Best kitchen disinfectants in 2018 – comparison & reviews

Best kitchen disinfectants in 2018 – comparison & reviews

Last Updated: 23.09.18

Top Kitchen Disinfectants This Year – Guide & Comparative Analysis

Because time is often a problem for people, we know that finding the best kitchen disinfectant can be more difficult than you first envisioned. For this exact reason, we have written this short paragraph that contains enough information to make it simpler for you to make a good buying decision. After prospecting the market, we decided that the product to get is the Purell 3341-03 Foodservice. This unit is a quality home disinfectant that offers a rapid kill time so that you can get rid of harmful bacteria and viruses in under 30 seconds. It features the Purell Touchable technology which makes the formula safe to use without equipment, and no hand washing is required. The multi-surface performance is proven to work across both hard and soft surfaces in your kitchen and home. If our first choice is not available for sale, we recommend you consider the Vital Oxide Disinfectant.

Comparing the many options available for purchase nowadays and identifying the good kitchen disinfectants is not an easy task. This is why we have analyzed the most popular kitchen disinfectant reviews, consumer reports, surveys, and other specialized resources to compile a buyer’s guide to help you focus on the features that matter the most.

Make sure the disinfectant is safe

When prospecting the market for a new cleaning product, most people will try and look for the most powerful one out there. While that is certainly a good strategy, since you do want the product to be capable of removing the most common and dangerous viruses and bacteria, you should also keep your safety and that of those around you in mind.

Cleaning the kitchen can be a tiresome and tedious task, and we understand the need of going with the product that can get the job done as quickly as possible. Yet, it is important to take the time and consider the ingredients present in that particular formula. It is very likely that the surfaces you intend to clean will come into contact with food or cooking utensils.

For this exact reason we recommend that you focus your attention on products that feature a gentler formula, free of dangerous chemicals that could leave harsh fumes. You should instead look for options that are formulated for food contact surfaces. These alternatives do not require you to rinse the surface after cleaning it with the disinfectant.

Another advantage of a gentle formula is that it is no harsher to your skin than your favorite hand sanitizer for travel. What this means is that there will be no need to wear safety gloves, glasses, or any other gear when using these alternatives. They are also an ideal choice for people that have small children or pets.

Cleaning delicate surfaces

Your kitchen is a very crowded place, and it is probably the one room in your home that has the most diverse surfaces that all need special care if you want to keep them in pristine condition. The surfaces and objects that you will have to clean include countertops, ovens, microwaves, sinks, cabinets, refrigerators and more.

In many cases, these surfaces are very susceptible to scratching which is why you would do good to avoid using abrasive cleaners. If you are not yet sure if a cleaning solution is safe for use on a cabinet or other surface, and the product description or label does not answer the question for you, there are a few things that you could do.

You can check the consumer reports, especially for the products that are very popular since those are bound to contain numerous reviews that could help answer the more specific questions you have. If this is not possible, you can test a disinfectant on a small spot on the inside of the door or any area that is out of view to see how the solution reacts to the surface.

All-purpose disinfectants

If you don’t want to be troubled with getting a new disinfectant cleaner for every room and area in your house, you may want to consider the benefits of an all-purpose alternative. These options are like the equivalent of duct tape, they come in handy in almost all conditions and are indispensable for general cleaning tasks.

What’s great about all-purpose disinfectants is that they are designed to be safe to use on most surfaces. If you are short on storage space and you want the convenience of having a product for all your needs, you might want to consider getting such a formula. They do tend to be a bit more expensive, so this is a disadvantage that you should definitely keep in mind.

Our 2018 list: Find the right kitchen disinfectant for your needs

Although it pays to do your research if you want to find cheap kitchen disinfectants, we are aware that this is not always possible due to constraints such as time. Even so, there’s no need to fret. We have analyzed the market and compiled a list with the top-rated products currently available.

Purell 3341-03 Foodservice

The Purell option will protect your kitchen against viruses and bacteria that could pose a threat to your health or those around you. It neutralizes dangerous microorganisms such as Norovirus, salmonella, and E. coli in under 30 seconds. The rapid kill time is a feature that customers in particular like a lot.

The multi-surface performance of this option will ensure that you can get more uses out of a single purchase so that you can clean not only your kitchen but your entire home. The formula is proven to work wonders across most hard and soft surfaces.

The Purell touchable technology means that there is no need to wash your hands after using this option or wear safety gloves or glasses since the formula is as gentle as a quality sanitizer for hands. What’s more, the product is formulated for food contact surfaces which means that you won’t have to rinse the surface once you’ve cleaned it.

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Vital Oxide Disinfectant

The Vital Oxide option is a hospital-grade disinfectant which means that it is built to offer the best possible performance and destroy all the viruses and bacteria present in your kitchen. The gentle formula will not need rinsing, meaning that you can use the unit to clean utensils and countertops without having to worry about dangerous fumes.

Aside from destroying bacteria and viruses, this option will also neutralize mold and mildew. Other options on the market use bleach which can create strong chemicals that can trigger an asthma attack when used to remove mold and mildew. Because this option controls mold by oxidizing it, you will not have to worry about that.

Another great feature of this option is the fact that this is an all-purpose product that can be used to clean your kitchen, bathroom, basement, laboratory, and more. As a plus, it will also help eliminate odors without masking them with another scent.

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Lysol Disinfectant Concentrate

Get some peace of mind with the help of the Lysol option, as you get one product that you will be able to use to clean and deodorize your entire home. The time-tested formula is proven to eliminate odor-causing bacteria, harmful viruses, as well as everyday grime and tough messes.

Just as a quality disinfectant spray for flu, this option too can eliminate the flu virus so that all the surfaces in your home are kept free of this and many other viruses. One 12-ounce bottle can make 9 gallons of cleaning fluid, and with this purchase, you get six bottles at an incredibly low price point.

What’s great about this unit, in particular, is that it can cut through tough grease and grime with ease. This feature makes it a great choice to clean your oven, grill, and any other surface in the kitchen that might be stained with hard-to-clean grease.

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Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface

The Clorox spray option is built to be very convenient to use, without sacrificing on performance. It can kill 99.9% of germs on hard, nonporous surfaces. This household cleaner is gentle enough to be used around kids, pets, and on food contact surfaces such as serving trays, countertops, plastic cutting boards, and more.

It will not leave a lingering chemical smell and no harmful residues on the surfaces that you have just cleaned. This means that you will not have to rinse the surface or objects that you clean with this Clorox option. With this feature, cleaning time will not only be faster but also more pleasant.

To make things even better, this daily sanitizing spray features an all-purpose formula that you can use not only in the kitchen but also in the bathroom, bedroom, your car interior, patio furniture, or the kid's room to remove germs safely and effectively.

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OdoBan Disinfectant

If you want to get more value out of your purchase, the OdoBan option is a true multi-purpose disinfectant. Apart from cleaning your kitchen and home, this nifty formula has lots of other uses. It can be used to clean your car and RV, and even used as a laundry disinfectant that will not damage fibers.

You can also use it to clean carpets and eliminate odors associated with urine, smoke, vomit, and mildew. If you are a dog owner, or own any other pet, you will soon find that the OdoBan formula will become your new best friend. Do keep in mind that in order for the formula to disinfect, sanitize, and deodorize, the surfaces must first be cleaned of dust and dirt.

The customers that have tried this unit are particularly impressed with just how good the product is at removing odors. Pet owners, in particular, can’t help but praise the performance of the formula.

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