Best rated inexpensive binoculars for birding – Guide & Reviews

Best rated inexpensive binoculars for birding – Guide & Reviews

Last Updated: 22.08.19

Top Inexpensive Binoculars for Birding Reviewed - Buying guide & Comparison for 2019

Are you here to find out about the best inexpensive binoculars for birding, yet you cannot spare several minutes to read this entire article? We have you covered. See in this short paragraph what you need to know. The product that appeared as the most suitable one to be our first recommendation is the Bushnell Falcon 133410. These binoculars perform great in low light conditions because the fully coated optics ensure superior light transmission. You will love the Instafocus feature that allows the user to follow quick-moving targets, without having to deal with a blurry image. Extremely lightweight, this is an ergonomic choice that will never let you down. In case this particular model is out of stock, we have another recommendation to make, the Celestron 71346 Outland, a model that is almost just as good.

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People who want the best cheap binoculars for birding need to focus on several aspects to make sure that they will purchase a model that is a good deal for the money. Here are some of the most important considerations you need to bear in mind to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth and even something on top of that.

What magnification is a good fit for a pair of birding binoculars?

You may be well aware of the debate often carried around the right magnification buyers should opt for depending on what they have in mind. While you may feel tempted to believe that a higher magnification would be the answer, nothing could be farther from the truth. A high magnification comes with a narrower field of view, compared to binoculars with lower magnification, and that is not good for birding.

If you want a pair of good inexpensive binoculars for birding, you should look at models with 8x magnification or 10x magnification. As a side note, you should know that you will not get to see tremendous differences between the two, even if a 10x magnification will, indeed, bring the image closer to your eyes.

In case you are shopping on a budget, and you don’t want to overspend for features you don’t need, there is nothing wrong with choosing the lower magnification. However, you should know that there are some excellent models available that offer 10x magnification and other cool features and they are a good choice, too.

When comparing birding binoculars and their features, be aware that you need them to show a bright image. Again, a lower magnification will usually produce a brighter picture, which is why you don’t have to embark on a race for getting the higher magnification possible.

What is the ideal objective diameter?

Whenever you’re looking at various binoculars, you will notice that another follows the number that stands for the magnification of a pair. The latter is the objective diameter size. Here, things are a little different, because a larger lens will allow more light to go through it, hence offering you the possibility to see a clearer, brighter image.

Unless you’re looking for night vision binoculars, you don’t need to pay an extreme amount of attention to the size of the lens. Yes, it is true that you can go for the largest model, but you should know that such a feature will make your binoculars heavy and bulky. Also, the price will go up.

As a rule of thumb, anything between 30mm and 50mm is a good choice. 40mm and 42mm are popular lens sizes for binoculars that are a good idea for bird watching. Remember that trying to watch birds in low light conditions does require you to have binoculars with bigger lenses, or otherwise, you will not get a bright enough image to notice details.

Porro prism or roof prism?

Both terms mentioned above illustrate the internal design of binoculars and the light path. Porro prism binoculars were the first to enter the market, but since 1960, the roof prism models have taken off, as well. The latter are more expensive, and they can offer superior performance, but that doesn’t mean that Porro prism models should be ignored.

You will find plenty of binoculars for sale that belong to both categories. Many people still prefer Porro prism binoculars as the image they provide is bright and clear. They are also less expensive than roof prism models, so your choice should not be difficult to make.

Our 2019 list: Find the right inexpensive binoculars for birding for your needs

You should not pay a fortune on a new pair of binoculars for bird watching. Some models offer more than decent performance, and they are recommended due to the high value offered for the price. Take a look at the following selection that surely contains one model that is right for you.

Bushnell Falcon 133410

When you go bird watching, you do not necessarily have to buy the highest magnification binoculars you can find. There are some important disadvantages associated with superior magnification, and this particular model will not have you worrying about any of them. The 7x magnification offered is more than enough for what you have in mind.

Many of the inexpensive birding binoculars reviews can tell you that this model deserves to be number one in many buyers’ preferences. Its fully coated lenses ensure excellent light transmission so that you can examine your targets even when light conditions are less than ideal.

Another thing that makes these binoculars such a great fit for bird watching is the way focusing the image is performed. When you follow a moving target, you want to be able to focus fast, and this is exactly what this model helps you do, with its Instafocus feature.

Buy from for ($38.05)

Celestron 71346 Outland

The Celestron 71346 Outland is the right choice when you look for wildlife viewing binoculars that do not come with an impressive price tag attached. The 8x magnification and 42mm objective diameter can give you a clear idea about what these binoculars can do when used in the wild. But this is not all. There are other benefits you will be able to enjoy if you pick this pair.

For starters, the binoculars are waterproof, and they also behave great in fog conditions. Nothing will stop you from observing your targets, so don’t be surprised seeing them perform so well in all weather conditions.

The exterior rubber armor protects the lenses from damage, should you drop the binoculars by accident. People with glasses will appreciate the twist-up design of the eyecups that allows easy adjustments. There are some accessories included in the price, such as a carrying case and a strap.

Buy from for ($59.99)

Wingspan Optics SharpView

If you want a pair of cheap binoculars that you can use for bird watching, without feeling like you had to compromise, this particular pair is the right one for you. The wide field of view will allow you to cover your surroundings with ease, while the 8x magnification will bring your targets close to your eyes, for excellent performance.

Zooming in on details is also possible, and you will never feel like you’re losing on something if you decide to pick this pair over others. The Wingspan Optics SharpView could be considered a good choice for a beginner, but, even if that is the case, you will find it versatile and useful for a long time.

Due to the durable construction, these can be used with the same success as safari binoculars. The non-slip grip is a guarantee that you will not lose or break your binoculars in the wild.

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Celestron 71340 Outland

Whether you want a pair of golfing binoculars or you are more into bird watching, the Celestron 71340 Outland will deliver. These mid-size binoculars will let you watch a golf ball fly through the air, or a bird taking flight, with ease. Even hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts will discover that there is hardly a better choice than this to consider for their needs.

The model is waterproof and fog-proof, something that you would not normally find in a pair of binoculars that is so decently priced. The BaK-4 prism design ensures proper color rendition, while the multi-coated optics contribute to the superior sharpness of the image quality provided.

You will get some nice extras with your purchase, such as a carrying case made from neoprene to protect the binoculars against humidity, as well as a neck strap that will let you carry your binoculars around with excellent ease.

Buy from for ($49.95)

Carson TrailMaxx

These binoculars are very lightweight, and they offer a good alternative to expensive bird watching binoculars. Their durable construction recommends them, and that is not the only advantage that you will get if you choose them over others. They are also compact, so you will easily find a place for them in your backpack.

Offering excellent field of view, they are ideal for watching birds in their natural environment. You will be able to scout your surroundings with great ease, and you will be able to use your binoculars in other conditions, as well. For instance, you can use these at sports events and concerts.

The center focusing knob is handy and easy to operate. You will appreciate the attention to detail invested in this model, as well as all the accessories that are provided with your purchase. All buyers receive a pouch, a strap, and a cloth for cleaning the lenses so that they can maintain their binoculars in top notch shape.

Buy from for ($30.46)
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