Top Rated Furniture for Laboratories – Ratings & Comparison in 2018


These days, the best lab furniture is hard to find, mostly because the market is overflowing with good-quality alternatives that are worth considering before making your final decision. We know that purchasing the right product is a daunting task so we’ve thought about smoothening your buying journey. We have created a web page intended for selecting the lab furniture you have always been searching for. It is worth noting that there are several factors to choosing wisely, in that you will have to look at the space you plan to install the furniture in and your needs and preferences, as well as the ones of the team that will be working in the lab.

Whether you intend to equip an entire laboratory or a new classroom, once you go over the information that we have collected you will be able to base your decision on some of the most valuable pointers. Here, you will find a comprehensive buying guide that will take you through the critical tips and tricks you ought to consider when spending your money on a durable and functional product. Lab furniture has to be well-constructed yet easy to use. What’s more, its price point should not be off-putting as the equipment in laboratories need to be replaced rather often.

We have also created a simple selection of some of the most critically acclaimed furniture pieces that one can find in today’s market. The convenience, ease of use, and affordability of these options cannot be denied, which is why we have included them in our list. If you have not made up your mind on a bench, chair, stool, rack, cabinet, utility island, or cart, you’ll find all there’s to know about these units below. Additionally, you will also discover the top recommended choice in the line.

If you want to buy several pieces of lab furniture that are well worth their price and manage to withstand the test of time, all you have to do is check out our buying guide. It is packed with some of the most useful information you need to take into account before deciding to spend your money on one model over the next. It is worth noting that the best laboratory furniture is the one you will feel most comfortable with as it will prove to be functional and convenient, in the long run, thus assisting you in performing your tasks in a timely and efficient fashion.



How to choose the best lab furniture



While it is difficult to tell which frame beats another as there are many kinds of furniture available for sale out there, it should be underlined that steel is possibly the best choice you can make. Frames can be made out of wood or steel. It goes without saying that while wood alternatives are rather durable as they are usually constructed out of maple or oak, they tend to last less time compared to their steel counterparts. Steel has many advantages, in that it is both durable and can stand up to a lot of heavy use, which is bound to happen in laboratories where there’s a continuous working process. A steel frame is virtually indestructible as it won’t suffer from cracks as would be the case with wood.

Aside from the frame, one needs to consider the top material. This detail is most important when prospecting the market for a lab table or bench. It is rather obvious that it is less crucial for chairs and stools, although these also have to be in compliance with certain requirements, as well. The top of a bench or table can be constructed out of High-Pressure Laminate, Chemguard, Phenolic Resin, and Epoxy Resin. Plastic laminate is an excellent option for labs where there’s no chemical activity going on, whereas Chemguard is probably the best choice if you’re looking for outstanding chemical resistance. Both epoxy and phenolic resin can put up with a lot of heat and chemical substances, but they can take a toll on your budget if you’re focused on getting a high-quality bench or table.


Ease of use and adjustability

In most cases, you’ll see that benches and tables come with a fixed height. Nevertheless, there are some models of which the height can be customized depending on the person that uses them most frequently. Due to the fact that there are many more parts involved in the construction process, this pro might be a con as the lab furniture piece needs to be cleaned and sanitized properly. Unless you can benefit from the convenience of UV light, cleaning and maintenance might be a nuisance.

Adjustability is a paramount factor to consider when looking at stools and chairs. Let’s take the simplest example. If you plan to examine a specimen using your microscope but can’t adjust the height of your chair, the item is useless as it doesn’t allow you to glance through the eyepieces as comfortably and efficiently as possible. Also, the same chair has a high chance of being used by two different people or more given that there are various individuals working in the same laboratory.


Weight limit

The weight limitation of the item is another universal feature to take into account as it applies both with benches and with stools and chairs. Even though most benches have a high limit in this sense, it should be pointed out that the weight limitation of sitting pieces has to be as high as possible. Instead of opting for a cheaper model that can accommodate the physical features of a user whose weight does not go above 250 pounds, perhaps you’d find it more useful to get a higher priced one that can accommodate people weighing at least 300 pounds. With a generous weight limit comes more versatility.



Just how much room should you benefit from? Cabinets, racks, and carts should be selected depending on your requirements. There are even benches that come with several drawers where one can store bottles and cups, as well as valves, and other accessories. If you’re remodeling or furnishing a professional laboratory, you may need to look at the space you have available for storing all of these pieces and whether they can be used for keeping all your equipment.



Types of lab furniture


Lab furniture comes in various shapes and sizes and has been constructed to be used with multiple types of equipment. That’s why we have taken the time to list the various kinds of furniture which are most useful for professionals in this field. We have chosen to detail the category and showcase one of the most recommended items we’ve discovered as this will hopefully assist you in making an informed decision. All of the following products have managed to gather some of the best lab furniture reviews as they are durable, easy to use, and offer more than enough value for the price.



Best lab bench


Benches have to be very sturdy as they need to take up a lot of abuse which is bound to happen in a busy laboratory. If you plan to purchase the right model, we recommend deciding on a frame that has been constructed out of heavy-duty steel. On the one hand, you won’t have to come across any issue with regard to the long lastingness of the item. On the other hand, steel increases the weight limit of tables and benches, and so you’ll have the pleasant surprise of realizing that the unit can hold thousands and thousands of pounds.

Aside from the frame material, you will have to look at the top and whether it is intended for your purpose or not. The size of the product also matters a great deal. Laminate tops can put up with many substances but they can be less resistant to chemical substances or heat. If heavy use is what’s on your mind, perhaps you ought to stick with phenolic resin, epoxy resin, or Chemguard. Finally, it is worth noting that reputable manufacturing brands typically back their products with good warranties, in that you’ll find that many benches are covered for as many as ten years.



BenchPro KF2424


1-benchpro-kf2424Compared to many alternatives that we have discovered while doing our research on the topic, this BenchPro option is affordable and comes with all the features you might be looking for in a dependable bench for laboratories.

The weight capacity of the product is estimated at 6600 lbs, thus allowing you to take advantage of the versatility provided by the model. What’s more, the thick laminate top proves its worth if you want a water and oil-resistant bench that’s impervious to stains, scratches, and even burns.

In short, the BenchPro unit might be worth considering since it has gathered mostly favorable user reviews.


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Best lab chair


Chairs intended for laboratories should be in complete accordance with the preferences of the people who will be utilizing them. The problem, in this case, is that the features of a product have to be somewhat universal as they need to accommodate the physical attributes of different individuals. If your budget allows you to choose this way, we recommend selecting several items that have adjustable heights so that you’re able to customize the characteristics of the product depending on the task you need to perform at any given moment.

What’s more, you should look at the weight limit of the chair so that you know whether or not it can raise up to par regardless of the many professionals that will be using it. Fortunately, many of the models we’ve stumbled upon have limitations that go well beyond 300 pounds, which undoubtedly comes in handy if you calculate the core weight of the person sitting in the chair and the protective equipment he or she might be employing. Although they should be very sturdy, these lab chairs have to be lightweight enough to be carried from one spot to the other, depending on where their services might be needed.



BenchPro LNT-UC-3L


2-benchpro-lnt-uc-3lThe LNT-UC-3L is a versatile and easy to use lab chair that seems to be worth its weight in gold. For one, its maximum weight capacity is 450 lbs, which means that any professional working in the laboratory will be able to use the model.

Both the seat and the back can be adjusted, as well as the height of the item. Since it has been constructed using polyurethane, the product is fairly easy to clean and maintain, and this is an advantage that should be noted as things tend to get messy from time to time, especially in a lab.


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Best lab stool


Laboratory stools are more convenient compared to their larger counterparts. Regrettably, they cannot be used for a longer time than a chair, and that’s mostly due to the fact that they don’t have a plethora of adjustable features. Actually, one can solely customize the height of a stool. However, this is not a disadvantage given that lab stools are amazingly affordable and cost-efficient and can be of great help for individuals that need to undertake momentary tasks such as using a microscope for a limited time.

Just like chairs, one needs to consider the weight limit of a stool before deciding to purchase it. Here’s where stools are less convenient when compared to chairs as they often offer the advantages of a somewhat limited weight capacity. The typical weight limitation of a stool is about two hundred and fifty pounds as the structure of the frame cannot accommodate the physical features of heavier individuals. Another detail to take into account is the size of the seat, but this is a somewhat less important factor than the adjustable characteristics of the product. Most medical stools can be bought for less than one hundred dollars, which is a pro in itself considering that lab furniture and equipment can be rather expensive.



Boss B240-BK


3-boss-caressoft-medical-stoolThe B240-BK is one of the top recommended units in the line considering the fact that it has garnered more than six hundred favorable user reviews.

The weight capacity of this product is 250 pounds, but the neat thing about the stool is that it is easy to use and move around as it comes with dual wheel casters. Besides, the durable Caressoft vinyl with which the top of the stool has been upholstered is easy to clean and maintain.

All one needs in order to sanitize this piece of furniture is some warm water and disinfecting soap.


Buy from for ($53.99)





Best lab rack


Compared to several of the furniture pieces we’ve described earlier on, lab racks are unique and prove their worth under many circumstances. The vast majority of the units we’ve come across are reasonably priced, and some of them can be purchased for incredible price points such as ten dollars or even less. However, a prospective buyer should keep an eye on the construction of the product as some options tend to be more durable compared to others. If possible, choose a model that has been constructed out of high-impact plastic so that you know that it will be capable of withstanding the test of time.

The capacity of a lab rack is probably one of the most important factors to take into account when deciding on an item. How many bottles can it accommodate? Is the height of the unit adjustable or should you purchase more racks so that you’re able to dry your entire lab equipment? Keep in mind that choosing a cheap product with a low capacity might inadvertently force you to purchase another one which will take up even more space on your table or bench. Finally, one also has to look at whether the product is easy to use and store.



Munchkin Drying Rack


4-munchkin-high-capacity-drying-rackThis Munchkin alternative can prove its worth in various fields aside from lab use. As such, we’ve noticed that many of the individuals who have bought the product are moms who use it to dry their baby bottles.

Since it typically costs less than ten dollars, it goes without saying that the Munchkin drying rack is affordable and won’t have you ruining your budget. The product can be used for up to sixteen bottles, glasses, valves, and cups, and this capacity goes well beyond the one offered by many of its competitors.

Plus, the pegs of this model can be folded down so that the rack is stored efficiently in any drawer.


Buy from for ($12.75)





Best lab cabinet


As is the case with other types of furniture you may need to consider for your laboratory, cabinets have to be sturdy and should be able to withstand a lot of abuse, whether they are accidental hits or spills. If you’re looking for a model that takes the cake when it comes to durability, all you have to do is focus on getting a cabinet constructed out of heavy-duty steel. Unfortunately, steel models are anything but lightweight, and so it might be rather difficult for you or other workers in the lab to change the placement of the product once it has been put in a certain spot.

It goes without saying that the height and width of the cabinet should be taken into account, but also its capacity, which basically means that you’ll have to look at the number of shelves you could use. Cleaning such a furniture piece should not be a nuisance, but in order to increase the long lastingness of the model, we recommend selecting one that comes with a coating that makes it impossible for the shelves to become victims of mold. There are many designs to choose from as there are cabinets with one or two doors.



Hallowell HW6SC8478-4CL


5-hallowell-hw6sc8478-4clThis Hallowell option is one of the most critically acclaimed products in the line, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the impressive number of features it comes with.

For one, the cabinet has been constructed using steel which has been covered in a zinc alloy coating. The corrosion resistance of this product is incredible as the material it has been built of is a winner in this sense. This model is a single-tier, double door cabinet that has four shelves of which the depth is 24 inches.

Although the Hallowell cabinet weighs in at 325 pounds, it should be considered as it is a high-end alternative that can be used for many years to come.


Buy from for ($1203.26)





Best lab cart


Taking one sample to one place to the other in order for it to be examined or analyzed using various chemicals can be done conveniently and efficiently with the help of a lab cart. Carts intended for use in laboratories are very different from the ones utilized in offices all throughout the world. It is obvious that they need to be durable, but they also have to offer the benefit of a good weight capacity, which is why we recommend selecting a unit that can withstand at least one hundred pounds. In order to increase the satisfaction on the part of the person using the cart, you’ll have to look at the number of drawers that can be used.

Besides, a cart should come with several casters that can allow you to move the unit wherever you may need to transport it. Even the casters are different from one model to the next as some can have brakes whereas others might be less stable. Moreover, it is worth noting that, in this case, the higher the weight of the cart, the more balanced it will be, in that it won’t slide on the floor too easily.



TrippNT 51142


6-trippnt-51142If you’ve been looking for a dependable cart that proves its worth under most circumstances, perhaps you ought to have a look at the specs of the TrippNT 51142.

The model has been constructed out of HDPE and ABS, which means that you won’t have any trouble cleaning it, in the event of a spill or mishap of this sort. Also, the weight capacity of this cart is one hundred and fifty pounds, and this feature contributes to the overall versatility of the product as many samples can be carried around all at once.

The TrippNT 51142 has four casters, two of which come with brakes.


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Best lab utility island


Of all the pieces of furniture you might be interested in purchasing for a laboratory, a utility island is the most efficient yet pricey one. The cost of most models goes well beyond three thousand dollars, but they’re so convenient to use as they often times pay for themselves. Just like you would when buying a bench or table, you’ll have to look at the width and height of the utility island to see whether it can raise up to par with regard to your requirements. In addition, you’ll have to consider the top material and whether or not it is resistant to heat or various types of chemical substances. Phenolic resin is one of the most popular top materials nowadays as it is both durable and impervious to scratches, burns, and liquids of many natures.

Storage should be another detail to look at as many of these units come with a number of drawers which may range from four to seven. Installing the item doesn’t have to be too complicated, but the critical factor to consider, in this case, is whether the product can be connected to utilities with ease.



Diversified Woodcrafts 1614K


7-diversified-woodcrafts-1614kIf you’ve been trying to get as much value for the price as possible, then it is high time you checked out the Diversified Woodcrafts utility island.

This product is an octagon workstation with a width and depth measuring 62 inches and a height measuring 36 inches. In other words, the unit is roomy enough to allow various professionals to do their job at the same time without bothering each other.

The phenolic resin top of this model is one of the most advantageous characteristics of the unit as it can be used for preparing diverse samples, whether they involve the use of heat or chemical substances or not.


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