Best hygrometers in 2020 – Comparison & Reviews

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Top hygrometers this year – Guide & Comparative Analysis


Looking for the best indoor hygrometer? We have you covered. Thanks to our detailed research process, we have managed to come up with a series of models that are truly worthy of your consideration. Based on what we have found about it, the ThermoPro TP55 is the unit you should give some thought to. This monitor can let you know the temperature and humidity levels of your room, and the neat thing about it is that it can be utilized and installed both conveniently and efficiently. The 4-inch backlit display that it has been outfitted with means the world to someone who tends to wake up in the middle of the night to check if everything is right. Besides, in the course of twenty-four hours, this alternative can let you know both the highest and the lowest reading that it has recorded. Should the ThermoPro TP55 no longer be available, we suggest opting for the next best option, the AcuRite 01083M Pro Accuracy.



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Whether you are looking for the best hygrometer for reptiles or indoor use, you have come to the right place. Following weeks of extensive research, we have come up with a guide that can help you in finding the right model for your specific needs. Read on to learn how to make an informed decision.

What type are you looking for?

There are roughly two kinds of hygrometers you can select from the plethora available for sale these days. Some are made to serve just one purpose while others are designed to be thermo-hygrometers. What this means for you is that these devices can measure out both the humidity and the temperature of the room you place them in.

Of course, opting for a 2-in-1 alternative is always tempting, and that’s because you will be able to make the most of it. In our experience, however, those devices made to fulfill your every wish and desire will most likely fail to do so.

Therefore, if the product promises to tell you the time, measure the temperature, offer you readings pertaining to the humidity of your environment, and even the barometric pressure, you might as well steer clear of it.


What is a hygrometer used for?

In the end, it all comes down to the purpose you are trying to achieve. Some of the best hygrometer reviews might tell you that you require one to make sure that your home never becomes the victim of mold, and we aren’t here to disagree.

In fact, keeping track of the relative humidity in your home is a good idea at all times as it can assist you in feeling comfortable at all times. Some of our team members have a hard time dealing with high temperatures and high humidity levels, for instance, and both of these combined might make them experience a whole deal of symptoms one of which is their heart racing.

If you are known to suffer from any allergy or breathing-related health issue, you need to make sure that your home is not affected by mold. It can damage both your body and your furnishings, not that the latter matter all that much when compared to your personal health.

The fact is that owning and using a hygrometer on a regular basis can let you know how you can set your thermostat in such a way so as to prevent these mishaps from ever occurring.


Data logging & readings

If you’ve gone away from home for eight hours, for instance, you virtually have no way of keeping tabs on your indoor humidity, that is unless you own a device that can tell you the maximum and minimum levels that it has detected. Since not all hygrometers are made the same, they do not come with the same universal features and functionalities.

For your sake and that of your family, we urge you to get a model that can tell you the lowest and highest levels that have been recorded. In case you know that you have trouble with your breathing or heart, this feature can make all the difference when it comes to saving your life.



5 Best Hygrometers (Reviews) in 2020


In case you are still having trouble separating the wheat from the chaff, we suggest having a look at the following models. They are made to serve your every need, at least based on the reports that we have analyzed in this sense.



1. ThermoPro TP55 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer


The TP55 is one of those models that you should jot down at the top of your list, and that’s because it is highly usable, convenient, and even comes with an unbeatable five-year warranty. While the brand’s promises might matter less, the fact is that this choice is a winner in terms of durability and efficiency.

For one, it is both a temperature and a humidity monitor, so it meets two of your most important expectations. The only thing that’s lacking is the time, but you probably have your smartphone for that.

Since it has been equipped with a 4-inch display that is backlit, you needn’t worry about anything. Even if you wake up in the middle of the night, you will be able to see whether some change in terms of indoor humidity or temperature has occurred, so that you are able to set your thermostat appropriately.



Because it is remarkably easy to utilize, the ThermoPro choice can be employed by less and more tech-savvy users just as well.

The device provides readings pertaining to the temperature and humidity of the room it is placed in.

It takes just ten seconds for the device to update its data, so you can rest assured that all the data displayed is correct and accurate.

The neat thing about this product is that the thermometer feature can be used by Europeans and Americans alike as it can provide readings both in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The unit can be mounted on a wall, stuck to a refrigerator door, or just kept as a tabletop hygrometer.



While some might argue that the end price for this choice isn’t particularly budget-friendly, others might beg to differ. Therefore, it is a good idea to understand what you think is a feasible expense for a device in this line.


Buy from for ($14.99)





2. AcuRite 01080M Pro Accuracy Humidity Monitor


Given that this manufacturing brand is one of the top companies in this field, we couldn’t have left out this device. The relative humidity that this choice can measure ranges from 1 to 99%, and in our books that scores quite high.

What’s more, as is the case with other alternatives, this one is not made solely to serve this particular purpose. In fact, it also measures the temperature of the room it is placed in. Besides, as is the case with other models, this one can tell you both the highest and the lowest value that it has recorded over the course of 24 hours.

Every ten seconds, the unit updates the info displayed, which, of course, is a reassuring detail to take into account. This way, you won’t ever be in for any surprises. Given its user-friendly design, this model can be mounted on a fridge, on a wall, or just kept as a table top hygrometer and temperature monitor.



With this model, you get two features for just one device. It can measure both the humidity and the temperature of the room it is placed in.

The neat thing about this choice is that it can update the data displayed every ten seconds.

For every twenty-hour hours that go by, this choice can tell you the highest and lowest data that it has recorded, in that you will be able to find out both the maximum and minimum humidity and temperature registered.

If you want to do so, you can even calibrate the device manually.



While some owners have complained about the fact that the larger figures on the display are represented by the humidity levels, others like this feature precisely.

There are no clocks or remote sensors available for this product, so if you’re looking for a full monitor on every account, this one is not the right one for you.


Buy from for ($19.95)





3. AcuRite 01080M Pro Accuracy Humidity Monitor


Despite being one of the most budget-friendly alternatives that we were able to track down, this unit manages to prove that it is actually worth every penny. It’s convenient and manages to provide you reliable information whenever you need it the most. Besides, it is far more lightweight and compact compared to many other options.

While it is a model designed for both temperature and humidity readings, it can do both with excellent efficiency. As we have noted in the buyer’s guide, it is important to focus on getting a product that serves a primary focus, which, in this case, is telling you how humid your environment is.

The neat thing about this product is that it has been equipped with nifty alarms that can tell you when the humidity in the room you are sleeping in has reached a critical level. Whether it is too low or too high, you will finally find out what’s been making you uncomfortable all of this time.



The humidity and temperature levels made available by this product are, above all, easy to read as it is equipped with a screen that you can make out on your own without requiring any help.

When it comes to whether this thermometer and hygrometer into one do a good job, you might want to know that its errors are only in terms of up to half a degree F and 2% humidity.

Every ten seconds, this device updates its info so as to allow you to keep track of the humidity and temperature in your room in real-time.

The product comes with a set of alarms that can enable you to know when the values you are looking to keep tabs on have reached a critical level both in terms of whether they might be too low or too high.



There have been some owners who use two AcuRite devices simultaneously indoors and outdoors, and they seem to think that the efficiency of the other is greater than that of this one.


Buy from for ($18.79)





4. RockyMars RT36 Humidity Meter 


If you are looking for a rather portable option, this one is worth taking into account. It is easy to use, and it works with three standard AAA batteries that have already been installed into its design. Of course, that shouldn’t stop you from replacing the ones that the unit came with. You can even use rechargeable AAA batteries as long as you are satisfied with the services ensured by the RT36.

As is the case with other models in the same line, this one can tell you both what the temperature and the humidity in your room are. An auto power off feature is also available, and we all know how handy that can be given that most of us forget all about electronic devices once we have used them and gotten the most out of their purposes.

With the battery low indicator, it has been outfitted with, this product can tell you when it risks becoming a liability instead of a friend in need.



The readings made available by this choice are convenient, and the neat thing about them is that they are provided in a timely fashion so as to serve your purpose.

The product can be used in a variety of circumstances, whether you intend to use it professionally or for your home.

There is a battery low indicator available with this choice, and it can let you know when you need to get ready and replace those batteries before the device starts failing.

The instruction manual seems to be quite straightforward, at least judging by the feedback that we have analyzed in this sense.



While some might have reported that the model does a great job at what it is supposed to do, others may think that its overall build is just a tad flimsy.


Buy from for ($29.99)





5. Indoor Humidity Temperature Monitor


If you have been looking for an indoor hygrometer that doesn’t cost too much and is rather user-friendly, you might have just encountered it. This model is a winner when it comes to usability, and you don’t even have to take our word for it as there are dozens of reviews attesting it.

The monitor can help you keep tabs on the temperature and humidity in your room. It records both the highest and the lowest value over the span of twenty-four hours, so even if you aren’t at home for as many as nine hours, you can at least find out what has been happening.

The design of this choice makes it a sight for sore eyes. It looks great and performs just as well. What’s more, it can be installed in different ways. You can set it up on a wall, mount it anywhere you need, or just leave it on a table.



Something about this model cannot be denied, and that is the fact that it is far more budget-friendly than other choices.

It’s versatile, easy to use, and convenient, and it provides temperature and humidity readings.

The product can tell you what the highest and lowest readings have been in the course of the past twenty-four hours. This can let you know how you are supposed to set your thermostat.

You can mount the device on a wall or let it be on a table.

The fact that this alternative is powered by two standard AAA batteries is an advantage per se as you can always replace them with ease.



Despite the vast majority of favorable reviews we have come across in relation to this product, some people might still think it is less cost-effective than others,


Click to see the price on Amazon!




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