Best hand sanitizers for babies – 2018 Reviews & comparison

Best hand sanitizers for babies – 2018 Reviews & comparison

Last Updated: 21.07.18

Top Hand Sanitizers for Babies Reviewed & Buying Guide

Are you shopping for the best hand sanitizer for babies, but you are in a hurry? We are here to help you out with reliable information on the topic. After comparing critically acclaimed products and reading reviews and feedback from parents who have tried and tested various sanitizers, we saw that the one worth the money is the Babyganics Alcohol-Free. A product approved by pediatricians and dermatologists, this product is guaranteed to be safe for your baby. It contains no alcohol, and it manages to kill 99.99% of all the bacteria and germs that might make your little one sick. The gentle formula will make your baby skin smooth, and it will not cause any irritations. If you cannot find the Babyganics Alcohol-Free anymore, you may also try the Babyganics Alcohol Free Wipes, as it is a reliable product that will help you sanitize your baby’s skin without a problem.

If you want the best baby hand sanitizer, you will need to shop around a little. We want to help you by offering you all the needed information for making a purchasing decision that you will not regret. Bear in mind the following recommendations, so you can select the hand sanitizer you truly need.

Safety is paramount

With so many products for sale, it can be a hard task to select the best of the best. However, if you pay attention to all the recommendations included here, you will not have to spend a lot of time until you find the perfect product. Start with safety. Your baby’s health is the most important thing for a parent, and that is why you need to take a look at the safety offered by the hand sanitizers available.

Many hand sanitizers on the market are not suitable for babies because they contain harsh substances and other chemicals that can trigger allergic reactions in your baby. Check the list of ingredients carefully for every product you see, to ensure that it is a safe formula for your baby.

The product must be pediatrician-tested and dermatologist-tested, and it should be hypoallergenic. Also, it should not contain triclosan, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and other chemicals that are known to cause all sorts of unwanted reactions. Your baby’s skin is more sensitive than yours, and it cannot take the same exposure to chemicals as your skin.

Choosing a hand sanitizer is not the same thing as choosing a digital weighing scale. There are safety and health concerns to address, and the best way to do that is by picking a formula approved by healthcare specialists. You should be aware of not exposing your little one to unwanted dangers.

High efficiency in killing bacteria and germs

In the above section of our buying guide, we focused on offering parents information on safety and health issues that may appear when selecting the right product for their baby. We continue the same idea, by focusing now on how effective these formulas can be when it comes to killing bacteria and germs. Your baby’s hands must be completely free of all these icky critters.

That is why you should settle for nothing less than a formula that can kill 99.9% of all the bacteria and germs. Luckily, there are plenty of products on the market that offer such high efficiency, and, if they don’t contain any artificial dyes, scents, or ingredients like the ones mentioned earlier, it means you have a winner.

A temporal thermometer for baby has its uses, as does any other baby product. You should not forget that a hand sanitizer for infants must be safe and also highly effective against bacteria and germs. This is not something you can overlook, as your little one will often bring their hands to their mouth, which may determine diseases and illnesses that could have been otherwise avoided.

A moisturizing formula is not a bad idea

Your baby’s skin is more delicate and sensitive than an adult’s, and this is something you should remember if you want to make sure that you don’t have to worry about causing more harm than good at some point.

A hand sanitizer made for babies should include some emollients that can moisturize and hydrate the baby’s skin. Even if you use it for yourself and then change your baby, you should consider a formula with some moisturizer as your hands will feel softer on his or her skin.

Natural oils are a good addition to any formula, as long as the manufacturer knows how to obtain the right blend. Opt for a natural formula that is made with ingredients from organic sources, as these are the safest for your baby.

Our 2018 list: Find the right hand sanitizer for babies for your needs

Babyganics Alcohol-Free

The Babyganics Alcohol-Free is, as its name indicates, a formula that does not use alcohol, which is an ingredient that can damage the baby’s delicate skin. It is also good for your hands, as it will not expose them to the harmful action of alcohol that can lead to irritations and cracked skin.

Like any good hand sanitizer for babies, this one is capable of killing 99.9% of all the bacteria and germs, which means that you can count on excellent protection for your little one. At the same time, the formula has a moisturizing base that will hydrate your baby’s skin and leave it smooth and irritation free.

The unique formula is designed to be non-allergenic, so you can rest assured that your baby will not be exposed to harmful substances. Approved by pediatricians and dermatologists, it is a formula that contains no parabens, artificial compounds, and other dangerous chemicals.

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Babyganics Alcohol Free Wipes

All the baby hand sanitizers reviews praise the Babyganics Alcohol Free Wipes, for the convenience they offer and their high safety factor. While a lotion or cream is usually needed, it doesn’t hurt to have some baby wipes at hand, to use them quickly and dispose of them right away.

This company is known for making excellent products and these wipes are no exception to the rule. They contain no triclosan, sulfates, dyes, and other dangerous chemicals that can be found in sanitizing products. They are made with your baby’s safety and perfect health in mind, so that you will have nothing to worry about.

As far as their efficiency against germs and bacteria is concerned, feel free to enjoy your peace of mind. Although they contain no alcohol – that can cause extreme skin dryness – they are highly effective, and they will kill 99.9% of all the germs that may endanger your little one’s health.

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When you bring your little one at home, you will need plenty of devices that can ensure a proper environment in your home. A moisture analyzer may sound like a too advanced device for proper air quality, but, for sanitizing the baby’s skin, you will surely need a product like this particular one.

You can rest assured that this formula will only kill the bad bacteria and germs, and, while at it, it will make sure that 99.9% of them are completely eliminated. You want superior protection for your baby and you get it in this particular product. Made from organic ingredients from natural sources, it is a safe choice and one that you will not regret.

You can take this one everywhere you go, as its compact size allows you to find a place for it in a diaper bag, or a purse. No matter where you are, even on a plane, you can have this sanitizing spray with you.

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Baby Bum Hand Sanitizer

There are a few important things that you need your baby hand sanitizer to have. One is a non-allergenic composition, as your baby’s sensitive skin may suffer from getting in contact with harsh chemicals. There are no dyes in it, and no artificial scents.

Whether you want to purchase a thermometer for infants or a hand sanitizer, you need to make sure that safety is paramount. This formula is made with natural ingredients, and it is gluten-free. Tested by pediatricians and dermatologists, it is a safe hand sanitizer that you can use to protect your baby against germs and bacteria.

Efficient and easy to use, this antibacterial spray is made with alcohol obtained from sugar cane. It is completed with natural oils and extracts from fruits, that ensure a gentle action. The efficiency of this formula has been proven time and time again. 99.9% of all the bacteria will be killed by getting in contact with the active ingredients in this spray.

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Noodle & Boo Instant

Your baby needs more protection than you, and that is why you need to use a hand sanitizer that is made with your little one’s protection in mind. The Noodle & Boo Instant is an optimal choice because its instant action will eliminate all the icky bugs from your baby’s sensitive skin. You will be happy to learn that this is a dermatologist-tested formula.

It is also hypoallergenic, which will ease another burden from your shoulders. As a parent, you may tend to fret over everything that gets in contact with your baby, and you need to be sure that the hand sanitizer you use is a safe and viable choice. This formula is made for parents like you and it is safe to use.

Make sure that you have everything you need for your baby, starting with a pediatric thermometer and ending with a hand sanitizing formula designed for babies. The Noodle & Boo Instant is excellent and made only with top-notch ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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