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Best jewelry scale

Last Updated: 31.03.20


Jewelry scales – Buying guide & Comparison


If you are looking for the best jewelry scale but want to ensure that you get a device that offers precise measurements without costing an arm and a leg, then you have landed in the right place. There are lots of models out there, each with their own pros and cons, so choosing the right one can be tough. If you don’t have the time to perform your own research, then you can trust us to show you some of the best products in this category. After carefully studying and comparing lots of models on the market, we recommend the TedGem Digital Scale as a premium choice. This device comes with a sleek and lightweight design, is capable of providing incredibly precise measurements of up to 1 milligram, and has many features such as easy weight unit switching that makes it an ideal buy. In case this product is no longer available, then you might want to consider getting the Smart Weigh SWS100 Elite instead.



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While you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to be able to find the best digital scale for jewelry, the truth is that it can be quite tough to get the right model, especially when you don’t know exactly what you need to look at. Fortunately, we’ve written a short intro guide to help you understand what these small scales can offer and which features are valuable.

Get the right scale for precise measurements

When searching for the best digital jewelry scale, you might want to ensure that you get a unit that is capable of accurate measurements. While small errors here and there might not be a problem for food or heavy objects, when it comes to jewels, every milligram counts.

You should check the accuracy ratings before buying and go for units capable of measuring weights with increments of 0.01 or even 0.001 grams if you are dealing with precious metals, gemstones, and other valuable materials.

The good news is that there are quite a few models out there that not only display precise measurements to the milligram, but they can also show you the numbers in your preferred weight unit, whether it is grams, carats, ounces, or grains.


Improve your cooking with a reliable model

You don’t have to be a jeweler to use a small scale. Many models come with maximum limits of 500 grams or more which make them ideal for kitchen use. You can make sure that you use the right amounts of ingredients for new recipes, or remember to write down your latest experiment so that you can recreate a savory dish in the future.

If you are really into eating healthy food, you might also want to look for scales that come with extra features such as calorie or nutrient counting. These can help you set up a balanced diet so you can lose some extra pounds or stay in perfect shape. With such a product you can also adjust ingredients and produce so you get just the right type and amount of nutrients.


Don’t forget to recalibrate your device

While most, if not all, digital scales for sale are factory-calibrated, these need to be recalibrated from time to time. Calibration is important especially when you’re often required to follow strict dosage recommendations such as the case with insecticide mixes, chemical solutions, or sometimes even medicine.

Without a calibrated device, you can get measurements that are quite off, and in some cases that could result in failed laboratory tests or solutions that don’t have the required concentration. You also want an accurate measurement when weighing precious objects such as gemstones or jewels.

To make sure that you keep your scale calibrated, you can either go for a model that comes with a standard weight or buy one that’s sold separately.



5 Best Jewelry Scales (Reviews) in 2020


Finding good jewelry scales can sometimes be a time-consuming task, considering the many types of models as well as the various specs and features that need to be accounted for. If you want to get a reliable unit but have no idea where to start, then you should definitely check out our top picks.



1. TedGem Digital Milligram Scale 


Whether you’re looking for an accurate weighing device for jewelry or you need a scale for lab work, the TedGem Digital model can provide you with all the features you need to accomplish your tasks. This unit has a maximum capacity of 50 grams, and thanks to its highly sensitive sensors, it can weigh small objects in increments of 0.001 grams or 1 milligram.

With a simple push of a button you can switch between several measurement units, from the standard carats to grams, ounces, and grains. You can measure all sorts of jewels, precious metals, and gems and ensure that you get an incredibly accurate reading.

Even if you don’t have any jewels or powders to weigh, this versatile scale still has its uses. You can measure spices and herbs or can use the PCS function to count small items such as pins. This device is small and slim and easy to carry around so you can perform measurements even on the go.


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2. Smart Weigh Digital Pocket Scale 


The Smart Weigh SWS100 Elite is a digital scale that comes with a compact design, precise functions, as well as a few extra features that make it ideal for measuring jewels and other small items. This product can accurately weigh items up to 100 grams in weight, with 0.01-gram increments which are enough for small gems, rings, precious metals such as gold, etc.

This product comes with all the functions you can expect from a quality digital scale. You can use the mode button to set the unit to display readings in your prefered weight type such as grains, grams, ounces, or carats. For items that need to be measured in a tray, you can use the tare function to ensure that you only weigh only the item without the container.

With the versatile and lightweight SWS100 Elite you can also measure spices, powders, coins, or even nails and pins.


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3. American Weigh Scales AWS-600-BLK Digital Personal Nutrition Scale


Whether you’re often required to weigh precious items such as gemstones and jewels or you like to follow cooking recipes to the letter, the American Weigh Scales AWS-600-BLK is sure to satisfy your needs. This scale has a maximum capacity of 600 grams and is accurate within 0.1 grams.

With a compact body and a large metal tray, this device can ensure precise readings in any of the common weight units such as grams, carats, ounces, and grains. This unit is sold calibrated from the factory, yet you can re-calibrate it anytime you want as long as you purchase the separate standard weight.

This scale isn’t just great for measuring precious metals and jewels, but also a good choice for the kitchen. You can prepare delicious food using strict measures for each ingredient, or get help in weighing portions and sticking to a diet for a balanced and healthier lifestyle.


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4. Gdealer Digital Pocket Kitchen Scale


The GDEALER DS1 is a digital scale that is equipped with quality sensors able to measure objects and materials of up to 500 grams in weight with an accuracy within 0.01 grams. This unit also comes with various functions for more flexibility, as well as a compact design for portable functionality.

You get to use this scale for a wide range of applications, from weighing food and spices to screws and gemstones. You can obtain readings in various weight units, and with functions such as tare or piece count you get to ensure accurate measurements every time.

While you can weigh lighter items such as jewels on this scale, you might want to keep them above 3 grams in order to obtain accurate readings. If you really need to get a dead-on measurement on a highly valuable gem or jewel, you might want to check it with a professional model or get it evaluated by a jeweler.


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5. Poniie Digital Jewelry Kitchen Food Scale


If you’re looking for a flexible scale that can weigh jewelry, powders, food, and a variety of other items weighing no more than 500 grams, then the Poniie Digital Jewelry product is a perfect choice. This small scale can provide you with refined precision measurements in 0.01-gram increments.

This unit comes with a compact design and a relatively large metal weighing tray as well as sensitive controls that can enable you to perform a few functions. You get to use the PCS piece counting to spare you from manually counting pins and other tiny identical objects, as well as a mode button so you get readings in your preferred unit of mass to avoid confusion.

You can easily calibrate this device by using several types of standard weights so that you ensure dead-on accuracy every time. The package also includes 2 AAA batteries.


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