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Last Updated: 11.12.19


Lab cabinets – Buying guide & Comparison


If you are short on time and you just want to find the best lab cabinets available for sale on the market today, this short paragraph should help you get exactly the model you may require. According to our research, the Hallowell HW6SC8478-4CL is the best as it has been constructed out of durable materials and as such, has a high chance of lasting through the years. What’s more, this product is large enough to accommodate all of the pieces of your equipment, as well as containers destined for storing substances. If the Hallowell HW6SC8478-4CL is out of stock, your second option should be the Durham 052-43.




If you’re looking for the best science lab storage cabinets but find it hard to make an informed decision due to the vast array of products out there, we’re here to help. We have created a step-by-step buying guide that can assist you in making the right call, whether you intend to focus on the dimensions of the model or plan to concentrate on its durability. Just keep reading if you want to learn how to tell the difference between a high-quality unit and one that fails to raise up to par.



This is an essential factor to take into account, the dimensions of the cabinet sometimes matter even more than its construction. Why’s the size so important? For one, it has to fit your working space and you shouldn’t make any effort to install it, in that you shouldn’t have to move other furniture pieces around so that you can set up the product in a designated place. Think about whether you prefer a taller cabinet or one that you can use as a work table, in case the rest of your space is occupied with samples. Look at the width, height, and depth of the model to see which one best meets your requirements. The depth should be considered because it can offer you more space.



When trying to assess whether the unit will withstand the test of time or not, you should concentrate on the materials it has been made of. It goes without saying that stainless steel lab cabinets are winners in terms of sturdiness and reliability over time. However, not all prospective buyers can afford them, which is why you ought to at least get a model of which the surface can take up physical abuse, as well as potentially corrosive substances. Wood is a less preferred material nowadays as it retains moistness over time, and since there’s a high chance you’ll be cleaning the cabinet with the help of some sanitizing solution or the other, it would be a good idea to avoid this option.


Face-frame or frameless

There are two typical designs you might come across during your research process. Frameless cabinets are thought of as being more versatile because they can be customized to some degree. Face-frame models are sometimes less critically acclaimed due to the fact that the frame can narrow the opening size, therefore giving you less room to maneuver or place the pieces you’ll be storing in the cabinet. Nonetheless, you also have to bear in mind that frameless alternatives have more pieces, which is why they might require more work with regard to sanitation.



5 Best Lab Cabinets (Reviews) in 2019


The best lab storage cabinets are showcased below. Most of these units have gathered a lot of enthusiasm on the park of scientists and lab professionals who use them on a regular basis. They’re convenient, versatile, and easy to use, and will assist you in performing your tasks.



1. Hallowell HW6SC8478 4CL Gray Steel DuraTough Classic All Welded


1-hallowell-hw6sc8478Hallowell is one of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry of designing science lab cabinets and lab chemical storage cabinets. Considering that the brand seems to be committed to creating high-quality products, it doesn’t come as a surprise that this model is in complete accordance with the company’s standards.

This is a somewhat larger unit compared to others we’ve seen during our research. Its sturdiness and reliability cannot be denied as it has been made of a durable material that does a great job when it comes to putting up with the abuse of corrosion. Prime grade cold rolled sheet steel is what the HW6SC8478-4CL has been constructed of, so you can rest assured that you’ll be able to use it for many years to come.

Another detail that makes the difference between this Hallowell option and others is that its doors are not transparent, which is why you won’t be able to look at your samples and stored pieces of equipment. However, it makes a great choice for people who plan to use it for solutions that might be affected by natural or artificial light.

Based on the owner feedback that the HW6SC8478-4CL has gathered, it seems that it’s definitely worth every penny.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($1138.23)





2. Durham 052-43 Steel Spill Control Respirator Cabinet


2-durham-052-43This Durham model is an excellent option for people looking for the best laboratory storage cabinet that they can move from one place to the other. It’s smaller than the previously showcased product, but that doesn’t mean it’s of any less quality.

While it offers less room available for storing your equipment, the Durham 052-43 is, without a doubt, a neat addition to every lab. As is the case with the Hallowell unit that we’ve tackled earlier on, this one does not feature transparent doors.

Assessing the durability of the Durham 052-43 is rather easy as it has been made of steel and the surfaces of the walls and shelves has been coated in a white powder coat finish. The color is an advantage in itself as you will be able to see whether you’ve spilled anything on the surface of the shelves or whether you simply have to give the model a proper wash.

Another reason you might feel tempted to consider this option is that it comes with keyhole slots in the back, which gives users the freedom to hang it on the wall if that’s what they require. This way, you will be able to save some more space in your lab.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($127.43)





3. Scientific Materials SC2060 Stak-a-Cab Hazardous Acid Flammable Combo Storage Cabinet


3-scientific-sc2060If you’re interested in transporting or working with potentially hazardous substances, you might want to have a look at the specs of the SC2060. It seems to have been designed precisely for this task as the cabinets in this set are metal-free and therefore, they cannot be damaged by acid, base, or corrosive substances.

The difference between the units we’ve showcased above and this one consists of the fact that this cabinet has been primarily made of 1” thick 9-ply wood finished with a clear epoxy paint.

Also, it should be noted that you can change the design of the product by disassembling it and using its compartments for storage or transportation, depending on your momentary needs.

What’s more, unlike other products in the same line, the SCIENTIFIC MATERIALS SC2060 comes with padlock and keys for all of its corrosive compartments, which is a reassuring factor to bear in mind. In other words, buying and using this option will allow you to protect the entire lab team as well as the individuals involved in the transportation of dangerous solutions and items.

While it might be less budget-friendly compared to other alternatives, the SC2060 seems to be worth its weight in gold, especially as it takes the cake when it comes to safety.


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4. Valley Craft Prod. Mobile Shop Lab Cabinet H1836


4-valley-craft-1836Convenience and ease of use are two primary details you should give some thought to before deciding on one cabinet over the next. One of the most crucial advantages offered by the Valley Craft Prod. H1836 is that it comes with four wheels that can allow you to take your work from one spot to the other.

In addition, you have the benefit of four shelves with recessed handles, all of which can be locked depending on your requirements and purposes. There are two other useful compartments that can be used, but they are protected by a door that cannot be locked.

Additionally, it is important to emphasize that this portable cabinet offers a lot of freedom as it features a workstation top that you can use instead of a table, should the occasion arise.

The 800 lb capacity of this model is a reassuring factor, as this will allow you to store plenty of heavy pieces but also manage to transport them to the area of the lab where you might require them. Since it has a welded steel construction, this unit might make a good choice if you’re interested in purchasing and using a corrosion-resistant alternative.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($1507.14)





5. LabDesign 7704-24 Steel Wall Cabinet with Hinged Framed Glass Door


5-labdesign-7704-24If what you’re focused on is getting one of the most dependable laboratory cabinets with glass doors, the 7704-24 might just be the right choice for you. It’s true that it might be smaller compared to other models, but it does the trick under many circumstances and allows you to glance at the samples and pieces that have been stored in it.

Since steel has become the norm when it comes to the construction of lab cabinets, it shouldn’t surprise you that this one has been made of the same material.

The epoxy based powder paint finish is another characteristic to bear in mind since it’s also resistant to corrosion and can even withstand the unfortunate spill that might occur from time to time. As for the glass, you should never worry about breaking it, considering the fact that it is ¼” thick and has been set up in a resilient glazing channel.

All in all, it appears that the LabDesign 7704-24 is a reliable model that can serve you in many situations, whether they involve the use of potentially dangerous substances or not. While it might matter less for some prospective buyers, the fact that this product has been manufactured in the United States of America could be a major detail for other customers.


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