Best hand sanitizers with moisturizer – 2018 Reviews & comparison

Best hand sanitizers with moisturizer – 2018 Reviews & comparison

Last Updated: 22.10.18

Top Hand Sanitizers with Moisturizer Reviewed & Buying Guide

If you are looking for the best hand moisturizer and sanitizer, but you don’t have enough time at your disposal to pick one after carefully perusing the offer on the market, we are here to help you. This short paragraph will let you know everything you need. According to the reviews and feedback offered by users and experts alike, the 3m Avagard D should be number one on your list. Praised for its efficiency, this sanitizer will not dry your hands, nor will it make them irritated, even when you use it several times a day. It is designed to fight a broad range of bacteria and microorganisms. The moisturizing base is rich in emollients so that you can enjoy supple, beautiful skin, even if you need to sanitize your hands on a regular basis. Should the 3m Avagard D be out of stock, we also suggest the PURELL 579204CT, as a second best alternative.

Are you aware of the effects of hand sanitizers on your hands in the long run? It is well known that alcohol-based products tend to make your skin dry and cracked, and you most probably don’t want that. Here are some ideas to get you started on picking the right product for your hands, if you want them to stay hydrated, too.

What sort of composition should such products have?

You will be interested to discover that there are hand sanitizers on the market for sensitive hands. Just like you can easily find a borescope for Android if this is something that can help you with your work, it should not be so difficult to find the right sanitizer with moisturizer. When you look at such products, don’t forget to examine the list of ingredients.

First things first, it is recommended to get an alcohol-based sanitizer, because alcohol is highly effective against all sorts of nasty invisible beings that may live on your skin, such as germs and bacteria. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you should settle for the unpleasant side effects such products have. Check each product you see for emollients.

When you use an autoclave sterilizer, you know for a fact that all the possible contaminants are eliminated. For a hand sanitizer, you need to see what efficiency rate it has against germs; it is preferable to go for a formula that eliminates 99.99% of them. At the same time, your formula should have vitamin E, an ingredient that helps rebuild damaged skin.

Another ingredient that is likely to be present in an excellent product is aloe vera. It also helps with keeping your hands supple and smooth, and it hydrates your skin cell, so they don’t suffer additional damage. This kind of damage may occur after exposing your hands to the skin drying effects of alcohol.


While this may sound like the most logical thing to take into account, even without talking about it, we need to stress its importance. Do not pick a cream, lotion, foam or anything else for your body that is not FDA approved, no matter how amazing its ads might sound. This is not an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner that the worse it can do would be to damage a precious heirloom.

We are talking here about a hand lotion that can leave your skin cracked and damaged. And, while you may think that it is a worthy consequence of being protected, you will get a bad deal. Cracked skin is more exposed to contamination, and all the germs and bacteria can reach your bloodstream much easier this way.

With so many products available for sale, it can be difficult to tell which one is right. So do the first thing on the list that matters, and that is to check if the product is approved by the FDA and abides by their high safety standards.

Should you pick a cream or a foam formula?

While shopping around for a good sanitizer, you may notice that such products are delivered in various forms, two very common ones being as hand creams and hand foams. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. The foam formula is often preferred for its good coverage, but carrying a spray around can be more inconvenient than expected.

A hand cream or lotion may not be as good at covering every patch of skin unless you are very thorough when you use it. You can protect your health in different ways, from using a pH meter for water to using a hand sanitizer that does its job at keeping bacteria and germs away.

Our 2018 list: Find the right hand sanitizer with moisturizer for your needs

Do you want a hand sanitizer that will also protect your hands against dryness, but you still find it difficult to pick one? We have here a list of products that are proven to work and have received so far a lot of positive feedback from buyers.

3m Avagard D

The 3m Avagard D is more than a good hand sanitizer with moisturizer; it is an excellent product that will allow you to protect your hands against germs and bacteria, but will do that while maintaining them smooth and supple. The hand sanitizer provides quick action and will eliminate all the bacteria from your skin, but without causing any skin breakdown.

The product is made with ethyl alcohol, which guarantees that all the nasty germs will be killed efficiently. While alcohol-based hand sanitizers are known to cause skin dryness as a side effect, nothing of the kind will happen when you’re using this one. The moisturizing base will ensure that your hands are well protected against skin damage.

The unique formula provides you with a simple and effective means to get rid of all the disease-causing germs on your hands, without the usual unpleasant side effects. For this reason, many people find it an excellent purchase.

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Whether you like it or not, there are plenty of germs that end up growing on your skin. If you really want to get rid of them, you need to use an effective product like the PURELL 579204CT. This antibacterial foam is made with ethyl alcohol, just as the most efficient products on the market, but has one thing that makes it stand apart: this one will not dry and irritate your hands.

The product meets all the health standards imposed by FDA, and it is great for the skin on your hands, too. Since it is delivered as foam, you will find it convenient to use, and also very effective. You will only need to pump the bottle so you can dispense a bit of foam.

Even if you don’t have a lab rack and you don’t performs experiments that require you to sanitize your hands all the time, you can still appreciate the efficiency and convenience of this particular product. The non-aerosol formula will remain active on your hands better than lotions and gels.

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Mountain Falls Advanced

The Mountain Falls Advanced is a highly efficient formula that is praised by a large number of buyers for its many advantages. To start with the most important part, it is capable of killing 99.99% of all the bacteria and germs that may end up on your skin, while you engage in everyday activities. The high efficiency recommends it.

However, if you want your skin to be well protected against dryness and irritation, you must choose a hand sanitizer with moisturizer. Once more, this formula is just right, as it is made with vitamin E and aloe vera, two ingredients that act as emollients and can make your skin look and feel good.

Most of the reviews of hand sanitizers with moisturizer agree that this advanced formula will leave nothing but smooth skin behind, while all the germs and bacteria will be dead. If you are looking for a high-quality item, this one should be on your list.

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Clorox CLO 02174

If you are looking for a product with fast action, you will discover that the Clorox CLO 02174 is your ally. With the ability to eliminate 99.999% of all the germs on your hands, this highly efficient formula will make sure that you will not become ill, due to contamination with bacteria and other critters.

Although alcohol based, this one will not dry your hands, as it is rich in moisturizing agents, and will keep your skin feeling soft and supple. The formula is delivered as spray foam, so, with a simple pump of the bottle, you will get all the sanitizer you need for good coverage and protection.

There is no bleach in this formula, and you can touch your clothes after applying it, as it will not cause fabric to suffer discoloration. This formula remains active for an entire year, so you know you are making a sound investment.

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Merlot Hand Cream

The Merlot Hand Cream offers plenty of advantages, so it would be a shame not to take a closer look at it. It is an excellent sanitizer, but this is not everything it does. It also manages to hydrate your skin, so that it does not remain cracked, irritated and dry after using this product.

Age spots are a common occurrence on people’s skin, and the back of the hands is often affected. You will be pleased to learn that this particular formula is quite efficient in making these spots fade away, so it is safe to say that you get more than what you pay for, if you pick this product.

While it provides good moisturizing properties, the formula will not leave your skin greasy. Because it is scent free, it will not cause irritations and will not trigger allergic reactions. All in all, this is a competitive product that deserves a second look.

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