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If you’re short on time and you just want to find the best lab utility islands in 2018, this short paragraph should help you get just the model you need. According to our findings, the Diversified Woodcrafts 1614K is the best lab workstation as it can comfortably accommodate up to four people performing different tasks at the same time. Besides, the unit features two combination water or gas fixtures, as well as four rod sockets and an epoxy sink with a stopper, strainer, and trap. If you’ve been trying to find a convenient and efficient chemistry lab workstation or one intended for many other activities, look no further, as the 1614K can successfully satisfy your requirements. If the 1614K is unavailable, your second option should be the Diversified Woodcrafts 1644K.




If you’ve been trying to find the best utility island for labs, it’s a high chance you’ve hardly had any luck when prospecting the current market due to the wide array of products available out there. We’re here assist you in making an informed decision, which is why we’ve created a step-by-step buyer’s guide that can hopefully shed some light on the most important factors you ought to keep in mind. Just keep reading if you want to make the right call.


Top material

Not all science lab workstations are created according to the same principles. That’s why you’re likely to notice that the top material differs from one model to the next. Some have high-pressure laminate tops, whereas others feature Chemguard, epoxy resin, or phenolic resin surfaces. High-pressure laminates make a good choice if the workers in the lab don’t regularly utilize substances that might affect the surface of the product.

Chemguard is the top recommended option if you need a chemical-resistant material, and phenolic resin does a good job when it comes to withstanding the action of most solvents and chemicals. An epoxy resin top is virtually impervious to experiments or sample processing that involve the use of chemicals and heat and cannot be affected by moisture. Out of all these options, the most durable one, in the long run, is epoxy resin, but it tends to cost a pretty penny, so you’ll have to understand whether it’s worth the investment for your tasks.



Another factor to bear in mind is whether you’d prefer getting a portable science lab workstation or one that includes a gas or a sink fixture. In most cases, once you’ve installed a utility island and have completed the necessary connections for the sink or the gas supply, you won’t be able to move the workstation around. While this might not be an inconvenience for laboratories where activities tend to happen in a designated place, it might be a disadvantage for science labs where students have to work together in teams or where the tasks tend to chance a lot on a daily basis. In theory, gas or water-equipped models are more expensive than the others, but it boils down to your requirements and what you’re trying to achieve with the help of the product.


Frame material

In most cases, the frame of utility islands can be constructed of wood or stainless steel. Maple and oak are solid enough to take up the occasional abuse, but stainless steel options are far more durable. In some respects, workstations made of stainless steel are also more advantageous because they can be sanitized properly, without the user bothering about the moisture ever affecting the frame material. Unfortunately, wood isn’t the most reliable alternative if the occasional spill tends to occur rather regularly.



The height and overall size of the unit also matters a great deal as it can be used not only for momentary tasks but also for storing various items that should or could be used later on. Look at the number of compartments made available by the lab utility island and see whether their dimensions can accommodate the size of the pieces of equipment you might be interested in using. Some might come with a limited number of smaller drawers and a single large one. This detail largely depends on the design of the model you will select.



Top lab utility island reviews in 2018


The best lab utility islands are showcased below. Based on the information that we have gathered about these products, they are well-made and reliable and also tend to withstand the test of time. In many cases, both the top and the frame of these workstations are durable, which is why you won’t be forced to get a replacement sooner rather than later.



Diversified Woodcrafts 1614K


1-diversified-woodcrafts-1614kBased on best lab utility island reviews and reports we’ve found, this octagon workstation is one of the top recommended choices that can be found on the market today.

Compared to other alternatives, it might look rather basic, but its sturdy construction and functionality cannot be denied, so it’s undoubtedly worth its weight in gold. This workstation features a base made of oak wood and a phenolic resin top, which means that you will be able to complete your tasks involving the use of chemical substances without bothering to check whether or not you’ve stained the surface.

What’s more, the turret design of this option makes it possible for as many as four people to use it at the same time. Also, there are four locking drawers that can be used for storing different items that you might need in order to perform your tasks. While some assembly is needed once you get the product delivered, the setup process is a fairly straightforward and doesn’t take too much time.

Besides, it should be noted that this workstation includes two combination gas or water fixtures, as well as four rod sockets and an integrated epoxy sink. Everything you might require to get started comes in this product.


Buy from for ($4035.27)





Diversified Woodcrafts 1644K


2-diversified-woodcrafts-1644kIn some respects, this model is somewhat similar to the one we’ve showcased earlier on. The main difference between the two consists of the fact that this unit is a fuller version, in that it comes with many more storage spaces and drawers that can be used for the same purpose.

While the previously showcased unit undoubtedly proves its worth in science and chemistry labs, this one seems to be intended for laboratories where a lot of sample processing occurs on a regular basis. Unfortunately, there are significant price differences between the two in spite of the fact that they feature the same top and base construction, in that both the 1644K and the formerly mentioned option feature a phenolic resin working surface and a oak wood base.

The epoxy sink, a set of four rod sockets, as well as two combination water or gas fixtures are included in the deal with this product. Given that it is large enough to allow four adults to handle samples and other items, it’s surely worth taking into account.

What’s more, we’ve seen that with the help of the 1644K, one can take advantage of the space available in a laboratory by improving the productivity of scientists and professionals.


Buy from for ($5852.26)





Diversified Woodcrafts 2944KF


3-diversified-woodcrafts-2944kfIf you’ve been trying to select one of the top recommended choices out there, but also settle on a product that doesn’t ruin your entire budget, you probably have to check out the specs of the Diversified Woodcrafts 2944K.

Unlike some of the units we’ve talked about earlier on, this is a workspace that’s somewhat on the smaller side, which is why it’s also more financially accessible than many of its competitors. Since the model is a unit mostly destined for scientific purposes, it stands to reason that it has been constructed to last over the years.

When it comes to the construction of this utility island, there’s virtually nothing that one can comment with regard to its quality. On the one hand, it includes the workstation sink, which is a net advantage given that many other options don’t offer it in the package.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the 1-inch phenolic working top makes it possible for professionals to go about their activities without having to worry about staining the workstation. This material has been shown to withstand most of the chemical substances commonly utilized in labs nowadays.


Buy from for ($3326.57)





Diversified Woodcrafts 1214K-R


4-diversified-woodcrafts-1214k-rThis particular workstation is designed more like a teacher’s or instructor’s desk than a utility island per se, but it’s certainly useful in scientific labs where students have to be shown how to perform one experiment or the other.

There are many reasons you’d want to consider this alternative as it features the same 1-inch phenolic resin top that you’d find in other units manufactured by the same company. Besides, it comes with a plethora of accessories such as a multiservice fixture, a polypropylene trap, a pull-out writing board, as well as locks for cupboards. In actuality, it’s reassuring to know that the compartments in this product can be locked, because this way, everything will go as planned and no one will risk hurting themselves.

Due to its unique shape, this workstation can be used as a traditional desk because there’s ample room available just in case you have to jot down some notes or even grade a student’s paper.

A larger compartment for storing sizeable pieces of equipment is also available on the left side of the utility island. Measuring just 36 inches by 30 inches by 60 inches, this product manages to meet and sometimes even exceed the expectations of users as it’s user-friendly and also features a rugged construction.


Buy from for ($2521.97)





Diversified Woodcrafts 4121K 


5-diversified-woodcrafts-4121kIf your budget doesn’t allow you to spend over two thousand dollars on a lab utility island, it’s high time you considered the 4121K. As is the case with any other product you might be interested in purchasing for your laboratory, there are both advantages and disadvantages to using this one. Compared to all of the units we’ve featured above, this one is significantly smaller and offers less space on the whole.

The rather limited working space makes it a good choice for momentary tasks such as performing a quick experiment, washing a vial, or using the microscope to examine a sample.

There are only two compartments on the bottom side of the unit that can be utilized for storing pieces of equipment, but they don’t offer the benefit of ample room. Nonetheless, the sliding doors are well-built, come with locks, and feature aluminum glides.

Because this model is so budget-friendly, it does not have the same phenolic resin of the formerly described alternatives. Instead, it features a plastic laminate top which needs to be treated with a some level of care in order to make it as long-lasting as possible.


Buy from for ($817.58)




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