can always get a spare and keep it in the trunk of your car or the glove compartment of your vehicle.

The distance to spot ratio of this choice is 12 to 1, so you needn’t worry about anything in this sense.

The readings are provided in a matter of just five hundred milliseconds, so you won’t waste precious time that you could devote to some other activity.

The portable design of this choice allows you to take it with you everywhere you go, and the neat thing about it is that it comes with an anti-slip grip, so you can also hold it properly while using it.



Some users note that the plastic that this model is made out of isn’t particularly sturdy, and so they might have their concerns as to whether or not the unit will hold over time.


Buy from for ($13.99)





Surpeer IR5D Thermoworks


While it might be slightly less popular when compared to other models we have come across, this Surpeer model does the trick in most situations. Not only is it capable of doing what it’s supposed to, but it also comes with a temperature probe that you can utilize to measure out the temperature of your stake, freezer, any type of food, fridge, or anything else.

Despite being more than budget-friendly, this choice can offer you a temperature range of -58F to 1022F, which is something that other pricier alternatives aren’t fit to do. The probe is made out of stainless steel, so it really does have a good chance of withstanding the test of time.

Also, after ten minutes you’ve wrapped up your task, the unit will shut itself off automatically so that it preserves its battery for as long as possible. The LCD display is backlit, in case you were wondering.



You can utilize this thermometer for a broad variety of applications, whether you intend to use it in the kitchen or for industrial purposes.

The portable design of this choice will leave you feeling impressed as you will have the opportunity to employ the services of this thermometer anywhere and anytime.

The temperature range of the Surpeer IR5D is -58F to 1022F, which is actually more than that of other, more expensive alternatives.

The product also comes with a temperature probe that you can conveniently utilize as a meat thermometer.

After only eight seconds, the unit will shut itself off, which means that the battery it comes with can be used for as many as six to twelve months.



The distance to spot ratio is actually 12 to 1.5, and that’s why some buyers feel like they have been misled by the information provided by the manufacturing brand.


Buy from for ($39.99)




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