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Best lab bench

Last Updated: 12.12.19


Lab benches – Buying guide & Comparison


If you’re short on time and you just want to find the best lab benches in 2019, this short paragraph should help you get exactly the model you need. According to our research, the BenchPro KF2424 is the best because it can be bought in multiple sizes and heights and has been constructed with the sturdiest materials out there. The weight capacity of the item depends on the dimensions you’ll be choosing, but there’s a high chance that it can withstand up to 6600 lbs. The thick laminate top is resistant to scratches, stains, and burns. In other words, the model has a high chance of lasting through the years. If the Benchpro KF2424 is unavailable, your second option should be the National Public Seating PSLT2472.


If you’ve been trying to purchase the best laboratory bench for your requirements, we’re here to help. Because we know that the vast array of products that are available on the market today can make purchasing the right one a daunting task, we’ve created a comprehensive buying guide about the best lab benches for sale. Just keep reading if you want to learn how to select the perfect model.



It stands to reason that the lab bench height and overall size should be the primary factors to bear in mind when starting to prospect the market for such a product. Here is where you ought to correlate your tasks with the amount of space you might need to perform them. If you’re getting a unit intended both for working on your samples and for storing several ones, you should consider buying a larger model. Keep in mind that, the greater the size of the unit, the more likely it is to cost a pretty penny.



Two of the conventional materials employed in the construction of the upper part of the lab bench are phenolic resin and laminate. While it is difficult to tell which one’s better than the other, most scientists and lab workers tend to think that phenolic resin has a higher chance of withstanding the test of time. Since these units might be a bit too expensive for a first-time buyer, it wouldn’t hurt to take some laminate top models into account, as well. Many manufacturing brands are working toward improving their products on a regular basis, which is why you’ll notice that even benches with laminate tops are sturdy enough and can put up with a lot of abuse. If your tasks involve using hot or warm liquids or chemical substances, you should focus on buying a model that has a fairly decent thermal resistance.


Frame construction

Another detail you should look for is the material that the frame has been built with. Stainless steel is a good idea if you plan to avoid having to cope with all sorts of problems related to corrosion. A chemical and rust-resistant unit makes the best lab bench table because you might have to use one solution or the other in order to sanitize the piece of furniture. Frames made of wood are also available and may cost less compared to their metal or stainless steel counterparts, but you need to consider that they may retain some of the moistness of the substances you’ll use to clean the model.


Warranty and consumer reports

Nothing beats a unit that has garnered the best laboratory bench reviews. If your time allows you to undertake a rather time-consuming research process, be sure to check out some of the ratings provided by other buyers. Also, if you intend to focus on durability, it might be worth taking a peek at the warranty offered by the manufacturer. High-quality options are sometimes backed by 10-year warranties, which is a reassuring factor to keep in mind.



5 Best Lab Benches (Reviews) in 2019


The best lab benches are showcased below. We’ve taken the time to assess the critical acclaim gathered by these models and estimate the value they offer for the price. All of the following suggestions are convenient, sturdy, and efficient. Most are available at many lab bench suppliers and even online retailers.



1. BenchPro Kennedy Class 100 Cleanroom Laboratory Workbench


1-benchpro-kf2424The BenchPro KF2424 is probably the best lab bench design you’ll come across while sifting through the many options you might find on the current market. For one, the greatest advantage offered by this model is that it comes in many sizes and heights, therefore allowing scientists and lab workers to choose the right one for their activities.

Secondly, what doesn’t fail to impress about this product is that it has been built with extremely durable materials, in that both the top is scratch, stain, and burn-resistant, and the heavy duty steel frame seems to have been constructed to last through many years of use.

Besides, since the bench features a powder-coat paint finish that’s both corrosion and chemical-resistant, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the BenchPro KF2424 has garnered some of the best lab bench reviews over time. Another detail that is worth mentioning if you’re having a hard time telling whether this product is for you or not is that it has a weight capacity of 6600 lbs.

Additionally, it should be noted that the KF2424 is covered by a 10-year unconditional warranty, which means that you’ll be able to return or repair the product at no cost within a decade.


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2. Phenolic Top Science Lab Table with Ash Frame


2-national-pslt2472Even though it is priced a tad higher compared to the unit we’ve showcased earlier on, the PSLT2472 might be worth taking into account if you’re looking for a naturally-looking model that integrates with the rest of your laboratory furniture. The main difference between this National Public Seating unit and the other ones we’ve seen during our research process is that it has an ash wood frame.

While some might tend to think of this factor as a disadvantage, it’s important to underline that the tabletop is virtually impervious to high or low temperatures and can even be used with substances and containers of which the temperature is up to 275 degrees F. In a nutshell, the work surface is temperature and crack-resistant and will be serving you for a good amount of time.

As is the case with other units available for sale these days, the National Public Seating unit is backed by a 10-year warranty which, yet again, gives you more than enough time to get a refund should you fail to be satisfied with the product. It’s worth mentioning that the unit is in complete accordance with the ANSI and BIFMA standards and has been constructed so that it meets the SEFA environmental standards.


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3. Diversified Woodcrafts C7202K30N UV Finish Solid Oak Wood Table


3-diversified-c7202k30nWhile it might not be one of the top rated choices you might come across while browsing the market, this Diversified Woodcrafts unit makes a good option for people looking to purchase a lab bench under four hundred dollars. One of the benefits it offers is that it has been constructed with dependable materials, which is why it will not fail to impress you with its durability.

Although this is a solid oak wood table we’re discussing, the frame doesn’t seem to be a disadvantage in itself as it is reasonably reliable and can be sanitized properly. Since the legs and aprons have been smoothly machined with a UV finish, they can be thoroughly cleaned. The ChemGuard top is a reassuring feature as it allows one to use all sorts of solutions and substances without having to bother with protecting the surface.

Furthermore, you ought to take this unit into account if you are in need of a table that can be used for weights of up to 500 pounds.

The book compartments that this model has been equipped with are wonderful additions if you typically store small lab items and utensils near the benches you use on a regular basis. This way, you won’t have to take up any space on the tabletop of the C7202K30N.


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4. Bench Pro RE3696 Benchpro Workbench Gray Frame with Formica Plastic White Laminate


4-benchpro-re3696Several prospective buyers may be looking for industrial lab benches that are larger and sturdier compared to some of their counterparts, which might be intended for small applications. In case you need an industrial work bench that does the trick in most situations, perhaps you ought to take a look at the specs of the BenchPro RE3696.

Without a doubt, this unit has been built to offer the best performance out there. The only thing that’s worth noting is that you have to pay attention to the dimensions of the model as it might be a bit too large for your laboratory if you have little no amount of space available for such a product.

Since the frame of the bench has been constructed out of heavy-duty steel, it goes without saying that you’ll have nothing to worry about with regard to the durability of the item. The laminate top makes it possible for owners to utilize the bench for circumstances where it might be exposed to oil, water, chemical substances, or physical roughing such as scratching and burning.

The owner feedback regarding the quality of this product seems to revolve around the fact that it’s very sturdy and heavy, so you might need to bear it in mind.


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5. Monsam PSE-2041 ADA Accessible Portable Science Lab


5-monsam-pse-2041If your budget isn’t an obstacle in your decision-making process, you’re more than free to consider the Monsam PSE-2041. In spite of the fact that it is priced higher compared to some of the models we’ve described above, it’s probably worth its weight in gold as it can serve you regardless of the harshness of your working conditions.

It’s portable and versatile and appears to have been constructed to meet and even exceed the requirements of hard-working scientists and lab professionals. The unit has even been equipped with 3” swivel casters with locking brakes.

The core difference between the Monsam unit and many of its competitors is that it can be used as a fully functional workstation. The countertop is both heat and chemical-resistant, but what really makes it stand out from the crowd is that it features two water tanks. One of these is intended for clean water, and the other is destined for waste water.

As if this weren’t enough, the lab bench has been designed in such a way so that it gives users ample room for storage. Additionally, there isn’t anything stopping you from using the preset 10-amp water heater so that you get both warm and cold water, depending on your applications.


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